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File: 1248815682.bateleur_bateleursummertime.jpg - (193.88 KB, 590x769) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
198534 No.3474043

As the subject title says; furry artists that just up and vanished. Share details here, exchange possible clues to their whereabouts or reasons why they vanished.

First one on my list: Bateleur.

Used to draw some real cool and cute stuff. IIRC she had some big plans about setting up an art website or something, but it fell apart and she disappeared shortly after.

Another one is Anjila.

Super bright and colourful art without being an eyesore, a really cute toucan character. She was quite active up till 2011. when she got married, and her online presence abruptly stopped. I heard somewhere she is a Mormon and knowing how they treat women, I can assume that she has been relegated to staying in the kitchen and popping out babies.


I wonder why Omega red and Cara Mitten vanished from furry



Cara Mitten is active on Twitter still, posting art pretty often.

>First one on my list: Bateleur.

current accounts:

>when she got married, and her online presence abruptly stopped.

I can relate. Too busy being and adult and doing adult things. It sucks. I was a chan nerd of the highest order...I just don't have time to piss around on them as I used too. I realize I got nothing done when on places like 4chan for hours on end.



I dunno, I know some people who are in a stable marriage and still able to do stuff online, it all comes down to organizing.

I am more willing to bet that Anjila simply got the shaft when she got married, seeing how Mormons treat women as nothing more than food makers and baby dispensers on two legs.


Anjila is very much alive, if her steam account is anything to go by. Real shame she doesn't post anything anymore, though.

File: e72eee123fbbe998921ab60665897ab9036fde9b.jpg - (194.13 KB, 768x1040) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Whatever happened to Jig?

Jig was really good and then poof. Gone.


Although I can't say if it effected them or not, but didn't a bunch of people draw a whole bunch of porn of both of them?

File: 13254376596.jpg - (99.88 KB, 416x335) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>no one is ever allowed to leave
>no one ever really leaves the furry fandom
>don't they understand once a furfag always a furfag
>I don't care if they've been gone five years now they're just in denial
>they have to be enticed back
>if they won't come back


>no one is ever allowed to leave

Like the mafia.

There was an artist on DA that drew nothing but Roxanne and Max from A Goofy Movie, they were talented but just disappeared. Been a long time now.

Also Atariboy was gone for like, almost ten years, and actually made a comeback. I still don't quite understand what happened.

File: roxanne_pose_by_sirio1996.jpg - (201.25 KB, 1413x1837) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I remember her. Spanish girl, right? "sirio1996". She's been brought up here a few times, partially by me as well. Guessing she grew out of it, or got creeped out by a fan. Almost always happens, one of those two. It's a shame, seems like she had a lot more fans than it seemed while she was still around.


I met Atariboy at AC in the mid-2000s, shortly before he vanished. He cited not being able to afford a modern computer, but that was a LONG time to get a new one. I'm not quite certain what was up, but I'm almost sure we never got the whole story.



In all, raising children is more fulfilling than being an ugly abrasive trans Antifa activist who routinely checks their twitter feed. More power to her.



You're not exactly setting a high bar to overcome or improve upon.





Believe me, she's farther in life than losers who kick trash cans and perform online witchhunts. She could have taken the easy route by making Twitter rants and patreon begging, but she chose not to.


And she ditched dragoneer.

File: IMG_3330.JPG - (47.09 KB, 384x507) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Not to mention that she actually looked like a real-life Roxanne. Pic related.

File: IMG_3331.JPG - (168.64 KB, 600x957) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also this one. She was a cutie, kinda sad that she vanished.


I kinda always wonder what happened to KamiCheetah. She was pretty popular and active and worked on one of the furry paysites but then after she started dating JayAxer they both kinda dropped off the face of the earth for years. I can see this happening for JayAxer since he works in the industry (He worked for Archie drawing Sonic comics) so him vanishing makes sense to me since his outcome could come from elsewhere. As of recently they both kinda popped up again but then Kami just kinda dropped dead all over again.

As far as I know she isn't 'in the industry' like JayAxer and hasn't really taken commissions in years??

Theirs a recent journal JayAxer made saying they're both taking collab commissions but like...what's going on? Why does she keep popping in and out of existence and only talking in short bursts on his page? ._.

File: Roxanne.jpg - (57.78 KB, 594x334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 14131d88832b6247c91a5b91876ea6e5--sting-police.jpg - (27.77 KB, 338x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Well, here's a fun development. Found her! She now goes by "Arte GreeN.S." and makes sculptures of little clay mice.

Here's her blogspot:

And proof that it's her: At bottom of post: "Mis dibujos ( las secuelas) Algunos me conocian como Sirio 1996." Translation: "My drawings from when people knew me as Sirio 1996."



Whoa, holy shit dude, nice find! Thanks for this, I'mma go check it out.



Yeah, there's a bit more of her old stuff at the bottom of . So it seems she's dove into the sculpting mostly now. A shame that everything she's done since is a far cry from the Disney stuff or even her own OCs. She must have really wanted to leave it behind. Even the posts that show hew few things from back then were 5 years ago.

She lists her email for inquiring about online purchases. Maybe I'll shoot her one regarding her mice as soon as I can find a good translator.


any idea on where kitry aka corrupt-ewe aka albinodragon aka capprine is at nowadays ?


Simple observation. Have any of you noticed that all of these 'long lost furries' are women? What do you think that says about the posters in this thread?



That we suck at letting go of the past? I thought that would be obvious.


also whatedver happened to mhirts - (midnight sands) id love to seethe conclusion of that series.
or for that matter jim hardiman ?

File: 746403_BulletSoup_troop669v2.jpg - (316.82 KB, 669x1042) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474547 James is dead, bud.



not knowing Hardiman's been dead for like 3 years

Damn, son, where you been?


Holy sheeeeeeeeet. I can't believe you found her.



>yfw no one can come close to Jim's detail when he was in his prime, and most likely never will because everyone draws digitally these days.





File: addlenarrrrrrrrrr.jpg - (323.58 KB, 1366x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3474547 Wasn't there a thread about Hirtes not long ago -- on some other board using like 50 aliases so he can get around bans. He's one of those 'no one will miss him when he's gone' people -- a bit like that addlessee guy.



>He's one of those 'no one will miss him when he's gone' people -- a bit like that addlessee guy.

ya know, you're in that same bucket



Detailed does not fucking equal talented. His details just as often were fucking grotesque. I'm amazed at how many furries lick Hardiman's asshole three years later. Not only was he utterly overrated, he was a fucking prick. Have people forgotten this?



>His details just as often were fucking grotesque.

A lot of people don't like overly simplified and symbol drawn pussies/assholes that are EVERYWHERE. He was one of the only furry artists to make mucous membranes look like... actual mucous membranes. I also haven't seen very many people that draw actual FUR on their shit since then either, it's 99% air brushed smooth fur carbon copy schlock now.

Him being a prick is irrelevant to providing hardcore furry porn.

File: 1444285676.pommyn64_zfztypm.png - (222.12 KB, 1048x1109) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Bateleur (like most "vanished" artists) disappeared because she racked up a huge list of unfinished commissions that people began having the audacity to ask for refunds on. She had a second account made specifically to dodge this, but people found out the connection in time and she just abandoned ship altogether.

Fun fact, she was actually the one who introduced me to what servals are, and sketched my first-ever "freebie fursona" as a result of spotting her a copy of Pokemon SoulSilver way back when (pic related).



She didn't abandon ship, also Bateleur was never her main account, it was always Jijix.

I refer you to her currently active accounts in



lol, jijix has a loong story of being similar to starfinder in terms of unfinished shit.

File: m_1169621265413_rap_pose050322blu.jpg - (85.12 KB, 520x649) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

(she/he) had some pretty good dinosaur porn.



>His details just as often were fucking grotesque.

Look, we know you like dicks, alright? We get it. A vagina, to you, is a horrible looking place.

>he was a fucking prick. Have people forgotten this?

I think he trolled you, and you got your feelings hurt.

I will give Jim a criticism about his old work, tho - I often thought he drew breasts too high on the body, and they didn't have enough weight to them. Most of the time, they felt like implants. But hey, I'm sure most don't care. And that's fine.

Thank you.



>He cited not being able to afford a modern computer, but that was a LONG time to get a new one. I'm not quite certain what was up, but I'm almost sure we never got the whole story.

That sounds like a load of bull. With prices dropping all the time for tech, even for used shit, he could have gotten something...anything. There is more to that story, I'm sure.


No, he was a Prick.
His "Jokes" often meaning getting your characters used in violent sex and even getting dismembered.. but hey.. its for "the lulz".


I'm not sure I've ever seen someone defend Jim like this. Mostly because he was a jerk.

a big jerk


Jim drew furry pornography and occasional gore. Unless he personally attacked you verbally, in person, at a con, the title of 'jerk' is a pretty weak one. You could, in theory, consider anyone you have a 'beef' with online as a 'jerk'. You are probably easily offended (and maybe even a 20s-something uptight virgin). As someone who isn't easily offended, I never really had an issue with Jim's tactics of trolling. He could draw whatever he wanted, cause a shit stir, and didn't really care. In fact, he is probably loving it that years after his death, people are still talking about him (here). When most furry artists die, and they are out of the collective minds of the fandom so fast, the body is still being laid to rest.

I caught the very end of Jim's saga here as I started posting here in late 2013. I wish I could have witnessed all the drama he caused previously. It's funny as fuck. At least it is, to me.


>>3474814 well i can label patto a jerk as she tends to disrespect potential and future customers like myself all because im not paying them at that moment. every other artist ive talked to say its bad for business to not be social and even if i could only afford $2 ill often support by buying pins and keychains as thanks for the socializing.


I'm not sure he really ever offended me, but thanks for that generalization.

The only thing he ever did that ever got to me was his whole "I'm not a pedo fuck the pedos"-phase where he started drawing that one bear over and over again. The whole thing kind of cried of a "lady doth protest too much" sort of thing.

File: Ambrosia.jpg - (323.13 KB, 1366x2049) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

that bear was way too fucking hot



>but thanks for that generalization.

Sarcasm? Legit asking.

>started drawing that one bear over and over again

Remember, she was a midget cop, though. I suppose that was Jim's escape plan concerning that drama. "Hey, she's not a kid! She's a grown up police woman who got stunted at birth!".

Oh, I just had a thought - artists that vanished, wondering what happened to them - that impersonator of Jim's style who kept drawing Ambrosia. They always posted those images here first. Sadly, it has been quite a while since they last posted here. Guess they moved on. Was hoping they'd do a summer themed pic, since they covered other seasons.


She was also some kind of a demon or something too


That was Penance. The cop was Ambrosia. I could never get hard after seeing her demon form.

File: judyambrosia.jpg - (309.17 KB, 902x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


If bulletsoup is truly dead his spirit lives on in mimic art

Which I'm fine with as long as we see more of that lewd little bear


penance was like his way of saying "im totally not a pedo, see how much i hate them? im gonna draw this monster mentally breaking and torturing pedos in bloody gory fashion!"


new Ambrosia mimic art fucking when? I need to make a thread about her sometime

File: ambrosebigjob.jpg - (95.31 KB, 622x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

haven't seen any new mimic art in a while

File: w2x_SW_Powerpuff.png - (882.96 KB, 1200x946) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

post rare JMHs


But she's hot as fuck. We need more art of her that mimics the style badly

File: Kenya_pose.jpg - (95.94 KB, 555x752) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's so fuckin' obvious now that Jim was drawing under all these different alias'. When you really start studying the linework and how certain things are constructed (eyes, hair, muzzle, etc), its a giveaway to his 'style' no matter how much he tried to change it up. I can see a little bit of Ambrosia in that face.

File: Good_Thing.jpg - (54.54 KB, 620x464) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 960x1280 pbear background.JPG - (248.72 KB, 721x986) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


"that bear was way too fucking hot"


File: e5de4409af1635dffb4ed66a2ee2aaec.jpg - (278.87 KB, 575x760) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We need more. Bulletsoup/Hardiman/Desire/Whoever the fuck art impersonator please grace us with more lewd art of best loli bear!


"It's so fuckin' obvious now that Jim was drawing under all these different alias'."

It always was fucking obvious, but some people (as present politics proves) like being fooled.

File: aa36c5d86dcd26ef0ff1df6222749e99.jpg - (51.92 KB, 590x464) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




>It's so fuckin' obvious now that Jim was drawing under all these different alias'.

Don't let Sniff Heinkel hear you or else he might throw one of his famous tantrums!!

Years after Jim's death, and long after truth came out, Sniff still rabidly, vehemently insists that Desiree Lee and BulletSoup were separate people and not just made up by Jim to draw cub smut and other more kinkier shit. For two reasons;

-he is a naive, gullible motherfucker who claimed for a long time that Jim is his totes bestest and closest friend and that Jim would never lie to him.

-he loathes, and I mean loathes cub porn. Admitting that BS and Jim are the same person would be also admitting that his idol draws something he utterly despises, so it is no surprise that he is in a fullblown denial mode about the fact.

He flipped his shit at Bunnyman on FA because he mentioned that some of Jim's close friends admitted to him that BS and Desiree Lee were Jim's alter egos.

File: 1218928784.eltonpot_sinister_taz_s_mate.jpg - (175.88 KB, 906x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Hey, I absolutely love Elton Potilho's style of cartoony & sexy fusion. I'm also not a fan of cub art, but I can ignore it most of the time.

But he drew it, among other things, for this one particular individual. Anyone remember this character? If Betawolf/Sinistrtaz wasn't getting his fetish drawn, it was of his OC character's wife instead. I couldn't find any of his commissioned cub stuff (and that's probably a relief on my part), but for a good while, it was out there.

And it was often cub in the worst way -
-cub rape (I can't recall any point where the kid didn't look horrified or wasn't crying)
-usually implied to be fathers raping their daughters (with a mother/son combo occasionally tossed in)
-in a public setting, to many witnesses in shock
-with some pics showing others getting in on the action on their own kids, turning it into a public prepubescent rape orgy

As reprehensible as that sounds, it was drawn, by many notable fandom artists, almost entirely for Betawolf. Dude musta had hella dosh to make several big time artists compromise their morals to churn that stuff out. Some of those artists are now at least semi-professional - that stuff was guaranteed career-enders if it got out. Eventually, people put two and two together, outed him, and any support he had evaporated lightning fast, like fire to a spider web. In many cases, his commissions probably weren't linked to the artist by name -no one wanted to admit drawing that stuff-, but their art style was clear as day to any FA veteran. I don't recall any artists really getting much heat over the issue (probably because they were popular enough to weather the storm), and Betawolf quickly slinked off into the shadows, only to reappear by some new alias that escapes me.

I guess what my rambling is trying to say is, there is indeed a price to everything. And being good friends with someone only goes so far. Never delude yourself into thinking you know a person - loads of people don't even know themselves. Friends can and will absolutely lie to friends, because some lies are the ones we want to hear. Some lies are the lies that should be made.

TL;DR: Sniff is denial personified.



>But he drew it, among other things, for this one particular individual.

As far as I know EL never drew cub porn, not even for Betawolf. He only did the public sex pics with Taz and Felicia.

You were probably thinking of Bittenhard, who did draw those cub porn orgy pics.



(thinks long and hard)

I've definitely seen the Bittenhard ones......could have sworn there were some by EP as well. But if not, that could explain why I hadn't found any. Mind's a bit hazy, I guess. How long ago did that whole thing happen? Seems my memories are getting a bit jumbled.



Around 2010.-2011., if memory serves me well. I know the pics caused quite a drama in some circles.


there was a guy who made an incest comic featuring a FtM Cheetah and his brother (and a horse too but I like to pretend he wasn't there) and he had really promising art
but poof, vanished, gone, can't find a trace of him online and I can't for the life of me remember his name. I never did save the comic either.



>who did draw those cub porn orgy pics.

You should post these as proof they exist...

Also, there is an FA artist named Sonderjen that drew cub art under the name Fonte Bassa. Anyone got those?




Yeah, definitely some similarity in styles.

File: 2c37aa1bbb68dd7145bf989a7d571347.jpg - (2344.86 KB, 1446x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

RiceFish was a beautiful artist, poofed into the abyss : /

Avelacuna had potential, but also seemed to vanish.....

Does anyone know what ever happened to Malachi ?



Malachi went full on mental breakdown insane. Had a huge public shitfit and everything.

File: 1505288873300.jpg - (143.19 KB, 1280x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3475557 Was it because her facework looked like massive Caesarian scars? (it should have been Imo.) (I am not boasting talent...I don't draw because I have no premise)



Malachi suffered a breakdown after her mother (whom she was very close with) passed away. It was heartbreaking and depressing to see her mentality slip so suddenly and harshly.



I should have known that they'd be up on E621.
(look at all the upvotes, fuckin' christ)

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