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File: Angry-boy.jpg - (1755.37 KB, 1601x1199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1797503 No.3473799
>going through submission stats page
>notice tags on submissions I did not add

I don't believe users are allowed to add tags on FA - and Sofurry allows this to be disabled because users don't need to do this to begin with - so I can only assume a staff member fucking did this. I'm not happy with the idea of staff thinking they know what's best.

>their site they can do as they please don't like it leave

Yeah I can leave if I don't like it, exactly. What next, they decide a detail in the pic needs fixing, do it themselves and replace without consent? I've noticed lots of odd shit on FA actually. Sometimes artists I watch are suddenly missing from my watched list and I've seen a few in my list I'd never heard of. One was a southerner who did no art and just posted selfies and gun collection shit, I did not know who it was and certainly did not watch that account.

It makes me wonder, how long until watching the popufur accounts becomes mandatory just to boost their fame further? How long until they openly start mandating certain things and forcing certain tags or "art standards"? They can run their site however they want but if they piss people off with stupid shit they won't have any users, so fuck what they want.


Boy are you a WHINER.
Again with your bitching
A la >>3455803, and all the other bullshit you yammer on about here.

File: 1478955460234.jpg - (148.92 KB, 958x716) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
152498 already answered your question. you don't like it don't use it. simple fix, don't bitch about what you are using for free.


Look. There's something called a search system. You not tagging your shit correctly? You're actively breaking the system.

You're not unique. Your art isn't priceless. Stop breaking free services.


ITT assholes think FA is great because Neer probably pays them to.

I'd say if staff is pulling this shit they're stepping out of bounds by a big margin. Tags are fucking useless, I NEVER fill them in. Does anyone use that shit? No. There's a real search feature on the site. But you know, staff told a rape victim to keep quiet, they can't be trusted to do the right thing. Neer would probably do 10-life if his PC ever got confiscated for the cp alone.

Then again this is Lulz, a place that thinks Chris Hansen frames people, it's proven full of retards with no sense. Fucking furries can't stand dissent against their pedo fetish fandom. They're the real whiners when they don't get their shitbag little way and any complaints are taken as an attack against their porn fetish circle. Fuck you sorry people, OP has a reason to find this to be an issue of concern.

Would love to see the art you 3 draw, or maybe not, it's probably shit.


Hm, reading more of OP this isn't just a tag issue but Lulz can't read more than 2 sentences before flipping their autistic shit. OP is watching artists OP has never heard of? Sounds to me like a site mod is getting their buddies some extra fans without permission.

Also funny you dig up an ID of a post on the back pages yet cant notice recent Trump/pro-white threads are the Sam Farber ID. You fucking useless clowns. I hope you are artists OP has blocked, if not you deserve to be. Probably explaing the grudge "waah this person didn't do me free art I must hate them forever". You don't deserve free shit and fuck your obsessive crying, OP would be legally justified beating your asses with a steel pipe for your childish behavior. Hell, anyone would be justified beating you because you exist. You fuckers only contribute hatred and pedophilia to this planet anyway. selfish fucks that can't work a damn McJob minimum wage thing think they are owed Patreon bux because they did art and take every small slight against them as a life-long personal offense, while thinking about how many children they'd like to fuck. Just a shame our current president is a pedo-enabler and will never deal with the furry fandumb.


That's some weapon's grade autism to say "Stop liking what I don't like."

Also, nobody was a rape victim. Cut that shit out. Regret is not rape.



>it's proven full of retards with no sense.

Yes it has, with your posts, actually.

File: you_broke_it.png - (114.24 KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Why not use one of the saner alternatives?

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