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File: 1516797191.oha_steele_aleu_color_fin_preview_u18chan.gif - (114.17 KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
116905 No.3494092

Somebody please can post full?

File: 5d33f6d6b7574e345ecb125f27e2f4041a44036c4faf5b29be053b0ba4d759a1.jpg - (105.26 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You are a fascist? O.o


they are, but they have pay upfront enabled and apparently PM their shit to ppl


Y'know, this is exactly the kind of artist that I despise and think deserve to get leaked to hell. Just found out their FA page and absolutely ALL of their submissions are either cropped or censored bullshit. Seriously, that's beyond Kayla-Na levels of cheapness, because at least that bitch used to post a free pic every now and then.
This retard has everything behind a paywall, you don't even have a chance to see if their artwork is good at all because it's all locked away. Is that smart? Is that making a living? Fuck off, that's not even an argument here.
Here, have a look, straight from their Jewtreon:
"When you first sign up as one of my patrons, you will be charged immediately for the current month, and you will receive links to my exclusive Google Drive folder between the first and fifth day of the NEXT month. BUT, before you can access it, you will be charged again at the end of the current month to receive next month's Google Drive contents."

Basically you don't get access to anything until you pay again. Oh, and you're at their mercy if you want to have access to older crap, because then you have to PM them asking for it:
"If you want to see older works, please write to me to get one old month of desired content. 1 older month per 1 payment cycle, additionally to the NEW content each month. Please drop me a message, saying what months/year Content artwork and animations do you want to see additionally to the recent month content you are subscribed for!"

No surprise they only have 48 patrons. This kind of person is helping to further turn Patreon into an even serious cancer.

File: 1401391318402.png - (121.11 KB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Stop wasting energy justifying it.
just do it.
You're doing a BAD THING™ distributing pay content. Stop doing little mental gymnastics to justify it or to make it not a BAD THING™. Doing that leads to doing the same gymnastics for other, more serious BAD THINGS™.

Instead, say to yourself and the world "I'm a fuckin pirate WHATCHU GUNNA DO ABOUT IT FAGGOT?" >:3



hi ohapix


guys like this should be gassed


>>3494229 henlo how are you? :3



>$20 for a 3 second animation? This is robbery!

Welcome to modern furry porn. The death has only begun, the tier pricing for entry-level access to has steadily crept up when people realized it was stupid not to bilk for more than $1. Hope you enjoy wasting hours looking at shitty crop spam drowning out the free stuff, lowest common denominator Ugandan Knuckles YCH porn, artists whining when people leak their paywalled steganographed Disney character "parodies", and DNP'd useless aggregators. 1999-2013 is never coming back and the fact most people can't even be assed to manually leak content on YP doesn't bode well. The porn sucks nowadays anyway who cares.


That artist don't deserve money. The free is more cheaper.


The artist is Oha, from Communist Russia.™
It's understandable she has problems grasping the concept of a free furry porn market economy.


Probably one of the totally disgusting Russian jews. Hopefully some totally drunk guy rapes her to death.


yawn That's not even being edgy.
I used to like Oha's art a lot, she's a great artist! Pity she's gone all-out nuts with her patreon.

No.3494396 : $3575 : $3900 : $3090



Fuck patreon
Fuck those who waste their cash on any artist using it

Not poor, just find it stupid that "YOU" should have to pay for artworks they likely just shitted out and expect you to pay. I found the best artist offered everything up-front. If they where touchy, they would just shrink the size some. no big deal. I don't need 4000pxby4000px photos clogging my hard-drives.

They often too comissions and many posted similar low quality ones or didn't post at all, only the persona paying might share.


Now its all a slot machine.

  • Rolls 10 Bucks here you go, this art was free for years, suddenly its behind paywalls with logos all over it, sweet!
  • Rolls 25 bucks. Sweet now I can have my shitty fursona throat fucking your fursona. What a deal!
  • Rolls 15 / 75 / 1 / 5 / 30 / 10 to several other artist for the same none-sense.

Yeah. lulz is it for me. I don't care to go out of my way buying to see shitty art. If its not being shared by the artist like it used to, I don't watch them anymore.

I learned to draw my own shit. I don't post at all, no one can complain about me paywalling cause I am not a greedy cunt. Can't get butthurt when no one knows you exist. But. When you are known, don't flip-off your fans being a dick.

But yeah. This is the furry community now. pay-walls circle-jerking on a whole new level.


I don't want to pirate this shit! I wouldn't even know wtf I'm pirating because it's all either censored or behind a paywall! Do you not see the stupidity behind this?
I ain't even mad bro. I have a real job that pays me consistently, plus I have fun chatting and working with my coworkers. Y'know, meeting people IRL. I'm fine, thanks.

You retards defending this fucker probably never heard about portfolios, huh? If you post the smut you did for free, chances are that whenever you create a jewtreon or open up your commissions, people will want to pay you for your job, because they know what the fuck they're getting into! Also, you are attracting more people to your account through watches, comments, and reposts in imageboards that allow redirecting of their users to the images's source... is this really THAT hard to grasp?


Just a gold digger bitch. The stuck your pics into your ass with your fucking money.

File: coccolino-what.jpg - (80.95 KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Speaking of Pateeon jewfuckery:

>mfw that Jap takedown-slap-happy autist Tojyo is such a goddamn Jew that he is charging his patrons for his old 2007.-2013. content he started uploading to Patreon, for sole intent of having ammo to use against the websites that freely shared said old content, claiming they hurt his profit


That's a really hot looking animation but basically it seems

>get charged instantly for this month
>don't get any immediate access and get charged immediately for next month.
>have to get charged again in order to get access

So what's the point? You have to get charged 40$ to even get access to one animation from that month, and if you decide to cut off on the next month you actually don't get anything? I'm just confused, seems a bit scummy. If they were doing 10$ for animation I'de have no issue grabbing this one for myself but...

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