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File: e21f57a5209d35d9ee796dcd5686c92.png - (29.39 KB, 148x148) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
30093 No.3479012

Wanna drive those ID-obsessed assholes up the fucking wall?

IDs are fucking shit anyway because they can be bypassed with even a dynamic IP address or a change to your IP range by your ISP. They exist to let people gripe and discredit posts based on what amounts to a name, killing the anonymous aspect. They're like the "real name" requirement on Facebook- actual users suffer, trolls bypass it.



But you'll always be you, Leukemia. We know your shtick so well by now, no amount of ID changes will mask your personality.

Good job on actually sounding normal for once, though. Maybe there's hope yet.

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