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File: omg.png - (46.77 KB, 721x477) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
47896 No.3487750

So apparently this happened

File: omg2.png - (64.70 KB, 597x545) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What does Lulz think about this?

File: omg3.png - (54.44 KB, 600x422) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Personally, I have to wonder if this "newfound respect" extends to the woman that accused Zaush of sexually assaulting her. Jasonafex and Kabier were very open in their belief that she was just seeking attention by crying rape against such a popufur as Adam Wan.

File: omg4.png - (29.77 KB, 365x191) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also, since the accused is supposedly who they lived with and are trying to move away from, this was their last known roommate. Rapist? Innocently accused? Who knows.


Was she raped? Sexual assault could be anything. I'll believe it when I see proof

File: omg5.png - (188.12 KB, 591x501) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also, Jasonafex seems really happy to be able to shill for Kabier's victimhood so hard. Plugging their Patreon and donation links where ever they can to help them "recover" faster.

I just can't put it past the two of them to be doing something malicious. Jasonafex in particular is such a whore for attention, and rape/sexual assault is all the rage at the moment. What a convenient time right here before Christmas to drudge up some victimhood bux.


i'm 99% sure it's bullshit.


someone touched my butt. i am now traumatized.

File: heroines.jpg - (36.62 KB, 451x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I wonder if someone wants to jump on the bandwagon right into 2018 Time's Person of the Year ™, but not before seeking support on Patreon to pay for convention visits in the meantime in order to help the healing process.

File: wj4jnvkvmzaudevmz4s1.jpg - (36.36 KB, 620x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Pity that they weren't murdered. >;D


Daily reminder that Zaush deserves to be shot and anyone who thinks rape is acceptable can get lined up with him.

Conservatives, naturally, that's what you are. You are horrible people.

>women lie SJW blah blah

No, you lie. Religious people lie, they believe lies, their lives are based on lies. Hypocrisy too, you fuckers don't live in the real world, just some fantasy thing where you are above all and fuck other people. When you can't fuck over women, other religions, other races, poor people or those who disagree with you, you turn on each other, because even others like you aren't safe.

And I know you lying white pedo trash hate the man but it's time Chris Hansen get wind of what the fandom is like, the massive butthurt among you when he exposes the fandom as full of rapists and pedophiles will be golden. I'm drafting the letter tonight.

You fuckers actually do deserve to die. Audrey II was right, some people actually ask for it because they're bad people.

File: goy.gif - (1.40 KB, 37x27) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wow, the last two posts are complete nonsense.


go eat your own shit you retarded inbred mutt


That was only a short phase I went through as a puppy, and I'm a crossbreed with two pure-bred parents, which rules out inbreeding.


Meh. You'll have to take a leaky fishing boat from your third-world hellhole first, to get here.


Here's hoping the "offender" violates the reatraining order and murders them both. Would probably qualify them for the Nobel Peace Prize in trash removal.

File: 68c5b9a76f73cd701a86d9091fda4d4a.png - (1409.15 KB, 1407x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Jason is definitely a worthless garbage person that nobody would miss but I kinda enjoyed Kabiers dogfucking comic

File: 758Salazzle.png - (626.62 KB, 1280x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


They're saying it was the person they lived with, and the last person they lived with was >>3487753 , from what I could find. Hence why they're moving out.

File: parappa__i_gotta_believe___by_powerhiei-d5g7zgc.png - (714.71 KB, 900x812) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Can't wait till she starts calling it "my rape."

Not saying it doesn't happen but this kind of presentation they are doing stinks hard of her getting looked at wrong and birthing a victim baby that she can nurture forever. If that's the case, wouldn't surprise me if in a year she's wearing a shirt that says "ask me about my rape" at starbucks to get free frappicino.

I've never known anyone who goes through it for real and so soon after tweets laughable shit like "IF YEW HATE ON MUH BOYFRAAN I'LL SHOW YOU NO MERCY."

a.) If you were just sexually assault you'd wouldn't have that social enthusiasm unless you're a god emperor attention whore. That's just sexual assault track record and
b.) Jasonafex is a blinding pile of shit which everyone has figured out by his responses to the community and that's before going into his talentless contributions. That "other side of you" that you're threatening anyone with an opinion with is as useless and retarded as he is. You aren't going to do shit except maybe sick your fans on people which is the most callow response imaginable.

Also you two have been trying to move for what like 3 years now? Shit or get off the pot. Or is someone else paying your rent while you still get to complain about them just too sweet to give up?


One thing I'll never understand is how they can have no money -all the time-.

Like, at one point they were living in a shack. I doubt the rent (if any) was high and unless they sunk money trying to fix the place up, they could have saved up easily and gotten a better place.

Even then, they have Kabier doing commissions-- and undoubtedly her demand is high enough to make good money in doing so. They have a Patreon for their games (Amorous is the only one still standing I think) and that alone brings in 1.5k a month. Nevermind Kabier's solo-Patreon that brings in 1.1k a month, and Jasonafex's brings in 600 a month. SO-- not counting commissions for Jasonafex's shitty tweening "animations" and Kabier's art, they make 3,000+ a month from Patreon alone.

"but plz guis donate we need halp--"

Shut the fuck up. Sell those fursuits of yours instead.

File: blog_drawing_scam_artist-250x300.jpg - (20.87 KB, 250x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>>3487835 Totally read that in his voice.

File: c37.png - (497.70 KB, 670x359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




no but seriously




>per month

You mean 1k per comic. She does several per month. This is why they talk of BUYING a house.

File: cf415f793f1d265a80d448730b0b28ad.jpeg - (96.78 KB, 900x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3487938 they're young immature and stupid. all this money will only buy them the latest console games, expensive pets and none will go towards creating a sustainable future.

Oh sure they're living high on the hog now but I doubt this success will amount to anything or get them anywhere. it is the fate of stupid people (i.e them) to squander their earnings on frivolous garbage then proceed to beg for others to pay for their groceries and electricity. ever wonder why when idiot hicks who win the power ball all end up bankrupt and right back where they started even after winning a multi-million dollar lottery? no foresight. they'll drum up the necessary donations to put a down payment on that house but their elementary school minds won't fathom what it takes to keep it and they'll lose it right quick.

I liken them to a drunkard who was given a 100 dollar bill, spent it all on booze than proceeded to consume his own feces after it was all said and done.

File: big_1411090766_1391980567_image.jpg - (56.42 KB, 1280x536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3487942 meant to reply to >>3487928

And again, these are two crap stains who have no future beyond furry porn. yes its quite a lucrative endeavor if you have intelligence, foresight and the ability to invest but Kabier and Jasonafag are RETARDS. These kind of people think investment means buying the newest video games.

"Wow we're so popular aren't you jealous?! We're so rich but could you consider giving us more money?! We just bought a purebred Samoyed and we can't cough up money for our mortgage and the electricity is being shut off tomorrow :( HAAAAALP!"

So on and so on until they've pissed off their fan following and end up back in the poop shack with only duct tape to use as insulation against the cold.



The sad thing is Jasonafex literally has that attitude. He bragged on e621 about his popularity, he sucked on Adam Wan's dick during his FA admin drama, and the way he portrays himself has always looked like he's putting his face to Kabier's actual talent. I mean, for the longest time when I first found them, I thought they just had identical styles. Her art of his character is literally on everything he does or pushes himself into, so it feels like he's taking all the credit. It's always creeped me out.



Oh, you mean Kabier and Jasonafex's "We're totally not into dogfucking you guys, this is just a fun, innocent comic for our fans! This definitely isn't us telegraphing our interests so that the dogfuck community accepts and includes us and gives us more opportunities to fuck dogs and take everyone's money!" comic? That comic?



Yeah, just like the "Here's a comic about our characters as children, but they're totally not children, they're just really small naïve adults that happen to live with their parents who they apparently also have sex with."

File: isis-fighter-disguised-woman-spotted-by-beard-iraqi-troops-631634.jpg - (38.04 KB, 620x413) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Send Jasonafex to Syria and let ISIS keep him. ;D



The whole bitching reminds me way too much of Kahnos aka Starfinder.

She did the exact kind of bitching.
Every commission did bring her like 600 to 3000 USD EACH ONE.

And she constantly bitched about having no money.
Yet on her personal non furry accounts, she was boastin of the new purchased MAMIYA camera (6,000+ USd a piece).

File: 14446690746560.png - (78.81 KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Sooo... Are they going to make a comic about how that happened?



I don't think any of them understand how 1099 taxes work. Which could explain them not having any money.

File: lol.jpg - (52.75 KB, 488x543) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


See, shit like this goes too far. It makes some normal behavior pretty much intolerable.

Every steamy romance novel or movie, every informative book about coming of age, every lick of human experience going back decades acknowledges kissing and heavy petting as a non-verbal act that is permissed by non-verbal communication and a standing comfort level between people.

Then you have the modern social justice sexuality where they want soy boys to say "Mother may I" before a first kiss. For god sakes, blech, nothing makes me dry up faster than a man acting like a little boy. Awkward is not sexy.

Crazy cunts and soyboys are ruining sex for most of us.

File: mklo0images.jpg - (14.64 KB, 290x174) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


To get away with it you have to wear a jacket with a fake arm in a sling so that the girl slaps the man standing next to you instead. ;-)


The jews want Western women to breed with "strong" black men and muslims, who couldn't care less about such rules/laws.

These rules/laws are generally only applied only to whiteys while non-whiteys have lots more chances to get away with breaking them.

You're right. There is still hope!


All the tweets are bullshit. She "reported" this to the police and they asked her to fuck off. Because her story is full of lies. Reread all her tweets and Jasons tweets its piss easy to see the contradictions and intentions without me saying anything. She and Jason bullied a smaller individual to letting them live for free. combined they make just over 30k as artists Kabier also has another twitter where she posts nudes. They used this leverage as...we can help you get big too.. They moved in...stole his car keys and drove around n shit. When he was finally fed up and confronted them about the car and paying rent Kabier yelled rape. He called the cops and they were evicted. Thats why they are going to milk this and wont take any legal action. Because its all made up. They jumped on the Rape bandwagon for donations. If yall don't believe me...time will tell.



i believe it.


I have a feeling this is eventually going to backfire in their faces.

Sexual assault victims don't rant about it on Twitter and beg for donations while toting how 'strong' they are. Like how hard can you jerk yourself off.

Just wait, I bet it'll come out that they were asked to start paying rent or something, like adults, and flipped their shit, like children.


File: 5ca.jpg - (260.22 KB, 570x558) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



A while ago they posted about how terrible their living condition are. They wanted to buy furniture etc..or move into a new place. They posted some terrible shit about their parents. Their followers even posted on Reddit asking people in the furry community to help. Raised 3k from donation. Spent 2.6K CAD on buying 2 dogs instead of furniture or finding a new place to live. The posts they made are on;

Look at the shit they are posting now. They are trying to get a restraining order to stop this dude for going to that what someone traumatized from sexual assault gets a Restraining Order for? I thought they get it because they are traumatized and never want to come in contact with the attacker again. But look at what their posts are focusing on...They are more concerned about blocking this artist from entering the community then anything else. Their relationship is a whole another thing. The whole reason she has a different twitter to post nudes on is because Jason doesn't give a shit about her. He just wants to get his permanent residency in Canada and needs her to sponsor him so he doesn't get sent back to Australia. That being said having known her for years, she is a jealous greedy manipulative medicated psychopath. She is totally in it to win it. But imo all her fucked up behavior is rooted to her insane jealousy of having a easier life/ not having to do anything and just wants things handed to her.


Everyone already knows those two are a hot mess.
They're clearly overblowing the situation for personal gain. I honestly doubt there even is a situation.

All the decent, wellknown influencer artists keep them at arms distance, or avoid them alltogether. it's an open secrete they're not well liked in the art community.
I mean, look at anyone else's twitter/fa. No one with half a brain or a lick of talent is going out on a limb for these guys.


I just read through every post here. Some of you detectives have hit the nail in the coffin. Found very specific things that are true. Let me add to that without exposing. They made north of 38k last year combined. They have never paid rent. They live on her parents farm in a guest house. They lead on to be much richer then they actually are. They are currently trying to mortgage a house. Not buy. They are greedy and jealous. So they take as much as they can from those who are close to them and leave them dry. They are trying to live the high life on someone elses' dime (this i mean literally, most important sentence in my post). Every post you all made about Jasons' intentions and character are true. Yes, every respected artist in the community keep them at arms length. Because we all know. These two are greeeeesy. These two in a way are predators who play possum. Its kinda crazy to watch esp with all the insider info I have on them. That being said, yea, they have no future beyond the shit they draw now, because they truly believe they are in the right. They truly believe they deserve better. No sane person would make such wild and energetic posts after supposedly being raped. While this was happening (in real time) they messaged many of us warning us about him...told us the cops were on their side when they were first called in...etc..all lies...they were literally evicted...cops were called right after they told him they would tell everyone he raped her unless they were allowed to continue living for free/use his car and he paid for their groceries...but we all know what really happened. This will most likely be the last post I make, sick of them being a part of this community, feel like I have said too much.



Dan Skunk wont ban them from the Ontario Furries events no matter what Kabier and Jasonafex might claim.


Doesn't Jason have a "take shit from nobody" attitude? It happened two months before they were evicted. Let that sink in. Their roommate allegedly sexually assaulted his girlfriend behind his back, and they decide to keep living there for two more months like it's no big deal. It wasn't even their house. They moved into the roommates home. Extremely fishy.



Jason's a scrawny little twit. He'd even get his ass whooped by Cobalt!

File: fex.png - (80.90 KB, 588x297) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I feel like Jason and/or Kabier are salting this thread with shitposts they can claim as abuse later.

Also, he should watch his mouth unless he wants a libel suit on his hands

File: judge-judy.jpg - (31.45 KB, 675x414) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


"If these morons were in America I'd throw the book at them and put them in jail for wasting the court's time!" - Judge Judy



I hope that person they're claiming rape from makes copies of Jasona's and Kabier's tax files and sends them to Revenue Canada. I'd love to see Jasona get his ass deported back to Australia. XD

File: images (11).jpg - (4.27 KB, 259x194) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This another thing that's turned off dating and women. If the potential for STD's, and all the hen pecking isn't bad enough... If they ever decide they don't like you, they can just tell everyone you raped them and it's fucking over.


Isn't the guy they lived with known? Has anyone asked him for his side of the story yet?
Or giving him some good ideas like the one you mentioned?

Would be really cool if he can fuck that good for nothing piece of shit Jason up.


I don't get how they're going to mortgage a house on 38k, unless they're splitting income to avoid taxes or some shit. Even then, they won't be buying in Hamilton or even Caledonia proper.

I also find it interesting that their housing crises always happen in the middle of winter.

cap: cow



Houses in Hamilton ain't cheap anymore. In fact the prices of houses in many cities in Ontario are creeping up to the ridiculous skyrocketing level of those in the GTA. Even Oshawa prices have gone cray cray expensive!



Personally I think it would be best to just lay low and let them tear themselves apart.

File: 1513657160.tartii_shiron.jpg - (180.72 KB, 1006x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


See, that tells me all I need to know.

They have some beef with this guy, and they're trying to shit on his reputation and ruin any chance of him interacting in the community. They probably know that people would dive in and figure out the truth if they just up and completely out him to their raving mad fans, so they're keeping it vague on purpose-- while probably privately letting anyone of importance they have sway over know who to blacklist.

I hope the guy comes out publicly eventually about whatever happened. I'd love to see Jason and Kabier sink.


where is the dick?


Cant be that bad as Vancouver area...
the speculation is ridiculous.

File: cover.jpg - (92.65 KB, 450x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Killer Kobold throwing Kabier under the bus

This song comes to mind and both Jason and Kabier need to be thrown under the bus! >;DDD

File: KabierDaWhore.png - (659.13 KB, 587x903) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Read this you whores!


these two are so full of themselves. it's kinda sad when you think about it.

File: furrytaxman.jpg - (35.43 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Also Kabier and Jason have been reported to Revenue Canada for tax evasion!


Right there in the opening lines "you've blocked me even though I had nothing to do with this" "let me tell you how I feel" Bitch that's probably why they blocked you, who gives a fuck about how you FEEL! Then the rest of the email "boo hoo, I'm such a damaged piece of work, how do I even function, I should be getting more sympathy than any of you"

File: Taxjpg.jpg - (260.69 KB, 642x521) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Evading what? They openly admit to paying taxes every year, as early as possible.



They just say that to avoid the harassment. ;D

File: incase_mother_daughter.jpg - (487.04 KB, 1750x1060) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah, now that's a damned good porn artist.

File: trump-really-rich.jpg - (30.22 KB, 550x298) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: DirtyChineseRestaurantTaxEvasion.png - (581.68 KB, 964x653) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 0b337b7daa9acbbf386ec203af3502a1.png - (143.67 KB, 624x812) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Really now? Is that so?
Literal proof right here.

File: everyonewrong.jpg - (207.87 KB, 642x1083) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


talk about being a gigantic douchebag.

Also.. lol.. Jason and Kabier.. professional? OH WOW!



Full copy no edits, otherwise anyone can fake it. Also a full audit is required on them by the tax man to make sure they've reported every single penny from all their commissions. ;)



Yes, because they are totally going to post their SIN and personal financial information online for you dipshits lmao. Nice try.

Lulz has said countless times that they have reported them to the CRA for not doing their taxes...hmmmm wonder why nothing has happened yet? Sure makes ya think.



hi kabier.



They can block out their last names, SIN and address, but if they want Lulzians to believe them, they need to show everything else.



hi Phoebe!

File: peppapig-youvegotatinydick.jpg - (29.18 KB, 615x409) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


BTW do you suck Jason's tiny wee willy? Word is he's a shite shit shag and can't cum up hard without a few tablets of Viagra.



Heck yeah man, best dick I ever did suck, y'know, cause I'm a whore that sleeps around with more men than she can count on both hands right? :D

File: 2153312_1.jpg - (50.63 KB, 630x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 1ac0dc8ae61be4a589b6191b52906b0f.png - (21.52 KB, 635x206) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Hope your behind a proxy.

File: 23032353_2002976316653971_6151336378058353762_n.jpg - (71.60 KB, 768x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Haha, I have mobile throwaway computers. I gots lotsa $$$$$$ come try and prosecute me! ;DDDDD


>>3491891 14 y/o detected

File: Phoenix-wright-objection.jpg - (112.19 KB, 550x404) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I just hope that you can afford a good lawyer when the cops file public mischief charges against you for false rape allegations. ;P

File: Madea-3-tyler-perry-6414118-528-1042.jpg - (140.80 KB, 528x1042) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Don't mess with people who could smoke ur ass!

File: if49y8.jpg - (41.02 KB, 720x437) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>14 y/o detected
>Hope your behind a proxy.

Hey Kabier, let me make this perfectly simple for your basic ass!

File: whatthefuck.JPG - (45.51 KB, 507x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hey Miss.Kelly do you fuck your dogs?
Like legit question, because y'know, you spent that money on them after begging for it for other reasons, so like, the only reason I can think is you were just REALLY needing to fuck a dog?

Like, your Twitter profile is you just slapping horse-cocks on your face, you're well-known for writing pro-bestiality comics ...

I can only imagine the restraint it takes to not post shit like that on your AD Twitter, I mean, like, after posting constantly how you'd love to be used by multiple men as a cum-dumpster.

OH, by the by, how's that rape-allegation case doing? Hope it won't actually get to court.
You know they would have to drag all that up for evidence.
Haha, won't that be funny? You with horse-cocks on your mug, on the legal record!
What a hoot.

File: blackup_a8488d_443994.jpg - (40.91 KB, 748x598) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Right on brotha. ;)



-No, despite popular belief, I actually don't fuck my dogs. FeralxAnthro content is purely a fantasy/artwork fetish for me, and I have no intentions of ever taking it beyond that.

-god forbid I joke around by holding up a ridiculously sized cock, must mean I totally fuck horses irl ammaright!

-Yeah, I have an AD, so what? You're acting like it's something I'm ashamed of / trying to keep secret. lol

-It's actually going well! Thanks for asking! :D

Glad I could clear that up for y'all~



You do realize that those pics will haunt you for the rest of your pathetic life, if you try to apply for any real jobs or make friendships with decent people. ;D



Oh I'm sure they will! ;D

File: wanda-sykes.jpg - (201.76 KB, 853x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I'm a good friend of Ms. Sykes. I'm sure she'd get a whole lot of laughs showing your photos during her comedy shows. ;DDD

File: this_is_a_real_thing_jason_wrote.png - (39.49 KB, 829x203) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wow, that was quite the read. He did 1300 hours of work for $3000 and couldn't even get a simple thank you from Jason when he needed it. Instead he got 4 hours of abuse and a nasty email from him and his bimbo.

I wouldn't piss on Jason if he were on fire
cap: fled


No way dude!!! That's AMAZING!!!
I can't wait to see her talk about me plastering a giant silicone horse cock across my face <333 I appreciate the good word you're putting in for me!

File: 1bd6aef9de01da03a8460e74a159f2691d7771cd58d3b64c990e43b40976303b.jpg - (27.15 KB, 311x311) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


LOL, you fail at sarcasm.


>>3491910 I'm sure I do! :D



Well there's one thing obvious by your constant replies and it's that you're not being raped right now because your filthy little paws are free to type stupid replies to this thread.



yeah...I'm...not being raped right now actually??? Lmfao what even? I figured that was common sense, being that I moved away from my abuser. That's public knowledge my friend.

I know you're trying to trigger me with the rape card but, that's not gonna work sadly lol. I'm just here for the lulz, which you're currently hand feeding to me. Gives me some good entertainment while I work!~



>being that I moved away from my abuser

I guess you're too blind to see who the real abuser of your sorry ass is and that you still live with the jerk. ;DDD



He's a jerk? Well, at least he's my jerk <3

File: whoopi.jpg - (6.31 KB, 224x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Well if that's the best you can get Sistah. LOL



I'm quite happy with my relationship choice, yes! :D

File: 326934_289725194393039_275050815860477_937456_1564243515_o.jpg - (127.27 KB, 1035x936) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I guess some peeps are happy with...



Heck yeah muh dude. high fives
Anyways I'm bored and I have work I gotta attend to. Have fun n stuff!



I have paid employees working fo' me. Toodles.



Yeah, cause I should definitely let some fuckwits on Lulz get underneath my skin right?

The truth is that I have bigger things to worry about right now than dwelling on what happened. He's been reported and the case is currently being investigated. Being upset about what happened isn't really going to do me any good besides pull me down. While I have my moments, as would any other human being that goes through a traumatic event, I will prevail.

Not all victims of sexual assault let the event ruin their lives. I feel like a lot of people here have a hard time understanding that. It's a shame really.

File: Law & order SVI Terrorized Mariska Hargitay benson dodds in memoriam.JPG - (39.40 KB, 957x541) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yeah right!

File: ducku.jpg - (332.26 KB, 2048x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

here I thought there was spicy new drama

no, it's just people arguing with Hirtes


File: 24296385_383333612110606_3183295385232733572_n.jpg - (93.11 KB, 959x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Are you sure I'm Hirtes or am I IK?


Considering that you drew attention to yourself without me mentioning you or your ID, I'd wager that you are in fact...Butthirtes



ROFLMAO that dude's too poor to be the likes of me. ;)



I dare you to get a giant horsecock tattoo'd down your leg. ;DDD




You just did, you sound triggered and way too defensive to be "clean".



Both Hirtes and IK are technically barely afloat. Aka poor fags.

So I do not see the supposed superiority from one dickwad to another.

File: QuarterlyAggravatingAzurevase-max-1mb.gif - (259.42 KB, 240x183) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.





Since this is a Kabier AMA, I have one.

Which hurt more, your fingers after typing your BAWW story to Rupert, or your ex-room-mates finger as it chiseled your slit bits?

captcha: YeeTT

File: yhcXUe4.png - (123.23 KB, 625x626) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Pffff, A for effort, son. You tried.

File: amooosing.jpg - (68.74 KB, 620x563) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


LOL the slut is so loose a moose could fit their whole head, antlers and all up her snatch. ;DDD

File: CoconutfoxAnHero.jpg - (1348.89 KB, 1920x5000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"I need AN HERO
I'm holding out for AN HERO 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for AN HERO 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life!
Larger than life"

Seriously, nobody here cares a fuck about Jasonafex and Kabier's business, whether it succeeds or fails. I could care less if they die and actually it would make this a better planet without them on it! So Coconut Fox go to a Titty Bar and get your coconuts cracked. ;DDD

File: 3041cd19994bb23201a4a6763392717c.gif - (1242.80 KB, 498x259) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Hey Coconut Fox, I really think you need to get Schwifty.

"Oh, yeah!
You gotta get schwifty.
You gotta get schwifty in here.
It's time to get schwifty.
Oh oh.
You gotta get schwifty.
Oh, yeah!
Take off your pants and your panties.
Shit on the floor.
Time to get Schwifty in here.
Gotta shit on the floor.
I'm Mr. Bulldops.
I'm Mr. Bulldops.
Take a shit on the floor.
Take off your panties and your pants.
It's time to get schwifty in here.
New song, schwifty.
Double x.
Schwifty song, comin' at ya.
It's the schwif-schwifty.
Hey, take your pants off.
It's Schwifty time today."

File: ad3de1b6-9d0a-4c05-8cea-87e872f706fb.png - (39.39 KB, 588x407) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Bitch gon' end up at da funneh farm!



Shut up you pathetic dramamongering bitch. An innocent person is potentially going to get their life destroyed all because you and your sack of shit boyfriend couldn't get your tendies.

No one likes either one of you outside of your asskissing peons, a large majority of artists hate the two of you and wish you'd just fuck off already, and no one with a notochord of intelligence believes anything you have to say because you two have been pulling this kind of shit for a very long time.

Grow up, drop some balls, and start behaving like adults. Acting like spoiled brats whenever real life steps in and being vengeful cunts is only going to lead you to a whole lot of pain in the real world, you know, outside of the furry fandom, where your actions will actually have consequences and people won't put up with your shit.


does jason even have a job outside of animating furry porn.

File: da53fde9294372a501225a819d6c43c0.jpg - (49.65 KB, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Honestly you just need to stop reading all these posts. If I were you I would just smoke some weed or get some phenibut to get my brain to stop thinking about this.


LOL no.
He wouldn't last 5 minutes in a real job

>He wouldn't last 5 minutes in a real job

Considering how many furries beg for money, I doubt a majority of this fandom could

File: 1505342559.smaiello93_o_sirus_and_bolt_ych.png - (614.04 KB, 1217x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lulz acts all hard, but we all know you're going to fap furiously at the next dogfucking comic ;)

File: Funny-Bikini-Cats.jpg - (836.30 KB, 750x545) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: Npc_a_rabid_wolf.png - (389.42 KB, 549x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Honestly at this point, I'm wondering if it's just useless.

The behavior the two of them have show the past few days is just so inappropriate. There is a professional way to handle this and neither of them remotely took it.
You don't make memes, you don't post your emails, you don't write what Kate wrote in those emails, and you sure as shit don't gather your hugbox around you to pat you on the back while showing everyone else how great it is.

Kate and Jason, get your act together.

You don't need to post all your drama and feelings on your twitter. You don't need to air your grievances to the world.
At what point will you take responsibility and admit you two have a horrible track-record with handling any kind of conflict?
You can't keep doing shitty things and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay!
You need to be better!
I hardly know any other artists who gets in as much trouble as you two. Hardly anyone else has an ED page, hardly anyone else regularly posts this shit to their pages.
When will you step up to the "adult"plate and realize that's not some coincidence?

How many friendships will you have to lose, how many artists will have to block or un-follow you before you realize?

You two act like you want this to be your business, like you want people to take you and your art seriously ; why don't you treat it like one instead of your personal emotional litter box?



Wasn't he couch surfing and getting fucked/playing slutty for money before he became a "popufur" by clinging to random other popufur artists and to Kabie?

File: Screenshot-2018-1-18 Heckin' for a REH'in™ FE ( Kabier4) Twitter(1).png - (888.87 KB, 590x903) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Bitch looks like a dude in this pic. Are people sure she's not trans? ;D

File: Screenshot-2018-1-18 Heckin' for a REH'in™ FE ( Kabier4) Twitter.png - (1002.16 KB, 591x903) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I Shall be sending this to the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel to not only show them the kind of crazy shit that goes down at this Furnal Equinox convention, but also to get the con removed from the hotel since things like this bring the reputation of the hotel into disrepute, and ultimately the con staff will blame you for it Kabier. ;DDD


God damn I miss Everquest
Thanks for making me go back to P1999 again

File: Screenshot-2018-1-19 Heckin' for a REH'in™ FE ( Kabier4) Twitter(1).png - (453.97 KB, 648x833) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: Screenshot-2018-1-19 Heckin' for a REH'in™ FE ( Kabier4) Twitter.png - (309.00 KB, 607x541) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


that was rude.



Perhaps but it's not my conversation. I'm only reposting what she posted to her Twitter.



The fact that she was "Sexually Harassed" is suspect in itself. Either he was really desperate (which doesn't surprise me) or it was faked (which still wouldn't surprise me.) She's like a Philadelphia 2/10, I wouldn't even attempt to fuck, unless someone drugged my drink.

I would immediately regret the decision at a whole when I woke up, probably chewing my own arm off to scoot on out before he/she/it wakes up.



I don't believe this for a fucking SECOND.
No way that's not Jason or something on the other end.

No decent artists would put up with a train of thought from someone being this rude for this long.

This is Kate we are talking about, she can't hold her tongue or be polite for more than 10 seconds. No fucking way on this green earth is that an actual conversation, I'm calling bullshit.

Just another ploy to rally the hugbox and try to make herself look better than everyone knows she isn't.
Pump up that victim complex for all it's worth.


Nobody has Y chromosomes, plural, you ding dong.




Like you didn't have to Google that shit

> They may include being taller than average, acne, [...]

Kaiber is shorter than average. She only has one Y at the most!


Before you rip into some faggot for being informed, know that information like that is actually pretty straightforward to come across. I think it's related to
Klinefelter syndrome if you want to check out more.


that was literally what was just linked above. Don't pretend for one second that the original statement about multiple Y's was anything but ignorant of non-anomalous genetics. It was a trans joke that fell flat, get over it.



>Not to be confused with XXY (2 Xs, Klinefelter syndrome (first sentence from >>3492463).


>that was literally what was just linked above.

I can prove I read it and that I made a mistake, no clue what your reasoning is though.

As for the rest of your comment...what? That's too bad if you're offended by information I guess. I also don't really get the 'joke', but hey...maybe it's over my head like actually reading articles is for you!

File: Screenshot-2018-1-19 Heckin' for a REH'in™ FE ( Kabier4) Twitter(2).png - (199.06 KB, 588x608) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does someone who was recently raped go around talking about sex in anything other than a negative way? I don't think so.



Agree, after seeing her interact with fans and being a total douchebag as soon she loses her patience (which is very easy). She would have been throwing expletives and inflating her superiority and her fans not even 15 minutes in in the conversation.



>Philadelphia 2/10

You made me spit out my coffee you sonofabitch.


She was not raped, she was not touched. She consented and got caught, so she calles rape to cover up, that she was cheating. That is how it works.


>>3488212 they have no chance in my hometown to buy or mortgage a house. hamilton is notorious for people with money just like most places just its really bad here people with money will often over evaluate their selfish needs and end up taking cheaper homes and so on away from those with very little so they really have no chance with the cheapest being $250-300k they won't make it for at least 15-20 years.




Maybe on Barton. They would fit right in down there


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These are great, thanks. Please consider making a new thread with more of these if you have reserves.

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