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File: marichłana.gif - (41.02 KB, 240x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
42006 No.3487970

I'm so fucking stoned dear furi/

Do you like weed? As for me, it's the only true pleasure of my sad fucking life.


Cannabis is fine comrade, but do not allow it to dull your hatred for the capitalist oppressors currently crushing you.


Yes random Anon I love smoking weed hey what's that white van doing ou


File: 40cf37782b5a3d076c3d65a0a2f20df4ceb28165d5995c7b794d04fc74c72e14.jpg - (38.55 KB, 611x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's cool and all just so long you can have a good time without it.

>>3487980 I don't know about all the hatred towards capitalism part but yeah it's fine to smoke every now and then but just don't let it make you all dull and or lazy. When I smoke a lone I like to draw or clean play transformers. Sometimes when I'm with friends or family we listen to music and dance. Anything other than staring off into space with your thumb up your ass talking about how stoned you are is perferable. Lazy sit'n on their ass can't talk for shit stoners are the worst kind of stoners.

>>3488118 oh yeah that. While I'm sure some light hearted stoner banter should be harmless, apparently there's some guy or broad at the FBI who's entire job it is lurk on image boards including this one. So it's recommend to keep the drug talk to a minimum.

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