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Book thread.

Just re-read the entire Dark Tower series since the movie was awful and I will not stand for Blaine the Mono's Velcro Fly doom drums and nazi Time Lords being blasphemed. I'm between jobs and unbearably sober. I decided to read through a few old text books and religious texts i picked up on drunken amazon raids of old, and was considering re-reading the Age of Fire series, but figured there were better things to read.

What novels are you all reading or suggest?


The "Assassin's Apprentice" series's are all pretty good for that low/mid fantasy medieval itch. The first 2 and 1/2 of that Novel of the Change series are okay too if you ignore the "magic" crap they put into it, but do not go any further than that in the series. Trust me here. And then there's always the WildCard series.


The change was ok, but I only really enjoyed the first novel. I really enjoyed how sterling destroyed and rebuilt a world around physics hacks. Once the semi truck cross bows, bumper swords, and gasoline tire flame thrower fire pumps played out... eh, lost interest. When you have the bear killers and McKinzies, who needs some brits and soap oprahs?


There was already a book thread, unless something happened to it.

What am I reading right now? Paused Doctor Sleep, currently reading a VERY good fanfiction based on a cartoon show (very clever, very in-character, very funny, not stupid at all).


If you enjoyed the Dark Tower, check out the Outlaw King series by S.A. Hunt. Very DT inspired but with a more psychadelic, high fantasy angle. First book (Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree) is solid, 2nd book is great, 3rd is amazing.


Looks like my kind of thing

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