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File: 422988666_17298829_8col.jpg - (56.05 KB, 730x498) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
57400 No.3442851

In Texas, was driving all over the road, swerving from side to side, hits a bus head-on and kills 13 of the 14 elderly people in the bus.

20-year old punk, deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail.


In Ontario there is a almost $500 fine for texting and driving. I'm really surprised how slow some US states are to catch on. Moreover in places like NY.



I know.
One of my relatives texts while driving, we've chewed her ass out something fierce, she goes back to "I haven't had any accidents..."
She's had FOUR.
Fortunately all fender-benders.

But no one anymore wants to be in her car, not even her daughters.


it was a church bus, so nothing of value lost

File: horsing-around.JPG - (286.27 KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

They were elderly. Imagine how much money they had was dispersed to the families at last.

That kid is a saint.


Ooohhh, the edgy 4channers are here!
Friday Night, right motherfuckers?


It's right up there at $50-200 for the first offense -


IIRC the first offense was lower in Ontario, but people were not getting the message. Then they upped it with some demerit points. People STILL do not get it.

I get pretty anxious when I look into my rear view at a stop light and see the person behind me with their head/eyes down for long periods. I know exactly what you're are doing, asshole. If you smack into me I'll make note of the exact time you did, so the cops can check your phone and confirm you were dicking around with your phone as you drove.

You know when being on your phone is okay? When you are stuck in solid traffic jams not moving for an hour or more because there is a huge accident ahead.

File: ef059b5998481674eb720b5db038dd18.png - (597.95 KB, 1600x1133) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you people are so stuck up next thing you'll be all up in my face for driving stoned, eat a dog cock

>Personal News Thread




Dont you worry about that your poor slave.
As promised, for the Rich only , this poor child is suffering heavily under Afluenca and will be aquited as speedily as possible. Justice as only The greatest and best nation on this planet can deliver.



It would be best for the child if they died.

Not edgy just stating the obvious.


There was one hardcore Jack LaLanne/Betty White/Stan Lee/Bob Barker on there that refused to die.

Find that person and give them a medal.


>>3442903 driving stoned eh! i can tell you how many times being stoned has saved me from severe injuries or actual accidents.

not stoned, got clipped by car
while stoned avoid clipping due to excessive checking of surroundings.
while stoned i even manage to improve handling and braking at levels beyond the average person. specially if my brakes are unmaintained for 1.6 years and been in use since 2010 and still run decently though loosly. managed stopping within 1cm before contact while going pretty fast and only seeing the vehicle pulling out when im within 8feet.

guy was looking at oncoming traffic while turning blindly without checking for cyclists or pedestrians.


wait shouldnt highways have guardrails with gaps for intersections and turns just for this very reason of protecting other people from others stupidities.


>>3442917 img quality soo bad the sign reads cockton


fuckers need to follow through with their threats to secede already.

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