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File: DG3gpVfWAAE6Jgx.jpg - (58.00 KB, 570x684) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
59387 No.3470153

Been casually blocking people on Twitter who identify as trans. They're just plain toxic and do everything they can to find things to complain about.

They're basically depressed which is often what led them to their decision to become trans...

I hate how I'm considered a scumbag for this but they're self-destructing. One day I'll be right.

File: tumblr_opews4QKrD1s7jeggo1_1280.jpg - (209.51 KB, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

op is a fag

captcha: yezz

File: 35970345.jpg - (89.04 KB, 640x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not all trans people are the same yo! I'm trans, but that doesn't mean I'm some pushy leftist intellectual snow flake policy pushing toxic shit bad. And yeah... a lot of trans folk ARE like that. But I like to consider myself a progressive conservative. Though I do have a very prominent feminine side, which I like express, I'm a GUY and that's just how it is. I use the mens room. I don't know why anyone, Trans or not would EVER question that. Just because I dress up as a woman sometimes doesn't mean I'm a women. A lot of trans people want to change our bathrooms, our schools, teach children about gay sex and crossdressing in god damn preschool, dismantle our churches, undo any kind of traditional values & demonize anyone who disagrees with them. Many of them think because their confused about their own sexaulity they have to go tell it on the mountain over the hills and every where to everyone of all ages and it's fucking disgusting. Self expression is great... but they really are taking it way WAY to far. I don't agree with everything Trump has done but... But I support the ban on trans individuals in the military. sorry folks, incase you forgot... military is about acting in unity and individuals acting as a unite, not self expression. The military has NEVER been an equal opportunity employer. They have very strict standards and for good reasons. If your conflicted about your gender, you're probably not cut out to be military material any ways. A soldier needs to be decisive & sure of who they are and if you're trans? Ya, there is clearly an issue. Need I remind you people that when the military DID allow for transgenders... NOPE... that wasn't enough for them... they wanted MORE and expected the military to cover the bill for their sex changes & when they didn't.... they pulled the victim card AGAIN. So ... although I kind'a understand why you might feel that way. I guess my advice to you is to view each case on an individual basis. We're not all the same & we don't all share the same views.


lol you did that for a while and then realized nobody noticed so you had to make a thread here to get attention


Meh, I block companies I hate, Drumpf supporters, shitty musicians so bad I won't even pirate their crap, Michael Bay, big deal, fucking free speech doesn't apply. You aren't obligated to deal with those you cant stand, and if it's not wrong for OP to do it it's not wrong for anyone to do it.

You aren't entitled to have others acknowledge you.

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