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103097 No.3472398

How do you deal with an annoying user?

I'm an artist and I switched accounts last week. There's this user, the typical low self-esteem "I'm everyone's master" macrofag douchebag, in FA that used to leave annoying comments in my old account. Chances say that you may know who I'm talking about.
I switched accounts for unrelated reasons and decided to block him right away since he seems to be latched on FA's frontpage 24/7 as he leaves comments everywhere. He ended up finding this new account, but he's unaware that I'm the same person as before, and since he was blocked he decided to harass me through other ways, such as twitter and email.

While I wouldn't mind keep ignoring/blocking him or outright insult him back, I'm unsure if it's a good idea since I could get a backlash from his "fans".
I don't really care about having clients as an artist or building a "bad" reputation, but I don't want to have annoying comments from idiots since it'd be a headache.
What's a good way to deal with this situation?

TL;DR: Some popular "master" is being a cunt with me, blocked him and now he's harassing me. what do

>backlash from his "fans"

Who are his "fans"? Maybe its worth just making a one-off joke about him for all to point and laugh?


That would be worth the backlash imo. His fans, from what I've seen, are spineless "subs" that buy stuff from his amazon wishlist and draw for him. He seems to groom new artists to get free art.


>>3472398 I had one guy do the same, I continued to ignore him and he ran out of steam.

Also, I don't stream anymore, so he's pretty much out of ways to annoy me.

File: deletethis.jpg - (115.53 KB, 900x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you know the solution, op

who is the person?


I thought I had left enough hints at this point. Here's another clue: his murrsona is a dragon


Glad to see I'm not the only one that remembers Dink Smallwood. Ignore the faggot and quit being a passive aggressive pussy.


out him OP


I'm not too familiar with vorefags. There is that red one with blond hair, but I forgot his name.

Spill it, OP. No use dancing around the bush.

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