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File: h1YZlQRQ.jpg - (32.03 KB, 360x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
32796 No.3489708

So... What happened? What did Hoot say on her Twitter?

File: who.jpg - (5.65 KB, 275x184) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Who gives a hoot?


From what I understand, she had a breakdown some months ago on her AD where she was mentioning how someone she met at a convention was mentioning that he wanted to fuck her dog. Whether or not this is true, she went on a tirade about how much she hates zoophiles, and blocked people defending them from her AD. This in itself is fine...but I guess she later admitted to a casual acquaintance of hers that she actually was using her dog as a model for her porn, and basically implied that she was a closet zoo herself. Her friend blew up on her and told her it wasn't okay, and recommended that if she really felt so conflicted and dirty about people making sexual comments about her dog, she should do her part and stop enabling them by not drawing feral porn for them, to which apparently she now had the same zoofags she blocked now defending her by talking about how her porn was not zoo porn because there were no humans involved.

I guess she blocked that guy and started trying to fight the battle from both sides at once, alienating both the zoos that were defending her now, and the anti-zoos that defended her before.

Overall it was fairly yawn inspiring furry drama. But, I guess if this is what we're relying on now for our jollies.

File: NSN.Final_.jpeg - (85.77 KB, 810x980) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Isn't she the negress who used to date Zaush the rapist?


anybody have any of her controversial art?


She took it down, it was puppymachine on FA. All feral pregger porn mostly.

File: 22a68019114656df8280868e3d79fd02.jpg - (98.40 KB, 800x781) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




I like furry negress. They show that black women can be every bit as over sensitive and special snowflake as a white college girl. With better asses.


Shame, i think her artwork and smut is decent

I guess thats the problem with furry artists who are reasonably talented yet still immature, insecure human beings. They worry too much about what people think of them and are constantly trying to make people happy and draw attention to themselves


It's all straight :(


Sucks for you faggot, youll never know the true pleasures of puppy cunt



>ha ha, sucker! you're missing a thing you never wanted!


So either she's an anti-zoophile who bilks zoophiles for money and doesn't feel like she's enabling them, or she's a closet zoophile who is worried about the negative attention.

I mean, she dated Zaush for a little bit, so she's gotta at least be a little bit of a dogfucker, right? Zaush's previous partners, Keovi and Marc-Crevan, are both clearly zoophiles, and now they're both with other zoophiles (Cinnamon and Speed, respectively).


gasp, maybe shes a girl and likes getting a dick stuffed between her legs. maybe its like she draws smut that appeals to her rather than doing it for other people

with a name like "puppymachine" maybe she gets off on the idea of being bred and getting pumped full of jizz

Cinnamon the dude that used to write super fucked up furry smut stories like a decade and a half ago? how..... creepily appropriate. wonder what that age difference is



Can it, you deflecting, defeatist twat.

Shit like this is half of why Lulz exists (the other half being furry/porn discussion, which has definitely fallen to the wayside). As long as people keep being shit, we'll keep on them. Like CWC, that's just how this works. If you're gonna act like you're above that, why are you here?



>Shit like this is half of why Lulz exists (the other half being politics/i hate niggers discussion


>Like CWC, that's just how this works.

Dude, even CWC threads here sink with little participation because most have moved on to other places to talk about that shit.

File: hueg-dog.jpg - (182.86 KB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>If you're gonna act like you're above that, why are you here?

He/Xhe/Xir/Them isn't acting like "it's" above that, rather "it's" intentionally trying to damage this place for some reason by sowing poison.

Maybe "it's" butthurt from being laughed at by someone here before, or maybe it's one of Hoot's impotent wannabe fuckbuddies, or maybe it's a Hoot asskisser, or whatever.

A good question to ask is; if this place really is so dead, then why are there so many people here waiting behind the corner to point out how dead it is, at every single apparent opportunity?

(picture unrelated)



Because watching you aging, lonely fuckstains shrieking the same old reflexive denials is cheap entertainment. :) Especially when you goddamn well know the truth, BD. Where'd the viewer counter go? I wonder what it'd say now at any given time. 2? 3?

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