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File: mcdonaldsfur.jpg - (60.73 KB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
62183 No.3477546

Finally a fursuit friend for Cobalt. XD

File: clownyclownclown.jpg - (16.12 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Found some of his wank material.

File: klauwn.jpg - (17.27 KB, 308x232) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


An audience of one: The thread.


File: opthreadhislife.jpg - (172.97 KB, 317x699) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: klausnomi.png - (114.43 KB, 348x349) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I curious. I see references to Cobalt and Ronald MacDonald and, or clowns all the time in here. Why is Cobalt known for being associated with clowns?


>>3477783 because i had an apartment at 1278 1/2 king st east hamilton ontario notice from street view its right beside a mcdonalds well i used to leech wifi from home without leaving to connect.


Cobalt also used to hook outside McDonald's, offering out cheap BJ's behind the dumpsters there.


>>3478084 i lived next door chucklefuck. at least use facts instead of your colorful fantasies. like what are ya 4 years old.



How the fuck does is that any better? Who gives a shit how close you lived to one, its the 2nd part that's important.


>>3478093 only if i needed to actually discredit this lie. i wasn't even an oral person when i was escorting from home so how would i if i didn't suck dick?


We are all terribly sorry if you feel we have slighted you, Stinky. We certainly met no disrespect to someone of such stature that he got repeadly fucked up the ass by hobos, while lurking behind a McDonalds dumpster, inhaling rancid McNugget grease fumes, trying to wave away the flies, and calculating how much heroin this latest trick would get him.

File: CobaltsPlayPlace.jpg - (47.96 KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Are these rumors, or did he actually suck dudes off for Big Macs? This must have been before my time.

Also Cobalt, why did you move anyway? Free wi-fi is always a good thing.


cobalt still hasn't posted his supple, well used boypussy. ;w;


Nope, he himself admitted it. The wording was something like "yeah I used to blow and fuck guys for spare change but I haven't had to in a while!". Like that was some great personal triumph.


>>3478129 and when you make shit up and twist the truth to feel better about the simple fact that i get laid more than most on here combined and add to the fact i made minimum $20 for receiving bjs $40 minimum to bottom and that was because i had limited sexual interests and had to use my self to be able to live. back before i had left the lodging home i was making 3k per month at $100 per day often servicing at most 2-3 guys a day with great tips so wasn't earning change for bj's and another thing claiming i said anything of the sort while providing no real evidence to back it up is pitiful to say the least but if you have to fantasize how you see someone at least state that so you are not fooling other people into thinking you a third party know something that validates your fantasy because in the end the one who loses is yourself and it just makes you look pitiful to the rest of the site all because you have some sort of hateboner for me you wish to degrade peoples opinion of me to make yourself feel better about your pitiful life situation. only lowly plebs attack another human being with lies and deciet about another to hurt said person because they had it rough and enforce their belif that if shit was hard for them it must be for everyone else if the person makes more than them gotta lie and make them become seen as something other than someone taking advantage of my assets and milking it so to speak



>i was making 3k per month at $100 per day often servicing at most 2-3 guys a day with great tips

Yet you make so much less now picking through garbage.


>>3478179 theres a reason behind that though i began to lose places to connect due to city prudes having hypersensitive issues with these businesses. hamilton lost porn theaters thanks to people having issues with sex or more specifically homosex and the city caved in because they couldn't handle complaints of police officers invading a business for adults only aka porn theatres and arresting people for jacking it to the porn. its a very specific business which means they illegaly arrested people in a place thats explicitly for the purpose of getting off to porn which makes it a private establishment. the actions were totally messed up on the cities part. obviously i never got arrested in one despite volunteering my presence to help business along, i always stopped at $100 per day as sometimes ill have had a client who pays in$100s only making my earnings at $100 in a minimum of 20 mins right to 5-6 hours on most days back then. so had the city actually respected the gay community more and had they not prohibited porn theatres down town and told the prudes their problems are non existent. let me tell you the lies they made up just to try and force the situation.
claims of underage persons being on property aka people thought i was underage because i retain my youthful looks it runs in the family mom looks late 20's grandmother looked only late 30's early to mid 40's despite bein in her late 60's, im blessed with the closest thing we have to immortality extended life expected to reach as high as 103 tops and professionally estimated by medical pros so i know that if and when i die ill leave behind one gorgeous corpse. just to show how young i looked at that time. at 19 i looked 15 at 23 i looked about 16-17 npw i look about 18 lol and im 3 strikes from 30 btw. i can tell you why i took offense at being seen as younger even getting carded its both a blessing and a curse.


>>3478255 though just realized something funny, old habits man, my cash loan location i frequent is the very property the porn theatre was in fact .

heres a cool fact remember the begining of the movie kickass when dude gets stabbed by those thug/punk guys well that lot is right behind said porn theatre

File: 81F35RBYS+L._SY445_.jpg - (41.89 KB, 308x445) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>if and when I die I'll leave behind one gorgeous corpse
File: plastic.jpg - (35.36 KB, 570x407) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Still waiting on anything other than cheap plastic jewelry any child could make.


Where do you get your wi-fi from now?


Boy Cobalt sure is easy to rile up.



Stop your bullshit stories. Nobody cares how much of a sperglord you are on a shity furry forum that all of nine people actually look at anymore.

File: ea5ad85bca6251fa006e3e3246a4b2f4.jpg - (56.63 KB, 680x457) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ontario furries has a special relationship with, everyone knows this.


>>3479242 this was partially my fault, advertising my affiliation.

File: 01d7672e3c33d9602b22ce757168e111.png - (535.09 KB, 1323x1059) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There was clearly someone posting ontario furries news as a regular gig for an extended period. are you finally admitting responsibility for that one too?



No, opening your mouth in the first place about yourself in defense was your first mistake. Never tell your enemies your personal business. They will only throw it back into your face. Cobalt why don't you grow some balls and get off this board and go get a real job? This place isn't doing you any favors.

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