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File: pumpkin_spcie_brace_yourself_meme.jpg - (39.39 KB, 450x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
40336 No.3473903


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Is that Boromir or Ned Stark?

Also LOTR > GOT, hands down.

File: Header_Linnunlaulu_ruska_autumn.jpg - (1820.18 KB, 2560x1471) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I absolutely love the fall/autumn season.

-The humidity of summer is over. It's cooler, and unlike spring thaw, less muddy and awful looking.
-Bug activity goes down.
-The smells of bonfires during cool temps.
-The colors of trees.
-Crisp, warm days of walking or biking among the fallen leaves.
-An order is restored, people fall back into their same routines as summer vacation is over. Kids go back in school. People who spent the spring/summer moving settle in for the season.
-Pumpkin everything. Hot drinks.
-Thanksgiving, Halloween, Oktoberfest, with special programming associated with those events.
-Sucks it gets darker faster. Winter looms.
-It only really shitty when the season is rained out, then its damp and ugly and all the leaves stick to the ground. It also stinks if you have a property with a ton of large trees. Leaves in the gutters, wiper cowl of the car, in the garden. Lots of raking.

Summer can suck it because of the heatwaves, sunburn, and misquotes.
Winter can suck it because freezing cold, huge amounts of snow to shovel, risk of slipping on ice and having a lifelong injury, higher risk of having an automobile accident, and road salt fucks my car with rust.
Spring can suck it because coming out of winter, the temperature can still remain miserably cold. You have black road snow that eventually melts to revel a ton of decomposing litter, dead lawns and forests, its muddy and rainy a great deal of the time, blackflies, and the start of misquotes.


Spring is muddy and depressing.
Summer is a stifling, oppressive, bug-infested hell season.
Autumn is glorious colors and cozy temperatures.
Winter is sleepy, peaceful and contemplative.



>Summer can suck it because of the heatwaves, sunburn, and misquotes.

I know what you meant, but this is kinda funny

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