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File: AV avatar.png - (140.37 KB, 498x439) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
143741 No.3453303

Well now... Seems like Chelsea Chamberlain is being her usual insane self.. about... Roleplay?

TL;DR I Can't make this sort of shit up. This is the stuff that make people cringe at furries

[Forwarded from Mommy Ballamore]
PSA: The user @AlexanderValentine will be spreading lies all over the place as he already started by sending shit to the inkbunny adminsitrator (even though drama outside of IB doesn;t do jackshit, he will just be made fun of) This user seduce everyone, including what is or what left of my loved one. He will spend weeks if not months trying to be your friend, until he can seduce you and make you cheat from twisting your mind. Upon being told after finding out the story, he refused to comply into stopping it, claiming he do what he want, and will continue to do so for as long as the other person accept it. This is similar to the stockholm syndrom, there are so much manipulation going on that now my beloved one, cannot remove him or do anything, being aparently more attached to him than me. He will damage your relationship and friends, thinking its just cuddle and rp when he put you into strong fake emotional bond, make it harder for influancable people to understand what's going on. I advise to immediately mute this account and stay away from this freak. He is capable of guilt tripping you, use deceiving death threat, such as emotional threat (like how he is going to kill himself and all) and when this is not working, will attack you in public, contact moderator, and do everything he can to target you as the bad person, and try to ruin your reputation by spreading rumors. So be advised that he is smarter than it seem and can and will deceive you from his "sweetness and innocence" I have enough proof of his play and what he have done in his past that i will release publicly (full logs) for people who still have doubts.



For someone who has spent so much time and effort convincing and guilt tripping other furries that he is constantly near death from debilitating disease, he sure is taking his sweet time to die...

Still impressed that he drove one of his victims to commit suicide, though.


Oh and after skimming through the chatlogs, all three of you are horrible subhuman scum and you all deserve each other

File: 1457734573314.jpg - (128.67 KB, 466x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's the gift that keeps on giving

File: sad_dog.jpeg - (159.01 KB, 620x403) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I wish to be the fennecfluff


Who are these people, and why should I care?


Not exactly sure, but... Isn't Chelsea the one who drove his boyfriend to suicide?


wait, no I'm sorry.

he killed his boyfriend, made it look like an accident, and got heavily questioned about the child porn and snuff videos on his pc.

File: dramadog_wants_you_to_be_her_plaything_and_you_say_no.jpg - (30.58 KB, 393x348) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

this is the most entertaining thing i've seen this year.

I honestly want to join telegram just to watch this unfold. $10 says they 'attempt' to kill themselves in the next week, and make a drama journal.

Captcha: bar, which seems to be set pretty low in the fandom these days.



Wait. Holy shit. This Chelsea is the same one that fucked with me, LOL!

Found out what sick shit they were into, but more importantly, found their alternative profiles. I was able to check the exif data on things they had uploaded previously. Bingo, had Chelsea's RL city and state and also got the RL name.

All I had to do was spit out the alternate FA profiles, city/state, and Chelsea's RL name and threaten to expose it all. That was the end of Chelsea threatening me IRL.

Of course, Chelsea still tried to abuse positions in admin groups at various furry things. Laying out what a useless dog fucker Chel is was all it really took to get bans reversed.

I had no idea that this level of crazy wasn't just reserved for me.



I follow this up with a hint for others dealing with Chelsea. Dalmations. Yellow furred dogs. If Chelsea is fucking with you and one of those aforementioned happens to meet you, and happens to take a deep interest in you, it's Chel's sock puppet.

File: f473b03fef9248e3acd2f4758b324b85.png - (3701.70 KB, 3400x2749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


He's tried to buddy up to me as well and you can immediately tell he's manipulative as fuck. His goal is clearly to have a steady stream of people to leech money, food and housing from.

The thing that concerned me the most was how into pedo art he was, some of it is really horrifying.

It doesn't surprise me that he's a dogfucker too, that was kind of a given. He even draws a shitload of gore and abuse art, let's just hope he doesn't torture real dogs :(


heh, nice.

Should totally drop those here cause I wanna mess with that looney fuck. Any dirt on the other two?


Actually... fuck that.

Send it to either of those two other fags. Pretty sure one of them would appreciate it. Or cause more drama.


why "either of"?


Shit. Grammar.
"Send it to one of those two other fags."


nah, grammar was good. Question was: why not both?


I'm not going to. Like I said, Chel talks a good game and makes threats because Chel is actually pretty vulnerable. It's the "Offense is the defense" strategy.

What I have on Chel keeps Chel from bothering me. If I post the deets, Chel will certainly know it came from me and then I might have to deal with Chel bothering me again. We have a mexican standoff understanding.

To put it another way, I got out of the bog. I'm not going to jump back in and roll around in the mud and feces. If you're that interested in Chel, try researching. It's not that difficult. I never told Chel exactly what I used to get her(him), and the dumbass still has all those clues still in public.

Another clue -- Chel is a comission whore. This ties together several accounts / alias. Chel's love for sick shit also ties them together. Chel also loves canines in particular.


Ah yes, good old Sha. Used to go by the handle of Sha on Second Life, can't remember the last name but if you ask around any of the old furry communities still standing or from SL they'll tell you tales of Sha being full of every cancer in the world and trying to sex up underage players.

I remember hearing stories of him slipping into the Teen Grid (Teenage Second Life) and luring kids onto Skype so he could cyber them, on top of using the same four pictures of himself to show his stages of chemo or whatever. Supposedly he lives in PA so with a bit more digging if anyone wanted to go poke him it wouldn't be too hard to do.



Can confirm that's one of the other handles.



Pedos and Zoos, etc.
Shame we can't chemically castrate them. Dip their balls in a vat of acid for fucking with children. Bet that's probably a secret wet dream of his.

File: 1362133302-DogAd.gif - (73.53 KB, 350x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If he fucks dogs and you know where he live and shit, someone has to have a video or admit of guilt. Why not just report to police?

When they get out of jail and come for you, you just get restraining order and send em right back where they belong.



Depends on if its even illegal in the state/country he lives in. My state has zero bestiality laws. There are also no federal laws prohibiting bestiality.

File: 20b873255e8d8dc6683064014969802e.jpg - (50.56 KB, 335x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Doesn't matter if he's in those like 8 states they'll charge him with animal cruelty anyway



10, actually, but whos really counting? And it depends on how stringent the prosecutors want to be. If there are zero signs of physical abuse, the charges won't stick. Animal cruelty is also only a misdemeanor. Maximum sentence is 90 days and possibly a small fine. And thats if you can prove physical harm.


That's not true at all bestiality gets charged as animal abuse anyway.



Depends on the state. They don't do it in mine as long as there are zero signs of physical abuse.

File: 1486825211068.jpg - (80.22 KB, 960x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Don't forget that any half-intelligent lawyer can lay out the hypocrisy of artificial insemination or rape racks in regards to "animal abuse". What are you going to do, imprison all professional dog/horse breeders? Biologists in universities? It's not a one way street.

File: 136607.jpg - (16.55 KB, 400x203) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Odds are low.

The point is, if you have the dox, do it and see what happens.

Along with anything else you can pin on this sick scumbag.

Ends will justify the means, guaranteed.

File: 1.jpg - (95.10 KB, 1080x1073) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Uriva or Uriza or something "Ur-" right?

File: super_cute_furry_pride_shirt_by_caekebeke-d59arp0.png - (48.71 KB, 679x605) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Don't derail the topic with nonsense, courts don't give two shits about that when a guy is being prosecuted which is what will happen in 95% of states/cases in U.S. today as long as there's some proof. Relevance hello

Gotta love it when dogfuckers run in to interject for the worst sickos in the fandom.



Prosecuted doesn't mean convicted though. People have gotten off bestiality charges for less stupid shit. Again, when it comes to the states that have no bestiality laws and revert to standard animal cruelty, you have to prove there was harm done to the animal.

File: So+its+ok+to+like+furry+things+just+as+long+_0e378b6944e5ddcd788f31360e191cf6.jpg - (19.41 KB, 325x228) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's both false and moronic to focus on when it's illegal in 40+ states, in a thread about a dogfucking psychopath. Get your shit together

File: oh_murr_god_no_that_is_sick_i_would_never4.jpg - (487.80 KB, 1047x742) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Is that some projection I am seeing?

Yes. Yes it is.


Speaking of which, what are the chances he's read this thread? I guess we'll know as soon as he does... Faggot can't fucking type for shit.

File: Hypocrisy-new-dimension.png - (667.19 KB, 1024x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How can you be furry AND bigoted against zoophiles at the same time?

Beating off to animal genitalia is apparently just ok when it's attached to a talking animal.

Basically this.



That's like calling elves, dwarves or black people animals. Clearly there's multiple reasons for the taboo behind bestiality and why furry is an exception.

1.) Animals cannot properly clean their genitals. NASTY FUCKING DISEASES get passed back and forth, and are often fatal for the animal because the animal can't tell you that it's burning up inside or that it feels like glass to pee.

2.) Disease aside, hygiene. This is a big part of why people get teased for fucking 400 hambeasts. It's just sweaty, cheesy and gross.

3.) Intelligence.

4.) Physical harm -- Disease and hygiene aside, human semen inside a dog's uterus can pretty much set that dog up for a nasty inflammation that can lead to it being put down.

5.) Animals can't consent, nor can they tell you that something is too big or that you're bending their arms the wrong way. Hip displacements aren't fun.



>1, 2 , 4


>3, 5

So neither petting or rap...ehm...breeding racks should be allowed, double standards shouldn't exist.



>1.) Animals cannot properly clean their genitals. NASTY FUCKING DISEASES get passed back and forth

you are only partially correct. birds can pass diseases to us monkeys etc reason for this is the virus is compatible with us just read up on virus biology and genetics and you will have a clearer idea of what we can get what species carry what could carry etc these details are important before you go making the bold claim of diseases cause that's actually the least likely thing to happen in any western civ.

>2.) hygiene. It's just sweaty, cheesy and gross.

only true if you do not care well enough for your animal companion. bathing and body care is essential to a healthy mind as well as body, plus the benefit of clean.

>3.) Intelligence.

what does this have to do with intimacy and who and what you share it with?

>4.) Physical harm -- Disease and hygiene aside, human semen inside a dog's uterus can pretty much set that dog up for a nasty inflammation that can lead to it being put down.

now this i can agree the most to though not 100% factual. the word you are looking for is increased risk of inflamation and infection.

> 5.) Animals can't consent, nor can they tell you that something is too big or that you're bending their arms the wrong way. Hip displacements aren't fun.

uh yes they can, speech isn't the only means of which someone or something can consent. if a person undresses and lays on their back grabs their legs and presents themselves for a fucking that is called silent consent. body language intent these things are also important. though that does not imply abuse, for abuse can still happen if you ignore the signs your companion gives you and you keep going they more than half the time won't fight you fully cause they still love and are committed to you (doge)

File: 216d637e2701cdeb083504c769ce78e4.jpg - (7.28 KB, 225x199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>the iconic dogfucker

>>3454833 knowing things is not related. but all you care about is judging the purity of a person. though the truth is im much more pure than you despite the ammount of sex and other stuff i have done, reason for this is i haven't sunk so low as to accept that ive done bad enough to taint me as a living being.
i seek to improve upon myself always. so however low you think me, the reverse is normally the case.

File: jesusandchild.jpg - (14.19 KB, 240x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>the truth is im much more pure than you

pure batshit dogfucking insane

my sides weren't prepared for this thread




Yeah, good luck getting a condom onto a dog. Plus, I think the degenerates who'd fuck it are the same degenerates that would go without. I haven't seen one dog-fucker video out there where a dog was sheathed up. Bitches went right for that runny dog spunk to drink that shit down like pumpkin spice.

>>So neither petting or rap...ehm...breeding racks should be allowed, double standards shouldn't exist.

Most consumer goods that have a large likelihood of causing injury or death are illegal to sell or end up resulting in a lawsuit. A dog cant sue you after you hurt it. You CAN sue another human if they hurt you in bondage play.



>>Point One

Every animal we're in close contact with is one that is likely to harbor bacteria and viral infections that are capable of jumping the species gap. Bird flu. Rabies. Swine flu. Mad cow disease. Cat Scratch Fever. There is literally no domestic animal species that we are in regularly contact with, that is incapable of infecting us with something.

>>Point two

No, just no. Dogs and many other domestic animals groom themselves. A lot of chemicals in our cleaning and hygiene products are NOT fit for consumption. You are also likely harming them and giving them skin conditions by fucking with their natural levels of sebum.

We're tropical monkies that adapted to coastal living, and frequent immersion in water. Not all dogs can take that and remain healthy and happy.

It'll downright kill some domestic animals. (Rabbits, as an example. Horses as another, who have super sensitive digestive systems regarding soap.)



>>Point Three

Intelligence is important to know where you stand. Some animals develop behavior problems if given away after having an owner that was a sexual partner and have to be put down. Others commit suicide, or refuse to eat. (Dolphin and the woman, as prime example.)

>>Point four

We shouldn't be increasing risk for animal death and suffering when they're our fucking companions. A dog dildo or a pocket pussy is safer and healthier for all involved.

>>Point five

Children can consent too, that doesn't mean we accept it as informed consent. Even putting consent aside, animals often do NOT let you know that you've hurt them until they ARE hurt, and it's too late.

Cobalt, stop hurting dogs FFS.



Oh also? No double standard. You can't put someone on an operating table and start cutting into them without being a doctor. Unless you want to risk jail.

Likewise, if you want to jack off dogs, you should probably spend half a decade in school learning how not to hurt them and how to help them if an unexpected medical crisis comes about.

Some shithead like you who learned how to make a pony fucking rig out of PVC pipes is not going to really know what to do for the animal if a pipe breaks under it's weight from your shitty homebrew craftsmenship and it has a lacerated intestine.

Not to mention you being under the animal probably means you're dead. A vet isn't going to be a tragic find for some poor EMS personnel like you would be.

File: tumblr_oov633SkEI1reod2ro1_500.jpg - (20.00 KB, 480x194) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Dogfuckers, much like pedophiles, will use any excuse to justify their actions.

Reminds me of Dog-bone confusing anxiety and fear with consent.


You forgot to argue the petting part, too difficult to win against that?
Children lack the sexual maturity of an adult animal, so it's comparing oranges with apples, also, another double standard: Helping an adult person with down syndrome to have sex (ie paying an hooker or social worker) when they can't find a partner, I've seen the public and media reaction to such arguments, they're accepting and positive about such topics, but I bet they'll fake to have a different opinion just to bash about zoophilia if you bring up that as a pro argument, which is pretty much the strategy everyone uses, no one likes to admit that deep down "I want to ban X just because I don't like it, fuck logic and reason", it's a flaw instilled in our DNA since we're born ( ), people who don't know about this irrational process may never be able to debate logically without bias influencing them.


Face it. Dog dicks are the force in furry. Without it, furry wouldn't exist. Besides, all non-furries already think we're dogfuckers, and most of them are anyway. Any artist or person on FA that puts a picture of their dog in their gallery is fucking it. Especially if its a German shepard or a husky (the new foxes). No exceptions.



The petting part is irrelevant, we're having a discussion about sex and it's danger to both parties. You're not going to spread Chlamydia through petting the dog, but you CAN spread Chlamydia through having sex with a dog. Gonorrhea, while rare, can also be passed into and from dogs. Also not gonna get that from petting it.

I also giggle that you bring up mentality of a child making this different. Erm, hello? Dogs are locked at the mental age of 7 at best. They just barely get to the point of understanding object permanence.



I've got a solution to this whole debate. How about we let adults have sex with adults, animals have sex with animals, retards have sex with retards, and children have sex with children and be done with it!

File: dead_zoo_party_dog.png - (726.35 KB, 934x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

zoophile genocide best day of my life

imagine, no more thread derailing on lulz

File: header.jpg - (100.45 KB, 460x215) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's not irrelevant, if you keep saying that dogs can't consent, then you gotta back up that argument with something that justifies the fact nobody is making a big deal about them getting pet, but suddenly everybody lose their heads if they hear about zoophilia, so, what's your stance about it?
You're missing the whole point and projecting things I never thought nor said, simply put, children aren't adults, while adults dogs are and have developed genitalia that are meant to be ready for mating, the two can't be compared as the same thing, one doesn't have the sexual maturity while the other does. I pointed out the fact, when it's about human adults with a child mentality, like someone with down's syndrome, people are actually supportive that they can vent their sexual urges with a social worker/hooker (ie Netherlands), because despite everything they're A-D-U-L-T-S, so saying an adult dog can't too because "hurr not mentally mature durr" is actually a construct, a made up rule with no logical relevance just to bash up against zoophiles.
Which is a retarded comparison, because animals are animals and humans are humans, you need a really good explanation to justify applying a human construct to something that doesn't follow the same rules.
Dogs have different ways to communicate, it's called body language, have a taste of it here:



Already covered under informed consent comment. The dog cannot comprehend it's medical risks. It has no capacity to learn additional information or seek it out, like an adult can with google.



and by the by, this was all about differentiating between fantasy sex with other species that do not actually exist... and actual dog fucking.

I think real "Furries" would have the same capacity to understand STDs and sexual injuries as well as seek help for them that humans exhibit.



>animals are animals and humans are humans

humans ARE animals though. primates, great apes to be exact.



He has to use that logic, otherwise he'd be condoning pedophilia. It's creating a loophole for himself.


Can we get back on topic of Chelsea/Sha/Whatever and what a horrible fuck they are?

Do we have any doxxy good info, maybe a few pictures of him, etc?


>>3454930 dude are you a parrot?

how do animals in the wild live when these things are still a danger to them. its called get on with their lives till they cant go on anymore. natural selection dude.


>>3454930 also if a person is negligent enough to cause injury or illness then yes thats real abuse but sex in general is not please diferentiate in the future because im not overly fond of people who parrot the same anti-zoo rehtoric without having done any real study on the matter. i see no issue because i litterally see no issues with it because they just don't exist. most arguements are what ifs rather than what wills and what is.



You're a joke. You hardly understand communicable diseases between humans and animals, and you also thought it was a good idea to just wash your dog up for sex.

Then you want to talk about how you're a good zoo, not one of those bad zoo who are ignorant and careless. Please. You just want to minimize how much guilt you feel for what you're doing by fooling yourself into thinking you're doing it ethically.

At least as a meat eater, as an aside, I recognize that my taste for meat is leading to the murder and death of animals. I don't try to pretend that "At least it's free range!"

Can you just admit you're selfishly using your animals for pleasure?


I never I imagined id agree with the douchecanoe Autism, but he is right.

I always laugh at those who also claim that " a bark is a consent".
"he would pull back if he didn't like".
And many other silly excuses.

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