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File: pedo file.png - (846.38 KB, 921x1363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
866692 No.3475157
>has huge gallery, upwards to 2k+ pictures
>bits and pieces of cub porn everywhere
>report said cub porn
>cub porn gets deleted
>gets "suspended"
>moderator closes ticket
>suspension lasts 1 day
>he still has more cub porn in account
>report cub porn again
>this time no moderator replies to the ticket, the pictures are shadow-deleted, and the ticket remains open
>no suspension or penalty given this time
>you can probably find more cub porn if you're willing to navigate well above 40 pages of his submissions.

ITT: furries who are immune to the rules because of their status/political ideology

Hard Mode: NO ZAUSH/Cucksonafex, those are 2 ez


"I'm bored and out of people to harass: The thread"


So you destroy/compromise an artists gallery because you are a bored SJW, on a witch-hunt to do a job (clean up the naughty) that no one asked you do to. It's been 7 fucking years since the FA cub ban, I can't believe people are still holding this vendetta and stalk accounts nights and day, demanding to have stuff removed. You amount to a pathetic sack of nothing, just a buzzing annoyance around an artist's head that needs to be swatted away.


SJWs are pro-pedophile, idiot.

SJWs get enraged at meaningless made up bullshit that has no possible way of actually doing more than hurting feelings like micro-aggressions.

Cub porn often uses child porn as references and feeds an industry that demands more children actually get harmed, abducted, and raped.

If you don't think a porn industry can feed itself and grow itself like that, then hello, what the fuck do you call furry? An entire industry built around being blushingly close to sucking dog dicks.


you should step it up a notch and report it to FA's advertisers. let them know the site's admins are ignoring reports of depicted pedophilia.



>Cub porn often uses child porn as references

O rly?

>and feeds an industry that demands more children actually get harmed, abducted, and raped.

eye roll



No arguments. Kay.


Not worth it.
It's Sunday, I got other shit I need to tend to, rather than squabbling in detail about this subject on this board (for the Xth amount of time).

>Cub porn often uses child porn as references

Citations, proof.
No basis in fact.


chill out pedophiles, i'm not attacking your preferences. this isn't about liking or hating cub or CP, this is about the rules of FA bending over backwards for "certain" people but applying full weight of punishment upon others for breaking the same rules.

WAY to miss out the point you faggots. the reported pictures were uploaded way after the cub ban and yet no one said/did anything, and now he gets a pat on the back because he's "too big" and his political compass aligns with the agenda of the mods/neer.

File: DJXlAdhWAAEsbYD.jpg - (394.11 KB, 1233x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

actually i'm going with "the real problem with fa are the nazis using the site and the nazis who staff it"

nazis like OP, who spent time digging through all of echoen's garbage commissions the day they posted an anti-fash journal, and want us to spend more time combing through all that shit which lol no

is OP dumber than claudia or exactly as dumb



You should kill yourself for being an annoying little twat, more than anything.



The funny thing is that you find depiction of child abuse less offensive than a depiction of a Swastika.
You think it's "nazi" to be "anti-pedophilia"? How dumb are you?


Who was that ugly dog moderator and friend of Neer who wanted to move to the arctic north of Canada because he believed it was legal to fuck dogs there? Is he still around?

File: tor (2).jpg - (23.13 KB, 424x389) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

these are the kind of people who think they're justified in being racist and violent as long as they call their targets "nazis". this is why trump won. normal sensible people are sick of your shit, you retarded communist manchildren.


honey, if the FA staff was any more left-leaning, they'd be stalinist russia.
you're just butthurt because you want to be exempt from the rules but you want them applied on everyone else.

that guy had cub porn in his account for several years, he even uploaded some of it this very same year (2017), had it been some other rando they would have gotten a permaban, but the dick gets a 1day "pat in the back" and they're done with it, wonder whose cock did he suck or if it was totally OK because his political ideology is "the right one"



>an artist

Echoen is one of those shitty people who commissions art for popularity's sake. He's already got an A_B for paywalling art he buys from artists through Patreon (his Patreon is literally "give me money to buy art").


>>3475250 forgot the link.


he has TWO patreons, not one, but TWO.


Let's see if this garbage is still online:

Hey look it is, FA must be the most tolerant left that ever existed.

If I wanted to be exempt from FA's rules I'd need an FA account.


also laffo at people complaining about cub shit on a board where cub shit is stickied

you wanna bitch, bitch at chob



Ch00b is a worthless piece of shit but it's Nobu and Dan that are trying to normalize their pedophilia dipshittary on this board. At least Dan admits it. Nobu just gets fatter every time he denies it like some kind of Pinocchio magic.


You fucking nigger, you don't know the definition of garbage. That's allowed on the site because thankfully you don't run a damn thing which means there is still someone with a sense of humor on staff. If you don't want to be made fun of for you dipshit ideas, then don't have them.

Jesus fucking christ, I've never seen a group of people who were so blindingly hypocritical. Now who can I think of that's done something like this before?
What kind of group of people has an ideology that you have to accept every single idea they put forward without question?
What group of people wears uniforms while they assault others for thinking differently than they do?
What group of people tried their hardest to censor everything that made them look like anything less than the best thing in the world?
Man, the name is on the tip of my tongue. Oh well, thank god we have Antifa to protect us from having dangerous opinions or going against the government's wishes by using intimidation and force. And thank god they aren't Nazis!



take your lithium autist


Cub artists get a free pass. Staff will often claim to not be able to see the offending submissions, even if it's a callout journal on their front page. Even when forced to deal with it they do so in a lazy non-punishment manner just to appease someone.

What do you expect when all the furry sites are run by possible pedos? or a site run by a man who covered up a sexual assault solely because the artist had lots of fans? It's like the BBC runs this shit.

>implying Neer doesn't want bbc


Oh please, between Milo, trump's friends and all those KKK/white supremacist assholes arrested, plus /pol/ and their "age of consent laws are anti-white" rhetoric, it's the alt-right that are into kiddie fiddling.

And know what, rules are rules, the cub shit is banned, get the fuck over it. Stop getting your feelings hurt when you don't get your way, no fucking wonder /pol/ is losing, you all act like you're 4 years old.

>this is why trump won.

Continue to believe his rich friends, Israel and Russia played no part, oh right, you're /pol/ which means you don't acknowledge facts. Go kill your family and then yourself.


supersonic250 is on staff's good list, never punished for the pedo shit or the constant harassment of others.

eventually this tranny freak will end up in prison when a kid talks.



>I have no argument

I mean, I respect that you just give up in front of everyone like that instead of embarrass yourself. You're smarter than you look.



>liking cub porn automatically means you've molested a child irl

Thanks, I needed a good laugh today



Bullshit, it wasn't Brietbart or fox news that specifically ran think pieces that defended people being attracted to children, tried to normalize it, tried to suggest the punishments should be lighter.

That was HuffPo, WaPo, and the guardian, who only took those articles down the same week they went for Milo's scalp.

Milo is a dumpster fire, and his rhetoric on his own molestation isn't helpful or wise, but he is not the one penning articles about decriminalizing child porn.

File: vincollienazi6.PNG - (154.07 KB, 512x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

we're back with the "you're worst than hitler" statement, they just won't let him go, guy is very much dead and don't care at this point what we all think of him

File: 1465431576522.png - (239.50 KB, 588x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>cover up sexual assault

oh its YOU again, man your butthurt is eternal, when will you let the zaush thing go? of all the reasons to hate on FA, you pick the ONE reason thats most likely made up because women are pathological liars.

and you still have no physical proof dozens of threads in. tut-tut, see you next thread, where you'll most likely


>"you're /pol/"

i am an entire board with thousands of Unique IPs, ok fam.

>/pol/ totally wants to legalize pedophilia, definitely not me and my mentally ill antifa communist friends!

you're clearly full of shit and have no argument.

tbh both sides use pedophilia as a boogeyman, im sick of it.

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