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File: 1502648400.miles-df_waterhole_14__ych.jpg - (397.63 KB, 1400x787) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
407174 No.3470942

This is a ych where the top two spots are $820 and $710. This is over $3000 just to draw furry porn. Seriously, what the fuck?


Gotta admit, I'm a bit envious.



Thats what popufurs earn.
Starfinder was 600 a character on her peak if I remember correctly.

To each their own..

File: nude numa numa dance.png - (60.28 KB, 1048x828) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

cap nudeing


And its already 1220$ (37% out of 3275$) filled out.


That's more than what I make in a month. That is sickening.


There's a small group of minor popufurs who beg money from their "fans", and then buy the slots more or less as advertising space to keep themselves visible, so they can keep begging for more money out of people who think they're getting somewhere by brown-nosing these second-hand celebrities. The more it costs, the more exclusive it is, so the more "street cred" they gain in the eyes of stupid people.

Watch it. It's always the same few characters.


Miles-DF's anatomy and lighting are not even that good.

It's just pure, raw, uncensored bragging rights and the prestige of "having something from miles"

It's the furry equivalent of pulling your teeth out and filling it with gold. It's ugly as shit, but it lets you wave it around in front of other furries to let them know you have the money.


Honestly, I can't help but think that this could also be a massive headache to the artist, unless bidders accept "as-is" for their portrayal. If not, that's 10 people that might complain about "You've got my character's look all wrong!"

File: 1420734381.miles-df_temple_fun.jpg - (949.18 KB, 1280x853) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Plus some seriously non-Carthesian geometry.
C'mon, try to sketch this scene from above. Layout of legs, asses, torsos, and how that dick meets that vagina.


Miles has really gone to the shitcan.
I loved their worked when they drew "Love Can Be Different". At some point the texturing, coloring, etc, of his art became a real turnoff. It plain to see he is only in it for the money, and when that happens, some go to complete shit. There is no artistic drive, no progression of skill, no risk to try something new. All they see is dollar signs.

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