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File: 6bfn7xw2eo8z.jpg - (273.38 KB, 2560x1901) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
279936 No.3464701

Who the fuck is Brave and why was TOR banned again? Feels good to hide my furry degeneracy from the NSA once again.


If tor is unbanned, then why do I have to go through so many exit nodes to post?



Many exit nodes were banned until a few minutes ago. No reason was given, so I've unbanned them.


You're doing God's work. Thank you.


I guess cause its mostly dogfuckers using tor


Thank you.


as an european and cub/filly appreciator, you know, i'm a bit concerned too.


These should all be marked as spam, and removed from the site, as spamming is a no-no here and pushes better content off the board. Most of these were Brave. I did the grunt work, so please remove:

That's two pages of shit that could be removed. Danke.
inb4 safe space. Lulz needs better quality content, and spamming BS isn't helping. Letting Brave shit all over the place and doing nothing about it isn't helping. You quelled Beary and 3B, so fix this insecure asshole.

File: cutiewutiesmile.png - (641.37 KB, 742x888) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yikes, even I want to see my own threads removed. Please do so mods! You have murr purrmission!

File: thread-pollution.png - (17.02 KB, 257x236) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3465350 Just stop posting whiny emo garbage & you'll be fine. Dude, I mean I understand you're hurting and all but you have GOT to get over this bro. You're a furry and lulzian and while I might give you shit I don't actually want you to hurt yourself, but you're threads are seriously stinking up the place. This is NOT what lulznet is for & this kind of stuff does technically count as spam. It is extremely disruptive and is a bannable offence on any board. You're acting completely wack ass bonkers dude. Fuck'n chill out with threads already. To Fuck with your Far away boyfriend. He might be special to you but to us, he's just some guy. It's cool to be friends an keep in touch, but Fuck letting his absence effect you like this man. This is stupid! The mentality that "I'm just not complete unless I have a mate to tag along with me" is an unhealthy attitude. I mean look at you. You're blubbering to a snake pit message board who really could give a shit less. Before you can be a good mate to anybody you have to be comfortable with and be able love yourself first. Steam can fuck off too. He's a manipulative little screw ball. You really don't need either of'em.



>This is NOT what lulznet is for & this kind of stuff does technically count as spam.

This is rich coming from you. A few months ago you were spamming your metal illness all over this place in the form of your dead end attention whore threads. Just spewing post after post of nonsense garbage hanging out with your dropout friends in a motel in some backwater Georgia town. As if anyone here gave a hot shit about your two bit, lame ass, pink drag fag persona. You flaunted your horribleness all over this place and didn't give a damn who saw your horrible disease. You pushed good content off the board so you could be an attention whoring fag. Just like Brave. Wow, Aufy, the one who wants to "save" lulz, you did nothing but make it worse and keep with the theme that this place has the WORST pit of posters this side of a metal ward.

For a shining moment in time you stole the crown from Colbalt as King (or Queen) Screwball of /furi/. At this rate, Colbalt has taken it back, I'm sure.

File: mfwCaptainPlanet.jpg - (29.80 KB, 737x593) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3465562 Yeah but common guy there's like 20 threads here. I had 2 okay. There was the hotel thread & the punk rock thread and that was really it. I had made a point to keep the bulk of my activity contained in those 2 threads. This guy is all over the place. Savannah is not some "Backwater" Georgia town. It's actually quite a city. Besides what "good content" exactly did I push off the board? Even if I had as many 4 or 5 threads going -which I don't think I did- Dude... there's 20 threads here! I didn't just come out of the clear blue sky with the hotel thread either. The moral was super low and we were getting hit hard with cp & I felt like I needed to take some action. Say what you want but as I recall shortly after all this the cp disappeared almost entirely. So did that snarky q ball goth fag who got off by shoving needles in his anus & morale has gotten better.

File: cbc27a7f13b7acc40a133b05f59a5621.jpg - (104.10 KB, 500x692) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>this side of a metal ward.




File: allofthesethreadsgohere.JPG - (78.82 KB, 450x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Any of the threads listed here go in here.


Look, more bullshit. Why isn't anyone doing something? I've already gathered up all the slow spam for you:


lol double bitch



More for the shredder.


The fuck is wrong with the mods around here? Good threads get nuked, yet you do nothing about slow spamming. Flooding the board slowly every 5-15 minutes with bullshit topics disguised as being legit is still spamming! How the fuck is this acceptable?

This place has truly gone to hell. Over 3 pages of BS with the rest of the shit above still standing.

File: ste.gif - (307.15 KB, 500x394) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ya. I got banned, too. Ironically it was the dox trip/name that the admins found irritating, even when I was hanging out in threads where others were legitimately being harassed in true lulzian fashion and my posts had nothing to do with the mods. This is pretty great

Especially when they're releasing tons of clickbait threads to try and bump the activity up. Not saying that's an admin scheme but damn if it ain't fishy


More BS...

Go ahead and re-ban TOR, because its not about "muh freedom of speech", tards are just using it to slow spam and push better content away. We don't have a catalog anymore so its important this issues stops.


>>3466650 either thats brave or some egonut having his meltdown as happens every so often when mods don't do as asked.



>66666 homosex for the win. the devil is in the cards.


>Good threads get nuked

Good threads, like 3B making an ass of himself, or Brave posting some asinine shit?

"Good" is in the eye of the shitposter.


u fukin wot m8?
Like 20% of the threads on this board right now were made by Brave, and 3-4 out of a shit ton are on autosage. None are getting nuked.
I should probably bump all of them to shove them in your face. Maybe THEN the mods will finally do something.


More BS...







File: 7e62f21d26ae3a6bc841b4c7d3109670.png - (490.01 KB, 626x835) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

just stop man. no one cares.

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