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File: 1463173080002.png - (450.63 KB, 1000x721) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
461446 No.3478525
>former Lulz namefag Sergalicious is milking the Vegas shooting tragedy on twitter and 4chan pretending to be dead for sympathy points

For that he actually deserves to die


If I'm honest, Twitter is a garbage "social" media site worse than Tumblr. Their userbase is even worse since they can't coherently parse statements that are above 140 characters.



My favorite twitter users are all the so-called "communists"/"socialists"/"marxists" who switch their anti-capitalist stance the moment they see a tax-evading corporation with a rainbow flag avatar. Guys, Multi-billion dollar corporations who hire private security firms, steal from Americans tax paying Americans, and selling their information are totally revolutionaries! They are fucking all of us over on a daily basis, but at least they called me the correct pronouns! Truly sticking it to the man! They're really brave for saying the exact same shit as every other multi million dollar late night comedians, celebrities, politicians, and other corporate entities for a decade.

There was a very good reason why Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin thought that the LGBT were inherently bourgeois. The only parts that those "leftists" listen to are the out of context quotes about them supposedly hating tradition and religion. Marx had a very positive view of religion.

>I'm not racist. I just look at the facts.

I read this hearing Anthony Cumia's voice. Kek.


Funny, all the Comrades I follow will happily tell you that gay bourgeoisie get the bullet too.


what's his twitter

File: donald_and_mickey_wtf.png - (146.24 KB, 332x248) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This will be interesting.
He was an annoying shitstirrer here.
Second the request for this guy's twitter.


>>3478916 >>3478930
Thirding this.

Until then, this is purely shit bait. Another Leukemia bait thread. How many times have they claimed something, only to leave out the most important details? (In this case, a link to the relevant subject) I would hope that by now, we know better than to simply take their word on anything, because so far that's all we've got.

Also, wtf is up with those guys and Trilbys? Do they really get it wrong that often?

File: twitter_giving_bitches_a_platform_to_complain_and_beg.png - (750.51 KB, 3236x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3478530 I heard Twitter has increased comment size to 280 characters and Twitter purists are raging and saying things like 'Twitter is Ruined' not realizing it's difficult to ruin a dumpster fire.

>Another Leukemia bait thread.

Again with this fucking meme of yours.

>anyone I disagree with has cancer

So much for the free speech loving right!

Sergalicious was a whiny pedo who couldn't shut the fuck up about people he personally disagreed with. In that regard he's like most of you so.... 4chan linked him to being that Gin Sotomoe guy or however his name is spelled as if I gave a shit to look it up. The one with the spraypaint cans he was huffing in his selfie. Even if they're not the same person both of them are pieces of shit so they may as well be the same.

Waah baaaw, a bullet taking a pedo what a tragedy, yeah right, you fuckers think you're normal and want acceptance, well it's not gonna happen. A bullet taking a Lulz shithead oh no, someone who harps on and on about how they hate a specific person for sharing an opposing view, such a first world problem, and it's one less useless jackass collecting welfare or SSI checks too. You fuckers dying isn't hurting anything, you're a drain on society that contributes hatred of other people because of hurt feelings. Furries in general are such pieces of shit that when an actual terrorist attack happened a a convention- the chlorine gas attack- the media laughs at you on live TV and the police don't even investigate. They still don't know who id it and the cops probably think he was doing a service. If the Vegas shooter had targeted a furry con the cops wouldn't have even shown up!

File: ef6b2e0836b735c5f807de6db97bfd14.gif - (967.90 KB, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Welp, looks like somebody got Triggered

But all that drivel of yours doesn't distract me from the fact that you're still avoiding a link to back your shit up.

Put up or shut up, you Breitbart-tier shill sack of shit.

anyone I disagree with has cancer
No, you're just the great disagree'r who is cancer. Leukemia. Get used to it, that handle's not going away as long as you're here, because it's well deserved.

File: DLm_zdzV4AA0cbe.jpg - (192.22 KB, 1096x1518) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>4chan linked him to being that Gin Sotomoe guy or however his name is spelled as if I gave a shit to look it up. The one with the spraypaint cans he was huffing in his selfie.

Where's the proof? Do people even know who Sergalicious really is? Fuck off with the rumor mill shit and give me something tangible.

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