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File: william-atchison.jpg - (6.72 KB, 400x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
6883 No.3486357

What a time to (not) be alive.


Tragic story.. not as tragic as

File: AA-12.jpg - (103.35 KB, 1000x436) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Thankfully, he got caught early and the school went on lock before he got started. He only managed to shoot and kill 2 teens before he got ended (unsure whether he offed himself or cops did the deed). Interesting how I've heard nothing about this until now, even though it supposedly happened last Thursday? Guess the bodycount wasn't newsworthy, or maybe CNN's too busy showcasing Trump 24/7 and not mentioning real news like Net Neutrality hoping it passes with few noticing.

Also note that the two Hispanic teens he managed to kill were basically beautiful people compared to this edgy tryhard failure. Seriously, that pic screams "Gimme a gun, I'll kill ALL the minorities"

His only credit is that he shares the name of a gun about 25x more badass than him.


I heard a brief blurb about it, but Trump's announcement about Jerusalem kind of dominated headlines - plus, bodycounts below a half-dozen are met with a shrug at this point.



Yeah, I keep hearing about that. I need to go see what it was about. (Googles around)

............he did what?! HOLY CHRIST-FUCKING SHIT.

If he was only Jewish-for-business'-sake before, he's full blown (honorary) Jew now!

Drumpf, you dense motherfucker. The Syrian radicals are on the run. Iraq just declared that their country has finally been totally won back. The Iraq war is finally over. And then. And THEN. YOU DO THIS.



Yeah, those two kids look like lovely people, that's what always tears me up about lockdowns, I can't imagine, being locked out by all your friends, your teachers, by design the system kills as few as possible, but it also sentences those few to death.



>>3486396 He WANTS war, he WANTS terror.

War is good for business and terror makes a good excuse for otherwise unpopular policy.


Someone showed Trump the graph comparing his approval ratings to previous presidencies and he noticed the giant popularity spike GW Bush had after 9/11.

All he needs is for north korea to nuke an american city or muslims to bring down another building and then finally everyone will love him :3


Sadly, that's the reason I'm leaning towards too.



His groupies want the "Rapture" and "Armageddon."
Even though it's been 2000+ years now, that guy Yeshua is NOT coming back, morons!



But he's doing it all wrong.
Even only memelords and conspiracy nuts openly say "Bush did 9/11!"
Trump absolutely did this, and the world is openly calling him out for it.

If we get another 9/11, we'll know why.
North Korea truly fucking up and going too far is his only hope to come out smelling like roses.


He looks worse if it's North Korea. The retarded manchild has been goading them all along.



But North Korea's been goading us long before Trump took office. NK's got virtually no allies left, and absolutely none if they step out of line. The world's basically given us a pass if we can kick their ass without South Korea or any neighboring nations getting hit. That's the only thing keeping NK safe - nobody's completely sure they aren't holding South Korea or Japan hostage.


That's the problem though - previous leaders treated NK how it should be treated - like a petulant child whining for attention. Trump, however, literally can not allow someone else to have more attention than he gets.



Hmm. There's much truth in this.


The only thing keeping North Korea safe is the fact that Seoul is 35 miles away from the DMZ. And before some racist retard pipes up with "hurr durr let the South Koreans die", let me point out that Seoul is one of the world's biggest economic and technological centers.

If Seoul gets wiped out because Trump wanted a dickwaggling contest, there's a near-guaranteed economic crisis, and your precious computers and video games will skyrocket in price.


Also, if war with North Korea does happen, Pyeongyang, South Korea's capitol, is basically lost right off the bat, due to just how many missiles NK's got pointed there.

File: never-go-full-retard.jpg - (36.32 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Pyeongyang, South Korea's capitol
>another classic GoogleFuFuckup

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. Also, it's not their missiles but their rockets as well as traditional artillery that lines the border and is within striking range of Seoul which is only 35 miles away. North Korean missiles would be the threat to Japan and the US, which lie well outside of North Korea's artillery range.

File: 1473631781592.jpg - (53.29 KB, 907x718) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He only killed two Mexicans?

He needed to kill at least 15 to make a drop in the bucket. They come out two at a time as it is.



>Interesting how I've heard nothing about this until now.

It was in all of the news (at least the ones trump calls "fake news") last week. It didn't make much of a splash since this sort of thing happens on the regular in America.


Ugh, my bad. Somehow got the capitols of each one swapped around.


Agree, War on terror is a similar perfect excuse as War on Drugs.

Because its Never ending, and normal people were getting really sick of the random excuses used by the elite and oligarchs to invent wars against random countries.

War on terror can be anywhere and have invisible enemies.. Plus your own attacks and behaviour breeds more hate that can be nurtured into terrorism (which they do , like how they pushed for Al Quaeda and Isis operatives inside Syria to fight against the Pro Russian regime)



> Also, it's not their missiles but their rockets as well as traditional artillery

>Definition of missile

: an object (such as a weapon) thrown or projected usually so as to strike something at a distance

>stones, artillery shells, bullets, and rockets are missiles


>In modern language, a missile is a self-propelled precision-guided munition system, as opposed to an unguided self-propelled munition, referred to as a rocket

No there's a difference between rockets and missiles, especially among us engineers and scientists. In simple terms, missiles are "smart" and rockets are "dumb". So again, Seoul has to worry about the rocket-propelled artillery rounds fired from right across the border and the rest of us need to worry about their missiles that can strike from much father distances.



>This article needs additional citations for verification.
>In military usage, munitions projected towards a target are broadly categorised as follows:[citation needed]

That's why you don't reference wikipedia, but refer to the references instead, which in this case are missing.

Why have the term "guided missile" if missiles didn't include both?

For example, during the US-Soviet missile crisis, the Soviet Union placed a number of 9K52 Luna-M unguided missiles in Cuba. Many ballistic missiles are only guided through the ascent, some with a pre-programmed flight path so there's no external guidance with radio etc. and then fall down freely. For example, the V2 rocket was a missile, with a simple gyroscopic guidance system that kept it pointing where it was pointed until it ran out of fuel.

Still, a javelin thrown at your face is a missile - that's what it means. The "smart" is just in the person who aims it.


The semantic point is made moot by the military itself, which sometimes calls missiles "guided rockets", as one of the sources of wikipedia's article on rockets points out:

>Some rockets were developed as unguided systems and later upgraded to guided versions, like the GMLRS, and these generally retain the term "rocket" instead of becoming missiles.

>Deployed in several locations throughout Helmand province, the Global Positioning System (GPS) guided rockets contain the latest advanced computer technology

So a rocket artillery may in fact be firing guided missiles, and guided missiles may in fact be called rockets. Therefore, whatever North Korea might be launching at South Korea or Japan is up to whatever the hell anyone decides to call it.

The only thing that can be said about missiles in the present military parlance is that they no longer include spears, arrows and cannonballs or shells/grenades.



Rocket = dumb self propelled artillery with explosives. No intelligence, can hit anywhere.

Missile = Target based rocket, can change its flight slighty to adjust to variations before hitting a target.

Guided Missile = Smart missile capable of maneouvering and move towards active targets

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