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Politics, foreign affairs and retarded furry drama are boring as fuck.
FFIX is now out on PS4. Freya thread.

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OH when is the Steam port out, and will it be a shitty hash of something I found in gamestop for 9 dollars when I was 12, or will they have put some effort into it this time?



Wow. Did Squeenix create a substantial fanbase that feels the need to play through every FF since 7 (6? 5 now?) on every console generation?


>>3476537 FF13:LR had some major merits to the point ive realized something 75% of the hatred for most games is juzt shills being paid to demean competitors product. cant sue a person for an opinion paid or not. the faults lie in critics being overly critical as if they expect results their way.

i shat on the game as i waited for release and a month later eb discounts their sealed copies fro$59.99 to !9.99 so took advantage and was surprised but don't take my word for it. im not the one that thinks games need to be perfect just fun. if you pay to compete don't complain as you chose it. this is my approach. due in part that i wish to offer sound critique instead of snobby one sided advice based argument. telling people not to buy only works with terrible products that are not just based off one experience. for example my bike had crappy stock parts but were only crappy due in part that the company was testing department stores with lower end versions in their pro series bikes issue was corrosion as far as quality in parts were concerened person who wrote a bad review broke his crankshaft because he improperly used the bike. not realizing he shoulda swapped steel for aluminum or titanium/steel parts he took it offroad onto hardcore trails then complains about bike being terrible. i spent $225 new i rusted out my crank before swapping to offroad quality.

do your homework before you complain about wasting time.


>>3476515 It's been on steam for a while bud.



People don't agree with me? They must be a paid shill.

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