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File: 4a5b90e556b3c938e7cea029e779e230.png - (1413.04 KB, 1280x1387) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1446949 No.3482920

Do I get points for fapping to slightly chubby characters in artwork- - even though it's not my fetish - but just because they're a more realistic representation of everyone involved including me?

There's got to be some kind of karma where am rewarded for this.

File: a05d7e3c5d1c06775bc629f040dc74d4.jpg - (525.79 KB, 1260x815) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

As you get older I think its more just giving into fate. I'd love to have a lithe and skinny boyfriend, but im more realistically able to find a guy whos around healthy weight and maybe a few pounds heavier.

I think systematically altering your fetishes and expectations over the years is just natural.



>Do I get points for fapping

No, never.


If people just tried to cut a little bit of the processed sugars out of their diet, it would really help. I've been off cola so long now, I don't really enjoy it anymore, not even when there's vodka in it. Just too sweet.

Coffee, tea, water. Never thought I would be a teafag. I have a wife to thank for that frilly shit.


The English Empire was built on little cups of tea. Maybe the older, fat, gay furry empire could be founded on the same fuel.


Theres a difference from "slightly chubby" like in op's pic, and fat. I'm maybe 10lbs over optimal, and I drink primarily sparkling water, and powdered drink mixes.

Yeah no. Most of the fat guys I know suck down fast food like vacuums and chug 2 liters of soda at a time while crying about how fat they are. Theres a huge difference between 240 calories per cup in soda, and 240 calories per liter in tea.


unless you're one of those southern asshats who somehow manage to brew a single cup of tea and infuse it with an entire bag of sugar.



>and powdered drink mixes.

Can't stand those. Aren't they all just chemicals?

>Most of the fat guys I know suck down fast food like vacuums and chug 2 liters of soda at a time while crying about how fat they are.

Nothing sadder than a fat person eating fast food. I look at that person and think "Well, your situation isn't getting better anytime soon." Their tastebuds are so poisoned to shit food, they don't know any better. I rarely eat fast food. When I do, I know I'm eating garbage, but its convenient for that time. Ever since my wife has been cooking, I find alot of fast food now bland and tasteless in general.

File: tacobell.jpg - (15.89 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Aren't they all just chemicals?

Literally everything is just chemicals. There really isn't any evidence that artificial flavoring, coloring, and fake sugar will do more than upset some people's stomachs.

>Their tastebuds are so poisoned to shit food

I'll eat fast food occasionally, but just because I have to occasionally see what dark eldritch forces Taco Bell decided to turn into food. Even then, because most of what I eat I cook myself, and tend to go on the light side, the grease will make me feel sick for the rest of the day.

File: 1bb4865abcc7518bc7101c96126c1a1a.jpg - (92.31 KB, 1480x880) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i think everyone missed the point of the op: post chub.

i don't know where people draw the line between 'a little extra' 'chubby' and 'fat'. i've got quite a bit of extra tummy on me (190lb at 5'11"), but as stupid as this feels to type i don't think it has much bearing on my actual physical fitness.

i just like to eat garbage food, and not having much kitchen/food storage space just makes it easier to be lazy and eat out 5 nights a week.


they don't look like chubby people. Chubby people have large bellies, but tiny asses.

File: Male-Body-Type-Chart-Ottermode-Builtfat-Bearmode-S.jpg - (61.87 KB, 720x393) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There are different types of body builds. If you're just a fatass fatass, its because you're fat with no muscle. The slightly chubby body type is between the builtfat and chubbyfat on this chart.



Fuck these charts and their made-up, pseudoscientific nonsense and idiotic terminology. Anyone who uses any of the terms on this chart has instantly lost all credibility.


Daaaaaamn, you sound like one of those feminists who screech at Sports Illustrated covers. Work to get a better body if it hurts you. Don't be burning with hatred, get some weights and burn calories!



>posts idiotic garbage
>calls people ugly when they point out the idiotic garbage

Yep, the reason I don't like the chart is definitely because I'm ugly and fat and totally has nothing to do with how totally arbitrary and invented wholecloth it is.


No. Obesity should not be encouraged or even tolerated. Being complicit with the degradation of humanity is not something to feel morally superior about, fatass.

I'll take a fit person in their 50s over an overweight person in their 20s every fucking time.


Those are terms for specific builds and there's nothing bad about holding yourself to a standard that can be accomplished in real life. You should be inspired to improve, not be resentful. You will feel good and confident if you have a good body.


And I dersonaly thing it would be neat if everyone would respect eachother and make their own weopons.

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