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Just a simple link to the dev board:

Don't know why that didn't make a proper link, but whatever.


Unstticky and unlock. I guess y'all can chat about how it isn't going happen or whatever.


lol faggot



That's because he promised it would be ready in a few days late June and now it's been around 5 months and he still hasn't delivered anything to us except a shitty dev board.



File: 19240429.png - (164.37 KB, 710x988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

TBH it's working

My evaluation:

The pros:
1.) Tor works, thanks Choob, I never post without a proxy
2.) WEBM with sound is sweet (last time I checked it worked)
3.) Average page has about 184 KB of scripts, for a 2017 muh web 4.0 page this is actually fucking amazing and the layout feels mostly comfy
4.) Stupid auto-scrolling toolbar gone, thumbs up fam!
5.) Multiple images per post is a godsend, more tightly packed content

The cons:
1.) Green usernames on blue background barely visible, border only on lower right looks odd, tbh a proper border would be nice, dark blue post links on blue background looks wonky, post highlighting is clumsy (it "highlights" to the default background color, whose bright idea was that?) Just stick with the old layout, copy parts from it as is, attempting to improve by just randomly fucking with something that already works well is a serious mistake (Choob must be working for Microsoft now, they are pros at ruining perfectly good things)
2.) not really a problem, but some of the automatically generated names are actually funny and quirky, "Anonymous" sounds fucking dumb, a touch of lulz would be lost if those vanish, we're not [insert-letter-here]chan.
3.) Kinda major issue imho, original filenames aren't preserved and downloader plugins (DownThemAll tested) don't know how to use the download="blahblah.jpg" attribute of the <a> tag. Not having timestamp filenames is pretty much a lulz tradition at this point. Either find a way to make the server spit out an alternate link with a proper filename (one physical file server-side, obviously) or do it by some other way. DownThemAll has a filename renaming function, but it takes that info from the server, I believe. Here it just adds the the download attribute into its "description" field and does nothing with it. Would be a shame if we can't get this working properly on the new board, having a proper filename makes finding sources. And few people will bother to save a dump thread manually fucking file by file. Seriously, who has time to click on a couple hundred pictures. Protip: use a different virtual folder for the original filenames, don't just dump them into the same location, so we can apply filters on the url from the downloader plugin.

1.) Activating the captcha might not be too bad of an idea.

But at the end of the day, if you ask me, audio webm and multiple images per post are the only features that makes the new lulz vaguely interesting. And I'm not even using that greasemonkey scipt that adds features to lulz (because it makes the color scheme fucky and I'm too lazy to customize the script to add the old color scheme instead).

Tbh we could go on with the old lulz for another 10 years probably. And yes I know lulz is older than that.



> Green usernames on blue background barely visible

No no, that's a great feature - if only it applied to the namefags.

File: SFVHotPackagePS4.jpg - (265.74 KB, 1195x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here, have a hot package XD



>Tor works, thanks Choob, I never post without a proxy

An error has occured.
Your IP address is listed in"




press crtl+shift+l and get a new IP adress, idiot.

And if that fails repeat until succes. Mkay?

File: mrmackeyandmsconduct.png - (304.42 KB, 806x343) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Mmmkay. Well Allright!


Place your bets. What gets updated first? /furi/ or Prequel?



Prequel has been updated like 3 or 4 times in the past 2 months, so...


I sense another two year wait...



Probably not two years, but another delay is possible since he's selling stuff again:

File: efd2f21dd313ef81fbed0d0f65376869.jpg - (175.90 KB, 700x516) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Will the new board allow niggers?

If the new board allows niggers to post (or blacks, for all you people that think blacks and niggers aren't the same thing; it is really not worth making a distinction), then it's not improvement enough to justify having. Anyone who admits to being black should be immediately banned.

We should reflect this in the url:

When the board is finished, we should have
redirect to
so that the enhancement is clear for everyone and there is no confusion on the purpose.


Another quality post from the neighborhood zoophile/racist/neathderthal



But if the new board bans niggers, you won't be able to post.

Oh, the irony.


Oh boy, I can't wait!
The new board's gonna be ready any year now!


This post is from the Russian COINTELPRO.



Well, they're clearly new here, since they stand out from what few racists are actually here by using that term way too much. Seriously, when you say nigger about as much as actual niggas use the term nigga, its time to check yourself.

File: 318740_446540075403226_524531741_n.jpg - (101.84 KB, 960x697) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You can't say that. That's racist D:


I've never seen such a retarded attempt at racist humor before, good god.



I think you'll find that most racist humor on the internet isn't exactly high brow or even a thinking man's humor.

The IQ it comes from is suitable for those it's intended for. Stupid jokes for stupid people.

File: tma-awesome.jpg - (30.15 KB, 311x311) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: awesome.jpg - (183.81 KB, 460x215) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: judy_hopps_by_dreameclipsewolf-db345x4.png - (584.46 KB, 706x1131) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3486044 He's just saying that the variety of humor is low and unfunny. My guess is it's probably some altleft goon shill false flagging race bait to stir shit.



>altleft goon shill false flagging race bait




Yeah, no. It's all too likely, and your post merely looks like an attempted distraction away from it.

We've had some racists here and there, but no one who just repeatedly goes nigger nigger nigger like the term was going out of style. Also as soon as we call them out, they vanish.

Its amazing how much lefties rail against that which they hate, yet know their enemy so little.


fuck it I'm bored. I just don't know how broken your brain has to be to make this funny.

>what species of primate is usually brought over in boats

Initial set up of the joke doesn't even make sense, except as a lead in to the punchline, cause since when do we import large amounts of 'monkey and gorilla' primates by boat?

>black people
>I-I said primate, as in monkeys and gorillas
>same thing

Teacher seems to accept that black people are a separate species, and that they also aren't primates. Kid says no they are primates. Cause people are primates. But black people aren't another species.
So to get the 'humor' you have to be that screwed up in your world view to accept that black people are another species? And the humor is that they are the same species as gorillas and monkeys? And white people/japanese people/any other race are primates, yes? And this sort of brain damaged logic would fly in a classroom?

I really think the modern internet rightwing whatever is made up of people who were too stupid to understand that all of the racist shit on 4chan was for humor and shock value, and instead were dumb enough to actually believe all of the idiotic crap spewed there. Like after the memes got boring and the gore stopped being impactful all you had left was extreme racism and the morons coming along ate it all up. As evidenced by this sort of total failure at a meme.


You fags will bicker about politics anywhere.



>racist shit on 4chan was for humor and shock value

lol its not though

File: 14e9e5b3dfa899b1c6525a1a0579df80.jpg - (67.74 KB, 624x459) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well boys, looks like we got some monkey-loving race traitors on our paws.

How does it feel to betray your own heritage? Probably really good to you, since liberals get off on throwing their own kind under the bus.

Funny that, blaming everything on the internet on 4chan. That doesn't remind anyone of anything...?

Maybe someday you'll wake up and realize the harm you've done.


I love how racists pretend you owe others with a similar skin pigmentation and cry rivers of bitch tears when their fellow race members aren't bigoted assholes just like they are.

It's like telling an SJW that the Misfits are a New Jersey punk band and not misandrist hair-dyed Hasbro cartoon characters. Guaranteed hurt feelings and whining.


Fuck your heritage. I take personal delight in tearing down every worthless, vile thing you hold dear and pissing on the ashes. Everything you believe in is worth less than my shit. Slit your throat, vermin.

File: kermit wtf.jpg - (61.06 KB, 576x816) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3486347 dat song

File: 9cbc046c7b4a1be93fc01e737bd012c5.jpg - (311.55 KB, 1080x1089) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3486347 Your "heritage"? My "heritage" is being an American. That doesn't involve throwing around racial slurs to stir shit. Than ain't no heritage thats just sorry ass rais'n. This is why I think your shilling. If your not... dude you got to let that race hate shit go man. That kinna shit just makes everyone hate you and not want to hear a damn thing you got to say. Then their hate for you rebounds to other white people who happen to be around who want no part of it.

I get it, the left is pushing super hard on everything, they throw each other under the bus constantly over not being left enough, there's militant refugees flooding into cities all through Europe. Antifa are becoming the new "in thing" apparently by calling their movement "anti" fascist, they aim to become better at fascism than actual fascists.
When their flags have flags on them, you know it's bad news. But this kind of display is just in poor taste. If you want to do your race right, you live right, you do right by others, and you damn well speak like ya got a lick of since.

>>3486358 So does that mean white people in general or specifically people who are distinctly hateful to other races?

>>3486364 I don't know what the statistics actually are on this but he might be flipping out because he feels like "white genocide" is think. But how he's doing it is kinda making a case for it. Which is why I question his authenticity.

It's okay to have certain conservative values, it's okay have certain leftist values. We shouldn't have to be tied down like that. Really its only in our minds that that we are.

vc: young



>they aim to become better at fascism than actual fascist


File: snow-leopard.jpg - (311.04 KB, 1180x838) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ode to a Dying People was an original by the Canadian white power metal band, RaHoWa, fronted by George Burdi.

In 1997, Burdi renounced racism after just 4 months in jail and finding religion or some dumb shit like a desperate rat. In response to this pathetic treachery, Saga and eventually other artists picked up the song and re-popularized it to its original intended glory (and further since Saga's version is a thousand times better than he could ever do), and now Burdi can never again walk away from what he started and the rest of us are better from it.
In fact nearly all the covers no matter how poor are still better than his original

File: Snow-Leopard.jpg - (1280.16 KB, 4500x3000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's super cute, the vermin thing.


Once we rip down all the confederate statues we're gonna melt them down and make monuments to Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin out of them. The spirit of 1917 is rising, and class traitor roaches like you will be crushed beneath our marching feet.

File: racist.jpg - (174.99 KB, 799x580) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>Stupid jokes for stupid people.

Well, the idea was to make a post where the written part genuinely calls out racism while the image part shamelessly endorses it, therefore creating a contradiction of values. I guess y'all too stupid to get it.

Instead everybody decided to get turbo-butthurt. It's not the first or last racist pic on lulz.

File: 56aab331366094600c3d22b2_56f398bda08589d10da0c070_320.jpg - (62.91 KB, 320x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3486412 so in another words...

Peace through tyranny


Peace for decent people. Hell for Nazis and their allies.


>>3486421 So that means Japan... So now you got beef with Japanese?

File: snowleopard_1024.jpg - (94.25 KB, 1024x415) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Aufy, you don't have to do this in my place. I know you mean well, you are just misguided. Maybe it's hard for you to understand because of your past and upbringing. But that kinship you feel for furries? It is the same, except for the white human race, with its rich vibrant history - the greatest race that ever walked the earth.

Above everything we have to keep white countries white, run by whites with white agendas, and white cultures strong. But don't take it from me, the only voice you need to listen to is this honest swedish woman's crying for the destruction of her nation from within, an unspeakable crime; let it touch your heart and put your empathy where it deserves to be:


Black, White, Brown, Hispanic, Jewish, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and everything in between. These people are my brothers and sisters. They are friends, family and neighbors. They are my countrymen and my allies.

You are not. You are vile, repugnant slime. A shitsmear on my nation and an embarrassment to my race. You are inferior to me and to all of those people I mentioned before, and your only legacy is one of stupidity, arrogance and depravity. You are a pollution upon the Earth, and allowing you to walk the land and breathe my air is an abhorrence. You want to help improve my race? Throw yourself into a sewer and drown.

File: 25348321_12602797_n.jpg - (72.92 KB, 768x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: genuine_concern.jpg - (44.13 KB, 590x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Black, White, Brown, Hispanic, Jewish
>They are my countrymen and my allies.

Good lord. This filth will turn on you in a flash when the going gets rough. They all stick to each other, and you are nothing to them, no matter how much you concede.

It is so sad to see my fellow whites so suicidal. You can talk like a suicide bomber and wish me dead, but you're holding the knife by the blade, and I only wish for you to recover from this terrible state.


You're desperate to get anyone on your side. I've got news for you, I don't fucking want you on my side. I would feel sick if you were more like me, vermin.

You are a worthless waste of oxygen. The only was to deal with violence. Every time a racist dies, humanity should celebrate.


nobody gives a shit about you though and you'll die angry and alone, so why should anyone care about your opinion?

File: snow_leopard_lick_couple_caring_40151_1920x1200.jpg - (1509.43 KB, 1920x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's alright, these things take time. The day reality finally comes tumbling down around you, just know, I'll be there for you when no one else is


Nobody wants to wind up in your trailer park, scumfuck. I would gladly kill myself before I joined you and your pack of reprobate failures.

File: snow_leopard_24__by_hecklinghyena-d5vius4.jpg - (138.18 KB, 900x691) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just promise you'll talk to me first, ok? It's a very nice trailer park.


Everyone knows what you scum are like. It's pathetic. You're all a bunch of emasculated losers circlejerking about how unfair everyone else is. I have a thing called dignity. It's something you've never experienced before. And that's why you and all your kind are not welcome in the company of normal people. You dirty us with your mere existence.

File: 9f0a4dce51c90468e15fd04c4b913710--snow-man-wild-animals.jpg - (69.79 KB, 497x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's like my favorite song of all time

File: DHP_DNFVoAA-Xpe.jpg - (53.55 KB, 500x740) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3486424 Dude, don't even try to lump me in with you. I'm white and that's fine, and sure I hold certain conservative values it's true, but you're just straight up white power Aryan nation Hitler youth over here. Your lot are one of the main reasons white people are getting such a bad rap these days. Just because I'm not some black bloc domestic terrorist antifa goon, and just because I recognize the blatant hypocrisy on it, doesn't mean I'm on your "side" either.



Hahah holy fuck Antifa is the same as KKK and ISIS? A totally disorganized group of hippies shouting about Nazis is the same as a domestic terrorist organization and an Islamist Caliphate?

You're on acid, bro.


>>3486461 It's the same kind of thing, it's terrorism.



Terrorism is when you attack innocent people. Heroism is when you attack vicious monsters that nobody else will touch. And there is nothing more vicious and monstrous than a Nazi.

However, I don't particularly want you to see the light on this issue. You would make my side look bad. I prefer seeing you on the side of the fascists.

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