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File: sesska_2_by_vera_mundis-d4llrpy.png - (852.78 KB, 1024x759) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
873246 No.3469067

Okay, I just don't know where to ask.

Is there any guys, who could help to improve you as an artist? Someone who would say "your painting is bullshit, because %what_exactly_wrong%". I mean, I understand that they are probabbly busy and stuff, but I think they have at least couple of minutes to point out a few major flaws.

I wrote a couple of artists, asking for help, but couldn't get a response.

I'm really frustrated by light. I mean, I have some understanding about how the light works, I'm trying to cast it right, but still, it looks fake/unnatural.

Maybe there's a forums where I could get any help? I googled them by myself, but didn't found.


/ic/ maybe


Here usually works. Is that yours?



Jesus fucking christ 3B if the art style wasn't clear enough it plainly says vera mundis in the title, who wouldn't be caught asking art advice in this shithole. The post use, that being something op wants to achieve, is blindingly obvious.

God DAMMIT you are an idiot.

File: wCRODhje2ZU.jpg - (85.13 KB, 805x1668) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nope, it's by Veramunis, he's kinda my insparation.

Here's mine

File: sesska_2_by_vera_mundis-d4llrpy3b.png - (778.27 KB, 1024x759) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Take this one for example. It was really well defined, except for the tail. The tail had little detail to render so it was just a simple color with a a few lines and some shading. It stood out from the rest of the piece because it was so simple against the contract of the complexity of the majority of the main character. Adding simple detail, even if it's just highlights and darkening the lines of the bottom of the tail where it's in the shadows creates more visual complexity so it doesn't seem like an unfinished part of the painting.

Also a word on saturation. As things move away from the focal point you notice less and less of it's color in the real world. Use that to your advantage. Create a mask layer for your background and knock the saturation down by a few percents then knock the main focus up by a little. The contrast in saturation will draw the eye where you want it to go.

Finally remember that the human eye works like a camera lens. What you are looking at will be in focus and what you are not will be blurry so blur things the further the things are from what you want to be the focus. Like in this case there is a progressive blur behind the mouse to draw attention away from the brushstrokes of the background and onto the subject. It makes them compete less.


Well, I know general rules. I've watched Sycra's tutorials about the light, and also read about how light calculated by shaders (Phong shading), ambient occlusion, casting shadows etc, etc. It helped, but, so far it's the only result I got. It seems like maybe I applied some of those principles wrong?

I actually hoped if maybe someone would do raw overpaint, to point out major mistakes.



Good stuff!

Nice form! Good anatomy.
I like the collar, you did the mass and weight on his shoulders well.

You used highlighting and contrast to define the metal well. I like the shading of the metal.

A lot of people make the mistake of making all metal gray when a lot of metals aren't really that simple.

Excellent work with the transparency of the hoses.

Bad stuff:
You are drawing too small. Make your canvas way bigger before you paint. I can see a line on the belt of his skirt. That black line that is just a few pixels wide. That tells me you are creating your drawings on such a small canvas that a less than three pixel brush created jagged lines.

Generally it's good practice to make the canvas at least twice as large as you want the actual painting to be and pump up the pixel resolution to 300 pdi. Then if you make something you are really proud of you can print it off on paper. Nothing sucks more than creating something really, really good then realizing it can never leave your computer without being a blurry mess.

It makes it easier to put fine details into your work if you work big. Save your files at the huge size, then shrink the image to the size you want to use online. Are programs are really good at compressing art without losing much detail. Enlarging is a nightmare.

Go big or go home ;)

Also don't be afraid to use harder brushes. This looks like a WIP piece and what you have so far is great but you seems to have a fear of hard brushes. Hard brushes are a commitment issue for artists. With soft brushes you can be more free formed but it keeps everything looking undefined. Crank that hardness up to 60% or even 70% and learn to use it to paint in tiny details.

Final tip, when you think you're done use the I Fucked Up Checklist (TM)

1) Small Errors.
2) Light and Shadow.
3) Fingers and toes.
4) Big errors.

1) Small Errors.
Zoom WAAAY in and go over your painting close up because the way you block out your initial sketch with black and start painting volume from there is going to leave little marks you won't be able to see from being zoomed out. you don't want stray pixels floating around ruining the vibe. It's a good idea to start at the bottom and go left to right across the painting looking for any mis-clicks or marks you didn't paint over.

2) Lights and Shadows.
For every highlight there should be a shadow. Also check to see if there are any areas that could use more highlighting and shadows (Like the abs on this one) which would help define the form better.

3) Fingers and Toes.
Double check the fingers and toes. I know it sounds silly but you would be amazed at how many times artists sketch out the fingers and toes then never go back and finish them. Fingers are so gangly and toes are so weird that people subconsciously want to just draw the bare minimum then never go back to them. Don't fall into that trap. Make sure they are as detailed as the rest of your work.

4) Big Errors.
Zoom out to full size, flip the canvas back and forth, even upside down and look at it to see if you see any problems you have been missing. Your brain is designed to assume data. As you paint it constructs a mental illusion of what should be there instead of what is there. Flipping the canvas and zooming out as if you are looking at the painting from a distance can help jar you out of that illusion and let you see any errors before it's too late.

File: safe_solo_fluttershy_equestria+girls_image+macro_vulgar.jpg - (100.65 KB, 652x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>I actually hoped if maybe someone would do raw overpaint, to point out major mistakes.

I think you are greatly underestimating your work. This is GOOD. You are doing everything right. Just keep going. I think you are doubting yourself. You might have a crippling fear of failure that makes you think if you finish it on your own it'll be horrible but dude, this is great stuff. You have everything you need. You just have to follow through! :)

The best we can do for you is knitpick, sorry but you have everything you need. The only one who would doubt your talent is you. Stop it! Stop being a cunt! Stop never finishing. Prove yourself wrong. You are great and you need to show that to the world.


Oh man. Thanks a lot for all your advices. And thanks for your believe. It's like the nicest words I ever heard on the internet.

Would try my best to finish it!


there was some blocks in art thread, sometimes ago.

>your painting is bullshit, because you ask 3b's advice in the first place

respect yourself, please


you literally can't cum without soiling someones work with your greasy, shitty hands, do you

File: notice-me-senpai-amp-lt-3_o_2998851.jpg - (359.22 KB, 500x644) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Awww are you butt hurt because I praised someone's talent and it wasn't you? That's just adorable!


swing and miss.
ill take yours "praise" for shit.
please, continue being idiot.

File: wCRODhje2ZU.png - (576.53 KB, 805x1668) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Remember the eyelids. You can express a lot of emotion with just the eyes.


Your first step as an artist is to ignore 3B. He will mislead and give you misinformation on art since he's not a real artist with any art of his own.

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