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File: dragon dildos vs the real thing.jpg - (32.37 KB, 407x406) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
33142 No.3474204

I saw this picture recently and it reminded me that I never actually got around to playing Morenatsu when it was on my old (Win 7) computer. (Well -- I did but never got past the first 30 minutes where the guy is going on and on about the beauty and nostalgia of the countryside and we never actually meet anyone. Maybe we meet grandma but we never get any pictures of her because I'm pretty sure you can't date grandma)

Anyway -- Has anyone gotten it (the English version) to work with Win 10? I'd have to re-download it as well and I'm not sure what the best place to do that is.


I'm not sure if you heard the news but it was shuttered a few years ago

I don't actually know where you can download it, the sites I used are long gone


just find the housamo discord and ask them, most of the gays from the morenatsu threads are there now, or you can pm the guy that translated it on twitter

File: All_Together.png - (617.18 KB, 1031x632) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, it sounds like those housamo people are mostly over "Morenatsu". Nobody seemed to have any updated links or information. If I can't resurrect the old computer I had it on then I might be stuck watching lets plays of it on YT.


Took two seconds to find this on google.....


>>3474778 and im sure a few torrents lying around, havent bothered with it since i could not get it working. about as hard for me as it is to get linux installed not that i cant use linux just instal it lol.


>>3474778 Weird.. All I could find was broken links dead torrents and outdated information. I got the download but haven't tried it yet .. I hope this still works in Win 10.


>>3474968 I finally got around to trying this. Ran AppLoc as instructed -- it seemed to install. Ran Morenatsu using Japanese Locale as instructed and got some kind of Japanese error message that couldn't be displayed properly

File: morenatsu thank you.jpg - (33.19 KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3475894 FIXED!

I had to get a program called 'Locale Emulator' for windows 10 and used that instead of using that HP AppLoc thing.

Also ĀµTorrent has become an ad-filled shit show since I've last used it. I need to find a better torrent program.




File: bbfbe6f0adc374e4ca458851ef5aa5c5.png - (926.05 KB, 792x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

more like JEWtorrent amirite

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