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File: C6fnwfoVMAEI7tk.jpg large.jpg - (112.48 KB, 750x982) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
115181 No.3438729



The fuck is wrong with you, who cares? God forbid autism gets any representation so some players feel included. Yeah I know "autism lol right?" Just sad there isnt a national "white cis neckbeard day"? Go outside and find some more value to life than being an edgelord on a furry site you pathetic jackass.


I'm glad White people in the US are going to become poorer overall. Hopefully it will lead to more gamers committing suicide.



Fuck off you autist.


WTF are you talking about.


F5 F5!



Nice "Auschwitz" ID, you Nazi.


If it wasn't for the titties no one would even pay attention to this game, it's literally just a TF2 knockoff.

>Battleborn stole from Overwatch

Oh the fanboy irony of that sentiment!

File: Excuse-me_WTF_R_U_DOIN.gif - (908.59 KB, 260x253) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

*stop appealing to SJW cunts"
*Letter written in response to a personal letter from a customer, rather than via Twitter or Tumblr"

>complaining about pandering in the fps that somehow managed to dumb down the genre even further than ever thought possible
File: 1421883616.zalno_zalno_and_ratchet_small.jpg - (325.57 KB, 1145x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i can understand the /pol/ shitposting, it's their MO to try and redpill everyone they meet

but why do we get the dregs of /v/ too?

you have your own echo chamber where you can post garbage like this and have people validate you, why are you bringing it here?


the only autist is you op

free speech bitch

File: ecp00065.jpg - (94.38 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

THIS is the face of Autism.

File: Symmetra_1b2ddc_5970561.jpg - (62.50 KB, 680x382) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

She's pretty sexy for a potato.


Damn, its too easy to bait the SJWs these days. Just complain about them, and ones like >>3438730 and >>3438731 come spilling out of the woodworks. Still, a bit unsettling how quickly they responded. Its like they're always watching...

Quite frankly, I'm autistic, and I don't even care. A shallow way to appeal to autists has nothing to do with SJWs, and frankly it doesn't change the way I feel about the game (I don't even play it). I'm guessing that nothing she does in game even suggests any such behavior (especially given >>3438753 and how bootyful she is) so its probably just an effortless way for Blizzard to make everyone feel included. Frankly, I'm not buying it, and I also don't care that much, but I'm having considerable trouble believing that they could make Autism that sexy. I mean, that's a fucking stretch.



>has a retard tantrum
>"take that, sjws"

christ, seriously get help.


The problem is rather the Politically Correct depiction of autism. In reality most autists are howling retards with severe behavioural problems, with about 2/3 having below average intelligence which comes with issues like violent outbursts and obsessive-compulsive behaviour to the point of self-harm. They're a massive pain and a burden to their caretakers who end up on the recieving end when the autistic retard starts to rage with the power of a million monkeys.

The PC version is that autists are just these harmless shy nerdy people, but in reality they're typically self-obsessed dickholes and totally unmanageable straight-jacket-and-drugs types at worst.


You're one of the lucky ones, I hope.

Here's autistic reality:

File: Autistic_child_rant_letter.jpg - (128.54 KB, 716x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The only way to deal with that creature is put a bullet in its head and put it out of society's misery. He will never do anything but be a drain on friends and family, and social programs.


>>3438775 Ever more the reason to not have kids.

File: Feminism vasectomy.jpg - (345.74 KB, 811x1917) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


And you get to do fun stuff like this.


Why is it always autistic kids, kids, kids, kids. They all have to grow up. What happens to austic adults that are doing the same monkey screaming and shit? IF you google "autism" it's nearly all pictures of kids. All that "blue puzzle" stuff always uses pictures of kids. Seriously- what is happening with all the adult tards?


write jerk-off fiction for guys on 4chan who have the appearance and social skills of lower fungus?


parents get tired of the shitbag, throw him/her out as soon as they legally can, shitbag dies within a month. There, no autistic adults.



>shitbag dies within a month

Wouldn't an adult retard just become a ward of the state?



Spotted the feminist.


Has there ever been such a laughable "AAA" flop as Stillborn? The only other ones that I can think of are TORtanic and Evolve.


found the dickless Wonka-accident-looking waste of skin



bizarre, non-humorous insult

Good job on confirming >>3438848 's conclusion.



Also, I suppose I might be one of the lucky ones. I certainly haven't had it easy, but I've seen worse cases. Not too often, however. Most often remain confined indoors from what I can tell.

trying to paint >>3438759 as anything more than mild criticism
deflects on the basis of the term "SJW" being present

And yet you responded, didn't you? Every time a post goes "something something SJW", there's usually a post or two that are quick to respond with something along the lines of "Wow, do you see them everywhere? OMG who cares, seriously. Get a life." This alone not only fits their well-known-by-now modus operandi, but shows how out of place they are here.

Lemme repeat that: its too easy to bait the SJWs these days.


If you disagree with the source of my comical kermit-grade flailing anger, you're an SJW.


If you disagree with me you're a nazi.

File: 32a0a6b8990eec730a89168b30c17a06.jpg - (29.96 KB, 450x387) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>>3439402 if it was any good there would be people actually playing it


I am now going to play as symmetra even when the match conditions calls for me to change, and when my teammates call me an autistic fuck i can finally tell them, "I'm in character."



I'm not white, and I don't wear hats. That hat in fact looks awful, looks like a cone from this angle.


>>3439424 that maga hat in the background just makes the depicted seem even more worthless.



You're one to talk about worthless.


>>3439439you know whats really funny? I have more worth than those that make minimum wage and soon to be owner of my own business. thing is I start work tomorrow as a jeweler for my first job as an adult after 2+ years of job hunting.

File: seal.jpg - (62.58 KB, 608x456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


While I commend you evolving from useless welfare leech to self-employed welfare leech I doubt you're going to have much success. Nobody wants to buy jewelry from a wackjob. I can see you approaching people in your tranny outfit on the street or swapmeet.

Hello sir or ma'am how are you today? Are you interested in buying homemade organic bead necklaces? Only twenty five dollars!

Hit the bricks scumbag I'm walking here.


Go sniff an asshole.


>>3439446 id post a pic of my product to show you how pathetically off you are in you assessment but heres the thing stopping me

  1. I have not drawn my design for my silver gemstone cages i will be making myself let alone have a finished product.
  2. I only have 9 of the required minimum for a full product line starter 6 raw emeralds and 3 raw aquamarine. am working on getting the silver and other gemstones. and yes they are genuine so once product is finished it will retail at $75 for the emerald ones and ruby as well diamond will go for $90 aquamarine will be $60 etc.

thing is theres many ways to boost sales plus i have ideas to expand and move up and i am not gonna start cheap like most, im completely invested in completing my goals. plus heres the thing ill be making my regular amount plus %30 or each item i have personally crafted for the store i get on the sale of said piece, you can just imagine the money id make from my first job that will turn into a partial career plus with my other business endeavors i have planned will only increase my odds of moving up.

heres the thing my mom started her business with nothing and in 2 years rakes in as much as 100k+ a year. i also know where i intend to be in 10 more years from now. just wait a few months life will have improved for me tenfold with hardly any effort involved.

id share a pic of the gemstones but sadly internet wont allow img uploads here at current bandwidth speed

File: rpFS3ri.jpg - (61.67 KB, 720x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


That's cute, enjoy welfare chump change

File: IMG_20170315_214552[1].jpg - (1794.95 KB, 1840x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>my regular amount plus %30

And here is where you demonstrate your utter failure in understanding the Jewelry market.

Bet you don't even have a GIA/IGA/AGS certification.

You probably couldn't identify these stones (and by identify, I mean pinpoint locality, too.)



>a whopping budget of $18

Nobody is impressed.



>i also know where i intend to be in 10 more years from now.

It'll be behind the McDonalds dumpster again, don't delude yourself.


>>3439514 do you have any clue that that claim you made was a claim created by the people here and holds no fact just made up stuff. but nice try never been homeless.

so how does it feel to be misled by everyone here? cause i sure dont know the feel i already am aware of everything.


>>3439494 right now i honestly dont care about identifying region mined and so on when it comes to the details.

but if you want an idea of what i do know about what you have presented, ill say some of those come from Argentina others from africa while some came from S.A mines.



Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the big orange one in the middle a copper replacement agate?



my current collection consists of these of the ones i have memorized and can remember off the top of my head will share pic later, kinda have work at noon so few hours from now so no time to photograph them and post.

goldstone (small)
Agate-blue (small)
lapis lazuli (small-medium)
amethyst-polished (small)
amethyst with smokey quartz-raw (large chunk)
emerald-raw low quality not good for cutting (small)
aquamarine-raw low purity medium quality decent for cutting (small)
turquoise (small)
quartz fragment 96% purity (medium)
zoisite with small bits of raw ruby good quality ruby but to small for cutting

remember though a lot of minerals can be found all over the place. i once found an amethyst geode medium sized so as large as those bigger baseballs even found a nice chunk of pure clear Celestine a rare find on the ground alone sifting through a pile of various minerals must have even found tiny bits of garnet not worth much mention they were specks on rocks that were not worth my time but if i want smokey quartz rose quartz etc might as well go find them for myself being i have the patience and skills to find various valuable stones. hell even know how to find tons of fossils that i could also turn into a means of making money lol. collectors , hobbyists , scholars etc will be the main buyers of that.


You go girl. Homemade jewelry is a largely untapped market.


Jewelry is worthless and retarded and shiny rocks are for whores and faggots.

File: 100_0368.JPG - (4532.19 KB, 4288x3216) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Wrong. Every single one came out of the USA.


Fire Agates are colored by Schiller effect from iron layer and silica layering.


>hell even know how to find tons of fossils that i could also turn into a means of making money lol

The only ones worth any real money are Federally-restricted. Best go learn your Antiquities Act laws and local state regulations (of which almost all states prohibit collection of vertebrate fossils without an archeological permit/scientific background/being part of an educational program or facility - that excludes you.)

>must have even found tiny bits of garnet not worth much mention they were specks on rocks that were not worth my time

Yea, you really don't know shit about your market. The other day I sold a half-inch micro plate of feldspar coated with tsavorite garnet druze for $350. Micro specimen collectors are all over the place and pay high prices for quality tiny specimens.

Good luck with your 'job' as I have the distinct feeling you're going to need it with that horribly lacking education on the subject matter.

Also, if that's all the stuff you have, you're horribly under-prepared as a collector/reseller. I've got three full display cases, several boxes full of slabs, half my living room floor is covered with rocks, you can't see the concrete on my patio due to the rocks and equipment. Even the spaces under my computers are loaded with metal-wire baskets full of shit, including stuff you can no longer legally collect (like Pink Lady obsidian, as the mine was shut down.)

A picture for you of some truly rare stuff - Lepidolite laced with micro pink tourmalines from Southern California - solid enough to carve which is rare for mica-based minerals. Mined roughly 100 years ago, (as that was the age of the wall from which I pulled the original chunk) finding this stuff is almost impossible now days as it's crushed up and used for making lithium batteries.

File: starrubies.jpg - (3102.36 KB, 3264x1840) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Well, you're posting here. Wanna buy a star ruby?


No, because I'm not a retarded faggot.



But you are a whore.


Cobalt-Blaze status=TOLD



>i already am aware of everything.

—The most ignorant person ever

I hope this is sarcasm. Have you seen Etsy and local craft shows?


>>3439548 remember i am only working with jewelery atm and am not selling as opposed to crafting and today i came up with some ideas gonna do some ancient civilization themed pieces decided on aztec , egyptian and greek. also these pieces will become my own line on etsy. currently planning to do some MTG luck charms and pretty much anything that might sell at conventions or other rather well.


>>3439553 btw you just gave me an idea and no its not copying but its a cool piece collectors will want due to its rarity cost or lack of existance. also am making some pieces that you dont see much of hair bead pieces i made an interesting one today and i figure i could expand its demand as fursuit add ons lol. either way i can pretty much make it work even do better than my mom in the end.

those that focus in one direction are closer to failure than those that spread out and focuses in many directions.
just some quote i made up lol.




Pretty useless. Too much garbage to sift through, your shit will rarely get found. Good job doing market research, not.



>you dont see much of hair bead pieces

Given how you live in the ghetto, I'm surprised you've not seen these in every fucking hair extension around.

File: IMG_20170317_172119.jpg - (892.72 KB, 1840x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Come on Cobalt. Let's see what you can do.

Gotta be at least this good on your wire wraps.


>>3439869 dude thats laughably easy, just time consuming and not worth the marketing costs per piece based on how much of a wast of time that would be.


Excuses because you have no talent.



What can you do you sad sack of shit?


>>3439913 when what you make has gotta make bank time is everything when it comes to making anything.


>>3439919 more than your one track mind. heres the reality you do as you are told to make money ultimately being a slave while others like myself get to get freedom to create and are not hindered or held back simply because you settled for deluding yourself witth other peoples opinion of your worth. your opinion is exactly what is driving humanity further into the rrealm of stupidity. and everything you hate is a result of greed and personnal agenda.

know the origiin of you can only be what people expect of you? well lets just say it was originally a deterrent tactic used to eliminate competition and keep incoming profits coming. its funny when you try to look down on me because it really is funny how you live like yo momma told you and pretty much sell your soul to being a slave.

i have access to resources and freedom to do as i please in my creations.


>>3439928 ive stated my reasons but being you cant see outside your black and white world you are just angry that its just not when you want it.

newsflash you are gonna have to want the pic and to get it you are gonna have to be patient and not act like you are hot shit yiu are like every other jeweler out the. nothing special


Thanks for proving his point.


>>3439933 i countered it you dumb kid.

i said i would when i feel good and ready, and its not an excuse, network wont allow image uploads at current network speed. so even if i wanted to id have to go out of my way but hey believe whatever your childish mind wants.

he won't post pic now so automatically validated is not a win in fact its what children think when they wanted to win soo badly they make up some sort of win so they can feel special

grow up kid you are simply killing the site because people don't feel you are worth sharing content with because of your attitude. freedom is a 2 way street you want content treat those that are intending to supply and provide itwith a bit more respect instead of driving everyone away with your negative attitude towards people. don't like someone ok that doesn't mean you can't talk or interact with them when you can't avoid it.

don't give others reasons to spite you and you wont be the direct cause of not being able to have nice things because children like you ruin it for everyone else.

File: 58251140.jpg - (23.35 KB, 347x347) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>>3439956 you are one to talk practically being you are almost a cripple

File: the_great_gatsby_37472.jpg - (30.43 KB, 600x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>A mental cripple dissing on a physical cripple


>its not an excuse
>gives an excuse

It doesn't matter if it's valid or not (which knowing you it is definitely bullshit not even solely because images are mere kilobytes but because you are clinically mentally impaired.)



>just time consuming

Bullshit. That took less than 20 minutes.

>not worth the marketing costs

Shit advertises itself, dumbass. I've already got 30 orders from other furries.



>network wont allow image uploads at current network speed

Bullshit. You're able to load images from this site at your network speed so posting images should be zero problem, especially when you can compress a 320x240 picture into like 75kB PNG without using an optimizer (which could put it around 32kB.)

Also, who were you trying to call a hotshit jeweler? I hope you don't think you were talking to me as that wasn't my ID, you fucking numbskull.

File: Outlaw_Morgan_American_Fuck_You.jpg - (91.19 KB, 960x724) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I've been in a couple serious motorcycle crashes, and have almost as much metal in me as Wolverine, and a bad eye. I still ride, and have been a professional bike mechanic for 20+ years. I'm hardly "almost a cripple". A used cumrag trainwreck of carbon-based wastage like you who won't even get off his cottage cheese ass to get a real fucking job, smokes weed all day and even easy going Canadians ridicule you....but I'm the cripple.

File: triggered.jpg - (7.04 KB, 172x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I wonder how long until someone says they have gorilla warfare training.

File: Gorila_girl.jpg - (214.55 KB, 409x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


"...gorilla warfare training."


File: IMG_7854.jpg - (3896.14 KB, 3714x2232) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3440065 and you are a moron. my network is faulty as hell and using my work network to post the WIP of my fursuit hair dangles.



I'll give you $2.50 for all three.


>>3440155 A they are incomplete and B thats not how you buy items pls try again.



Ok, when they're complete I'll still only pay $2.50 for all three :)

Welcome to the real world, a girl scout can do what you did in half the time I imagine :D



>selling beads
>thinks people will pay big money for something Chinese labor makes in the thousands for $0.20 on the hour

You really are retarded.


Literally all you did here was string some beads. I did the same at the YMCA when I was 5. This is worse than what you find at craft shows and Etsy because they have actual jewelers. Nowhere are you going to be making more than minimum wage with this at best.


>>3440157 the real world works by demand and even if one person pays for it the demand still exists. worth is not an individual personal concept it is based on demand. your comment is the very definition of worthless.

and besides you don't get to make the value as much as you would like to think you are but one person not a planet.

just because its not made of gemstones and silver or gold does not mean its worthless.



I demand more comments like >>3440157

How does that impact their worth?


>>3440178 have comissions set to $15 but have decided to sell these at $7.50 each. they are just a means to start funding myself for materials to make better stuff.

these are simply for costume use. to add color and style to outfit/costume. and honestly $7.50 is reasonable but could prolly get as much as $10 each.

the earings i made though are much nicer than this. did some rose quartz on some cheap$15 pairs as well and assembled a few keychains. this is due to limited hours of working with limited materials.

File: laughing.jpg - (22.13 KB, 416x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>the very definition of worthless calling somebody else worthless


File: Cobalt_irony_overload.jpg - (161.53 KB, 1324x634) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: Cobalt_contract_killer.gif - (399.62 KB, 478x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: coblat_balz_potatoe_durr.jpg - (156.67 KB, 496x824) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>>3440186 it went so far over your head it has reached outside our galaxy.

i targeted his comment so really its not hypocritical.

his comment is measured by his childish attitude and raises the bar of expectations to retard stupid high levels based on self rather than skill of the person. it was pointing at how unreasonable.

but heres the kicker i can do some interesting wirewraped chain link 1cm section with a thin chain and thin wirewraping. between the hairclip section which is drying for one right now and am deciding on a piiece had to substitute jewellery glue cause did not have a solder gun handy. getting an order for one myself soon for home use and even started building my kit got real not faux gemstones i can make an interesting wirewrap pendant piece just need 1mm thick rather than the.05mm ones i used in the hair dangles.

got some emerald and if i made some silver wire i could handmake some cool pieces. right now jjust crafting many different things getting a feel on some of the available materials.



>got some emerald and if i made some silver wire i could handmake some cool pieces

Of course you'd be the type to do such atrocities to emerald like set it in silver, even cabochon-grade material. Holy jesus.


>>3440300 its not of the quality that would be good enough for gold let alone too small and raw polished and would not dream of using high grade material and low quality silver is still high quality and still can be used with emerald. just not diamond that shits gold platinum or palladium i think it was i forget.



>its not of the quality that would be good enough for gold
>Completely ignores that I said "Even cabochon grade material"


>but I'm the cripple
>expresses white supremacist views constantly
>names himself after a mediocre video game franchise

You clearly did suffer brain damage.


>>3440072 heres the funny part. how would i afford all the weed if i go to a dispensary every day. all my money at the end of the month is used. how else would i afford it. seriously only one laughing here is me.



>how would i afford all the weed if i go to a dispensary every day

Find a dispensary that doesn't charge you a fucking arm and a leg. I get two ounces for $35. That's enough to last the entire month.


>>3440455 ill explain how my dispensaries price stuff.

Cannabis culture
depending if they have it in heres a list of their prices and purchase teir

per gram
$8 3.5xg=$35
$10 3.5xg=$30

i forget the rest but as you can see nope, not everyone can get cheap good quality weed like master kush , OG , lemon skunk , skywalker , pink hindu , girl scout cookies and deathstar the good stuff and none of the crap.

cloud 9

a simple 10 a g and idk the price tier yet but its just one bulk price list but an ounce is definitely worth$200-220 forget which. idk what low quality bud you are smoking but if i had someone willling to sell me a little under quarter of a QP of strains like that id definitely would have jumped onto that.

File: handymaps_for_cb.png - (311.29 KB, 914x872) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>>3440501 i have no clue to what you are trying to accomplish but i rent an apartment for all inclusive $675 mnth has an old marble fireplace hardwood livingroom granite kitchen countertops. im pretty much staying till i can afford a house.

this is a result of your fantasies, so you should prolly stop posting.



>this nigga's never heard of weedmaps

How much of that 675 is paid for by follow Ontarios?

>im pretty much staying till i can afford a house.

Normal working people have a hard time paying off a house, you are never going to get anywhere near house ownership. You are pushing 30, with a sketchy history and minimal jobs aspects. You are nowhere in life. People like you stay in the gutter. Hamilton is a perfect fit for you, a depressing, crumbling, joyless city that stinks!


>>3440505 heard of it just don't care nor use it or any apps on my smartphone.

and besides if people knew i would too as news travels fast when weed is involved here if you could walk in and walk out with a heaping bag of weed for dirt cheap without a cannabis med card.


>>3440507 idk once my jewellery has fully funded itself ill be making much more nicer and interesting pieces. being ill have all the tools and machinery. my storefront will basically have to be large enough to craft larger pieces. i have things thought out for the details.

File: tenor.gif - (653.65 KB, 498x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>I'll show you! Once I make my thousands doing X, Y or Z I'll show you!

We've heard this turgid song and dance a million times. We're not impressed. You will continue being the same welfare leeching failure you have been since time immemorial. For the love of penis, give it a fucking rest Cobalt.


Why do you people bother responding to Cobalt Blaze? Do you get some kind of cheap satisfaction attacking low hanging fruit? Does it validate your own existence when you insult an invalid? Do you feel like a real person attacking this caricature?

You ALL know he's trolling. It's one of those reversals where the VICTIM becomes the TROLL, i.e CrusaderCat or Sethisto. You all know he's sitting at home 24/7, can't work, won't work and squandering his income on weed and low-speed internet. Everyday, he's fishing for negative responses. He does this because it's all he has left, HE NEEDS THIS MORE THAN YOU DO. YOU ALL KNOW IT'S DELIBERATE yet you insist on humoring him. He'll say anything to keep the exchange going. He may be a weak troll but he knows exactly what to say to keep you responding.

It's not Dunning Kruger, it's not USI, it's not any of those things you idiots think. He's DOING IT BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING!

It's a ugly cycle like two retards slapping each other again and again. There are no winners, only losers.


God willing the sooner you fuckfaces get with the program the sooner he will drop the act, drop the Big Mac and do something productive with his life.

This message brought to you by the CACL and the ODSP. Public funding provided by lurkers like you

Thank You.


>>3440513 if i was a leech id not be disabled cause its called disability for starters and i am being smart reaping the benefits and assistance waiting right now for my work startup so i can order some materials and tools plus bus fare to and from work also the benefit of paid for healthcare for medication which if i had my med card id get that covered and id save $50 a month as that's all i can afford with my odsp as my other needs stand and i did a recent re budget and saved myself an extra $100 for whatever btw $50 is in the budget for it so that's a do as i please $100 so end of this month i am getting myself an order of a horsedong that will arrive roughly around my birthday maybe my hint ill drop in my order will quicken it to that morning or afternoon the day before.

another thing on work its paid by commission and i haven't shown my best pieces. all hand made one with a particular theme such as survivalist for charm bracelets also its a mixed metal piece not as nice as my one pair of earrings and they are priced by color look and material used. and i have a design in mind for a necklace made with rose quartz it will be interesting enough to sell on etsy for as much as $60-75 at least with materials and design which will be pretty nice unless other material is readily available.

File: bloodborne__happy_micolash_by_menaslg-d9dkw0l.jpg - (173.50 KB, 500x376) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You're giving Cobalt far too much credit.


I give him 4-6 years before he's back where he started. Idiots of Cobalt's caliber have no sense of financial stability and invariably blow their good fortune to shit.



>being ill have all the tools and machinery

Uh, yea, no. See, I've actually got a shop. The 6-wheel cabochon machine alone is going to run you multiple thousands of dollars. A set of wheels and expanding drums and belts? There's another $1,000. Slab saws? $1,500 each for oil-operated ones that are worth a shit, and the blades are $250 alone for quality blades. Trim saw? $500 and the blades are about $100 each. Electric kiln that can get up to metal-smelting temps? Another $1,000 minimum (for a tiny machine that you can maybe do a tiny crucible in.) Faceting machine that isn't completely out of whack and will actually be useful for meet-point faceting? Ooooooohhhh boy, there's a minimum 5 grand USED. Dual arbor buffing/polishing machine? Another $750. Wheels/pads/wax/polish/rouge/tripoli? Another $250 total. Decent tumbler to make polished stuff? $150 for a proper rotary, $200 for a good vibratory. There's a ton more I'm not even mentioning, as it's small stuff that in total would probably end up totaling another $1,000, like dop pots and dop wax and a cooling slab, small shit like that.

That's USD, mind you. Add 34% to that for Canadaland at current exchange prices.


I don't think you've really thought your plan all the way through.

Captcha: Kireer - what Cobalt hopes to have.



At this rate, Cobalt will become a Hobby Lobby whore selling shitty glass bead jewelry at Furnal Equinox.



>glass bead

Funny you mention that, I bet Cobalt would have one hell of a hard time distinguishing real moldavite from slag glass.



As someone who never has, or ever will, buy jewelry, educate me on why this is a bad thing. I legitimately do not know why these two things shouldn't go together.


Was Chris Chan trolling?




Just general aesthetics. Emeralds always look best set in a primary color metal or stone, typically yellow in color. It allows for the green (and lighter) hues to show off whereas in a silver setting half of the character gets muddled by the surrounding silver.

Plus, simply put, setting fairly precious stones in anything but precious metals is just a waste.



>setting fairly precious stones in anything but precious metals is just a waste.
>talks about how gold is the only precious metal used in jewelry

there's more to thee list bruh such as silver or platinum and i think even palladium.

you sound like your in denial over the reason.

just admit it just looks nicer and stop trying to tell people its a waste, you are just cranky because like others i dare to make something that goes against what your ilk likes to complain about.



>talks about how gold is the only precious metal used in jewelry

Care to quote me EXACTLY where that was said?

>there's more to thee list bruh such as silver or platinum and i think even palladium.
>Trying to tell the Vice President of California's oldest mineralogical society what metals are precious or not.

Please, you couldn't even list the various alloys of Fermilay.



>just admit it just looks nicer

Perhaps you should learn about some basic color theory, first.



Why do you even bother? No matter how thoroughly you think you've thrashed him, Cobalt will always come back with childish rhetoric ala you're in denial, you're jealous, you're ignorant, you're stupid, I know better, I'm smarter, I'm doing something interesting, BLAH BLAH BLAH ad nauseum

That's something you people don't understand. You believe you're having a go at some intellectual midget when you're just feeding a troll.

You cannot win a debate with Cobalt because he'll keep the conversation going until you quit. He has all the time in the world to sit and troll.


>>3440635 i was refering to gold lookiing nicer you daft mongoloid.

silver can be used with emerald now deal with it and stop trying to argue what can and cant be used.


He is insecure as fuck, too. Starts spatting out things like 'I could kick your ass' and other like minded gutter bar speak. He's a skid on society and doesn't see it. Too bad is mother didn't pull a coat hanger on him circa 1990.


>>3440635 i was refering to gold lookiing nicer you daft mongoloid.

silver can be used with emerald now deal with it and stop trying to argue what can and cant be used.

not all the time. starting friday from 11 to 7pm roughly ill be at work almost every day and ill be working from home off hrs too so long as i keep up orders with materials and even have a second location set up for specific creations that are not made by their supplier



Hes not a troll. Cobalt is autistic IRL, and has that autistic stubbornness when trying to talk to him. Even when it all comes crashing down on him, he'll still never believe he is doing something wrong.



>That's something you people don't understand.

I've been in this fandom (ugh) 20 years. I understand it very well. Why do I do it? Because I can. I need zero reason to do it or to not do it.


And yet most emerald + silver pieces I see have sat on the shelf for years and years. Gold + Emerald? Rarely see the same pieces every time I walk into the jewelers.

><CobaltBlaze> what is it with phone rep that cant bo polite nor folllow protocol when someone calls for a supervisor, when they do you are supposed to just do it and not argue wiith the customer and then hang up when they begin to get told off. ill also note its a bank and when a rep does stuff like this and theres a recoording to proove it to their superviisor.
><CobaltBlaze> normally this is what it takes at a minimum for a person to be fired from a banking phone rep job. and have already made a customer service report and ill definately keep calling to find out what has been done.
><CobaltBlaze> also this time i am srs if nothing is done ill be taking the bank to court for damages ensued. this is not one of my usual times. this is very real.
>you are supposed to just do it

Ahahahaha, fuck no. The world does not revolve around you, neither does this bank. If the rep transferred your inane bullshit to a supervisor first thing they'd be rightfully fired for wasting the supervisor's time. Their job is literally to solve shit without escalation, second only to upselling your new services (i.e. Comcast). The second you start sperging out they have the right to end the conversation in favor of the other customers on hold who likely have some control of their emotions.

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