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File: 1edd05f.jpg - (716.85 KB, 1200x2067) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
734058 No.3478870

Let's re-start the thread about Bats Have Big Dicks, 'cause they actually do, and it's been awhile, so I'm sure there's lots of new stuff out there.
Anthro, Real, whatever!
Well-hung, and arms with huge soft leathery flaps of skin to enfold you when you hug, what's not to like?

File: 573db2.jpg - (304.43 KB, 781x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Let's re-start the thread

Nice try creating fake demand, fuckhead, there was never another thread before. Sooooooo eat shit.


There were several, but it's been a couple of years or so. I'm sure someone else on here remembers them and can verify it.


>>3478887 only remember the one from 3+years back but thats the only one i remember. doubt there were others

File: 6d559072491937dc4adbcec14d9fbe3d.jpg - (221.89 KB, 800x603) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

In fairness to OP I think there was a male & female bat thread several months ago. IIRC we all agreed Dingbat did the best bat art and it was a shame she moved on to gay pottery shit.

But yeah OP, don't be a turbofag, if you want big dick bats just ask. No need to dance around shit.

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