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File: alb 19.jpg - (302.80 KB, 627x627) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
310065 No.3479045

So apparently Steve Gallacci Has been uploading the entirety of Erma Felna EDF to his website for anyone to read since April of last year and is still at it.
Did I miss the discussion on this?

File: typical pornfag.png - (16.27 KB, 284x206) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not really. Lulz does not care much for non-pornographic works.

6+2chan however does have a thread right now.

File: 1458105414.stevegallacci_hopps_and_bugs.jpg - (310.61 KB, 855x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

One of the first Popufur artists so to say.
The old behind the scenes drama surrounding him back then is pretty tame in hindsight and comparison.

Basically him becoming lazy and having his assistant to the brunt of the work on the comic.
Getting haughty and harder to approach by fans except yesmen.

Pretty human and still kept in check. Also his wife died of cancer.

Now he's a pretty chill greymuzzle, sharing his art.

I guess i'm thankful that he didn't go down the road of dysfunctional poly relationships, gender confusion pronoun fascism, predatorial fan fucking, not even getting arrested for kiddy porn like Paul Kidd or Ted Sheppard.


His wife has been dead for nearly ten years, IIRC. He was planning on doing more with the comic, but then had to take care of her. I feel the comic has been in limbo since then, and he ain't getting any younger. Is he ever going to finish what he set out to do, originally?

Also, is his old comic actually written well? So many furry comics are completely suck, writing wise. Better Days/Original Life, Jack, Sabrina Online, etc.

File: hiiywjgz.png - (21.70 KB, 216x219) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It always amazes me how a person who basically can't draw, can keep at it for 40 years adding more and more polish on their turd, and somehow avoid improving on the basic errors they're making.


Look through his gallery.
Sketches and color works notorious for lacking anything below the waist or lower leg after the knee. Its a trait about his work that has bugged me for years. I suppose he just can't draw feet, and decided to be lazy about it and never improve, just "hide" it and not draw it.

I will give him points for cute designs, a wide variety of poses and positions, and nice looking breasts/upper bodies.


It never failes to amaze me how fucking viscious you fabulous furry artists are to eachother. The constant stream of vitrole and jealousy seems to be the main vein of the fandom, are your lives really so fucked up that you cling to your art talents as somehow being valuable in a fan-porn-dom? This guy successfully sold comics with a somewhat mainstream bent for years when furry was barely a thing, he's clearly capable of making illustrations that look decent and convey the story, how in the hell does that translate to 'this guy can't draw?' How do you fit that big of an ego up your own asshole so deeply to make that kind of statement of derision towards an established professional artist?
I used to think this fandom sucked because of the fans, but the more time goes by, the easier it is to look back, and really what ruined it was just the incessant bitching and backstabbing and whining by the artists themselves, because no way in hell do the fans have that much of an axe to grind.


Spotted the butthurt mediocricity who never got their 15 minutes of fame. Protip: I'm not an artist.

>how in the hell does that translate to 'this guy can't draw?'

Just look at it!

It's got nothing to do with whether you can sell a handful of copies of an ultra-niche scifi comic, most of which happened at a time when the next best thing on offer was a stack of xeroxed furry wank from someone like Karno.

File: 66617be782fc669e1b5b210560fde44e.gif - (49.33 KB, 339x474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Seriously. All the furry artists in the 80's and early 90's were terrible, and the production values were barely above fan drawing subscriptions to TMNT. Some of them improved and some of them didn't.

Gallacci is one of those who never did.



>Gallacci is one of those who never did.

I find his style changed quite a bit, tho. Look at his early work from the early 80s, and then look at later stuff in the 2000s. Much more appealing character designs in my opinion.

File: davidthornespider.jpg - (36.84 KB, 580x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3479239 You had another thing going against a lot of early furry fan artists -- software and hardware at the time were pretty mediocre so trying to scan in a picture and color it were not something you could do unless you had top of the line (for home) equipment. Screen resolutions were low, a full color palette was a luxury memory and disk space were limited. You had to work with the medium and if you didn't know the limitations all your subtle shading would be washed out and fine lines would disappear.

If you didn't have a big enough following for a full-blown comic book print run then you had to resort to the local copy shop to piece together your books but this type of stuff was so limited outside the fandom that people would buy it. Anyone capable of drawing something marginally better than a stick figure could sell artwork.



>software and hardware

You might note that Gallacci's medium is pen and paper. According to online sources, his background was a graphics illustrator for the Air Force for six years, drawing diagrams, infographics and maps. He's got technical drawing background, which shows in the technical parts of the drawings - he can hold a pen - he knows the techniques and can apply them, but he's gimped out as a creative cartoonist drawing organic shapes, which makes for the weird disrepancies in his art.

>Anyone capable of drawing something marginally better than a stick figure could sell artwork.

That's largely because the fandom was such a bubble of abject amateurs, that anybody with any real skill wouldn't have anything to do with it.

File: youre-a-farking-white-male-old-stock-american.jpg - (130.21 KB, 500x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is this the thread where we make fun of the artist cuz he was born in the 20th Century? Oh good.


That's pretty racist

File: spider_ych.png - (75.55 KB, 580x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Spider pic YCH version is now up for sale on Furbuy!


>>3479248 I was mainly talking about the state of the fandom at the time -- not specifically Gallacci. Just about everyone at the time either used nib-pens, brush pens, or technical pens .. at least anyone who got published. . It looked like Gallacci used either pencil or some kind of ink wash as well for shading.

>> I guess i'm thankful that he didn't go down the road of dysfunctional poly relationships, gender confusion pronoun fascism, predatorial fan fucking, not even getting arrested for kiddy porn like Paul Kidd or Ted Sheppard.

Agreed. He kept himself mostly out of the egotistic faggotry drama.

>>3479221 >>3479225
It seems like he mostly wanted to just tell stories and draw guns, uniforms, and space ships .. the animal characters were just vehicles for this -- that's probably why he never bothered to improve them.


It's probably why he used animal characters in the first place.

Furries are Easier to Draw (tm)


The story is still very good.
Reading it is worth it. Also a good strong female main character that isn't a Mary Sue.

She got issues about her military career conflicting with her private life and is complex.

Gallacci also publicly made fun of a fanboy that wanted to commission Erma Felna fucking herself with a crowbar which weirded him out.

It was a funny anecdote about what sort of weirdos are out there back then.
But in retrospect he took a stand for artistic integrity without being a prude (unlike the burned furs since he did draw nude pinups and erotica).

All that in a fandom that was quickly about to lose the sense of upholding a decent public face and destined to become the laughingstock of the subcultures.



>She got issues about her military career conflicting with her private life and is complex.
>isn't a Mary Sue.

Hee hee


Wait, who was Paul Kidd? Don't recognize the name.



She sets her duties to the EDF/the people before her mate so they break up.
Also isn't a good mother.

A Mary Sue would have everything without consequences.
Loving mate that waits for the war hero to come home from the mission or travels along with her.

She's a logical stoic that bottles her feelings up, giving herself to the cause and that has repercussions that affect her private life negatively.

Paul Kidd is an author that published a couple of furry novels and the Albedo pen & paper role playing game among other stuff.

I was pretty shocked to be honest.


I feel shitty for chuckling at that, the original should never be tainted



>A Mary Sue would have everything without consequences.

A Mary Sue is also when the author self-inserts into the story to pretend that they themselves are the dramatically troubled hero.


More specifically


But Steves wife died. He didn't break up.

You can find a trope for everything until you have wanked yourself raw. If you try to avoid tropes your protagonist just becomes a generic character without relevance.

File: rf starecat.jpg - (21.83 KB, 268x265) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>people ITT are calling Erma a Mary Sue

No no, I was referring to Steve's military career, and how he turned it into a dramatized version where he gets to play the martyr hero through his comic.


Your comparison is far fetched as the character also has setbacks and doubts military-wise.

The author was in the military and is a civil war reenactment enthusiast.
He's writing about a military character in a civil war setting, I get that.

But I don't think that Erma Felna is some sort of wish fulfillment self-insert.

Why shouldn't an author write about stuff he knows and is passionate about?


I liked Gallacci's work, but I feel he should've taken a break when the depression started to kick in. I don't blame him for the depression, his wife had fucking cancer. And yet, during that period he kinda put the plots in the comic on hold to pull a Steven King.

He had an interesting plot with the civil war, and an interesting plot with the 'human' precursors. Those were both put aside so Erma could take some leave, find a mate, have a kid, make peace with his family, all in a short period of time. And he just suddenly ended the series with a planetary bombardment that killed most of them, then added an epilogue stating she never found her surviving family and was never happy again basically.

It's kinda sad, because once he started to feel better, he tried to bring the comic back in some odd 'I can fix this' ideal. And he really never did... Erma became a lifeless military lifer and nothing was interesting anymore. So yeah, a decent storyteller that in my mind ruined his most famous work in a fit of depression, that never got his mojo back after.



While you're right about some points, there are some details that are not in their proper context:

1- The whole thing about Alfon and Erma's family was written many years before his wife died of cancer. The same goes for the end of the first arc, as that arc ended in 1993, while Gallacci's wife died in 2005.

2- While I don't know exactly why he stopped working on the comic, in some issues it was mentioned that he suffered from depression, but he didn't give more details to compare the exact details he gives now. Again, these bouts of depression were before his wife's death, to be more precise in the 1990s.

File: 42629b5c07bddad563c27abec77b1eda--huntress.jpg - (21.57 KB, 331x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3479281 "But in retrospect he took a stand for artistic integrity without being a prude (unlike the burned furs since he did draw nude pinups and erotica)." Babababa whaaaa? Steve Gallacci was a jerk. He signed his furry erotica "Art Ho" for years because he didn't want to be associated with furries. He threatened to sue people over fan art and all of the major art archives of the time had standing orders to reject anything even remotely related to Steve Gallicci in any way, even if just mentioning a piece was inspired by him. The man created a fandom of little Syndromes (villain from The Incredibles) because he didn't want to associate with the "skunk fuckers" even though the "skunk fucker" fandom was largely created by him. He has mellowed out over the years though and wears his skunk fucker title with an uneasy acceptance but still thinks the fandom is a bunch of greasy perverts.


Hm, I was sure he also had a little adult sci fi series about a human woman and an anthro fox pet with some adultery marriage drama and abusive husband thrown in the mix.

And the comics stuff by Paul Kidd


I seen his lewd material. It was tame as FUCK, and well drawn.


Ever hear of the term "FIJASOI" (Fandom Is Just A source Of Income)? That was Gallacci's motto all along.


I heard that nobody hates furries more than other furries.



>nobody hates furries more than other furries

You're right, although hate isn't quite the right word. Pure hatred is simple. /furi/ complicates it. This place is the anonymous meeting room for the codependent, control-freaks, the addicts. The people who have spent the most time here don't want to hate artists; they want to control them. The only reason they end up hating them is because they can't control them. They want the artists of the fandom to shut up, to never be depressed or blocked. They want the artists to be automated, quiet vending machines for whatever material they think is the best use of the artist's time. No one is allowed to be human, no one is allowed to take breaks or lapses, and no one is allowed to leave.

At least, that's the principle. That's what /furi/ was. The doxing moved to kiwifarms, the interesting people moved to other boards, and a lot of folks simply grew out of this phase of their lives, leaving only the ones who are incapable of real progress or change. The threats became toothless, the threads became repetitive, and this place has descended into ineffectual obscurity with a regular population of probably twenty at best. I love it whenever a counterargument is met with "Oh hi, artist we're talking about who must surely be lurking here!" It's almost a plea. Please, give us something to do, someone to fight, some validation! They must be scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point; those grudges against Gallacci have to be, what, twenty-five years old at this point? That's an impressively long time to keep a hateboner up.



Considering how vindictive Americans are, and most of the fans are from that country, it's no wonder they still hold a grudge against him.

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