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File: Cant-Hold-All-These-Furries.jpg - (109.93 KB, 1170x874) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
112565 No.3488048

Lots of things have changed in the past few years, including the furry fandom.
What are some of the things you've noticed have changed over the years?

I've noticed that furries, including on here, are much more reserved about their innermost feelings and far more vocal about superficial things, as though they were going through "pre-recorded" elitist motions.
Also, they're more careful about showing personal things, such as their family pet.

Ten years ago, almost everyone had pictures of their pet and also their faces and even family, on their Fur Affinity galleries. Nowadays, it's much less personal.

I remember "show us your pet/faces" threads on here actually having lots of pets and faces, which wouldn't work too well anymore today.

What other changes have you noticed, and around what time?


It's all the assholes who post here and elsewhere, calling people names and posting Unconfirmed rumors.

My furry interest consists almost entirely of pin-ups.

The female form is a classic thing to behind.



>calling people names and posting Unconfirmed rumors

That's one of the positives, that I hope will never change, and myself will continue to support into the future.

File: 1503368541676.jpg - (140.50 KB, 763x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

People realized that they could garner more attention by attacking others and painting themselves victims instead of simply bettering themselves and being proud of who they are. Posting your personal information in one of the most caustic and drama-induced communities ever conceived is a bad idea unless you've got a social death wish.

It's not just here and FA though, it's all over the internet. Lardasses project themselves as invincible white knights through digital avatars. Eventually enough of them are loud enough to overwhelm whatever echo chamber they infest, convince themselves they're perfect, then try to conglomerate in the real world; it's at this point that they realize they're fat, smelly, and the laughing stock of normies who look on in disgust.

File: LOL-Titties.jpg - (274.50 KB, 600x715) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Posting your personal information ... is a bad idea unless you've got a social death wish.

Wouldn't continuing on as normal, rather than shrinking back, be one of the ways to keep lard-knights out?



>Beating your dick with a hammer is a terrible way to pass the time. Investing in weapon manufacturing, now that is a healthy hobby.
>Beating your dick with a hammer ... is a healthy hobby.

Context matters dingus.


Your example's a bit extreme. What I said applies to any community/fandom, really.

At least there are a lot more quality fursuits now, that's something.

File: teef.png - (171.56 KB, 619x539) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


No, not even slightly. Biking communities are great. Programming communities are great. The furry community is the polar opposite of great.



Isn't that faggot "Nick Bate, aka "Sick Nick") currently in prison for raping his niece?


Programming communities have some of the biggest elitists known to man and beast. I know nothing about biking communities, though.



Reminds me of Aquafox with the missing teeth D:

File: dabes on you.png - (494.73 KB, 500x772) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


40 years for raping his half sister, yes.


Well this was shit I regret reading -



You understand why that is, don't you, OP? It's because of places like this.

Were people naive in posting all that stuff? Sure. Did this collective shift have to happen? Probably. But you reap what you sow. You guys became so addicted to sucking the drama teat, and perpetuating it, and we all know it wasn't for any good and moral reason in the end -- it was because you were all bored junkies looking for a fix. You hurt people, and not all of them deserved it or learned the lessons you expected them to.

And lulzers can say "tough shit" all they want, but this is the result: a depersonalized, sanitized, more paranoid online world, where people (not just furries, but all sorts of people) are galvanized into a choice of two extremes. They're forced to decide to either not give a shit and just throw all their cards on the table, and accept the consequences -- or reveal nothing ever, and accept that they will always feel pent-up, cloistered and alone because being open carries too much personal risk. The risk of being doxxed, of having blackmail spread far and wide, of being reminded of their mistakes for ten, fifteen, twenty years after the fact because those mistakes are immortalized on, or encyclopediadramatica, or pastebin, or maybe just in the text files of lulzers who really care far too much about people they've never met, people who have no bearing whatsoever on their lives. Was it worth it? Does it continue to be worth it?

File: LOL-Furries.jpg - (234.21 KB, 840x1120) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You sound like you were on the receiving end of things. It's not like the furries who were laughed at didn't deserve the negative attention!

Those doing the pointing and laughing were the ones keeping the worst elements of the furry fandom in check. If there were more of such people, they'd laugh the SJWs, preferred-pronoun and related lunatics out of the fandom as well.

People withdrawing more from the fandom isn't caused by a few bad eggs being laughed out of town; it's caused by lowering the standards even further to not hurt anyone's feelings, even if their feelings are completely demented.
The few bad eggs that pulled their heads in, to not get the ridicule they deserve are better off, as well as everyone else around them. Any society or community that panders to the worst elements within it, is doomed to shut itself off and fail.
(picture unrelated, I think)

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg - (119.29 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I haven't been active in the furry community since 2014 but for all it's faults I'm glad to be a part of it and intend to become active again. I've had furries both online and in IRL really do me solid and I've seen there are a lot decent and interesting people.

Not all furries are the same, we have vastly different politics and values but we're a community. There's nothing wrong with putting your faith in a furry, you just have to pick the right ones.

File: 14111373@400-1406542903.jpg - (49.56 KB, 296x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3488112 oh yeah I've met him at cons. He kinda creeped me out a little bit, but I just equated that to him being a babyfur.

He was really nice to me and all, but in the end I didn't pursue a friendship with him because diapers are fucking gross. That and
aparently he got kicked out of morphicon 2012 for shoplifting from the convention store.

I mean regular shoplifting is bad enough but doing at a convention is like another level of low.

File: 1459202418.fangthewolf_win_20160327_14_16_00_pro.jpg - (124.58 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3488121 This... he has point... This was the reason for a long time was on my official list of dislikes. There really is way to much negativity towards each other in this fandom. It's like some of you are literally looking for reasons to hate on other furries. We should be celebrating each other's achievements and focusing on making ourselves better people rather than relishing in the faults of others.

I may not be super fond of aqua fox but I'd take a bullet for'em, he's never done me dirty and because he's a furry, I value that. So many of you act like being a furry is some horrible curse, it's a really special thing and if more you could show some appreciation for it, we may might see the fandom improve.

>>3488137 It's not a "few bad eggs" it's a bunch of eggs looking for any reason to oust other eggs for "being bad eggs".
You're a dog, you should have some concept of loyalty and commitment.


Sorry, but in all my time here, I've never seen anyone not deserve the criticism they got.

It's the limp e-hugging that's causing problems. You speak of a near-utopia that would never happen, because the kinds of people that you'd accept into your life are destructive to others by their very nature. Even if it's just a phase they're going through, any fandom certainly isn't a healthy place to help them get over it.
They need to fix their overly destructive behaviour "in real life", and make the choice to come back or stay away.

My loyalty isn't to people who would rather hurt everyone else instead of getting to work on cleaning up their own act first. Criticising someone harshly isn't hurting them if they deserve it, rather coddling them would be hurting them.

Either way, they'll still feel bad, just for different reasons:
Feeling bad about your own bad behaviour towards those around you is a good thing, because that's the only way to start a change for the better.
Feeling bad because you've found a group of people who are actually buying in to your bullshit or support it, because the sane part of your consciousness knows you're going in the wrong direction, only leads to hopelessness or increasingly bad behaviour.

Not to mention that people who support (self) destructive behaviour in others usually have a truckload of bad motives for doing so anyway, or at the very least are seeking the company of a comfortable mediocrity.

He's got a point, because from his point of view, a fandom should be a free place to express and practice things that even many within the fandom would never be okay with, and that the many should bow to his feelings.

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