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File: OiVRK9Rd_400x400.jpg - (32.16 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
32929 No.3491568

Thinking about getting a suit /furi/. Can anyone recommend a maker that is good at felines? Haven't decided between cartoony or realistic yet.




Prepare your anus if you use Beetlecat. $100 a month to sit on a waiting list that does not go towards the $5000 to $7000 cost of the suit. Average wait is 6 months. Not to say it isn't worth it I guess but for the same money I could buy a nice car.

File: c02f5e1d7f5d7a1e08e27f0fcac63554--fursuit-furry-art.jpg - (21.32 KB, 236x353) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 1511211582.shanie_dg3a0325.jpg - (216.45 KB, 1086x724) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

or DontHugCacti [toony]

(I have no idea if these people want me to post this on Oh well as soon as I click submit it's in the past now, moving on)


Who charges to be on a waiting list?
That's fucked up and also...a good way to jew extra coin outta dumbass furries.

File: sameface.png - (266.39 KB, 500x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yay Mangusu! Love the guy.

Oh and if you decide, don't pick one of those generic same-face creators where all of theri fursuits are literally the same thing but with different color patterns (e.g. Mischief Makers)... Having a style is perfectly fine, but sometimes it's literally a 100% clone in different colors.

What's even worse is that it looks so much the same the base always looks like a wolf or a fox. You want a mouse? Same head but with big round ears. You want a deer? Same face but with antlers on top...
Animals have different face structures, not every thing is a wolf/fox face...

These things cost 2500-8000 dollars, for that money I at least expect a bit of originality. You're an individual, not a clone. Stand out.


I've hear of people paying thousands just to be on a waiting list for certain types of electric vehicles. (EV's)
Either dumbasses or money don't matter to them.



>Stand out.

Above the crowd?

File: a63c8a0dbf52c324f004eeedf990fbab.jpg - (152.26 KB, 1000x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cats are just dogs with shorter muzzles. :^3

Does it matter that much? Everyfur knows even felines are really just in this fandom to get to the dog cocks.

File: convertedcroppedDSC_1004b.jpg - (380.29 KB, 1200x816) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've checked out Beetlecat's stuff, but they aren't realistic enough for me. I want something a lot more realistic.

File: creatures and creations mike and laura.jpg - (35.45 KB, 479x479) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If you want realistic Creatures and Creations does some pretty good stuff. A pair of builders in Indiana.

They're on Facebook and FA and probably a few other places


I've always had one question regarding fur suits: How do you clean and sanitize them so you don't wind up smelling like a walking trashboat?



There's tonnes of fursuit cleaning videos on YouTube.
It varies from shoving it in the washing machine to completely handwash it to using vodka in a spray bottle (yes, vodka can be used for cleaning).



>(yes, vodka can be used for cleaning).

Only expensive vodka. The cheap stuff has sugars in it, which simply serve as growth media for bacteria and fungi. Some even make a point of containing impurities like fusel oils for "flavoring".



>Only expensive vodka. The cheap stuff has sugars in it

You're only pretending to be stupid, right?


You didn't know they add just a bit of sugar to cheap vodka to make it more palatable?

Second reason is, vodka is traditionally made by batch distillation, and the process isn't perfect - more than water and ethanol go through the still. That's why you got "triple distilled" etc. vodka that sells for premium price.



>The final factor is additives. Though we think of vodka as just ethanol and water, it’s actually permitted in a number countries to add small amounts of other additives. Mostly, these are to improve the smoothness of the vodka, so they’re likely to be found in higher amounts in cheaper vodkas containing more impurities. Compounds used for this purpose include citric acid, glycerol, and sugar.

I had no idea they had sugar that can evaporate away like the water and ethanol, because there is no residue when my $10/1.75L vodka evaporates. The only vodka that has sugar in it is the flavored shit marketed to thots.

File: DTR6c2nU0AAwaFY.jpeg - (170.08 KB, 653x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Most mainstream popufur makers are all cookie cutter with a cult following. Especially made fur you. They all have same face syndrome and are extremely cliquish. Do some research. Look on or any other furry site I've owned over 10 suits now. I cycle them out as needed.



Always always check with the maker and not some troll advice on this site. Remember,the maker made it and knows what works to clean their suits.



>I had no idea they had sugar that can evaporate away like the water and ethanol

Now you know. There are a number of leftover sugars in the wort. As pure substances they don't boil until about 260 C, but in solution in the distillation process they do get carried over as mist from the bubbling and boiling inside the pot, as well as by evaporation.

Boiling is a stochastic process where individual molecules have a temperature dependent probability of having enough kinetic energy to break free and turn into gas - that's why water evaporates at room temperature. In the same way, some amount of the dissolved sugars always boil up with the water and the ethanol.

If you've ever tasted the output of a traditional whiskey/mooshine pot still, the heads are sort of banana-scented and slightly sweet because of the sugars, sugar alcohols (mannitol/xylitol) etc. that are present. Then towards the end of the batch it turns peppery and harsh. The middle bit is the purest alcohol that has the least off-flavors or smells, but the greedy distiller doesn't bother separating them and re-distilling, but instead mixes the whole lot together and makes rank vodka.



>because there is no residue when my $10/1.75L vodka evaporates

As the article points out, they're allowed 0.2% per volume before they have to tell you they're adding sugar, which in practice means 3-4 cubes worth of sugar in your 1.75 liter bottle. They probably won't add that much, as it would be clearly noticeable.

So, if you evaporate the entire bottle, you might find half a teaspoon worth of sugar, but, it might also be in the form of glycerol which will evaporate partially with the vodka. In either case, if you keep spritzing your clothes with vodka that has these additives, you're slowly sugar-coating them, and instead you get clothes that smell like rot and old booze.

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