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File: 1498169565.driprat_walk_this_way_5.jpg - (417.17 KB, 741x1041) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
427177 No.3461386

All his deleted shit and comics after last freak out?


what is is FA account?


all I could find!*/*/


File: 1475974328.driprat_haloweenie2016oct8.jpg - (468.59 KB, 1274x621) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

someone give him money!


Didn't this guy have a few comics where his character murdered a bunch of women in different ways? The guy has drawn alot of comics, many of them went offline. I wonder if anyone has an archive.

At a certain point in my life, I may have considered his writing good. Now its on Naylor levels of ridicule. Plus he has the added whiny teenage emo vibe. Maybe he needs to grow up at this point, he is probably pushing 40.


He had a comic called bad security and one where two cannibals meet, fuck, and kill. Seeing if anyone at least has those two


Also, Dave's artwork has always been a little sub-par. He never really could draw well, and even though he has improved, its still very amateur. Kind of reminds me of spongefox on DA. Had little talent in the beginning, but kept drawing so much, improved a little, but still lacks that punch alot of other artists have.


yes the one that had a yellow chick that looks like pikachu!



Shit like this makes me think there is one in every fandom.
One super edgy fuck that just makes the most vile shit. Rape, torture, murder, etc. Things even fly in the face of science, like his "Screaming Barrel" comic where the girl survived the way that shit would have happened for real. Air bubble amongst a pile of rotten bodies? Sure, Dave, sure.

Wonder what happened in his life to draw what he does. And on top of that, draw it in a cartoony way!

I need to watch things die
From a good safe distance
Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies
You all feel the same so
Why can't we just admit it?

File: 1239386574.driprat_mondays2.jpg - (44.82 KB, 491x794) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 1254445985.driprat_imsorry.jpg - (175.96 KB, 797x596) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 16 - oAhOTwQ.jpg - (121.58 KB, 676x870) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have an almost complete collection. There is probably some redundancy.


  • JACK Arcs (should be complete; partially organized)
  • JACK Shorts (chose to keep them separate)
  • Chick Books (as found in a hidden pholph directory a few years ago)
  • The Vinci and Arty crossovers
  • Extras (random files in the same directory as the comics are because someone doesn't know how to protect a directory root)


  • Driprat FA account, freshly crawled (images only, using onion link)
  • Side Stories (Bad Security, bob and lisa discover cannbalism (no title given), The Screaming Barrel, The Wall Part 1, 9 Brides script v2)

Where's a good place to upload this shit?


What size is everything?



1.20 gb full size, I have 1.12 GB in a split 7z ready to go

Arcs and main comic shorts: 474.83 MB, 2,318 files
Chick Books: 29.1 MB, 1,004 files (likely redundant with FA)
Driprat FA: 639 MB, 2,240 files
Extras: 14.1 MB, 63 files (clarification: website images and stuff probably also found on FA)
Side Stories: 74 MB, 256 files



Who cares? His art and subject matter was vile shit. Good riddance. Hope he never returns. His rape/vore/snuff fetish was the sign of a sick mind. Here's hoping it was just limited to his scribbles. Not a single fuck is given.



Never said it wasn't trash. I was a fan when I was a teen, outgrew it by adulthood, and I wanted to keep it in case Dave deleted fucking everything. Everything's valuable to somebody. For me, it's a clear view into an unwell mind.


People usually go with Mega or Mediafire.
Is Anonfiles still around? You could host large files there.
Filedropper...I think has a large size limit too.



Mediafire seems good, thanks. Hopefully this will be of use to someone. The password is, enjoy.


How does one open this? I only got WinRAR.
Also thanks for the download.



Download 7zip, uncompress as needed. Keep the files together (think of them as one file)


WinRAR could have done the same thing.
I suppose the old renaming trick won't work this time?



I don't wanna get into a file format war, buddy. yeah, winrar could've done that, but I don't programs that fucking nag me to buy a license. They're different compression formats, if it's really that big of a deal i guess i could add some zips



>but I don't programs that fucking nag me to buy a license.

In all my years using WinRAR, the only nag is the one second pop-up I get when I open the program. I close it, its never caused me an issue with using it.



OK dude, here's some rar files, same password


Thanks, very nice of you.


For some reason, I try and extract, I get an error. "No archives found". Shrug



Two archives, full of SWF flash files. Oh, nothing suspicious there.





post a screen shot or it didnt happen


So what's the deal with these archives? Are they images? Do the RAR's work? Update plz.

File: Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.30.24 am.png - (463.87 KB, 1417x985) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Is he still married to Karma Leafbearer/Karma Koopa? Did Ryan and Candy finally distance themselves from him?



>Tet and Trixie

Tet is super chill and based, Trixie is like a grand dame of IRC.

This is like yiffnet #furry recollections from the 90's


Dave and Katie, despite their strange and perverted fantasies and art, are amazingly normal and friendly people. The more you know them the more you think "These can't be the people that draw all that bizarre shit, they're too sane and likeable".

Candy and Ryan n the other hand, the more you know them the more you see how batshit insane Candy is, and how over the top nasty and bigoted they both are. The biggest problem they both have is that they're paranoid. I've seen them viciously turn on people that have offended them in some minor way and then turn on anybody who as much as points out that "..hey, you know, I think you might be over reacting".

Dave used to have an incredibly active fanbase, but when he decided to turn his forum over to Candy and Ryan, they managed to turn it into shit in a matter of weeks and drive 90% of the participants away with their unique combination of self-righteousness and paranoid childish tantrums. I have no idea why Dave and Katie have anything to do with them. Maybe they don't.



Ryan and Katie are the one that seem alright to me, but yeah, their respective spouses are just kind because they married, the former pair will more or less just defend their spouses.

I've seen people in the pony fandom that are like you described, in particular this writing couple on fim fiction who have their own OC stories set in the FIM universe.


Well how do you open them, and why are they all flash files?



Because that's how the malware is encoded.

File: 400px-Issue_0_Cover.jpg - (113.66 KB, 400x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


His art is worse than CWC's Sonichu comics!


Bullshit. C'mon, why can I open these downloads? And why are they all flash files?



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