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File: haircut.jpg - (467.39 KB, 728x670) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
478604 No.3473797

I feel like Ozy and Millie is a bit of a 'tainted' comic now, knowing it pushes a fetish (shaving) in a few instances, and knowing DC Simpson (years later) is one of them "not right in the head" types. Was it really a good comic, or just a Calvin and Hobbes clone?

Whatever happened to Rainedog, does that strip exist anywhere online now? I wonder what their endgame was with that strip. I always thought there would have been a scene where the kid and the dog meet as adults and have like, a good conversation about what happened in the past.

I've seen their latest comic with the Unicorn in local comic shops, published under Dana Craig. They were also at a local comic-con signing thing, I never saw them though. I guess they found some success. Little do these readers know of their author's furry past. Simpson also released some music at some point (under his male name) that I tried to find, but couldn't.


how did I not know about this comic sooner, it looks adorable


Didn't you already fucking do this exact thread? Are you just begging for attention?


No, I did not make a thread like this before. I wanted to discuss Simpson and their comics, and if anyone has a different opinion on them, now that they are older.



>board is dying
>/pol/ spam and other bullshit
>actual furry conversation happens
>AAURRRUDAAGRLEBARGLE what are you an attention whore!!!

This is exactly why people don't bother with this place anymore. An audience of retards that shoot themselves in the foot, every time.

File: 700px-Gender_Chart.png - (185.42 KB, 700x569) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>their comics

Go back to Dumblr.


Go back to 4chan, you easily triggered teen, holy fuck.


Weirdly, I bought most of the books at 1st printing; I genuinely enjoyed it as a strip and hoped he'd achieve syndication at one point.
There were some weird arcs and the author tended to soapbox harder and with less elegance than Berke Breathed, but the 'kids acting like kids' stories were charming.


What is the point of your thread?


Is Simpson a hack, or a decent comic artist/writer? Does his fetish or female leanings effect how you perceive his past works and current works?

File: college_ozy_and_millie_by_pedantia-d596agi.png - (431.64 KB, 1228x1203) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[spoilersdonotworkhere]She[/fuckthissystem] is a good artist, with Raine Dog being the only blunder, which [fuckthis]she[/shit] promptly removed after readers made it clear it is garbage.

Not every artist who does work you don't like is a "hack".



>please reinforce my lonely opinions about stale drama
File: JfATUfzsOUisDarkdoo.jpeg - (81.01 KB, 690x460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 828847 - DC_Simpson Millicent_Mudd Ozymandias_Llewellyn Trollface meme ozy_and_millie webcomic.jpg - (300.19 KB, 743x1065) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 46846 - Millicent_Mudd Ozymandias_Llewellyn mizzyam ozy_and_millie webcomic.png - (233.93 KB, 600x657) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: Millie.gif - (27.79 KB, 550x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's been about...ten years now, since any new O&M lewds have been drawn. Same goes for clean art, I'm sure. Funny how shit gets forgotten about, and slips away from the collective. These were cute characters. Millie would be more assertive in the bedroom, Ozy would go along with it and make suggestions during the session. I'm sure they would communicate very well.



Basically this. It's a really good comic except that the politics is super fucking dated (and I agree with DC Simpson's political views). The Berkely Breathed comparison is apt; he was always really good at making his political references feel timeless even when they were extremely specific. O&M never managed that, but the non-political stuff was really compelling and fun.



>my lonely opinions about stale drama
>stale drama

What is lulz dot net slash furi?

I would draw some if I could draw.

Is O&M a "furry" comic first? Or is it a "comic" first, that just happens to use anthropomorphic animal characters? I feel those lines are kinda blurred. Did it start online first? Was it ever printed in a newspaper? Did the books sell in retail?

Also holy fuck its almost 20 years old. I wonder if Simpson would consider making a comeback for it, with all the skill they have acquired since the comic ended. Then again, like Watterson, maybe its better to end it when you know its time.


Like all tranniy webcomic creators or webcomics with tranny characters, his comics are shit. O&M was shit. Raine Dog was shit. The unicorn comic is shit.

He just makes his comics bland and boring enough to not draw much criticism. He makes them as inoffensive as possible so they won't draw much attention. It's all shallow fluff in a boring and cute package with the occasional soapboxing and fetishism.

It's hilarious how detached from reality trannies have to be in order to think that a preteen boy fucking a dog and the dog getting spayed as punishment is a good allegory for the tranny struggle. He also always relies on drawing "cute" perfect little girls in his comics which are obvious self inserts.


Keep in mind, that during the O&M years, Simpson was a "dude". Also, I don't remember Raine fucking that boy. She "spent the night" in his bed. I do recall, though, the shitfit that happened when that comic page went out. I think some had a good time with it. It made for some funny fodder.

File: Tranny Allegory.jpg - (100.51 KB, 417x599) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


> I don't remember Raine fucking that boy. She "spent the night" in his bed

It didn't explicitly show the kid fucking the dog. It showed them sleeping together nude with an obviously sexual kiss. Even if it didn't imply sex, it was meant as something sexual, which is why she was spayed after getting caught.

File: Pheobe-and-her-Unicorn-Sept-4-2017.png - (131.96 KB, 917x290) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>The unicorn comic is shit.

No joke, it's pretty much complete shit. How are newspaper comics even still a thing?

File: dana_simpson.jpg - (231.82 KB, 1043x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also it looks like Dana's chunked up quite a bit. Anybody still have that old photo of him showing off his new (at the time) set of grotesque franken-tits?

>ozy and millie

Wow, been almost a decade I last heard someone mentiona that.

File: t3_6xvs6d.jpg - (540.79 KB, 1152x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He's still active on FA:

Most recent journal 7th August 2017. "Claire La Mouf" is a 12 year old skunk character, that he uses for his sexual shaving fantasies and general unsavoury stuff.


He looks like a flabby eunuch. He is one now, I suppose, if he's had the dick chop. He looks really unhealthy.



This is why I can't deal with trannies. They're just uncomfortable to look at.


"Claire La Mouf" is a 12 year old skunk character, that he uses for his sexual shaving fantasies and general unsavoury stuff.

He always self-inserts himself as a preteen little girl who he sexualizes in a fetishistic way in all his comics.

Another pedo tranny webcomic artist, just like shmorky

File: 452.png - (772.86 KB, 914x693) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Simpson had a GREAT Comic. Ozy and Milly was great. A lot of people wish for more.

But I see that the comic was stopped at EXACTLY the right moment. The comic was stopped EXACTLY when Simpson tipped from being "Pritty dang Liberal" over into "What the fuck Liberal." and was stopped the moment Simpson realized that it could no longer keep it's personal politics out of this comic.

Even though it served as SImpson's soapbox more then once, Simpson didn't want the comic to become nothing more then a soapbox.

Also lol >>3474083
Simpson will deny it up and down, but that was actually drawn by Simpson. Simpson wants that image buried so keep it spreading =u=!



>Ozy and Milly was great

No it wasn't. It was shit. The writing was fucking terrible while trying to be a cute and inoffensive rip off of Calvin & Hobbes except made with far less talent


Simpson does not make for an attractive female. Those glasses are doing them no favors. Didn't he look decent, when he was a "man"?


>that it could no longer keep it's personal politics out of this comic.

I see what you did thar. So, I guess it ended at the right time.

File: DSCN0438.jpg - (349.06 KB, 1126x845) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Based on what I see from the books, I take it this was around 2007/2008? Before he switched sexes? He looked okay as a guy. Maybe try a different hairstyle.

File: blair-white.png - (437.77 KB, 557x366) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3473797 It was pretty good as far as webcomics go. It was rather like Calvin and Hobbes (except for the political strips) but that's a good thing.

>>3474230 Even this one?


He's still ugly and still clearly a dude and a massive attention whore which is why he panders to the shitlord crowd instead of tumblr.



Yup, and has a syndicated comic strip that is quite popular on the Internet AND newspapers:

While you're just a loser sniping at Dana Simpson out of petty envy.


I also have most of the books in 1st printing, though they've been shoved away in storage for years now.
iirc the print job globbed on the inking in some pages; I wonder if this was a uniform error, or if I just happened to have a messy copy?

Anyway, O&M is the best thing Simpson has thrown out so far, and too much of it is hamfisted political soapboxing that resorts to strawmanning far too often. Still, many strips are worth remembering years afterward, and even though Simpson has a revealed shaving fetish, it was a gag that could pretty easily be said to be paying homage to the C&H arc where Hobbes barbers Calvin bald. It was easy to forgive.

Phoebe + Unicorn is absolutely charming, but has little to say - it is what it is, and doesn't challenge anything.
Naturally, it's the most marketable IP in the bibliography.

File: 2175532416.jpg - (109.97 KB, 450x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Trannies are such creeps.



Holy fucking shit the public submissions are creepy as hell. I haven't logged into FA since the big password leak so I can't imagine how the favorites on the account look...


Is it a rule that, when an artist says "I'm a tranny," the quality of his work collapses? Happened to DC Simpson, happened to Robert Blake (World of Fizz)...


What really bothers /pol/ about transgender people is the fact that more people would want to fuck a transwoman than someone from /pol/.

File: shavedog.jpg - (91.82 KB, 500x710) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: omshavedong.jpg - (525.09 KB, 1024x1175) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 1392234549157.jpg - (283.98 KB, 1280x857) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A loser thinking that jumping into the fad of going MtF is going to somehow make their lives better are delusional. Majority of them look at "successful transition" pics and think they're going to have the same results only to find themselves committing suicide.

File: images (9).jpg - (9.27 KB, 259x194) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3482306 Depends on how far they take it. I agree though that cosmetic surgery is going way to far.

Demanding a third bathroom or to use the opposing facilities is also way to far.

Some of them use it as a means to shove far left liberalism down peoples throat.

But cross dressing in and of itself isn't so bad.

Take John Hutchinson for example. He's a cross dresser but also a brilliant scientist who is trying to further the work of Tesla. This guy is a science bad ass.


I swear these were posted here before.

You know what we should have asked Lon before they left /furi/? New Ozy and Millie r34. Probably been over five years since any new stuff was made.

Has anyone got the music he recorded when he was still calling himself under his male name?

File: David_shakeit.jpg - (61.41 KB, 450x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




>trying to further the work of Tesla
>a science crank who claims to have invented levitation, sells faked footage of his "experiments" at $100 a pop

Just goes to show that trannies are insane, whether they're the vestite or the sexual kind.

File: images (10).jpg - (6.44 KB, 213x236) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3482386 obviously. But you talk about being insane as it were at a bad thing.

There's legit science behind the Hutchinson effect. When was the last time you had any of your achievements notorized by a text book a scientistific term? Suck it homes.

After seeing what you people call sanity it's no wonder only the "crazy" end up being remembered for doing something worth while. After seeing what you people call sanity. I'm glad
I'm insane.



>But you talk about being insane as it were at a bad thing.

There is a gradient to pathological abnormality, and the point where it turns disruptive and dysfunctional is called insanity. By definition, insanity is always harmful to some degree, from being a mild nuisance to a howling psycho; insane people are a moral and emotional drain to their surroundings.

>There's legit science behind the Hutchinson effect. When was the last time you had any of your achievements notorized by a text book a scientistific term?

No there isn't. It was only picked up by shitty "science" programs on TV and fringe websites. The guy was dangling shit on fishing lines in front of a camera, turning his camera upside down and dropping objects in front of it, and placing objects on a plate vibrated by a subwoofer from below to make them scoot around, filming it on shitty VHS tapes and selling the tapes. There's a famous one where he glued a glassful of ice cream to a board and lifted it upside down to show it glooping "up".

Another completely unrelated "effect" shown was metals melting and fusing without heat, which he accomplished by simply casting spoons and other things in pewter (tin) and claiming it's aluminium or steel. Another trick employed was the little known metallurgy experiment of dropping mercury onto aluminium which causes a weird "melting" effect:

When he was asked to repeat the effects in a controlled setting, he claimed he can't "because of 9/11".


Compare for example:

Hutchison effect:

Industrial vibrating conveyor:

All you have to do to replicate the effect is to shake the metal plate with an electromagnet or a subwoofer.


The reason why the industrial conveyor works in such a uniform fashion btw. is because the table is tilted slightly and the surface is textured to guide the direction where the object bounces. It only needs to shake by a thousandth of an inch to make the effect.

The problem with insane people is that they can produce these effects knowing very well what they're doing, but because they've got their brain wires crossed they don't think of what they're doing as a fraud or a lie - they may genuinely believe they're exhibiting some weird phenomenon, because their very thinking is weird.

Where a normal person shakes a table and sees objects moving, they would say the objects move because they are shaking the table. The insane person somehow doesn't connect this reaction to their action, because in their head the perception of what's happening is like with people who taste colors and feel numbers. They genuinely don't think right, so the explaination that comes out may be something like "the angels are moving the things around", or just as well, "the cat came out of the box because snails are in the sky".


Here's a nice example of the sort of sheer mental confusion that comes with insanity:

To the person, it makes absolute sense. Now imagine the same sort of thing on a more subtle level, like imagining you're a woman instead of a man. Of course you are, to yourself, but that's not your actual problem.


Best post in thread. For all their talk about capitalism and traditional values, /pol/acks rarely have jobs or sex lives.



Nobody wants to fuck a transgender anything. That's just...gross. Honestly.


lol This video... Nice. This is 100% Aufism when he's talking about science or math. Or anythine else, actually.


The sad thing is, insane people don't know they're insane because the cognitive distortions prevent them from noticing that something is wrong.

They only see other people's reactions, and think other people are mean, evil, or insane. That's why schitzos always feel there's a great conspiracy against them. A smart person might deduce that it's not likely for everybody else to be evil or mad, that the world can't work like that, but insane people are rarely smart.


This thread was brought back to life only to drone on and on about trannies? Sheesh, how desperate is this board for convo these days?

File: bojack-horseman-the-saddest-comedy-you-ll-ever-see-bojack-horseman-funny-sad-543582.jpg - (86.33 KB, 1194x669) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3482621 Yeah... That's kinda why I don't have more to say. No matter what I say rather it makes since or not, it's gonna get picked a part and dismissed. For example I think it's pretty obvious we could all stand to have a catalog, but because I'm the one who said it It's immediately written off as being completely stupid. Even though this new "dev" so many of you are pinning for has one. If it was such a hindrance the new lulz wouldn't have one either.

>>3482680 That's where you're wrong bro. I'm quite aware that my since of reality needs work. I know I'm kinda crazy but I really to do try stay stable. I know that reality operates entirely independently of myself and really I'm just a speck of dust tumbling through creation. I don't think anyone "out to get me" because I'm just some guy... I'm not really a threat to anyone. I might be a little insane but not so much so to be so delusional as to think there's any conspiracy out to get me. I'm not that important.

I've said this before... I hold no delusions about my intelligence or place in the universe. I'm interested in math and science, true, but that doesn't mean I consider myself "smart" or above anyone else.



Their pool of things to discuss is turning into a puddle. It's not that there isn't plenty of fresh drama in fandom; it's that they either don't hear about it or don't care. And that is going to spell the end of this board.



> I hold no delusions about my intelligence or place in the universe.

Yes you do, you just don't know they're delusions because otherwise you woudn't be under the delusion.

That's the point: insane people don't know they're insane, and to the extent they do know, they're not. For example, a schitzophrenic who knows they're hallucinating is still a schitzophrenic, but they're not insane because they can tell what is real and what is not; that is the definition of sanity. To the extent that they can't tell reality from hallucinations and delusions, they're insane.

You still keep acting like you're the bard of the board, or that you've found the mathematics of infinity, or that other people are interested in seeing you stuffing balloons up your shirt as a "moral booster". For that part you are still insane.



>because I'm the one who said it It's immediately written off as being completely stupid

It's been under discussion many times before, and the point always breaks into two camps: people who whine about not having a catalog, and people who point out that it's unnecessary. Unless you were samefagging in all of those threads over the last 5 - 10 years, you're just having paranoid delusions saying that it's everyone against you.

There's a group of people who want to use the board like they'd use a blog, where they can just skip the front page and go straight to the thread without looking at anything else, so they could use the board as a hugbox echo chamber - which goes contrary to the idea of having an imageboard in the first place. That is why the catalog is unnecessary and counterproductive: it kills discussion by separating the users from each other, so they're never exposed to contrary opinions and ideas.



>so they're never exposed to contrary opinions and ideas

it's cute you think your opinions are intellectually threatening when it's just the same fucking garbage vomited by every other Internet philosopher-king wannabe. no one wants to hear it because it's the same obnoxious bullshit from some chud who thinks they're some kind of groundbreaking redpill genius when you're really just an unlikable asshole with an Internet connection and a shitty haircut.



>/pol/acks rarely have jobs

True, and what compounds their shame with this truth is the fact that the Nazi regime that they so often covet and fantasize as a non-opportunity for upward mobility based on something as low-effort as their parentage would have sent them to the camps for being long-term unemployed, targeted specifically by Himmler and his SS as being "work-shy" and falling under the now-notorious "Asocial" umbrella term for those deemed undesirable in the collective labor community of the German national-socialist state.
TL;DR - No tendies for Nazis - you were expected to work your ass off and, if you were young and male, enlist to go die in the fucking USSR.


Luckily, the Soviet Union was happy to welcome Hitler's finest into the loving embrace of a Russian winter.

File: bojack-horseman.png - (546.73 KB, 1156x771) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3482788 And just who the hell are you? Some random cockwad jagoff anon bitching to me on Oh what you're trying to convince me I'm insane to validate your own sorry ass existence? Does it makes you feel superior to shuffle words around in a vain attempt to kick me while I'm down to sound like some philosophical guru? You think you're any better than me? You're not. You sound like a total jack ass. At least I'm not trying to drag anyone else down. I stuff balloons up my shirt and dress like a woman because fuck women! I enjoy it and feels good. I do it because women have nothing to offer sexually or emotionally that can't provide for myself. I enjoy it so I post pictures of it some times because I figure if I like it, maybe someone else will to. You're so hell bent on being a stick in the mud that you gotta bitch piss moan about it when you see other people having a good time. You make me sick!

>>3482789 I bring it up because there is no reason other than pure sorry assness to not have a catalog. I may not be very intelligent but this doesn't take a brilliant mind to see the obvious slackassery of it. You're desperately grasping at straws to defend it's absence. Why? What the hell for? Like it's some virtuous grand gesture to defend sorryassness?

Answer me this, if a catalog is such a terrible feature to have, why does dev lulznet have one? And we are so many of you who hate catalogs so pissed off cho0b hasn't made the switch yet?

I guess it is pretty insane to place any value on this community, but I do. Because I value the freedom to speak openly about pretty much whatever the hell I want. You're here to fatty, so I gotta tell ya you're attitude of superiority is without merit. At least have the nuts to post using a handle. You wanna remain in anonymous so you don't have to be held accountable to what you post.

I know you were trying to put me down, but if anything I feel better about my conent in comparison your sorry excuse for a response. Did you even try to come up with decent rebuttal or did you just start hammering at keyboard the moment your little pea brain thought up a shitbag retort?


Face it, 98% of /pol/ would be sent to the camps for numerous reasons. Their racial impurity, their laziness, their porn addictions and fetishes, their taste in entertainment, their refusal to kill undesirables, you name it.

The big one that would land many of them into the ovens? Hating Islam. Hitler, for a fact, loved Muslims. He saw them as a valued ally against the Jews. /pol/ hating Islam and supporting the Jew Trump would have all but guaranteed they'd be gassed.

/pol/ pretends to be about Hitler but they're about themselves. They'd never follow Hitler if he came back to life somehow. They're too busy defending pedophilia and screaming when a coffee pot company won't advertise on a show that defended a pedophile. They think that coward Zim-Zam shooting one unarmed black kid is "winning the race war" because his one kill is still more than anyone on /pol/ has managed. They're selfish, lazy and afraid. This is why they're losing the war they fight now. Give it 10 years and the whole of the "right" will be crushed thanks to their own hedonism and hypocrisy. They thought they won with Trump but he's accomplished nothing but making them look retarded. Muslim ban is a failure, still no wall, and bad press every day.

"But all those who speak against him are molesters! Liberals are the real bad ones! You're the real Nazi for not agreeing with me!"

No, you're the Nazi for wanting to genocide anyone different than you, you stupid fuck! But you're still not even a true Nazi because you're a degenerate fuck that Hitler would have killed. Richard Spender is a weak-willed liar of mixed genes that can't do anything but flap his gums, and your fag Milo is a Jew that dyes his hair and flip-flops. David Duke is old and discredited and the KKK is falling apart. That's the best you fuckers got? You deserve to lose.


I also find it convenient that celebs who hate Trump are being accused in droves, while accusations against conservatives are getting swept under the rug,m or Trumpets outright saying "even if he did it I'll still support him". I can guarantee you accusations against celebs who support Trump are being silenced before the media gets them. It's safe to say Kid Rock and Gene Simmons have raped piles of women, it's why they became celebrities in the first place for money and women, but they side with the asshole. He'll protect them. He himself is also a rapist and molester- like Zaush, who you also coddle and defend despite the facts saying he's guilty.

Oh no here comes the rant about how Zaush dindi nuffin. Neck yourself, you mentally unstable fuck. Facts aren't something you get along with, apparently. It's the level of bullshit and lies I expect from someone who thinks kiddie diddling is okay and "Chris Hansen frames white men". Sure, he makes them want to mail underage girls, it's not their fault.

Better yet let me kill you, I'd get more fun out if it and you're too much of a puss to do the job yourself.



>it's cute you think your opinions are intellectually threatening when it's just the same fucking garbage vomited by every other Internet philosopher-king wannabe.

Touched a nerve?


> Some random cockwad jagoff anon bitching to me on Oh what you're trying to convince me I'm insane to validate your own sorry ass existence? Does it makes you feel superior to shuffle words around in a vain attempt to kick me while I'm down to sound like some philosophical guru?

Same for you. As soon as somebody says you're annoying and should go away, you break off into full denial and reflecting blame. Protip: it's a cognitive distortion to think that finding a problem in another person would erase your problem. No matter how insufferable I am, it does not make you any less insane.

>I enjoy it so I post pictures of it some times because I figure if I like it, maybe someone else will to.

They don't. You're just filling the board with inane shit that makes no sense to anybody else but you. You're just ignoring all the complaints.

>Answer me this, if a catalog is such a terrible feature to have, why does dev lulznet have one?

Because a few loud whiners cried loud enough. Error is always a possible answer.


>>3482788 acts like he's the bard of
He kind of is though. Maybe not a bard persay but something. I don't know what 'resident x' means exactly but I seem to remember him given that title awhile back. Before him it was some guy who went by cccd9 who eventually got fed up and left. He has '' tattooed across his knuckles. When he goes for too long without posting people start to wonder where he is and if he's okay.

As far as a catalog goes. I may not complain about it but I'd definitely use it. I'm pretty sure you would too. I come by here a lot less than I did since it went down. Saying we're better off without one is like saying we're better off without a GPS system in our cars, or we're better off without a mouse because you can just navigate the desktop with a keyboard. Why eat with silverware when you can just use your hands? Kids these days using their fancy "calculators" when they aught to learn calculate on paper or in their heads. Why use a clock to tell time when you can just use the angle of the shadows and the location of the sun and moon in the sky? You're basically using grumpy old man philosophy to justify something that is obviously without justification.


Maybe the village idiot would be a better term, but village idiots are endearing characters and usually not annoying.

>You're basically using grumpy old man philosophy to justify something that is obviously without justification.

The unique feature of lulz as opposed to some tumblr blog is that people mix, instead of barring themselves up in their social bubbles. The catalog, while it could be useful, just makes it so that you can skip over all the other threads and in a board with few enough users anyhow that just kills the conversation. Everyone just sits in their own threads and ignores everyone else.

If that's "grumpy old man philosophy", then so be it.


>>3482880 I actually did fap to some of those pics.



>like Zaush

Christ, you are a retarded little child.


At least he's not trying to make us call'em 'she' or making a case for a third bathroom or making plans to turn his junk inside out.

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