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File: AR-170919619.jpg - (20.45 KB, 747x533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
20941 No.3477403
So that's yet another greymuzzle who's been busted for child pornography. Can't move past the fact they're getting old, and for some reason decide that diddling kids will make them feel younger?


Just a general musing on this phenomenon. Could the reason for this type of thing be as simple as the fact that when these people joined the fandom it was a safe space due to their inability to deal with society in general. Part of what made it a safe space for experimentation, including sexual, is that it was a community that was designed around and for adults only, and it wasn't until people like people like Kage started pushing the whole 'all ages/family friendly' nonsense that you started seeing younger and younger people joining, and not being immediately told to fuck right off.

So now the same place you go to get boners just happens to have a bunch of kids in it, and you've already trained yourself to not be ashamed of your boners.

Summed up: Perhaps this situation is less about someone going to a chuck e cheese to find kids to molest, and more like a guy going to a strip club where the strippers just happen to be children, and then gets carted off by police when one of the strippers decides to go out back with him.


I swear this original thread is in the backpages. Why don't you look for it OP instead of posting yet another bread.

File: 18666539@400-1451636502.jpg - (44.04 KB, 400x282) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This sad little (BIG) boy is trying to keep the memory of his ex pedo boyfrend Danruk alive by posting his memories of the sick fucktard.

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