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File: slowtaku.png - (541.30 KB, 753x519) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
554290 No.3490257

Seems Kadath is crying about his big chinned poorly written smut being free despite his paywall.


Whoops, dropped the link.


3600 a MONTH. Get a real job you coke bottled glasses wearing faggot.



You know, people would take your comment seriously if you didn't go all "HURR DURR ART ISN'T A REEL JERB EVERYONE MUST WORK SHITTY OFFICE JERB OR FLIP BURGERS OR WORK IN WALMART AND BE MISERABLE!!". It's possible to live off of a hobby, but not everyone can pull it off.

That aside, every artist that makes between 3000 and 7000 $ a month from Patreon, then whines about losing one or two patrons is a whiny bitch. Only ones who have the right to complain about it are the artists who don't make much off it as is and merely use the service as a tipjar (as Patreon was originally intended to work), but still get screwed over because some autistic fuck added them on

Also, it's ironic that YP's admins shit on artists for "living off of donations" but then they have to ask for donations to keep the site alive. Even more ironic is that the people who support YP scream bloody murder at the idea of giving 1-5$ to access content but are willing to dump a whole lot more cash to YP's admins.



Calling a Hobby a real job. Implying Digital media can't be stolen no matter what it's format.... Come on. Artists have Pateons for exclusive content and has driven prices sky high.

First it started with the YCH craze where now every dipshit with a tablet charges 100 USD for some crappy pre pose. Then the Patreon craze where for "xx" amount of dollars you can see shit that would normally have to be released anyways.

Point being is this trend in art only turns people off from spending any kind of money when the content is churned out like an assembly line.



>Artists have Pateons for exclusive content and has driven prices sky high.

Popufurs do that, yes, but they do not make up a majority of good artists on Patreon. You can easily find artists who allow access to full content for small change, and often release it in public after a short while.

You're acting like every single artist on Patreon is some greedy jewy popufur that charges 100$ for a single sketch and hides everything behind 500$ paywalls.



>Popufurs do that, yes, but they do not make up a majority of good artists on Patreon.

But they're collecting a bigger share of the money than ever, so the other artists are dropping out because there's less money left over for them.



>use the service as a tipjar (as Patreon was originally intended to work)

Patreon was originally intended to work as a crowdfunding platform, not an online panhandling platform.

You know, where people give money to other people for work performed and services rendered, rather than for begging and paywalling.



>other artists are dropping out because there's less money left over for them.

Bunch of horseshit. They are not dropping out because popufurs are charging more, but these lower tier artists are the ones most affected by, which -did- start off as a site meant to be a middle finger to popufurs who charge outrageous prices and hide everything behind a paywall. Somewhere down the line the main admin and creator just stopped caring and began letting people add pretty much any furry artist that has Patreon page.

File: ihatewhitemen.jpg - (9.53 KB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Visiting I almost feel dirty now.



>Bunch of horseshit.

No such thing. People have a limited amount of money they're willing to spend, and when the popufurs up their prices, their fans have a choice to make where to spend their money.

One popufur collects money from multiple people - hundreds of people - who are also supporters of the other less popular artists with the rest of their monthly allowance. The popufur is their #1 choice, so the others have to go without.

The tragedy of the situation is that the people who see their income diminishing don't respond by dropping prices and catering to a wider audience, but by putting up a higher paywall and increasing prices, so the next tier down from the popufurs are in effect doing the same thing - grabbing more money out of their existing fanbase, which results in less money for the next tier down.

So the money collects up top, pulled by the paywalling popufurs, and the market shrinks because fewer and fewer people can make any money in it.



>but these lower tier artists are the ones most affected by

The reason why they are most affected is because they're looking up to the popufurs who collect money by their sheer popularity and social status symbol, and thinking that's the way to do it. They're doing it wrong, and because they don't have this bullshit "prestige", they get nothing.

The proper use of a Patreon-like system is to put out a proof of work, and then an offer of work to be performed, and then collect the money out of a number of patrons willing to pay that amount for that work. Alternatively, if you're offering something you've already done, you offer to publish it for a fixed fee paid by the patrons collectively. That's how you can make money even if you're not at the top tier of ass-kissing.

It means you have to work for your income, rather than put out some half-assed YCH every other week and then double dip by paywalling it - because you're not a popufur. You don't have a reality distortion field like the late Steve Jobs, where people pay you just to say they've paid you money.

File: hoody-butt.jpg - (70.19 KB, 650x982) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>kotaku, a video game site, talking about furry porn

Those poor, starving artists having money stolen right out of their pockets.



If I, as an engineer, come up with a clever new design and patent it, then you come along and "copy" it before the patent has run out, then yes, you are a thief. If you decide to "copy" my design after I did all the hard work of developing it, you are stealing my design and I will take you to court and then summarily ass-rape you as I have done in the past on two occasions.


Also, I like that I went to as the cartoon mentioned, and it has a front page article attacking the evil corporation that is...the American Chemical Society?

Uh yeah, fuck all those chemists who put in all that hard work to advance the field of chemistry and then expect to be rewarded for their hard work. So, fuck chemistry and chemists...I guess?

File: b01fef_6421978.jpg - (77.42 KB, 700x732) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Good to see Kotaku is still doing quality journalism on VIDEO GAMES

File: Even_GFF_wouldnt_fuck_this_monstrosity.png - (293.15 KB, 425x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also, here's the knuckle-dragging neanderthal that wrote the song, in all of it's "glory":

She identifies as a "radical feminist" and a "childfree" atheist, whatever that means. Not difficult considering I don't think even GFF would be desperate enough to breed with that...thing.



>If I, as an engineer, come up with a clever new design and patent it, then you come along and "copy" it before the patent has run out, then yes, you are a thief.

Infringing on a patent is not legally a criminal offense - theft is. Patent infringement is not theft.

Patenting something means you already give away the crucial details to your invention, and other people are legally allowed to copy it - just not sell the resulting copies or use them in a professional capacity without paying licensing fees to you.

Seriously, you should look at the patent law before talking out of your ass.


You also have to remember that patents are granted for a specific claim, not for the whole thing.

So if you design a better mousetrap, you have to make very specific claims about what features of it you want patented, and then the patent office will deny you some of those features on the point of being trivial, already known, already patented etc.

In the end, you may end up with a patent that concerns only the shape of a spring in your mouse trap, and everything else is free game. Furthermore, since infringing on a patent is not a crime, you have the responsibility to defend your patent and take the other guy to court - there's no "patent police" to do it for you.


They should ask pirates why they're using yiff party and see if they can come to an agreement. Look at how netflix and hulu have swept the board.

The main reason I use it, is that I'd rather donate 10$ to YP or have a subscription to sexyfur, because both these sites bring multiple artists to me. The money to value ratio is high.

Meanwhile, artists have 30 dollar and 20 dollar tiers of patron and keep art backlogged as much as a month or two months from those patrons paying 1 or 5$. That's a move that just encourages someone who can't do the 30 or 20 tier to pirate you and stop paying you at all.

If you want higher patron tiers, why not offer more besides less artificial waiting? Why not offer PDFs of your work so the art inclined can learn how to layer the way you do? Why not offer art tutorials? (Something most people wont be chapped about.) Or speed draw videos?

But no. You're just having a fast line for richer people and a 2 month wait for other patrons.

File: 5QJOSM1.jpg - (204.79 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The thing that irks me about Patreon is that it could have been a great platform to support content with non-restrictive licensing. Such as GNU or Creative Commons. Instead WTF happened?


>>3490479 like everything greed happens. people always want more that they ruin things as a result. plus common sense.



probably a liberal, too. how disgusting.


You sound like Khyber—i.e., someone who doesn't know what they're talking about but pretends he does.

While ACS is a membership organization that collects dues from chemists, it's also a publishing company that publishes a number of chemistry-related journals. And the problem people have with them (and Elsevier, et al) is that chemists have to pay the ACS to publish their research papers. And then the ACS charges libraries tens of thousands a year for a subscription to the journal. Or if your library doesn't have a subscription and you want to read an article, the ACS charges $40 for a DRMed PDF of the article that expires in 48 hours.

Sure, it costs money to publish an actual printed journal. But the ACS is a non-profit organization, and it sure looks like they're collecting way more money than they're spending on publishing expenses—which as far as I know, they haven't disclosed the details of. I'm not seeing how it costs them $40 to distribute a PDF.

But you don't have to take my word for it:



>WTF happened

Greed turned it into a tragedy of the commons. What once was (mostly) free was flooded with advertising, paywalling, and over production of shit that has the biggest market to capitalize on to the point it drowned out diversity. The only thing I've looked forward to in years is Semiphore and the occasional Mittsies release.

File: communist-pirate.jpg - (76.29 KB, 500x568) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>probably a liberal, too. how disgusting.

Hah! I'm pretty sure she's way past that and full on communist.



> Instead WTF happened?

Patreon caved in to the paywalling jews and started offering means to keep on jewing. Things like, the ability to hide your income so your patrons wouldn't know whether their part of the contribution is anywhere near proportional to the work offered.

The whole copyrights industry is based on making people believe they're paying a "fair share" through lies of omission.

File: b5608606-4625-f834-6d07-acbd08a091f5.png - (23.35 KB, 2339x1654) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

For extra fun read this bitching thread on

I really wish Flattr models would catch on. Make the minimum $5/month or so, then your $5 gets divided to every artist you follow. If you follow more than X number of artists, the service suggests upping your contribution so more goes towards each artist than pennies.

File: meta-chart.jpg - (92.45 KB, 1095x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I hate patreon because it caters further to the fall of intellectualism in art. Art becomes merchandise and content is pushed down the hole of contemporary trash.

Artists are generally pretty stupid when it comes to thoughtful art. Patreon is making art more like an Idiocracy future.



You're implying that ART is a single feature and value, which shows you're stupid and cant grasp the differences of art as medium.


bitter about artists circle jerk thread number a billion


Do furry artists pay royalties to the porn models they steal poses from in the nudie magazines?


No, because you can't copyright a pose. Although I'm sure some have tried.

File: 10437784_688014707943775_7792618185613070343_n1-620x424.jpg - (57.02 KB, 620x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


It is also sad that while this puntreon cancer spreads, it does not mean that ppl whom does not charge you money for letting you see their art, would get more attention.

Meaning beginners/novices yet again left in the dark, because capitalism just works (and its all your fault alone!).

Popular furry art were always like smut or porn, only godlike pro artist got popular with "clean" art, like Goldenwolf or Dark Natasha, or if I have to say some recent one Natalia Corsair and Lingrim (whom gone into a "game making" black hole).

The only "good" thing I can say in this situation what this shit called patreon made: High res aka not "848x600" pic started to leaked or spread. I never hated anything more then the low res shit what FA uses and the "Chinese will steal my art to make counterfeit T-shirts" faggots with upper said res (while if they wanted, they could hire a vector artist and rip anything they want.)

File: DSdC2C2UIAEA9Pz.jpg - (49.56 KB, 750x721) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ITT Entitled furry commies and poors whine about not getting their free cummies

Also, lol at the attempt at making this about the quality of art in the fandom, as if "art" wasn't always about cartoon animals fucking each other. The level of delusion you pathetic manbabies will go to in crying over your porn is just mindboggling.

If an artist wants to charge for the product of their developed skill, you can either pay it or not and deal with it. You aren't entitled to shit.



No artist is entitled to the muscle of the state to enforce their property rights when their property (the original piece) is still in their possession. It's a civil matter at that point.

If you want to go with capitalism and the markets, guess what? Part of the markets is theft prevention software. Building a content website. Digital watermarking.

Walmart has to put anti-theft devices on their good shit, and pay some slomo to stand by the door, why shouldn't an artist have to?



Pretentious bullshit. Art doesn't have to be thoughtful or have a message. A landscape painting of a meadow of flowers has much more appeal than some goddamn flischer boxes with a fibernachi ratio of hue shifting splatters.


You're comparing a landscape to an abstract painting, neither of which have depth to them. Art gets mocked contstantly for being "pretty pictures".

In furry you either have smut or clean images with nothing significant going on.



So what if it gets mocked as pretty pictures? Aren't you caving into social pressure if you let the perspective of the audience influence what you choose to do?

You can't complain about capitalism and the market, yet at the same time, lend virtue to the demands of critics. Critics only have value in a capitalist system.


I'm saying furry artists care more about form than content. Content of furry art is simplistic on both spectrums. Patreon causes artists to market art as merchandise rather than make art that has any sophisticated value. This also causes them to churn out subpar quality craftsmenship to fufill a quota.

Not all art has to be 2 deep for me. The problem is that a lot of contemporary art, furry, erc, is very shallow.

File: b2a1713585baf5efccf0d9d57e66c8d1.jpg - (193.36 KB, 1001x1077) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>3000 and 7000 $

They don't know how good they have it.

Ungrateful furry artist jewdens, you're lucky anyone pays for your shit at all, let alone allow you to live on a middle-class wage.

File: Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.41.20 PM.png - (89.56 KB, 240x204) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Kadath is one of these impeccably obnoxious as all fuck individuals like Kayla-na who's asshole rips at the seems whenever their mediocre furry smut gets leaked.

And also just like Kayla, Kadath has jumped through hoops trying to insure their precious speshul snowflek artwork that's worth half of what they're charging for it remains behind their paywall. The kicker is, it never does. And the temper-tantrum thrown as a result dishes out never-ending lel



Art without "Sophisticated value" generally has actual value, which is fine with me.

90% of profitable art production is product placement, advertisements and branding. Then you have themes, wallpapers and posters.

How many people really care about the scream for example, besides being able to identify it? Or Star Night?

Comics make more money that some deep think piece. Sit and contemplate that. Think about it.

"Sophisticated value" is just armchair intellectual wank material so that a select few can feel like they're silk rather than cotton.

File: knifeholder.png - (818.48 KB, 1006x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Link to the, not kotaku, you fucking retard.


The Scream and Starry Night are iconic works of art that people can identify. What pieces of furry art are memorable in that regard? You seem to think how much money art makes is equivalent to how important or successful it is. Also, Van Gogh or Picasso art has sold for way more than most comics. The comics industry is actually dying right now (due to what ComicGate is about) and currently has some of the worst writers and artists in known existence.

Why can't art be both successful and poignant then? If I want diamonds then I won't settle for coal.



What's amusing is that Kayla-Na decided to go with the timed release route this time around.

File: furry drama.jpg - (91.91 KB, 500x672) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Since when the fuck does Kotaku report on furry shit? They're supposed to be a game journalists (lol). Why are they reporting on this shit? Also doesn't this give even more publicity, so now even more people are going to use it? Why are SJWs so fucking moronic at everything they do?



>The Scream and Starry Night are iconic works of art that people can identify.

They have historical significance, but as works of art they are not relevant anymore. The scream has to do with Norwegian expressionism, and Starry Night is early Dutch impressionism, both from the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

They represent a historical turning point in art where impressionist painters distanced themselves from the traditional styles and topics, and started experimenting with atmosphere and light to capture the impression rather than the reality of the scene. Expressionism then turned that upside down and started painting what it feels like rather than what it looks like.

If you're interested in art-historical pedantry, then you should know these paintings, but other than academic masturbation - they're no longer relevant. People know them simply because they're being taught to know them, by people who were taught to know them by people who were living at the time. Art moved on, and many better painters came and went. It's like, there are many better singers and songwriters than Elvis, but Elvis is still the king.

Nowadays it's a sort of class signal, where if you don't know who Edvard Munch was, everybody sniggers at you. Few actually like the painting, or understand what it stood for, and even if they did it would probably no longer "work" as the society has also changed.


Besides, paintings from famous authors are subject to capitalist profiteering, as such items cannot be duplicated so they're used for hot potato games by the rich.

So the reason the sell for millions is because the current owner is always looking for the bigger idiot to pay more than he did, and they in turn raise the price a notch and search for an even bigger idiot. At the last point, when the price goes up so high that there simply aren't any more idiots with money left, it gets donated to a museum and written off as tax deductions.

Any rare item can be used like that, but art has a more plausible back story to sell it, so it's easier to maintain the collective fiction that a piece of canvas on a wooden frame with some slowly rotting paint on it is actually worth six million dollars. The actual picture is already photographed, x-rayed, CT-scanned, 3D mapped, etc. to the point of exhausting any data you could possibly get out of it, so that if you just want to see it, it doesn't cost you a dime. A replica might cost you $50.


holy shit, cry some more


I know, it's like everything this guy writes, the WAY in which he writes, is condescending and insulting to anyone who reads it.
Anyone at all.
And anything he writes.
It'd be nice if he'd just go away, and stop writing about anything at all.

Cap: wow, it's fucking nothing

File: getaloadofthisguy.jpeg - (12.48 KB, 400x310) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Kotako is a a whiny liberal version of Breitbart, they don't report news or facts, they report pieces their readers want to hear in the hopes of getting ad revenue.

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