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File: 104554611-3ED1-REQ-ShkreliTrial-062717.1910x1000.jpg - (112.50 KB, 1910x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
115200 No.3474543

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli has posted the one-and-only existing copy of the Wang Tu Album 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin' for which he paid $2 Million Dollars, on Ebay, with a starting bid of $1.

He said that if the bidding does not reach his unnamed expected price, that he will probably "bust it to pieces" in frustration.


I hope a big-dicked black guy busts his rectum with delight in prison.

>He said that if the bidding does not reach his unnamed expected price, that he will probably "bust it to pieces" in frustration.

What a turd.


Wu Tang what? are they still even relevant? who gives a fuck

File: bernie-shkreli.jpg - (537.66 KB, 1200x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Reminder that this asshole is a certified BernieBro™

>Damn @BernieSanders is my boy


I know your probably judt a sheltered little shit but i promise you he will go to a minimum security prison, the kind without fences, a pool, tennis court, and whatever else non violent, white collar criminals go. The kind where rape and violent crime basically never hsppen.

They just dont just dump them into the prisons you see on tv shows.



>He was a Bernie Bro...

Yes, he bragged about donating to Sanders and when Sanders found out about it he sent the money to a health canter charity because he didn't want that scum's blood money. Hillary gladly accepted his money.



I find it interesting that republicunts will always try to put some obscure link with Bernie to make themselves look better of all the shit they are causing right now.



>when Sanders found out about it

You mean when others found out and he couldn't hide taking money from him anymore.



Lmao, trying too hard brother.

Still not as bad as Trump outright accepting donations from KKK leaders and high wizards.

File: Archive-Images-8302596.jpg - (4146.29 KB, 4424x2479) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Martin Shkreli jailed over online bounty for Hillary Clinton's hair.

$5 Million Bail revoked, faces 20 years

File: 1454512811_c45e3005c85332982ac90d63805ed064.jpg - (14.46 KB, 418x246) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

More, from the New York Post.

”Fuck the government,” Shkreli wrote on Facebook after prosecutors filed a motion asking the judge to revoke his hefty bond. “I will never kiss their ring or snitch. Come at me with your hardest because I haven’t seen anything impressive yet.”


That ebay listing was just over a mil, with 305 bids, last time I checked. He posted it with a photo of himself, the first thing I noticed was his terrible print writing. Have people lost the ability to pick up a writing utensil and write things nicely? His penmanship makes him look like a 5 year old.

This sounds like they got him on something the OJ thing. But I'm just reading the clickbait headlines, I can't be bothered to read anymore into this guy. Sounds like a pompous, spoiled and generally awful individual, tho.



The problem is when you get a guy on something else who has his amount of money, he can rightfully appeal on the grounds that he is being punished not for the actions he was convicted of, but because of outside issues. The court isn't a system in America that allows you to fuck over dickheads, for being dickheads, if most of their dickheaded actions were legal.

Thus, he's going to get out on appeal and with the judge making statements that he is a danger to society, it is going to make it a cakewalk for his defense.



The judge's rationale was that he was "Publically soliciting assault on Hillary Clinton" with the offer of a $5000 bounty for grabbing some of her hair, and that "soliciting harm isn't protected by the First Amendment". Well, yeah, against a Clinton, at least. Say what you want about his money, but Killary's got magnitudes more dosh and influence than him.

It was a really stupid move, and $5000 ain't worth a suicide by 3 gunshots to the back of the skull anyways.



That doesn't matter, he wasn't on trial for that action. If anything, the scuzball is trying to get the judge to lash out exactly so that he can claim it's all a mistrial.


Same the Wu Tang Clan were too fucking stupid to keep a goddamned copy of the fucking thing, oh but someone might steal the MP3s from cloud storage and as we all know, MP3 downloading is worse than Hitler int he eyes of musicians.


Shkreli has a bit of "2000s Micheal Jackson nose" going on.



>against a Clinton, at least.

christ, shut the fuck up


Except he wasn't convicted on that charge - he was found to be in violation of his parole by doing so. Parole has an entirely different set of standards from an actual trial.



Parole violations can themselves be subject to appeals. That whole "Cruel and unusual punishment" claus, remember that?

Scuzball's lawyer can say the average American wouldn't be subject to having their social media combed over by the feds. If that's true, it might qualify as unusual punishment.


Eh, true and not. By its nature, someone that's been convicted gets a lot more scrutiny than Joe Blow down the road. As for social media, we did have that big case in 2012 where a young woman posted about wanting to kill Obama that got her a visit from the Secret Service -

And seeing as Clinton is under Secret Service protection, they could reference that incident as a negating point.

File: NjdiNzNlYTA1YiMvdnBQSmdmSVNHc0VGSExKbkRCcFd6Mml0ZTVBPS9maXQtaW4vNzYweDAvZmlsdGVyczpub191cHNjYWxlKCk6Zm9ybWF0KGpwZWcpOnF1YWxpdHkoODApL2h0dHBzOi8vczMuYW1hem9uYXdzLmNvbS9wb2xpY3ltaWMtaW1hZ2VzLzFkbWY4bzI3eWR4cDJpdXliNGtmaWdmbG94.jpg - (52.93 KB, 760x514) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


As usual, The Onion has the most cogent response:
"Martin Shkreli Faces Rough Stay In Prison System Where Inmates Who Funded Hair Theft Are Lowest Caste"


Hope he gets AIDS.


You know someone is a real piece of shit when Drumpf, Killary and Bernie unanimously hate them.

But Drumpf loves hwite supremacists which are worse people, so he's likely trying to play up for attention. Give him a chance and he'd gladly charge you $5K per pill. Shit, Drumpf probably secretly idolizes him and Killary only pretends to get attention because she doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself, so scratch that, Bernie's the only one who legit hates him.


Bernie doesn't hate anyone. Bernie has nothing but love in his heart.



Implying that Trump idolizes anyone above himself
That's bullshit and you know it.


What happened to the ebay auction?


Pretty boyface is going to get some uninvited manloving, for sure.


I hope his asshole will need more than 100 stitches, that he'll leak shit for the rest of his life nontheless and won't get any pain meds at all, because it's prision.
Oh and right after getting stitched up he should be raped again - 10 times in a row.
That would be at least a good start for that son of a bitch.


>>3475785 It apparently finished -- final bid $1,025,100.00 after 343 bids. You said it was over a million with 305 bids so the last 40 or so bids must've been people nickle and dime out-bidding each other.


How is he going to ship the CD to the winning bidder from jail, the article said he has to stay there until his sentencing next year instead of being free on bail. And what if someone cleans his apartment in the meanwhile and just throws the CD in the trash, not realizing what it is? I've seen lots of dumpsters full of some pretty good stuff where someone went to jail and friends or family housecleaned and threw it away.

File: Mitch_Beiro_processing_picture_(Arizona_Department_of_Correctionts).jpeg - (35.54 KB, 300x406) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wasn't it widely reported that when Mitch Beiro went to prison and his apartment cleaned his 30-year collection of furry art and sketches ended up in a dumpster?

I guess many people put no value on someone else's treasures.



>Wasn't it widely reported that when Mitch Beiro went to prison and his apartment cleaned his 30-year collection of furry art and sketches ended up in a dumpster?

Despite the shitty things he did, from a vintage furry art perspective (I like old stuff), that sucks.
What ever happened to all of Jim Hardiman's stuff after he died? I bet he had alots of stuff sitting around.


That was an entirely different situation, I'm pretty sure Jim's MOM (!) realized the value of what he had to others and was even offering online "unreleased collections" of Jim's art, and even had online ads posted. I'm pretty sure that's what actually happened. I didn't keep up with it tho but maybe someone else here did and can let us know how that came out.



Actually, there's going to be 2 art books coming out with unreleased Jim art and other artists art. They've been in the making for a very long time, like right after Jim died, but it seems they're finally sent out for printing (although this was told March 2017).
You can read up on that here:

All the rest of his older and/or "never posted" art he has destroyed himself and in his will it said he wanted all his remaining art destroyed after he died, except for certain pieces which will be in the 2 art books.
I'm afraid we're not going to see Jim's older art ever again, as I'm pretty sure his mom respected his wishes after he died, they were incredibly close (I mean, his mom helped him selling his art at cons and such, so...).
The only unseen art of Jim you're going to see is what's going to be in these 2 art books, let's hope there's a lot of it and that it's worth it after all these years of waiting.


On Doug Winger, and Death

File: mitchsfate.jpg - (100.83 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


THAT is the face of a man who has already had at least ten black dicks in a marathon shoved up his ass.


Interesting how the thread derailed from Shkreli into a more local example. You guys aren't feeling it as much, are you? The lynch mob is aging, and getting weary. How old are you all now?

"I'm going to imagine these people on the internet I've hated for years getting assraped in jail, and that'll be justice. It's going to happen any day now, just you wait and see. This is a certainty, and definitely not my lazy, bitter little wet dream."

I wonder what will happen to the last of you when you can't keep it going anymore.



>All the rest of his older and/or "never posted" art he has destroyed himself and in his will it said he wanted all his remaining art destroyed after he died, except for certain pieces which will be in the 2 art books.

Why? For the art fan, it breaks my heart. When an artist dies, thats it! Game over. No new production. You have to rely on the unreleased old stuff. At some point, you will eventually run out. I am sure much of Jim's art is still trapped in analog land, buried in old furry books and such. It begs the question tho as to why he would destroy so many originals. You created it, yet no one else saw it, but you.

Like I am really trying to understand it, because its not the first time I have heard of artists nuking their own shit. He could have told mom to ebay everything remaining, and made sure his mom was taken care of. All money raised to cover costs of Jim's passing, and to give hard working mom a bit of dosh. I think it was posted then removed here, but the oldest JH art I have seen is from 1993, despite he drew since the 80s.

That looks like a good read. Doug Winger is a good example of an artist's work now set in stone. What you see is what you get. I will always regret not making an effort in contacting him. I had many questions about the old fandom.

Next year Mitch will have been away for 5 years. I wonder if he gets out early, and if so, does he continue arting? I don't think he can really return.



>For the art fan, it breaks my heart.

Oh no, it broke your heart, want a tissue? :`(

>Like I am really trying to understand it, because its not the first time I have heard of artists nuking their own shit.

If you weren't so fucking autistic, you'd comprehend that not everyone perpetually likes every single fucking thing they drew and want to keep it up in the public eye. Sometimes people want to forget shit and move on, but twats like you won't let them. How about you don't be a obsessive completionist?


Yikes, touchy.


>>3477342 shame is selfish jh was a pussy for destroying but people like you are why he destroyed it.

File: tumblr_ouwgncTrnx1sjj0nto1_1280.jpg - (342.81 KB, 1155x893) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Isn't he in prison? I hope someone breaks into his house and steals that shit. Serve his ass right. You know he must be too broke to pay his court fees if he is selling that album. It would be justice all the way around.



The thing about Mitch Beiro and Ted Sheppard was that it was their selfishness became their own undoing. The guys in the "Tucson mafia" were a bunch of mooching bums who thought they were being clever by stealing cable and internet from a neighbor's unsecured line. They even felt like they could download all the CP they wanted and think that if the cops found out then it would have been the neighbor who got arrested and not them. HAR HAR HAR! What a bunch of nice guys, huh?

And then shit began to unravel fast when the cops did more than check the router info and found out the actual source of the CP leeching was happening next door. First Mitch gets busted, and I'm sure he squealed like a piggie and got Sheppard implicated as well.

My only surprise was that it took karma this long to punish these manchild sociopaths.



Hey Michael, how's it going?


they mad bro epic for the win!!!!!!



(´・ω・) are you okay?



He's not ok, he's 15.



Biero's case has the added bonus of allegations of him actually molesting some kid in California according to the articles.


Pharma Bro is cool, he's only hated by people too stupid or lazy to understand his business model. And honestly what sane person cares if some hippity hoppity trash gets shredded?


>>3478254 tbh for the most part hiv is the results of uneducated poeple not playing smart hell often you will see some around not even know because mothers fail to abort when infected and a tiny minority of people who had no choice

File: R1p5horrifyingsentenceupdated.jpg - (58.00 KB, 700x465) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


If I had to read over your sentence more than twice to fill in the words you missed to make this coherent, its taking too much work for the average reader.

Where the fuck is your punctuation?!


The pill guy again? Maybe if people stopped getting so much dick in their asses they wouldn't be so mad about it.


Honestly, anyone who gets AIDS now that we know what it is deserves to die a slow lonely miserable death.

Only sluts and idiots get HIV. The world is better off with both groups dead.


Except you know what else that medication was used for? Treating malaria, which affects mostly indigent communities that can barely afford mosquito nets, let alone $750 a pill medication. And even if they're getting donations and non-profits helping them, that means the non-profits are footing that exorbitant bill.


nuh uh gay faggots helicopters in the butt aids

haha trolled u!

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