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File: o-NARCISSIST-facebook.jpg - (205.99 KB, 1536x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
210929 No.3478998

I have recently been dealing with a complete narcissit. I first fell for them until the whole "friendship" turned into nothing but frustration, sadness and anger. I cut the contact with the person, but they still try to get to me. It is really annoying to keep them at distance.

So my question. Has anyone dealt with one before?


I've gone through it not too long ago. The worst part is that they usually have a pretty tight cadre of completely brainwashed friends who they'll twist to get at you. Only solution I could find was to just go completely dark, since there was no end to the harassment otherwise.

File: gbi8w.jpg - (30.79 KB, 490x275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Stop hanging around faggots.

File: 47bd81c15b11026c5bfabdd3a5ae8c3b.png - (471.20 KB, 564x752) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Say things like, "I understand that you feel that way. You have every right to feel that way. No one should control your feelings but you. I have no right to tell you how to feel but I don't share those same feelings so while I respect and acknowledge your perspective, I still have to ask you to leave me alone."

Or, if you want to be a dick...

"The reason you need people to constantly acknowledge you is that you know, deep down in the pit of your soul, death is coming for you. You're going to grow old and gray and wrinkly and death is going to take you just like it takes everyone. You need people like me to remind you that you are alive because you are afraid of death. Well guess what, he's coming. He's coming closer every day, every second, you are quickly and quietly rotting from the inside out and I'm going to remind you of this every time I see you because I want you to know, every moment, every breath, every day brings death closer and my greatest joy in life will be to watch your corpse be tossed into the oven and rendered to ash like you never even fucking existed. "

Then do that. Every time you see them remind them that they are dying in vivid horrible detail. Point out wrinkles around their eyes, gray hairs, say things like, "Did you notice your hands don't open and close as fast as they use to? I think you're losing strength in your hands. That's a bad sign. The reapers closing in on you." it will seriously fuck them up.

Narcs find death acceptance really, really hard. I would know. I've been working at it for years.


>>3479016 all the good ol use their fears to stop them tactic. i never had to use such but ive always laughed when the death and old/grey comment was used on me because ive got the genes that prolong aging in a mild sense but whose main function is to regenerate aging cells to retain youthful body. in fact most my age who have come back from being overweight for so long and both retained and improved my figure. if i got a little facial surgery done id be a trap in full being my face is 50/50 severely hard to see adams apple but my voice gives me away being my voice changes between masculine/feminine based on where my hormones are at at that time. so i may be narcisistic myself but not every narcissist will understand and try with that one.. ive accepted that i may sound like im making things about me but often im using myself as an example for that.

one such hardcase narcisist killed himself within a week after i told him i wasnt interested in dating at the time which he begged till i just fucked off and gave up making $100 that day that's when i found out suicide by pills not a full 4-5 days such a comment could cause them to suicide because that guy felt he deserved a relationship, never getting the fact that relationships are not a right but a luxury/benefit but never an entitlement you want someone you work for it and yourself to get some appeal.

File: Seson7_ended_Too_Soon.png - (233.65 KB, 634x381) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


That's true, but you're too dim to be a narcissist. Nothing wrong with it. You're a perfectly average person. Narcs tend to be smarter than average by a pretty stark degree. Some think that it is having the intelligence to truly under the nature of humanity that turns people into narcissists in the first place.

I'm more of a fan of the stunted emotional maturity theory but intellect does seem to have a correlation.

File: DLmixnYU8AA530q.jpg - (255.25 KB, 1404x1276) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cool, Cobalt is literally responsible for the death of another person.

>gave up making a $100 that day

your dead friend must've turned you off from fucking a john, huh.


>>3479024 i did not want any drama so went home.

File: DJIiMLqVwAAQcNs.jpg - (113.75 KB, 719x809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

yeah sure


I was in a realtionship with one. First I was amazed of how great he is. Perfect in every way. Then the cycle of abuse began. I was isolated from everyone. He degraded me where he could. Nothing was good enouhg for him. I could have bought him a house. I wouldn‘t get a thank you for it. If I even wanted to invite a friend for dinner I had to fight until I cried. I could only have them over under strict rules. When he went off doing whatever and asked the same, I would get answers like I should not bother him he could do whatever and deserves a day off with friends. Everything always went to the extreme. Once they realize you are about to leave them, they trick you into staying, promising to get better and change. And he did change. Sometimes for a month, sometimes for a week. So you think you reached them. A month later they degrade you again. And I was crying once more. The cycle starts over. I was unable to break out. Only one friend I still had and was not isolated from helped me. The break up was the worst. First he tried to suck me back in. Showing care, love and attention. Never got that. They don‘t love you. They love you like they love a new phone. They are not able to show empathy. So after that he started to shit talk publicly about me. Making people turning against me. Told them all sorts of lies. They lie and cheat everywhere they can. And if you catch them by a lie, they will turn it the way, that you lied. After that the silent treatment followed, followed by showing off as much as he could. I left everything went completly dark for over a year. He still was always somehow trying to getto me. So here I am almost 3 years later. Still in therapy. Still unable to bind myself after that emotional and financial abuse. Also he claimed I abuse him. They project a lot too. I cry still today. And I have hard times even accepting a gift. Like an ice cream because I am afraid. And even today he is still around trying to contact and trying to suck me back in. Even writing this made me almost cry again.



>Narcs tend to be smarter than average by a pretty stark degree.

Pure bullshit.

Most of narcs are too dimwitted to realize they are not perfect, the world doesn't revolve around them, and that everyone fucking hating them is their own fault.



Gay relationship?


Lately I've been wondering if my mom suffers from a mild form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She's always had this habit of blaming everyone and everything but herself when ever something doesn't turn out well for her and I've never heard a genuine apology from her that didn't immediately devolve into a pity party for herself. She's even accepts the possibility that she's legitimately "crazy" but uses it as yet an other excuse, as if getting any help for it is completely beyond her control.
I moved in with my grandparent's once I graduated high school; half to get away from her and half because the house was to crammed and noisy with my younger siblings for me to focus on college. Now I only see her for financial matters or to babysit.

Please tell me what the hell is happening in this image and what is its source? It looks hot and the guy on the bottom is cute, but I can't fap unless I know what's going on.


I am MtF but kinda at that time. It is complicated.



Wow, my mom is similar in that sense. Everyone's wrong but her. If everyone did as she said, things would be perfect in the world. Dad left her 17 years ago because he couldn't take it, said it was always about money, and how constantly wrong he was; after separation brother and I didn't realize she was shit-talking dad for many years in this very passive manner. Bro still doesn't understand the big picture, but I'm hoping it happens before dad kicks the bucket just to have closure of some kind.
Mom's maybe a narcisist? Maybe just lazy? It's not something I can fix myself, I left home as soon as I turned 18 and only coming back for a visit once in a while.

So... speaking of which - if a relationship doesn't work, drop it before it destroys you.



I think you're confusing your every day junkie dealer with the narc bosses.


Wow those stories really make me feel I got lucky. When I look at the whole story, I really can see the very same patterns already. It was only a short time, but I do feel really drained from this experience.

File: narc-arcade-game-produced-by-williams-in-1988-featuring-the-anti-drug-FHNG2K.jpg - (241.56 KB, 1225x1390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Oh noes, it's the Narc man!



Give us s'more info OP, what've they done?

File: C1aBXWiXcAAqe5D.jpg - (22.08 KB, 432x498) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Both my parents think they're "god's grace on earth" and they both suck at being humans. My mom has an identical twin who was the prom queen, and she used to be a model and other than that hasn't kept or wanted a job for more than a month, and my dad used to be a body builder and got with my mom due to the twin thing. They didn't have kids until they were in their 30's because biology is demanding.

You can imagine how deep their personalities are, what you can't imagine is how shitty things are when you grow up with two narcissists who used to be cream of the crop and then started to age. Now I'm stuck with super feminist "make up for 50 years of being a horrible person" activist, and and a cycloptic old man who really wants to not be his dad, and is failing miserably at that life goal.

Everything sucks, I'm going to jerk off to white people getting tortured because thats what society is now.

File: 4c0464cd74ed0a7a4958feb24e9a54e3.png - (1355.67 KB, 1280x998) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If you don't want narcissists in your life, all you have to do is avoid furs with dragon fursonas.

They barely count as furries anyway.

File: tumblr_okshcv2LT11u9jqi1o1_1280.jpg - (118.99 KB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3479129 How about just avoid furs in general.
You so don't like narcissist eh? This is the wrong site for you then. But feel free to stick around.

If he's a truely a narcissist he wouldn't be trying to get back into anyone's life. Because narcissist don't feel like they need any body. If he's being needy and clingy? He's a different creature.

You sound like such a typical dipshit furfag fake friend chump. In my personal experience while many furs are down to earth real ass niggaz, the majority are insecure fussy judgemental punk asses. Wimpy little shit heads who act all buddy buddy one minute and then you do one god damn thing they don't like and it's fucking over.

They don't work on friendships ... they stay freinds with some one because it's convenient and cute but the moment a friendship hits any kind of obstacle they run for cover like little bitches.

While it is entirely possibly the scenario is more that this person is being entirely to clingy needy and annoying...

It is also entirely possible that you're not even trying to understand what the other person is going through.

But my monies on both of you being terrible people who could stand to re-evaluate thier lives.

File: FormalSphericalHyrax-mobile.jpg - (19.96 KB, 424x238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Does that glow under a blacklight by any chance? If it does you need to put that shit in your window for halloween.



this cancer spreads.

File: Meanies_F_off_by_Ranshiinplz.png - (51.09 KB, 550x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>If you don't want narcissists in your life, all you have to do is avoid furs with dragon fursonas.

How dare you! That's speciesism! I can't even :V

File: hurt_by_pirate_cashoo-d9caqex.png - (975.30 KB, 1280x905) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

So, this is interesting. Apparently there is a neurotransmitter which has a key ingredient only found in certain foods. When you don't have enough of this in your brain you care less about injustice, unfairness and have less empathy for others.

Eggs, Cheese, Pineapples, Tofu, Salmon, Nuts, Seeds and Turkey are all high tryptophan foods you can feed your narcissist to make them more tolerable to live with.

If they have trouble sleeping you can talk them into taking a supplement. Regular use or a healthy diet effectively increases the range of how happy they can feel. People who's diet consists of mostly red meat for much of their lives can literally make themselves permanently unhappy because their brains starve for this key component to the production of serotonin.

File: racism-just-in-case.png - (222.48 KB, 700x565) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm sorry, it's calculated prevention... sometimes the exceptions just don't justify changing the rule.

File: th (7).jpg - (7.38 KB, 207x301) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3479251 The only Dragon fursona I ever got to know in person was a research scientist for the government and he was a really interesting and cool person. I may not be very smart but I respect the fuck out of science.

>>3479227 That's great morty, but in order for a diet change strategy to have any hope of being remotely effective the individual has to be committed to the friendship. Op isn't interested in continuing a relationship with this person.
I mean on the information provided we can't really tell very well what's going on. Only that op met a person, made friends with them and is now tired of them.

I mean hey... don't get me wrong.

It is important we practice discretion in who we keep close to us but at the same time... it's like damn dude... I've never met a more shallow fickle group of people in my life.

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