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File: you cannot stop me laughing.png - (381.91 KB, 510x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
391079 No.3483102

So, I was scrolling through this furry news site run by a californian hyper faggot, and found this article

Which makes me want to ask: am I in the minority for finding the author paranoid? I mean paranoid in the "NAZIS, NAZIS EVERYWHERE" sense. Just HOW MANY furs are radical SJWs?

In b4

>giving them clicks
File: 942e82cdaa61b56c5791b0dd532463e3.png - (505.75 KB, 862x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

lol. I am an island BECAUSE I want to see you all eat each other.


Even if they were neonazis, it's silly that he finds white dorks holding tikitorches more threatening than muslim extremists who stab, shoot, and plow people.

>Which makes me want to ask: am I in the minority for finding the author paranoid? I mean paranoid in the "NAZIS, NAZIS EVERYWHERE" sense. Just HOW MANY furs are radical SJWs?

You aren't the only one, there's just a silent majority that rolls their eyes over their narcissism. Some of which are popufurs as well. The SJWs are just loud on twitter.


I sure hope so. I really do not want ANY group to get in power and start thought policing everyone just in case you might "have negative thoughts in your head".

>am I in the minority for finding the author paranoid?

Probably not, but you're also wrong.



>>Nazifurs used 12 times....
>>Focused on SJW speak
>>Not understanding what you are reading

Fucking semite

File: tumblr_inline_ogpvy1b0nJ1rwkg2p_540 (1).jpg - (32.86 KB, 540x522) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I used to think he was paranoid.

Then I lost my con. Then I observed not Foxler and Raider's claims, but their actions.

Long story short, They are real and must be treated as a dangerous cult of the same tier as Scientology.

When they do stupid shit, They're worse then the Democratic National Convention in their passing the buck. "Well that was one dude, not us not me!" is their motto.

It's like if (((not gote))) was an entire organization, This would be it.



>>Nazifurs used 12 times....
>Fucking semite



You know what allowed the Nazi to get legitimized in Germany, propelling them into taking control of the government?

It was when the Weimar Republic began to target the Nazi with anti-speech rules and worked to jail them. It legitimized their paranoia and race baiting to the uneducated masses.

I mean, if you want to keep pushing people out of conventions and keep legitimizing them as a bonified threat, go ahead, but maybe you should read a history book and realize you're doing them a favor.

More people blame the SJWs for the loss of that con, then they do Nazi fur. In the future, they're more likely to say "Not this shit again!" the moment they hear "Toxic" or "Problematic."

So way to slam your own dick in a doorjam. Goodjob.


You know what really allowed the fucking fascists to wrap their tentacles around Europe? Not allowing Communism to sweep in and stick their filthy Nazi pencil necks in a guillotine where they belonged.

You don't try to silence Nazis, or debate with them, or make deals with them. You put a fucking bullet through their empty heads, spit on the corpse and make an example of them to the entire populace. And you fucking gulag any scum that shows sympathy to them.


Article written by a sex offender that spends his non-(fake)journalism time on twitter bitching about politics and hanging with Deo and friends


Hello, Antifa. Communism is shit. SHIT.


>sex offender

If he is, why isn't he in jail? Allegations are not enough.



>Article written by a sex offender...

Ooh, I love drama, what sex crimes has Tempe O’Kun committed?



>Just HOW MANY furs are radical SJWs?

Most are LGBTQ+-, so most are receptive to "social justice" ideas.
You seem like the type to trigger violent reactionary movements where none existed. You're a special kind of stupid.


I think that we can both agree that those actions haven't eliminated nazism or discrimination at all. If it were effective as you claim, "hate" would be over due to the bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. But it turns out, even after 80 decades, that nothing worked for you guys in the long run. Not only are you still ranting and raving about "natzees" and "hate", all of your communist societies crumbled down into irrelevancy.

It just goes to show that you will never make a difference if you are no different. If you want change, you lead by example with better character.

You're probably gonna screech "REEE FUCK YOU NAZI DERNALRDO DRUMPFER THEY SHOULD DIE", but it's advice for not wasting not wasting time. Your loss, not mine if you disregard it.

Yikes, what's wrong with these people? It seems that nearly all of those "righteous" types are pederasts and rapists. SJWs are the new Catholic priests.



Even when prevented from doing that to the Nazi scum, the communists of the world still managed to kill more people AND lose their hats.

Capatcha: No

As in no, communism doesn't get a second coming.



Also just FYI. Science shows that people who have deviant views, and know their deviant... like being fucking Nazi... are actually EMBOLDENED when they have to keep their deviant nature secret.

Now, you're not a fucking science denier, are ya?

I like deviants to feel free enough to show what they are. So I can avoid them. And so I can avoid hiding them.

Literally everything you do makes the Nazi problem worse. That isn't an opinion, that's science fact. That is historical fact.

File: scientifically accurate.png - (460.02 KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I know your point is correct, but you literally (forgive me Bejeezus for using that word) are using "science" to sound smart.



Actually, you're not right about my motivation. I know that my opponent comes from a political backround that values the university, academia, being more enlightened than the plebs, that sort of thing.

To point out that he is engaging in much the same sort of self-delusion as flat earthers and climate deniers, is stabbing him right in the painful tender spot called cognitive dissonance.

The choices are A.) Accept he's wrong. B.) Deny the research on the topic or C.) Accept that he is not an intellectual.

File: Rick2.png - (93.45 KB, 232x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Facism? Communism? They are 2 sides of the same 'Fuck the people! State does whatever the fuck it wants bread lines militant bend over and take that big green state dick right up your civilian ass' coin.

You anti fagtards know where I live and you want a peace of me come get some slick. My house is under surveillance 24/7 and you probably won't get very far. So good fucking luck.

Because I'm gonna tell ya right now the simple truth. The truth you're gonna miss because you're heads shoved so for up Soros ass you can't see the light of day.

No one's denying Nazism is bad and yeah Nazis actual Nazis should get the shit kicked out of'em. But communist are even worse and should be stomped doubly hard. You're flaking out because you're buying into the propaganda because it makes it you feel like a tough guy. You wanna feel like tough guys so fucking bad because you've been cucked so hard into this wimpy beta male role you're so emasculated you wanna take it your frustrations out something.

And people who disagree with your views is an easy enough target.... just and scream 'Nazi' at'em a few times and if keep lying to yourself eventually you'll believe it.

You're being spoon this rhetoric for no other reason than to divide and conquer. The elections are rigged and we all know it. I don't hate on Trump because he's fucking sock puppet, he's God damn marionette. If you want real change you need to go after the puppet masters.

As political puppets go he's got a certain fuck pc your bullshit mentality I can really get behind. But is he being crapo president? Yeah no fucking question about that.
Why don't you smash in a few more car windows and burn down a veterans hospital, maybe that'll take'm out of office.
The alt right are as much tools you faggots, but that's obvious from the get go the far alt right are total tool dooshers. But at least their upfront about it.

You call Trump a Nazi even though he sucks Israels dick so hard he's got zeyre coming out of his nose. You antifa shit bags are fucking tools. They want us divided at every level. In our homes schools, families and even in our fucking fandoms.

It's why they're making the civil war about slavery, it's why there is all these shootings. Because it's an easy way to turn people against each other. The puppet masters want us to be hateful, pissed and divided as possible.

So when we start purging each other hard core they come in do pretty much whatever the hell they want.

Jesus fucking christ wake the fuck up already!

File: Everything_I_Dont_Like_Is_Racist.png - (222.41 KB, 780x674) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You are trying to reason with someone who doesn't want to be reasonable.

File: 151039150959.png - (137.60 KB, 901x461) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I really don't get why in 2017 there's still people accepting communism, pic related is not even a parody, it really happened and it's just the tip of the iceberg of the many disasters caused by communism. Oh yeah, then comes the Not true scotsman "Hurr It wasn't REAL/TRUE communism durr!", ok, so by that logic, nazis and fascists have the right to use that same excuse too, like everyone else, checkmate.

File: DOYYkr3XcAAag_- (1).jpg - (40.48 KB, 256x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


No one gives a shit about Nazis. Furry Raiders are NOT NAZIES. Furry Raiders are simply scum. When we stop talking about the Furry Raiders as fucking dickwads and make them some kinda movement, They get to be dickwads.

We do NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT RAIDERS GOIN SIEG HIEL OR WHATEVER. Only that the Furry Raiders FUCK WITH OTHER FURRIES and get cons and events shutdown and blacklist furries across venues.

The Furry Raiders are nothing more then BURNED FURS WEB 2.0



>>3483131 Drunk much?



>The Furry Raiders are nothing more then BURNED FURS WEB 2.0

Are they even that? As far as I can tell it's just paranoid freaks spazzing about the arm band.


Stalin was real Communism.

Stalin did everything right.



they're also a bunch of pedo groomers led by an ultra pedo groomer. pure degeneracy.


Are you trying to say that a Communist is pro-Clinton?


Seems like bullshit to me as people are talking more about their symbols than their behavior.

File: dc4041efb9c511105151fabc0f8fd6b2.png - (577.46 KB, 1240x1160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

So how does one cure a hate addiction?

I'm not a nazi, but I do hate an unhealthy number of people. Even if you took the fun out of it, how can you not do it? Have you even seen the planet?

File: 7ca24a26ab4c08763a77e39dfc1efa037ed2b90e54c901ab38b3857f6daeb9e3.gif - (69.00 KB, 675x227) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh yes, It was just the arm band that got cons and events shut down, you fucking useless dickdribble.

The only people who say "They hate our armbands :(" are Raiders. Who is this Koda? You ever had an independent thought in your life, or are you entirely powered by your boyfriends smegma?


Point your hatred in the right direction. Specifically against the Nazis and their allies.


The Colarado con was cancelled because the owner didn't want to hire more security. Before that, Deo called law enforcement because a person said that they'll defend themselves with a firearm if Deo punched them. So law enforcement told the owner to hire people or cancel the event, so the owner cancelled it.

So the real fault lies with Deo, the person who wanted to punch people because of an armband. They're playing revisionist history because they know that they're wrong.


Pretty much every LGBTQ+ group is filled with pedos, there's a good reason why Stalin, Hitler, Marx, and Engels used them as shooting targets when they rose to power. They won't admit it to a straight ally, but they will admit it if they're in a group. I know this myself as I'm a gay guy who got fucked by an old librarian at age 4. Others I know in the community have similar stories as well.

It was purely about the symbols. Which is why they're talking about taking action against "nazis". Deo and co just escalated it and stated that their later actions were a cause of it. It's equivalent to stating that you were in a car accident without stating the fact that you drove 70 mph+ into a tree.


I have no connection to any of these people. Based on my sleuthing all I can find is a group of people that likes animal people that wears an arm band and another group of people that makes lots of autistic screeching about Nazis. I can't find the arm band group actually having any ideology at all. So no, the problem is not Nazis, the problem is people like you. Please walk off a cliff and die. Thank you.

File: alphabet-soup.jpg - (22.36 KB, 512x288) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Patch Packrat is the furry nigga who goes around the Folsom Street Fair with his dong hanging out from his fursuit, letting strangers randomly fondle his dick.

>Pretty much every LGBTQ+ group is filled with pedos

That explains Milo, but not Roy Moore, Sean Hannity, Trump or the rest of these so-called "Christian conservative good people".

But it's okay when your side does it!

>blah bleh a liberal patted someone on the ass 20 years ago, all liberals are despicable hypocrites and rapists who hate God and America!
>so what of Roy Moore forced himself on teenagers? Age of consent at the time was 14, and all women lie about rape! He dindu nuffin, those 5 women are paid actors! All white men caught by Chris Hansen were framed!
>muslim extremists who stab, shoot, and plow people.

remember, Hitler approved of Muslims and would think their current behavior is acceptable in the war against Jews.



>a fascist would approve of other fascists

You don't say.


It is all just paranoia on both sides. Two groups that think their proven-failed ideologies belong anywhere other than the past with all the millions and millions of Innocents they've murdered.

At least until our robot overlords take over.

File: IMG_0397.JPG - (57.46 KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>implying both sides are the same
File: 1451513245165.jpg - (60.69 KB, 586x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Commies killed and oppressed almost an order of magnitude more people than the Nazis in total. And at least the Nazis for the most part didn't butcher their own people.

Commie scum ruined the social order and motivation to succeed in my country and turned it into a corrupt shithole, just like every other commie shithole on Earth.

As someone whose part of family had to flee the country (probably because the territory they were on ended up being annexed by the USSR), and whose entire family suffered and hungered under comminism, kindly go fuck yourself with the pointy end of a knife.



You're right. Stalin was WAY worse. At least Hitler cared about his Aryan people and envisioned a bright, if heavily flawed future. Stalin was the blackest son of a bitch who cared for none but himself and his complete consolidation of power. Even in his final year, Lenin knew that Stalin being one of his possible successors was a big mistake and openly voiced such, but died of poor health before anyone took action. Communism is always doomed to fail, but if was ever a real chance that it could work, Stalin ruined everything.

Hitler gets all the heat for "the" Holocaust, but why does everyone act like there was just one? Stalin was committing his own 5 years before Kristallnacht, and not just in his own country. 7 million dead between 1932-1933. Another 2 million into concentration camps.

And that was just Ukraine.

And yes, this guy would know.

File: pereztom_042717getty.png - (166.08 KB, 422x437) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Communism is worse than nazis.

Tell it to China. Oh, wait, you can't because China owns a huge chunk of America's economy so if we piss them off they can nuke our financial system.

File: 1423987389854-3.jpg - (55.84 KB, 800x405) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If you think China is still communist, then you don't know what communism is like.

They have been selectively implementing capitalism, and the consequences are visible. Their middle class is rising enough for them to need to outsource their work in poorer areas, which is why China is looking to invest in Africa. This always happens. My country has experienced amazing improvement of living conditions since we ditched communism, though there are many remaining problems in the system.

Also what's this remark supposed to be? Are you saying that truth should be damned just because they have power over us in a way? No.

Also, it would certainly be very painful to burn our trade bridge with China, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. It just means manufacturing will have to be either brought back to the US (I thought you lefties supported the working class, oh wait, champagne socialists hate the working class) or be relocated to other countries that are still friendly to the US.

+1 informative

Also, thanks.
But I wish I didn't have to talk about it though.



>muh kulaks
>hoarding grain during a famine is just good business
>kulaks dindu nuffin bawww

Stalin did everything right.

File: 1369792839860_.png - (98.11 KB, 238x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You wouldn't like the state to come in and confiscate half of your house, wall their side off just to house some hobo in it, I bet.

If the state wants to help people, it should help people. But people's private property is still their private fucking property.

And I'm not an ancap or anything, I do believe in taxing the rich and wealth redistribution, but infringing on people's human and property rights is kinda where I draw the line, you collectivist authoritarian fucking spastic.


We're coming for your toothbrush, liberal scum.

File: turnip-jokes_o_2892953.jpg - (50.23 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


So the Spectre of War wants another roller coaster down the recycling center, Way to go champ, you earned yourself a whole month of it.



>acktchewalley I'm not a liberal m'sir I am a freethinking radical centrist philosopher if you will but look at this political compass test that I found online you will see how

Nobody cares, one million years gulag.


It's funny. It's basically always people that grew up middle-class+ that want communism. I'm mixed race with my father having been raised in the USSR and my mother, China.

They fled those shitholes with their parents. Not a single person has anything good to say about communism. Hell, it wasn't until very recently that China even started-to-start treating it's people as, well, human beings.

Bunch of muh first world issues children.


My father raised my siblings and me, all seventeen of us, in a pothole underneath a strip of soggy cardboard. We are nothing but rats and drank rainwater out of a sock with three holes in it. And then Che Guevara personally pulled us up, handed us free meals and candy, and read to us about The Conquest of Bread. My family has loved Communism ever since.




Have you read what I said, moron? LGBTQ+ groups contain pedophiles. "Daddy" and "Twink" didn't come out of a vacuum. They're both in the left and right, which is why Marx, Engels, Hitlers, and Stalin took action against them.



>I'm a really smart enlightened communist/socialist who wants to implement an ineffective economic system that failed several times with each implementation because I read a book once. I also fight capitalism by buying products from tax-evading corporate entities that abuse their employees like Apple, Google, and Netflix. I hate working retail or at a restaurant because I picked a shitty art degree, partied in uni, and played videogames instead of establishing connections or improving my skills in university. I want communism because I wish that these three things were human rights: playing lootbox AAA microtransaction games like Overwatch, binging netflix/hbo streams, and obtaining free STD medication from fucking irresponsibly.


>mfw literally none of that is accurate

PS I want Communism so that I can put people like you in a gulag :-)

File: tumblr_nqrw0vFqNO1qehf4jo1_540.jpg - (42.69 KB, 540x405) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

No one gives a shit about nazis or armbands.

No one likes the Furry Raiders because they are useless fucks throwing crybaby tantrums.


Also stop breaking page width you fucking NEET government parasite.

File: milo-science-matters-t-shirt.jpg - (138.50 KB, 480x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: mad_mods.png - (531.64 KB, 923x1222) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That’s it.

What mod got triggerhappy with the range delete button omfg I can't even right now.


Patch Packrat is a pos!

File: logofn3.png - (105.40 KB, 546x557) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I didn't find a source on that.
But I found

How much of a fucking autist do you have to be to get your panties in a twist this badly over some memes. Oh no it's totally serious you guize. We're totally gonna make the Fur-th Reich happen.

File: Pat1.jpg - (67.02 KB, 450x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Looks like a future sexual harasser :3


It's got nothing to do with his posts, he's a genuine real life scumbag!

File: tumblr_oz4hqbB3i51v0f66fo1_540.jpg - (49.27 KB, 540x405) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes Dogpatch is scum.

Just like the Furry Raiders.


Foxler literally did nothing actually wrong.

File: tumblr_inline_oz23d1IHX01rr6uee_540.png - (230.26 KB, 540x636) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You don't have to "Do wrong" to be a socially awkward, angry dickbag no one wants to hang around with.

File: Chris_cart.png - (422.49 KB, 640x368) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Looks like somebody had his posts sent to the gulag. :3


Patch should get fucked. And not sexually.

File: 51526837-solitaire_1.jpg - (97.17 KB, 419x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Fuck your stupid gulag.
I'll raise you two concentration camps an an oven.

File: yvXkrGUH_400x400.jpg - (47.97 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Say what you will about the public masturbation guy, but Tempe has a cute twitter avatar and nobody here gave me a valid reason why I should hate Jews. Not even Business Dog. His Tony Robbins nonsense completely erased his credibility. Maybe he finally realized this and it bruised his ego and that's why he's not posting anymore. He really believed in that shyster.

That said, hating Nazis just seems so hopelessly 1940s. And I do hate everything older than 1992. Even mere concepts of things. So it's very hard to pick a side.

File: uncle joe.jpg - (26.53 KB, 500x429) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I raise you one Stalin.

Oops, there goes Berlin! Time to string up some Nazis. :-)

File: tumblr_lwq6ovvbRQ1qm46xpo1_400.jpg - (22.95 KB, 400x392) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>Just like the Furry Raiders.

Eh, it's a pretty diverse group of people. You can't generalize.

I've been there for a few months.

If anyone was familiar with the furry #GamerGate Twitter/Telegram groups we used to have back in the day (Discord wasn't a thing back then), then it's basically like that.

People shitposting, having fun, posting lewd art, making friends, laughing about SJWs.

I don't think there are too many people who take their politics TOO seriously. I mean even the couple of "nazifurs" that are in there (I can think of a few), if you sit down and talk to them, they are actually reasonable people.

And Foxler is the nicest guy ever. I've talked to him one on one and he's really approachable and fun. Dude isn't too political anyways.

And there are a few leftist furs and even Telikonol's apparently in there (your opinion on how seriously antifa this dude is may vary), but as long as you're not too much of an ass, you can be with the Furry Raiders. It's not some elite club or anything.

All the people who shit on the Raiders don't know what the fuck they are talking about.

Yea. He literally didn't.

Anyone that had patience to listen to his take on it or listen to the stream with CraftyAndy knows this. CraftyAndy also had Deo on.




What stream?



>furry gamergate

Censor them all for the good of humanity.


Then you will be censoring David Lillie too.

And that, my son, will make me kill you. Through the internet.

File: DNZ_IiYWAAEmsoE.jpg - (62.37 KB, 900x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Fuckoff shitstain, I was a primary dataminor during chanology. Raiders are like the fucking edgy fox news teens that popped onto 4chan after fox news ran its HACKERS ON STEROIDS video. You know, the guys that fucking ruined it for everyone.

Foxler is only a nice guy if you fully kowtow to him. Suggest that maybe something is probably not wrong and he flips his shit, and he flips YOUR shit.


Don't know who that is. Sounds like a class traitor.

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