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File: 1324189843.cigarskunk_1324086489.cigarfurs_cigarskunkfinal.jpg - (132.56 KB, 1015x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
135742 No.3491061

eBay - sellers can block buyers, why can't we block sellers?

By Cigarskunk, 3 days ago
Warning - Smoking Section!

Came across an interesting thing today on eBay - found an item I'd been looking for and attempted to place a bid but was blocked from bidding.

After a bit of research I figured out that the seller was someone whom I'd had a failed transaction with (ie/never shipped the item) and that he was apparently blocking me due to my having had Paypal intervene after he refused to provide a refund.

While I'm certainly happy that he spared me the hassle of dealing with him a second time (the transaction was from last year and he had apparently been padding his successful sales reviews since then) I am slightly annoyed that it doesn't cut both ways.

What I'd love to see from eBay would be an option to create a block list, same as you do with a chat forum, so that when someone you block puts stuff up for auction that their stuff is automatically blocked from my searches and alerts.

As any of you who deal a lot with eBay know, it is flooded with Chinese sellers who provide fake tracking numbers and never actually ship their orders.

Most of them are easy to spot - the dumbest ones set up brand new accounts and simply bank on the most clueless and inexperienced of buyers trusting stuff put up by a Chinese seller with zero selling history.

The slightly more ambitious ones will set up a couple of dummy accounts or work with other scammers, put up one item for sale for a couple of bucks, have the dummy accounts "buy" the item and then leave a positive review, then start scamming people for more expensive stuff.

They tend to be pretty lazy as well, usually only getting themselves just ten fake positive reviews - if you check their review history you'll always see that all of their reviews were done on the same day and for the same item - rule of thumb is if the Chinese seller only has ten reviews then he's a fake seller too.

The final scam involves an account that was and still may be selling legit items, but everything the account is selling is small, cheap stuff - usually clothing, cheap jewelry and stuff like that - normally nothing over $20. The account will have hundreds, maybe even a thousand plus positive reviews with hundreds or thousands of items listed for auction.

The trick behind these sellers is that they have now added the more expensive stuff to the account with the intent of burning as many high end buyers as possible until they get overloaded with too many negative reviews that no one will even buy cheap junk from them anymore.

To identify these fake sellers you need to not only check what the positive reviews are for, but also what they are selling.

Usually the positive reviews give them away as you're shopping with them for something for $50 but you see that the only positive reviews they have is for stuff all under $20. Upon examining their other stuff for sale you'll then find that they've got a hundred plus cheap items that they're selling for real but only a dozen of the more expensive items - nine times out of ten that's a fake seller as well, at least fake for the real items you want.

A variation of this scam, which is rather difficult t spot, is that the Chinese seller will actually sell your item for real for a while and then either burn the account himself or sell it to someone else to use as a burner account for fake sales.

What I would like is to have the ability to click on someone and then hit a block button so that when I get my email alerts or am simply browsing, none of their crap shows up for me, thus saving me the waste of time clicking on potential items, only to see "oh, it's that scammer again."

Another nice option would be to be able to automatically block anyone with less than a certain number of successful sales to unique accounts - sure, the scammers would simply start padding their accounts with even more fake sales, but at least you're filtering out the lazy scammers while also making the other scammers work harder to waste your time.

Sadly this will likely never happen as I've been given the impression that eBay somehow makes money off of these scammers.

Ah well, one can wish...
Skunks have feelings too!


File: 250px-Jensen_augs_noshades.jpg - (11.00 KB, 250x188) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

At first, I was like

"Because hey /furi/ you asked for it! The new Cigarskunk thread!"

But then -shocking surprise- Ciggo actually had something rather useful to say for once. I am mildly satisfied, even if I rarely use Ebay.


Can't believe I am saying this but for once...I agree with him.

I've been using eBay for years now and one of my golden rules, that I try to impart onto others as well, is "NEVER trust a seller from China". It's something that I also tried to teach my brother-in-law, but it took him several times before that idiot finally learned his lesson.

It would be a really nice option to filter out sellers, as it's difficult to look for something you want to buy when you gotta sift through hundreds of pages of fake articles posted by these burner accounts.




Oh its the asshole spamming Mulligan and dirty hoarder threads.

>This thread will not move up the board.



Hi Mike.
Bye Mike



Man, his journals section was a fucking comedy gold mine during Obama's tenure as president of the US. Even after Obama's US citizenship has been verified as legit, he insisted that Obama is a Muslim Kenyan communist spy sent to destroy America from within. Every single journal was full of thinly veiled racism and blatant contempt for Obama, as he nitpicked every single fucking thing that man did or said.


Maybe Cigarskunk wouldn't get blocked so often if he wasn't such an incessant fucking asshole.


eBay is still shit, even if Cigarskunk is also shit.

The people who run the site have taken to treating the place as an Amazon competitor, at the expense of individual sellers. It does no good for a seller to say "no returns" when eBay and Paypal both force a return system. Sellers are required to deal with this either way, because eBay even say snow that buyers are free to return things if they simply change their minds, and in some cases may even keep the item along with the refund if they are not satisfied. This is a pretty shit move to sellers who have to give up their personal income and possibly their possessions so eBay can please customers. That's the fucked up part here, eBay takes no real loss on this, they treat your belongings as their warehouse stock, sellers as employees, and if they give a full refund all they hand back are a few cents in final value fees.

Taking away a seller's ability to leave negatives was a real shit move and buyers win 99% of Paypal claims.

Then eBay partnered with USPS to aid Chinese sellers big time, allowing them to sell you 99 cent & free shipping items easily. USPS has to be losing money on this. If the item is damaged, enjoy paying $12 to return it, because they require you to send it back. I'm not kidding, this is actually what eBay did. The scammer thing is also true, a seller regarded as good will suddenly turn bad and since they're overseas, they are long gone before the complaints start. Paypal refunds everyone out of their own pocket because they can't get it from the seller, and so they randomly freeze up some other seller accounts to leave their funds in their bank for 6 months to gain interest to recoup that.

What choice do you even have though but to deal with this shit to sell anything? Craigslist is only viable for certain goods and if you live in a populated area. If you're rural forget it, because no buyer will reimburse you for gas costs if you have to drive 1 hour to meet them to sell them a $20 item. Private forums? Unless it's very popular shit and the forum has lots of users you'll probably never sell it. Yard sale? You may as well throw it away. Yahoo Auctions never really became enough of a competitor, Amazon is a worse place to sell at and other competitors either failed hard or got bought out.



I've rarely had issues with Chinese/Asian sellers. Only one so far never sent anything but fake tracking and I got my money back. Another sent me the item just fine but then went bad literally 2 weeks later, guess I bought right before they sold their account. Most of my stuff has shown up just fine though I'm horribly impatient, I prefer to buy domestic to get it faster. I import if either the goods aren't available from a single US seller or the price difference is so drastic I can't justify a 4X markup.

That's not to say US sellers can't be shit, I find it unacceptable for a seller to take a week to mail your stuff out, it seems like I have to get on far too many sellers about this. The ones who will send a tiny item by parcel post piss me right off, are they so greedy they need to pocket an extra dime? I had one flat out refuse to send me the item or answer messages because my winning bid was apparently lower than expected. They're just less likely to flat out scam you because the negatives and claims would come in much faster and there's a better chance the police would get involved. I don't believe the Chinese government cares if their people are defrauding US sellers, because the Chinese government is run by insane people that think movies about time travel are a danger to society.



Nothing surprises me about him anymore. He is such a hardcore rightwinger that cultists are mild-mannered compared to him. In his warped, twisted mind everything the Republicans do is a "brilliant, genius and patriotic move that will surely make America prosper" while anything Democrats do is "bound to make our great US of A fall apart".

As I said in my previous post, look at Ciggy's journal history from November 2008. all the way up to 2016.: nothing but incessant whining, bitching and complaining about everything Obama and Democrats did, good or bad. Sometimes even several journals in one day.

Someone once said Ciggy is actually really nice to talk to if the discussion doesn't involve politics, but I seriously doubt that because his entire life revolves around fucking politics.





I feel like he will fit nicely with other trumptards and hardcore fundie cultists who populate kiwifarms.


Shitgarfuck has been on my block list for 10 years or so now, probably longer, at least ever since I first heard of his sorry ass. He's only coming off if a staff member bypasses my settings.

>muh block list is bad

Fuck! You! He's a mentally unstable fuck that can't think for himself, hates gays yet fantasizes about having gay sex because it's not a sin when HE does it. He's a conservative with a porn addiction AND a desire to be a non-human animal thing which goes against "God created us in His own image", yep, total hypocrite, more so than usual conservative hypocrisy. He looks like the fetal alcohol offspring of Brian Johnson and Dee Snyder and why can't he get cancer from his smoking habit already? He's not just smoking, as George Carlin put it, he sucks a big brown dick.

If he only masturbated to Hitler and hated all women he'd be a legit real life SamFarber.



>If a /furi/ user trolls on their keyboard, and no one is around, does it make a sound?

yes! a fit of rage heard by a few neighbors is the sound.


Ah, the instant "you're an sjw" tag, because you don't like what was stated. Yawn predictable ol lulz.

File: url-300x157.jpeg - (10.95 KB, 300x157) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3491411 OMG! Just go get more people if you want more traffic. If you want fucks to be given you yourself have to give fucks sometimes.
There are plenty new amazing things happening right now, to talk about, to do, to go, to see, taste, smell, experience. This is an exciting time to be alive. Plenty of exciting drama, movies, technology, and even what some furry is saying about some bad times on eBay that may be interesting to a few people. If you ever get fucked over by someone, you have a right to talk about it. And you're just sitting over there like some old fart talk'n about the "old days" when you're alive RIGHT NOW on THIS day. Make it a day, make it a post that you'll back on fondly. Be the change not be the pain in the ass.

The thread was fine, until you let out a big fat tl;dr old man fart. You're bored? That's to sounds like a personal problem to me esse.

>>3491430 lame [-]

>>3491433 You should probably go take a nap.


>>3491449 [-] so? It just really seems like a stupid thing to tell a person.

File: most.jpg - (92.39 KB, 800x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




how old and fat is he now ??



There are always people who just cant let go. Like Addlese who had his "undesirables" and "enemies" list forever.

Hirtes is a fine example of that kind as well. Same with Brave, IK, cobalt. They just CANT LET IT GO and have to show themselves to whatever attention they can get.



>He claimed for many years to have been born in Kenya, probably to get financial aid for college.

[citation needed]

>And, whatever he is, he was certainly not doing the US any favors. He certainly didn't do anything to help black Americans and Africans at all.

It was borderline impossible for him to do anything when GOP has been dead-set on obstructing him at every fucking turn. Do you forget when they swore after the 2008. elections that they will make sure he is a "one term president"? That was pretty much a confirmation of their resolve not to cooperate with Obama's cabinet-unless it suited exclusively them.



>defunct site.
>single tiny bit claiming he was born in kenya, no proof at all. No proof he ever said it.

How the fuck that is proof for you?



Well, he must be a Trumptard clinging to any straw he can find. It's amazing how long after Trump himself abandoned the "Obama is a dirty Muslim Kenyan!!" claims, his followers still adamantly believe said claims.


I fuckin knew as soon as this was posted:

This thread would devolve into nothing but /pol/ shit. Surprised it wasn't 3B who planted the bait this time.



>pointing out Cigarstink's blatant racism and loathing of Obama and anything he ever did

How so?


He is just so fixated on 3b that ignores everything else, which is ironic considering the conversation of Cigar being as stuck up with Obama.



I looked that up. He didn't say it was a conspiracy meant to distract from Obama's "fake birth certificate", but said "if they couldn't solve the problem with Obama's fake birth certificate, then they won't be able to find out who triggered the missile alert either". He kept going back to it even when Pirro tried to make him drop the subject.


Why would Arpaio drop the birther issue when Whites had no problem voting for a guy that called the first black president a Muslim from Africa and never apologized?

A majority of White voters obviously definitely look down on non-Whites given their support for Trump. Arpaio sees no need to tone it down and I can't blame him for it.


So why hasn't anyone drawn gay porn of Cigar Skunk's character on here?



Isn't Arpaio a Felon who was pardoned?






Then how the fuck is he allowed to run in politics?

The Pardon is absolute?



Typical of GOP and Trump to bypass established laws.



And you idiotic conservatives still confuse "communism" and "socialism" with democratic socialism.



There's socialists that still pretend National Socialism, with solid socialist goals and desires, aren't socialists.

Why? Because they would have to admit their pseudo religious philosophy of leftist feel-good bullshit includes having Hitler as an ally.

Remember in Mein Kampf, when he talked about getting rid of western religion? Yeah, you and your leftist retard buddies believe in those types of beliefs.

>Huurrrrrrr stupid GOPeePees! They think that this brand of socialism, totally is socialism, but it's not, even though it is socialism, because I don't want to be thought of as a nazi! Hurrr!
File: did_you_know_if_you_type_indian_rightwinger_felon_into_google_dinesh_dsouza_is_the_first_result.jpg - (280.18 KB, 2092x1620) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cool revisionism, fucknob.

File: graaorpolitics.jpg - (225.71 KB, 1200x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Cool Story bro!!
I bet you also believe that Trump indeed had broken records of attendance during his inauguration.

File: 1449675373289.jpg - (13.30 KB, 370x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Actually, the thing about those photos, was one was taken way before the inauguration, whereas the Obama was taken during or right near the end.

However it helped No-Information-Voters, who want, desperately, to believe anything bad that Trump's evil. Those people believe in silly things like "Russian Collusion" (We know Hillary was colluding), "racism" (Funny how Al Sharpton said Trump wasn't racist years ago and he desegregated rich democrat gold clubs), or that he's Hitler (Same thing they said about Bush).

It is a real shame the Democrats can't stop their childish, arrogant hissy fits, and come together in this country. But they can't, because they believe the agitprop that this country is "literally Nazi Germany".


I know right? Like how we, the enlightened minimum wage earners at Shareblue, try to explain to these republican morons that Trump overfed carp. We have the pictures and everything but they never believe us.


I think all this is petty, and you spend too much time believing liars on bullshit that doesn't matter.


You forgot two scoops.

File: 1-34.jpg - (714.09 KB, 2000x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 1498512526.shin0r0z_1497767698961.jpg - (46.32 KB, 380x408) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 0c5 - Copy.jpeg - (41.00 KB, 400x441) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Are you fucking stupid? People in the crowds in each area will always pull to the front (towards the camera) the gaps cannot be seen clearly unless seen from aerial.

Jesus!!!.. no wonder you guys are so fucking retarded and believe the orange idiot all the time. Cant even grasp basic things such as position, lens and perspective.


Just zooming in can easily show that there are indeed BIG GAPS between each section.

The crowds are indeed smaller.


>>3492784 lol

File: Al-Bundy-giant-foot-h.jpg - (46.58 KB, 725x538) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: trumptrash_on_suicide_watch.png - (3655.61 KB, 1820x946) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




>>established fake and gay



>>3492849 I think you're more afraid that Trump will succeed.



Interjecting here, can you expands in that statement?
He's a rich dude and is also the president. By many standards that is success.

So... what do you believe the siccessful condition is for Trump at this point? Define succeed in this case.



Just shows you how many lazy niggers didn't have jobs to go to.


>>3492889 Who exactly is saying these are faked? Is it someone other than an Alex Jones level wack-a-doodle?

And this has nothing to do with Hillary. Why is it that the only people who bring up the subject of Hillary are Trumpanoids. Nobody else gives one single peanut-covered shit about Hillary.

File: 1324359-ataxx_sm.png - (64.31 KB, 150x220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Interjecting here, can you expand that statement?
He's a rich dude and is also the president. By many standards that is success.

So... what do you believe the successful condition is for Trump at this point? Define succeed in this case.



Nice try at moving goalposts smartass.

I'm not talking about the separation between crowds for traffic and crowd management. I'm talking the gaps INSIDE each corral.

Which are clearly visible as you zoom in the megapixel image.


I now wonder if he's actually Cigarskunk or someone related to the same kind of idiocy.
But then its normal to see Trumpists who deny anything fact based as "fake news" for convenience.


He's a successfully conman.
He inherited riches, he was given "only" million dollar of loan with probably zero interest. He has bankrupted almost every single thing he has touched, including Casinos.
The only thing he's smart is, having good management and lawyers. Making sure that he is untouched by the bankruptcy as he pulls an Enron (funnelling money towards his bank account while leaving investors and buyers losing millions when the thing bankrupts. He has done this worldwide with his multiple unfinished and bankrupted Trump properties and condos.)
He has extensive experience in this kind of money transfer. Even using funds from donors for supposedly his presidency, into his personal business.

File: istock-business-men.jpg - (358.07 KB, 849x565) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3493001 As a success as in presidential success
Things like the economy and employment and foreign policy stuff.

Economy doing well
Employments up
North and south Korea are getting a long better
For starters



>Im a retarded asshole whole doesn't know things, so I win

It can take up to 2 years to start to see the effects of the ACTUAL president changes in budgets and economy changes.

As many have said multiple times..
Obama policies were just RECENTLY removed, all the earns have been based on the push by Obama's economy and budgets.

Employment up? How? Theres news everywhere of jobs that were promised to be saved.. being removed left and right. Including the huge slash of jobs by Walmart.



Walmart cut those jobs because it had to coordinate with the Department of Labor and make certain agreements with the government and they did this years ago under the Obama Administration. They were told that if they wanted to cut the jobs and get a tax break with the layoffs did they had to make the layoffs occur under the next Administration. Just like the subsidies for ObamaCare expired just as he finished being president.

All this shit was orchestrated to fail and fall apart just as Obama left office is a final fuck you to Hillary Clinton because Obama was quite well known to be opposed to her up until she became the nominee and he expected that she would be president next.

File: tumblr_p27mryRVlA1qm11ido1_540.png - (369.46 KB, 540x766) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Obama had eight years of failure and then when he finally leaves office everything skyrockets.

Your hatred for Obama blinds you from facts.

The dip when Obama got elected was Bush's branded recession (which you get when you cut taxes too much and give everything to the rich without getting anything back).


>All this shit was orchestrated to fail and fall apart just as Obama left office is a final fuck you to Hillary Clinton

Sure Jan!
Like Trump and the companies themselves claiming new jobs if cuts passed.

Things going Awesome at Carrier too!


Trump and Trump supporters spent 8 years claiming the (falling) unemployment figures were fabricated; the moment Trump won, they started speaking of the falling unemployment as if it was holy writ.


This. Every fucking time it was "Oh, well that's not the real unemployment!", but that argument magically disappeared for that crowd once Trump was inaugurated.

File: 1516337026.smileeeeeee_вц2ц.png - (83.07 KB, 984x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>1) Isn't it weird that in America, our flag and our culture offend so many people, but our benefits don't ?

Because of EGO.
"We're America". you take the name of a continent and claim its only your country.
Take cultures and customs of everyone else but refuse to accept their people.
Insist that you're not racist while being openly racist and mysoginist.. because "murrica".
Use other cultures's holidays to get wasted and saying how much you love them, while in the next day parroting about the wall and how much these people are "stealing muh jobs".

>(2) How can the federal government ask U.S. citizens to pay back student loans when illegal aliens are receiving a free education

Illegal Aliens are taking basic education which is technically free. The costs are technically not set by Government but allow such abuse (like medicine) to reach outrageous levels for no real reason at all. Illegal aliens have TO PAY student loans like everyone else.

>(3) Only in America are legal citizens labelled "racists" and "Nazis," but illegal aliens are called "Dreamers."

If your entire behaviour is calling others you don't like to go (including Afroamericans who have lived there all their live or even Mexicans/hispanics who were there even before the US was founded) "back to africa". you're racist.
If you parade in protests with torches about white supremacy and how "our type of people first! we're oppressed! we deserve to be allowed to kill, main, enslave anyone who isnt white" you're racist with Nazism tendencies.
Dreamers are a specific subset of the immigrants.
Also, unlike when your parents were in diapers, immigrating legally to the Us is thousand times harder and require tons of money that most who fled their countries never have.

>(4) Liberals say, "If confiscating all guns saves just one life, it's worth it." Well, then, if deporting all illegal's saves just one life, wouldn't that be worth it ?

As opposed to let NRA and the weapon industry have their way?(hint, a ton of high profile companies love to hire and push to hire immigrants, so they cant be paid rights and if they form an union, they get called the immigration officers). Also, Nobody is taking all the guns, its about regulating them. (The bullshit repeated ad nauseam by GOP and hardcore republicans paid by the NRA needs to stop.) Hence why liberals want to REGULATE and make a way to immigrants to migrate properly.

>(5) I can't quite figure out how you can proudly wave the flag of another country, but consider it punishment to be sent back there.

So, according to you.. being targeted by narcs or guerrillas in your country somehow prevents you from being proud of your country you tried to fight for?

>(6) The Constitution: It doesn't need to be rewritten, it needs to be reread.

Funny, because the constitution has been misread blatantly by the politicians to boolster their side so many times. and I'm not even american!

>(7) William F. Buckley said: "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other points of view, and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view."

While the GOP blocks the rights of minorities, LGBT, afroamericans, makes harder to vote, pushes for more money for oligarchs, push for a "nation under god" as discriminatory to many groups and promote ignorance?

>(8) J Joseph Sobran said:
>"`Need' now means wanting someone elses money.

Someones money that in some cases as obtained illegally thru loopholes and tax heavens? or even ENRON type crimes while voting in favour of weakening financial protections and regulations that prevented them from happening the first place?

>`Greed' means wanting to keep your own.

No, Greed means wanting more and more when you're already filthy rich. While buying politicians and lobby to reduce every protection(like the EPA) and damage public funding(Education, Monuments, Hunting) to defer that money to oligarchs who never needed said money?.

>`Compassion' is when a politician arranges the transfer."

Compassion is reviewing who really needs the help. You do not hand resources to groups that never needed it in the first place.

>(9) Florida has had 119 hurricanes since 1850, but some people still insist the last one was due to climate change.

And this pretty much shows how naive you are (even if for convenience) when you ignore hard data, pollution levels and other factors that have increased not only the power of said hurricanes, but their insistence WORLDWIDE.
Focusing stupidly in a single area (just like Trump's "its snowing, therefore climate change doesn't exist" is hilariously retarded) when it was never the focus.



Uh, it's common nomenclature in multiple languages to do that you self-hating idiot. What American, English, Irish, Finnish or Norwegan have you met that calls china "The people's republic of china?"

Seriously, get a grip. It's mental shorthand, because actually expanding out "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" is actually the MORE egotistical thing.

Disregarding everything else you wrote because you're trash.


Why is she rubbing what looks like a bowling pin with a glove stuck on top all over her breast?

Or is that one of those retarted images with floating, disembodied hands? The ones by and for autistic weebs, where any extraneous detail that's not penisvaginaanusboob triggers them?



>>"`Need' now means wanting someone elses money.
>Someones money that in some cases as obtained illegally thru loopholes and tax heavens?

Does two wrongs make a right? The left, and the people who vote for the left, by and large don't care about the fact that rich people gain money through dubious means, because it only means there's someone they can tax and distribute the money to themselves.

If they eradicate the rich classes of society, if the income disparity didn't exist, if the rich weren't essentially allowed to cheat, the left would have to tax the money out of each other. So the realpolitik of the left is to let the rich be, because they serve the function of collecting all the money from the people, without putting the blame on the government. Instead, the government gets to act the part of the hero.

Remember how the medieval kings of Europe barred the Jews any other profession except moneylending, so everybody would fall in debt to the Jews, and the King would periodically drive the Jews out and confiscate their property to the cheers of the people? "Hooray, the good king drove the parasites out!" - meanwhile it was the King who got rich off of the whole deal.

A year later, the Jews were quietly let back in.



Yes its called CHINA.. not "ASIA".



>Does two wrongs make a right?

Typical "do what I say not what I do" from conservatives.

> if the rich weren't essentially allowed to cheat, the left would have to tax the money out of each other.

No idiot. If the rich weren't allowed to cheat, the tax burden would have been less for everyone. Because there wouldn't need to pay bribes, loopholes, lobbyism and there would be in general more money in the government hands to use its functions.

>Remember how the medieval kings of Europe barred the Jews any other profession except moneylending, so everybody would fall in debt to the Jews.

Nothing to do with the current situation. Specially if the rich (of all religions) do cheat in the same similar way.
Also back then the King also had feudal lords who taxed their peasants at pleasure and abused their positions at the way they pleased. Very similar to what modern oligarchs owners of super megacorps do.



China is actually the name of a geographic land mass, not just a country, divided by the hindu kush and Himalayan mountains. Not all of it belongs to "The people's republic of china."

You are factually incorrect and an idiot.


Taking politics here at the request of someone in the Earthquake thread.

With Trump pushing for merit-based immigration, here's a question for others - under his standards, what would the chances of a 16-year-old male coming to live with his sister, who's only been here for 2 years, and with a listed occupation of "none" be? And do you think he should get the chance at all, and why/why not?



>No idiot. If the rich weren't allowed to cheat, the tax burden would have been less for everyone.

Oh you sweet summer child. The government is essentially buying votes by spending money.

Here's how it works: There's group A which consists of a lot of poor people. Then there's a relatively small group B who is rich. Whomever promises A money is going to be very popular and gain their votes, thus remaining in power to do whatever else they please. How do they get the money? By taxing group B. How does B get the money? By collecting it from group A. That's how the money goes around in a circle.

So, the government allows group B to exist because B is efficient at collecting money from group A. If group B didn't exist, the government could no longer buy votes to keep itself in power because it would have to take the money out of group A itself, and that wouldn't work. That's why the leftist government needs there to exists a perpetual wealth disparity in the society - its the way they justify why the society should give them any power. Obviously, if there weren't rich and poor, nobody would need the government to redistribute money and all those bureaucrats and career politicians would be out of work.

> Because there wouldn't need to pay bribes, loopholes, lobbyism and there would be in general more money in the government hands to use its functions.

Every time you put money into government hands, they find a way to waste it, because the first and foremost concern of the ruling class is how to remain in power. Actually serving the public is a secondary concern. The taxes aren't high because the rich are cheating, but because the government is corrupt and always finds ways to spend more money.



Ultimate fucking bad-ass

File: 66418577_p2_master1200.jpg - (561.59 KB, 849x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>why do you want to have somebody in this country who's only going to put a strain on our government welfare programs that's already stretched thin?

Because thats a fucking myth. Almost all of them want to work and improve their lives while leaving the dangerous countries they came from.

You're essentially saying "FUCK OFF" to the same groups of people who founded and boosted the country. Just because some dude who came first decided that "Thats enough lol!"

File: clinton vs trump.jpg - (63.43 KB, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


i disagree on allowing certain illegals to stay who will supposedly contribute to the economy. First of all, there are no rocket scientists or engineers crawling across the border.

Those are dirt poor, illiterate, diseased, low and unskilled people. They have nothing to contribute to the advancement of the US.

Second, no illegals should be allowed to stay in the first place. It's a complete slap in the face to the immigrants who came here legally and promotes lawlessness.

Third, why do we even need illegals as workers when we have unemploymed Americans who need jobs? Those engineers you want, we have kids who went to college for that sort of thing and can't find jobs. Have them do it instead of an illegal. Bottomline, close the border, throw out all the illegals, and give the jobs to unemployed Americans and the kids who just graduated college.?

I also don't understand why people who feel pro-illegal immigration always use the example of "person escaping war torn state and will be murdered if they return" to protest against people tightening illegal entry checks. These people are protected in pretty much every developed nation by amnesty systems, they can enter the country legally as long as they apply for amnesty so should never be in a place where they are forced to make an illegal entry.

Tightening illegal immigration checks without changing amnesty law only reduces illegal economic immigration, it shouldn't have any impact on people genuinely fleeing hardship.

File: madness_spartauniverse.jpg - (1040.14 KB, 792x3350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

To answer your question, I'd like to point something out - that person that got denied entry?

That would be Friedrich (later anglicized to Frederick) Trump, President Trump's paternal grandfather - - who immigrated to the US in 1885 at the age of 16 to live with his sister, who'd been here for two years. While he did have 2 years experience as an apprentice barber in Bavaria, he didn't list this on his immigration forms. After saving up a few hundred bucks over the course of 6 years working as a barber in NYC, he moved out to the newly-formed Seattle, WA and bought a restaurant in its Red Light District, which did booming business in part because of the Klondike gold rush. Seeing an opportunity, Frederick Trump moved up north and bought some land - not to mine, but to rent out lodgings to the miners, thus establishing (at its core) the Trump hotel chain.

And yet, if his grandson were to have his way, he'd have been denied that opportunity from the outset, and Donald would never have been born. Because that's what it's all about - opportunity to succeed. That's why a lottery-based system is the most fair, as it doesn't treat any applicant better or worse than any other applicant.


There's a shitload of medical staff in-training, though -


Clinton opposed it because of the strain on the job market and legal system.

Trump opposes it because of skin color. Remember when he called that Hispanic judge from Indiana an illegal immigrant?



>that's fake, clearly, because I disagree with it. Just like this screenshot proves Sandy Hook was faked and this photo proves the Holocaust was a lie because Stromfront said it's really a photo of...


Shame fat white welfare recipients are too lazy to even leave their homes or he may have had a bigger crowd.


which is irrelevant since we have actual citizens that could use those jobs rather than giving illegals the jobs.


And yet they aren't vying for those positions even now -


I'm underscoring the irony that the person pushing the most for changes literally wouldn't exist if not for the "overly permissive" immigration policies of the past.



So if immigration policy is properly enforced, you would have a country with less immoral people, and our highest office would not be tainted with a reality TV star?

Stop, stop with your glowing endorsement of proper immigration law!



Good points, I'll have to lift them when I argue with facebook friends I met in college.



>Ellis Island was a hrror show.

Historian's fallacy - different time, different mores. Ellis Island was necessary because hordes of poor people were coming in with typhoid and tuberculosis and all sorts of very infectious diseases that were rampant at the time. Just letting them in without so much as a cursory check would have spelled disaster in a time when antibiotics and vaccines for these diseases weren't available.



>there wouldn't be an income tax, nor would there be any social security, unemployment benefits, medicare, medicaid or any government welfare benefits really.
> So coming to the US as an immigrant in 1885 was a "sink or swim" situation in which you either found employment and succeeded in this country or you had the privilege to go die in a gutter

>The Homestead Acts were several United States federal laws that gave an applicant ownership of land, typically called a "homestead," at no cost. In all, more than 270 million acres of public land, or nearly 10% of the total area of the U.S., was given away free to 1.6 million homesteaders
>The first of the acts, the Homestead Act of 1862, opened up millions of acres. Any adult who had never taken up arms against the U.S. government could apply. Women and immigrants who had applied for citizenship were eligible.
>Southern Democrats had continually fought (and defeated) previous homestead law proposals, as they feared free land would attract European immigrants

That was a government welfare program explicitly designed to deal with the influx of immigrants that were clogging up the coastal cities and forming ghettos within. Often large immigrant families would move in, and then their children would claim homesteads in the surrounding area, building up very large estates for a relatively small sum of $18 for the land.


Basically, in 1885 "unemployment" wasn't a thing. If you didn't find work, you applied for a homestead, built up some sort of hovel and started growing potatoes and corn. The question was whether you wanted to be a self-sufficient farmer or a vagrant.

You didn't technically even need to be a citizen to qualify for homesteading, just as long as you had applied, and by witness testimony that you had improved the land you were given you were more or less guaranteed to get citizenship anyways. The government didn't really check, so people often used paid witnesses.


But don't you see how ingrained it is in tools to think of any immigration restriction as being "evil"?

Screening out dangerous, contagious diseases? That's a "horror show" for no-information immigration proponents.


Probably wouldn't have Nigger president either given his penchant for pretending to be a foreign student to get free gibs for college.

What is that with lefties? You have rich cunt Elizabeth "Coolest Cracker in the Box" Warren pretending to be a woo-woo Indian to get a deal on college. Such liars these leftists, but the ends justify the means.


But don't you see how ingrained it is in tools to think of any immigration restriction as being "evil"?

Reasonable restrictions? Sure. Preferential treatment for those with the most money? Fuck no. Again - Land of Opportunity, which is what Trump's grandfather was given. He could have worked as a barber all his life if he'd wanted, but his personal ambitions and decisions, along with the luck of coming right around the Yukon gold rush, helped make his family a fortune.



Reminds me...
Hows that hypocrisy going ?

also lol


>Probably wouldn't have Nigger president

So much for credibility cigarskunk.

Even Trump Jr was lovingly pushing greencards for anyone who would cough 500,000 USD to chinese.


So in the latest news, remember those sanctions that were supposed to be imposed against Russia today? The ones that passed the Senate 98-2 and the House 419-3 back in July?

Well, the Trump Administration decided to simply not enforce it - - with the following statement.
*A State Department official said that the administration had decided to put foreign governments and private sector entities "on notice ... that significant transactions with listed Russian entities will result in sanctions."

"Sanctions on specific entities or individuals will not need to be imposed because the legislation is, in fact, serving as a deterrent," the official said.*

File: 1182203376.cigarskunk_cs_lyne.jpg - (152.73 KB, 827x668) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 1179591025.cigarskunk_cs_char.jpg - (139.19 KB, 882x678) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: cigarskunk_fifi69.jpg - (80.64 KB, 908x695) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


How does it do it?

File: 1173468132.cigarskunk_babscigarskunktub.jpeg - (257.94 KB, 874x722) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 1257658727.lilifox_medonnie2.jpg - (47.79 KB, 604x453) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Re : Babs the short cray cray girl who is almost always seen carrying around either her Donnie Wahlberg doll or her Peter Venkman "The Real Ghostbusters" doll. Here she is in a pic giving the Wahlburger a kiss.

File: sonic trash.png - (772.86 KB, 914x693) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3493828 >>3493829

Sheezyart?? Wow That's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Didn't they put in a 'no porn' rule because the owner was underaged and everyone fled except a bunch of Sonicfags?






I recall Yerf had a similar rule, but that one was because site owner was a fucking prude. Eventually the site died slowly and quietly, and no one gave a shit because pretty much everyone moved to FA and InkBunny at that point.


>>3493906 Yeah.. Yerf however sort of became an 'exclusive club' for artists where all submissions were reviewed for quality. If it wasn't good enough it was rejected. Eventually the only accepted submissions had a rather 'samey' look to them .. 'the Yerf look'. There was a slow dieoff as people sought a place to post porn and post stuff that wasn't 'up to Yerf standards' (VLC was a big one). The real death came when the whole server crashed and nobody seemed to have a backup.

A few years later someone actually DID find a backup and it all got moved to something called inkspots or something.

Sheezyart's death seemed to promote the rise of FurAffinity. In the early days FA was primarily home to babyfurs and inflatophiles but when Sheezy and VLC sort of went away FA picked up the slack from everyone else



Dingo was even more of a pathetic POS than Fagoneer!

File: 18556954_10209291003408132_7205270355637993518_n.jpg - (24.17 KB, 478x478) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Where Dingo is today.


Not only that, but if you did porn on another account, and another website, Yerf wouldn't allow you to join.

Yerf was always a bunch of nerds and dorks "getting even" with the world and making a popular kids club.

>Caring about
>a conservative senior citizen furry blowhard who'd vanish into irrelevance if people didn't keep bringing him up
>how many people were at the inauguration
>a gallery that's been dead for over a decade

So, do you guys legitimately wonder why lulz is a ghost town, or do you just pretend not to know?

File: 75450.jpg - (100.62 KB, 800x725) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Actually, the site started to die slowly because the owner and mods were hypocrites.

The quality went from very good to holy shit bad, because these reviewed guys were either grandfathered by some obscure rule set by the owner, or were friends of the owners or mods.

They rejected some more than decent artists while letting shit tier artists in because "they were murry purry friends". So the site went into disuse and the site crashed.

Other famous site was by that beef icon guy.. who fleed when the server grew too fast and too quick for his finances and threw the bucket but refusing to let anyone have the backup of his very well programmed wellsite out of spite.

>eBay - sellers can block buyers, why can't we block sellers?

It's quite simple Cigar Skunk you dumb fuck! Sellers only care if a buyer is interested in their product(s) that are up for sale and if a buyer doesn't come to them to show interest they don't care as another buyer probably will. It is completely pointless for a buyer to block a seller because all the buyer has to do is not watch/follow the seller's store.



>It is completely pointless for a buyer to block a seller because all the buyer has to do is not watch/follow the seller's store.

But if you search for items in general, the bad sellers still pop up in the results, and you'd want to filter them out somehow.



Well there should be a sort filter by seller ratings so you can have all the good ones appear from the top to bottom of the list in order of best to worst or visa versa, although why you'd want to see the worst sellers I have no idea other than to take a chance if they're offering a lower price.


Seller ratings are easily abused, as people create sockpuppets for themselves. About 9/10 reviews online are paid.



Then the only way you'd know a seller was bad was through prior personal experience and if a product on sale by them comes up in your search just simply don't buy from them. I guess Cigar Skunk really is that lazy or he's had a really unlucky streak of running into bad sellers more than most, which I kind of find hard to believe LOL He's probably the annoying customer and pisses off the sellers. :P



Naaaah, fuck you. I'd rather not sift through hundreds of pages filled by Chinese scammers until I find actual legitimate sellers all the way on last few pages for the article. Filter/block feature is something eBay really needs.



Such racism, such laziness! If this is you Cigarskunk you need a good boot to the head to knock some sense into that thick skull of yours. Anyway I've spent tens of thousands on eBay and have hardly had any problems with sellers from any part of the planet.

File: Herbie_Porks_Cigarpunk.jpg - (143.62 KB, 564x627) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: CS_Fifi11.jpg - (89.21 KB, 800x588) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Nice bait but I'll reply.

Anyone who used eBay for a long time will tell you to be wary of any seller from China. Biggest red flags tend to be multiple accounts using same stock photo of an item, and offering said item for price many times lower than it usually goes for, all while claiming that what they're selling is a genuine item. As someone already brought up, seller ratings are useless on eBay because many of these scammers operate together, performing false sales and giving each other positive feedback.
If you're still being a goddamn retard, you will either end up with an item never delivered and with your wallet burned, or you will receive a cheaply made counterfeit/bootleg item.

And never, ever send a photocopy/scan of your ID if seller asks for it for "safety reasons to make sure the buyer is above 18 years old". It's a scam they use to get your personal info or use said copy of your ID for some illegal business.



What kind of fucked up fuckery have you gone through on eBay? D: I've bought from sellers all over the world and never had any problems such as you've described. I can tell what is genuine and what's not just by taking a look at the photos, item description and comparing the price to that of other stores. If anything looks shady I avoid purchasing from the seller. It's called common sense, do you have it?



> I can tell what is genuine and what's not just by taking a look at the photos, item description and comparing the price to that of other stores.

You could do all that, and then add the bad sellers to your personal shitlist, so you don't have to go through the trouble again.

Do you go through your email spam one by one, too, or do you just throw it in the spam folder and let the filter deal with it?


eBay already has filters, you can set by region or select US only, but don't let facts get in the way of your "they out to fuck us whiteys over" conspiracy bullshit.

File: CS_Fifi01c.JPG - (67.89 KB, 684x491) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: CS_Fifi10.jpg - (98.34 KB, 800x619) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: LateBday.jpg - (93.85 KB, 962x743) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Spam mail goes straight into the Trash Bin! If there's something that's not spam it's usually easy to spot and click on not spam for that message.

File: cigandwildlifers.jpg - (90.23 KB, 609x809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 1279201164.cigarskunk_001_commission1-xl.jpg - (202.13 KB, 1280x1019) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Why doesn't somebody draw Cigarskunk's character getting fucked by Donald Trump?

File: 1eec1cca2baade526e8b2c9a6ab111557962db4f.jpg - (72.17 KB, 702x496) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


It's Slappy Squirrel in skunk form!


An Asshole gets blocked by someone. News at 11.

File: Nanachi's_trivia.png - (51.91 KB, 200x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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