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File: r5f5sqyz9ehz.jpg - (820.47 KB, 2340x4160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
840161 No.3472632

i have seen these at walmart.

Looks like furry is going mainstream



Shops are just putting out Halloween costumes earlier and earlier every year.


A bunch of those Halloween stores have started to open up or are slated to open up in September. I'm pretty sure one of the major chains of those is just a branch of Spenser's Gifts.

File: merry-christmas.jpg - (147.92 KB, 1070x642) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The local supermarket is already starting to clear out their garden section, and start bringing out christmas stuff. August isn't even over, and its Christmas.

File: 1378661_10152816374209320_1773693953786890850_n.jpg - (21.73 KB, 500x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



furry has BEEN mainstream. where the fuck have you been?


if it is for halloween,then they're way too early,plus when i went i never saw anything else being halloween related.

File: 444.png - (125.41 KB, 428x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




File: WinterVsSummer1.jpg - (1853.45 KB, 2267x2921) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Its not even September quite yet. I'm getting so sick of seeing this shit earlier and earlier. Fuck sakes does time fly by, it seems just like yesterday Xmas shit was all around and the music was everywhere. I know within the next two months, it will all be back here again. Fuck it, consumerism at its finest. Buy all the cheap, Chinese made shit that no one really wants (but I gotta get em a gift!), get in tons of debt for no good reason, etc etc. Then trample over your fellow man to get a "bargain" on your shallow possessions during Black Friday and Boxing Day.

I also really love the horseshit "giving" aspect of Xmas. Its designed to make you feel guilty about not giving for the other 10 months of the year. Cause who gives a shit about the less fortunate unless chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, right? Oh, and where does all that money really go to? Charities are sometimes not all that honest. And less face it, even if you do give, what do the kids get? Some cheap Chinese made shit that they really didn't want. Why even bother sugar-coating their grim reality? "Here's a toy plane little Jimmy, but you still live in the back of a station-wagon with mom and dad!"

Come January 1st everyone is back to their old, asshole self. Kids or friends didn't like the gifts you gave them, line ups for returns stretch around two city blocks, you have tons more debt and were already IN debt, and the less fortunate/homeless are told to go screw cause hey, "Everyone else is out of money right now, and the Xmas spirit is over. Come back next year!"

Signed, a bitter fuck that sees this holiday for what it really is.


>>3473481 contrary to common belief not all chinese made goods are crap, take the heatgun i ordered tried and true model that a store i used to frequent has an earlier model hes had for at least 8 years so i trust the brand being it was recommended by said store owner.

my silicone sounding toys chinese made and of good quality cost me $14 for the vibrating one and $3 for the standard silicone sounding toy plus order was shipped from china to my door in 3wks great service too if you go to proper places like aliexpress to shop.



Gift giving is enjoyable if you know the person receiving likes the gift. Mainly it's the excuse to finally get together as a family, especially when you're the only member living halfway across the country.



>bought a chinese "silicon" sounding toy
>not expecting to get lead/arsenic/cancer in his urethra

Cobalt ur gonna have a bad time.


>>3473508 its been years since i bought my grandmother a Tuscan gold bracelet let alone anything for the holidays because getting someone a special gift requires extreme thought plus money. the bracelet i got for $50 in 6.8g of 18k gold. so was lucky and saved $25+ in material cost.


>>3473531 dude ive got a bigger pair than you do for attempting such extreme toying i plan to get myself a camera i can slide deep inside who knows might do some sextreme videos. but back on topic. lol

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