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File: 2552956-dsc05001.png - (538.25 KB, 593x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
551166 No.3472407
>race traitor

"Hi, remember me? Of course not, I'm a nobody. I would have given Kane & Lynch a top score but my bosses forgot to slip me a paycheck. Oops. I was relevant for a few months and then everyone realized I was a nobody causing trouble and everyone forgot about me, until Zoe Quinn sucked my dick and I insulted #gamergate proving to everyone that I will say anything for payment. So what if I lost my job due to gaming journalism corruption? A woman sexier than my wife did me so I will say whatever she wanted.

Then I sold my company to the very people who fired me all those years ago, proving once again I'm all about the money.

Later I trashed a game people liked and accused anyone who called me out of being paid by Bethesda to trash me, because I need attention. I've played maybe 3 actual video games in my life. Acknowledge I exist, please, even my wife won't do that anymore, she only sleeps with black men while I lay on the couch crying to the sounds. Sometimes I masturbate to it while thinking of Zoe's lips. I hate my race and want it to die, white genocide? I call it cleaning up trash. PLEASE acknowledge I exist!"


The alt-right is so asshurt and obsessive over old shit I can't tell if this is a shitpost or legit crying over nothing. I'll go with the latter just to play safe. Same ID has cried over anti-pedos, a chef who doesn't blow the white race and now this. Let it fucking go.

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