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File: IMG_20170811_180251.jpg - (56.46 KB, 599x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
57818 No.3472262

School starts tomorrow.

Third time's a charm. Wish me luck and sobriety.
Or tell me to fuck off. I mean, this is lulz


How old are you? High school or college? If high school get the fuck out of here, underage ban!!!


In my area, school starts today for local colleges, while grade schools are finally back to waiting until after Labor Day to resume.

File: 1262546728.augi_costello.png - (834.55 KB, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>School starts tomorrow.
>Picture of a duck holding a gun looking pissed.

I look forward to see you in the news! Make sure you write /lulz on your forehead before the cops shoot you.

File: IMG_20170816_163454.jpg - (166.51 KB, 1952x1392) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

College. I'm becoming a welder.

It's called F-Off. To you.

File: image-20141209-32156-13ijvk8.jpg - (193.75 KB, 926x695) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>College. I'm becoming a welder.

That's a good choice. Just be aware you may have to move around to stay in jobs. Automation is taking a lot of welding jobs. It's becoming more of an on-call, specialist kind of job.

You will have a low salary ceiling because if a company is large enough to pay you well, it's large enough to automate and not pay you at all. You may end up being freelance and you may have to move as jobs get more and more sparse the welders will have to spread out.



you must be 17yo to not understand the game duckhunt.


>>3472312 lots of freelance weldiing still needed.

im going to be going to university for business and engineering might as well add welding to my classes.

File: PicardDoubleFacepalm-1[1].jpg - (9.43 KB, 397x316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Trilbee not getting the reference

Why am I not suprised...


expanding from welding to operating/programming welding machinery (robots) is not a huge leap, and if your job replaces you with a robot, they'll need someone to produce controls for that robot.


Until the robots start building their own controls/components. Throw in some AI and the robots will design/re-design better controls for themselves.


then maybe we should outlaw automation.

in fact, getting rid of automation would create so many fucking jobs it would make yer head spin.


As long as there are unemployed and underemployed people, the best economic case for society is to employ these people in production rather than displace them by automation.

Because not using the labor power of people still costs the same as using it, but you don't get the value output. Building the robots that do their work instead also costs money, so you're paying more money to satisfy the same demand for products.

Therefore it simply make sense to employ the people first, and only build robots if they cannot produce enough to satisfy the demand. That may cost the owner of the business more to begin with, but the result is lower income disparity in the society and the masses can tolerate higher prices, which offsets the production costs.

The only problem is that outsourcing is cheaper than hiring local, so local business must compete by automation, which drives the local population out of work and out of money, which is a spiral of death for the economy.


automation as a doubler in production is fine though it helps increase production cutting time but not workload though that means the cost could be less to run and maintain. plus new jobs for repair and maintenance.


>>3472362 should see my business when its started it will create around 1000 jobs helping provincewide boost the economy.


You don't need to double production when nobody has the money to buy the shit you produce, because they're put out of work by the robots.

Get it?

There's only so much shit that people need to have - only so much clothes, food, cars, houses, cellphones... the overall demand for stuff is generally proportional to the population, so any increase in productivity necessarily means that someone somewhere gets laid off, and then they re-employ themselves in "services" which means inventing new ways to cheat money out of everybody by some sort of busywork or bureaucracy.

File: 1501532225436.jpg - (69.32 KB, 500x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Being so drunk that it interferes with your career in welding

What a time to be alive


>>3472362 SEE ORBANISTAN YOU DICKSUCKING IVORYTOWER FAGGOT! You cant just go unemployment fund like fagmerica, if you are about to die or evicted no dicksucking shill faggot civil fundy faggot coorperatin is going to help you out... and if you are thinking that its not your problem, it is. France recently based their 'work right law" reform on orbanistan, where you can be fire dby an sms and a say so.


I just had my first day ever of college and I already feel hopelessly overwhelmed

So much work due in just the first week, so many math assignments, english essays, history essays
all on top of working 30 hours a week

I'm so bad at math I'm already taking a pre-college level course. And then I try and take the pre-test and I can only answer 5 out of 25 questions.

I write well, but it takes a fucking monumental amount of effort and time for me to write, which surprises people. Unfortunately, I can't just "tone it down" and write More Stupid so I can write faster. I just mentally can't. Needless to say with the amount of writing I have to do it's going to be fucking nuts

I think I'm just overreacting. I hope I'm just over reacting.
please help me



Take it from someone who went through the process and came out with my piece of paper...

The first year is basically there to weed out the lazy assholes. The second year is to weed out shitty GPAs. Years 3-4 is where the real education starts.

That's assuming you're doing a 4 year degree though. If it's a shorter term program, just hang in there for the first few months/weeks and you'll do fine. Don't let people fool you with their seeming capability in face of all the shit that's coming your way- it's all smoke and mirrors.

Don't forget that you're in it for your degree and nothing else! Do whatever it takes to get it, and give your institution a huge fucking finger once you have what you came for :).

File: tumblr_lmyugvLels1qzytu7.gif - (47.02 KB, 325x406) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you should make meth

a lotta money in meth



Oh yeah, and if you're having trouble getting your writing where it needs to be for essays and whatnot, don't be shy to visit the library/student union and ask for help. If your institution is anything like mine, they'll have services you can fall back on if you're feeling lost.

No one will fucking judge you for it either (and if they do, they'll likely end up flunking out/getting expelled for something stupid). Do what you have to do to get what you want (your degree)- never forget that.

...oh, and expect to develop a new hatred for people after your first "group project".



>so many math assignments,
>english essays, history essays

I don't get it.
Are you studying STEM or some bullshit like language/history/philosoph/...?



Any modern Bachelor's Degree (Masters and higher are far more focused) requires that you take credit hours across a variety of subjects. When I did mine, I had to take a shit ton of classes that weren't even related to what I was working on...still ended up being pretty useful though.

I have to scratch my brain here, but the breakdown might look something like this (keep in mind there's lots of variance between each individual institution- this is just to get you an idea):

120~ credits to get your degree (avg. 3 credits per course you take, 30 credits per school year)

-60 of those credits are from your focus area
-30 of those are for secondary disciplines
-15 are for another type of side discipline
-another 15 are elective credits (choose whatever the fuck you want to take)

Just google your favorite university and you'll get the full scoop- don't assume what I've typed here is true everywhere.


How annoying.
Here in Europe, where I went to university, kiddy shit like this stops and you have to study only what's relevant to your degree.


>>3472483 in america you are forced to choose those extra classes so you don't become usless if let go.
where as in Europe its your feels first specially when they give you freedom to be lazy.


it's literally a CC freshman course with standard classes
that's why I feel so useless being overwhelmed by the basic classes


Right now I'm going to a CC to get my A.A. in a transfer program between my CC and the state university that guarantees all over your credits will transfer.

I also took a year-and-a-half gap year from high school so I haven't been in a school environment for very long.
Still, I can't help but feel this is a lot of work just for intro classes at a CC.

it doesn't help I have ADHD either. My adderall and wellbutrin can only do so much
the thing with my writing is I'm already a really talented writer. It's just that when people/I want to write my best in my highest register, it takes a lot of effort to do so. I'm good at it I just hate doing it.



Dude you got this, seriously. I did 2 years at CC to get my A.A. (assuming associates of arts), and then took advantage of a transfer program to my Uni of choice. saved like 20k lol.

You just have to get over the initial wall. Once you realize that there's a certain flow that your profs expect, completing and approaching the content becomes way more manageable. I am being completely honest when I say that the hardest you'll ever work on your degree is in the first year- it will get easier.

...I should mention that the only time I've ever contemplated killing myself was during my degree though. You're going to be pushed to your limits, but you'll grow and adapt.


Why the hell would you take 30 hours for your first semester? Of course you are going to be overwhelmed. Writing is the easy part and usually takes me an hour to write 1000 words.

Your best bet is to drop your hours down to 15 like a normal human bean


You don't get more freedom to be lazy. Your hours are just filled with more subject related courses instead of stuff that should have already been covered in regular school.


no I'm working at my part time job 30 hours, not taking 30 hours worth of classes holy fuck. I really need the money and I'm trying to save up as much as possible, college is really murdering my wallet right now even though my parents did a pre-paid tuition thing, bless their hearts.



Stick with it man- and remember that there's nothing wrong with taking an extra year or two to long as you do.

The paper really does help :)!

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