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File: asssholes.jpg - (105.21 KB, 900x506) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
107731 No.3475335

welp, its happened, my beloved dumped me. which just left me broken and utterly fucking despaired.
so i just played spec ops: the line(yeah, like that might help), which make mi feel like shit even more.
so, is there any games that have same moral effect out there or what?


I have that game, yet I stopped playing it at that Peacock Hotel, as I grew tired of shit controls on PC....
I also lost my Trips+PW, and Im Kalakian.


come on, its cower base shooter you can literally play it with commodor controller, even. besides it's not about gameplay, it's all about plot


overrated game. can play demon's souls with minor issues. no moral bs just a great game.



the dull gameplay is literally a vessel for the plot.


the line is pretty unique in its narrative and the emotions it tries to play on. the only game i can think off off the top of my head is max payne 3, another game that constantly asks 'was that really worth it?'


Just watch Bojack my dude


oh yeah, i remember, max pain 2 also was somewhat depressive. especially last mission.


This War of Mine is similar in terms of "Oh god this is depressing". Not helped by the fact that the developers conducted interviews with survivors of the '92-'96 Siege of Sarajevo to better inform the game -

Also, if you're actually depressed, I genuinely recommend giving the latest season of Bojack Horseman a watch. The 6th episode "Stupid Piece of Sh*t" shows you his running Internal Monologue where he constantly derides himself.



Yes and I heard about that and I got it in a bundle and yet I could not play it further then that as its reeks of shit faggot CONSOLE PEASANTRY.

You want a depressing exp? Play Vampire: Bloodlines with latest community patch (as Troika, dev of the game, went bankrupt on my fucking birthday.)

I replay'd that game every year as it feelt me as a home to return to--- I did not did that for 4 years and when I did last year, it felt empty just as every fucking thing....

and fuck win10 and its fucking "better" mynth. I lost my trip as it was saveded on my desktop folder, as my VGA started to act up and I hard restarted my comp on a FUCKING SSD and yet it managed to fuck up so much it could not be fixed by any official and non official utility and method. Good thing in that sense that it has no point to post in art thred here where names woud LEAST matter. -Kalakian.

Ps: now theres a yinglet enclave on FA what has 100X better stuff that I ever had. Fuck this shit.


>>3475335 That's what you get for being in a relationship.


"Two things you gotta remember boys. Number 1: Stay away from women! All they want from ya is your man-juice!"


You need something more light-hearted and mindless this early in the process.
Fire up Tower of Guns and crack open a bear.

File: Crack_a_Bear.png - (86.44 KB, 764x796) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Thank you.



thats the joke

File: buttoftits.png - (124.56 KB, 441x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

my answer to this: monkey dust. a lot more fucked up.

>Vampire: Bloodlines

worth to try, i guess



Kalakian, non drunk edition comment:

All what a advice is, to not start a fresh game as Malkavian. Dont. They are a joke, what you get after you playd the game with one of the "normie" clans like Gangrel.

I strongly advise to get the GOG version of the game, as it has by default the community patches what fixes the shit what was no by Troika...

also listen to the paleskin woman in the beach, she tells the truth with out spoiling the story.

(and you can cheat on char generation at the start by switching back and forth backgrounds)

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