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No, fear reincarnation, when we die activity of our brains cease and in your brain is a soul organ will be eaten by microbes as months and years pass on these microbes carry your genes or dna and if they are eaten by other organism your molecules become stems cells if its in a random animal chances you will become a prey or predictor would suck I rather be reborn as a human. nature is cruel if you were reborn as a shitty human in a poor country it would suck!
I won't feel anything after death, it would be darkness, and a process of biology and nature taking its course.

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being process into a stem cell chances are if you are being developed in a cow, pig, goat etc. low tier animals chances are you will be killed or abuse by a human 90 percent chance. the other 10 percent chance is that a human would treat you kind.

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Biology Reincarnation is hell and heaven at the same time. Out world is a cosmic simulation! As Morty Stated.

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I am aware that the stem cells in my central cortex is still functional it will fail at some point, life is suffering how we live in this cruel world life is short death takes time to repair into another organism.

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It is not you in the mirror. It is what is behind you that created you with suffering and comfort.

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You are reborn as an antelope months later hyenas appear you run for your life till you are eaten alive painfully, it sucks to be a pray species.

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But if you become a cheetah, you will kill animals for food and if a human shoots you well, it sucks too!

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Congratulations you are a human again! wait a low tier human well that sucks also! on the bright side at least you wont be eaten by other animals.

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After death and many years you are once again born but in a dictatorship country that also sucks!

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after the execution of a crime in that dictatorship country years of your death pass on until you are born in you guess it a rich and wealthy country! the downside is that you are raised entitled spoiled brat that wants anything and with no self control.

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That wraps up the summary of Death and Reincarnation Life isn't fair and Death takes time to rebuild an organism a whole. our existence is based on a simulation! Human laws don't apply to the universe it's the other way around.

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if your soul stem cells are inside a mother horse and you are reborn as a mare or stallion the chances are you might encounter a horse fucker I hope your human would treat you well.

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Very deep and nihilistic. Liked and retweeted.

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Too bad all DNA is digested into simple nucleotides, proteins split into aminoacids, so no data is preserved.

If you mouth-fuck a pregnant bitch, she'll digest your semen and a part of you may be reborn as a puppy, while you're still alive.

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> Protiens = > Soul
Prions (Spongiform encephalopathy)
Prions are eating my soul in my brain.
manifolded Proteins are parasites.
countries like south korea and japan should invest in stem cell prion flush out tech. where nano bots repair aging brain vessels that could rupture and cause stroke.

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This meme is true but there was a mistake and forgot about death decay and biological reconstruction of an organism it could take thousands of years to exist in another organism. your existence is not in your sperm your existence is in your central brain.

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What about the electrons that make up the soul? What becomes of those?

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Excellent question!

The short answer is a resounding YES.

Electrons (and other particles) can be destroyed by a process known as pair annihilation. A positron is the opposite of the electron, it has positive charge and identical rest mass. If a positron and an electron unite, they annihilate each other and release energy in the form of radiant energy, e.g. photons. If the electron and positron were initially at rest, or moving towards each other at the same velocity, two photons are usually produced moving in opposite directions. In some rare cases, three photons may be produced. One photon is not possible because momentum must be conserved. In any case, the total energy released is the sum of the initial rest energy. Electrons and positrons have rest energy of 0.511 million electron-volts (MeV), so the total energy is 1.022 MeV. In the two photon case, each photon will have energy of 0.511 MeV which corresponds to a wavelength of 0.0024 nano-meters (nm). This range of wavelengths falls in the regime of X-rays. If the electron and positron have an initial velocity, it will contribute to the total energy and yield photons with higher energies and shorter wavelengths.

The opposite of pair annihilation, called pair production is also possible. Much of the theory and experimental data relating to this subject may be found in any quantum mechanics text.

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They decay and become background radiation and head into the void of empty space of dark matter the atoms become ghost particles returning into the big bang.

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File: 1578552812874.jpg (20.32 KB, 474x266, teenyverse.jpg)

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the decaying atoms are light enough to escape earth's atmosphere your atoms are leaving your husk rotten flesh and into the void of space into darkness and nothing.

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File: 1578553191683.jpg (1.71 MB, 1440x894, hadron-collider.jpg)

When you smash these particles it decays into the void.
so much energy is needed to decay a particle without pressure and gravity it falls apart into a vacuum.

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Death is nothing to fear… it is just darkness and not feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling, and tasting it.

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>"the atoms become ghost particles returning into the big bang."

So we go to be with the creator then.

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f29a041a No.3567636

What I don't understand is why I was born in this body, typing these words on this computer in this time and place. There must be some reason why I see life through this perspective and circumstances.
I wonder if science can quantify it.

5fc67160 No.3567688

dumb luck???????

d8bd366e No.3567694

Consciousness is a form of adaptation, it helps you avoid danger, there's not much else to it.

Imagine being a baby kangaroo , your mother will feed you as long as she have food, if she'll ran out of it, for example because of drought, she'll abandon you, not a big problem for her because she have a spare embryo, she'll raise a different cub.

Moral of the story: you are replaceable, and unimportant, like we all. Death doesn't matter, someone else will take your place in the Circe of life.

9f70e8e8 No.3567696

and if luck by chance that a human finds you either the human kills you or raise you. life is stranger than fiction.

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File: 1579374410604.jpg (80.75 KB, 512x640, go-wrong-above-text-that-r….jpg)

Is it bad enough that you're being developed into your mother's womb and born in this strange modern human era homo sapiens 2000 A.D. and they do a lot of weird stuff to you?

24af44a8 No.3567698

Yep. Natural selection. Consciousness, logic, allow to make better choices, foresee events and prepare for them, develop solutions to problems through planning, simulations, prediction, shared knowledge, not centuries of trial and error.
That results in higher survival rates, opens up new terrains for settling, replaces gathering or hunting for food with mass production and distribution.

By sheer amount of biomass, humans are a dominant species surpassed only by species grown as food for humans.

Lack of certain adaptations simply means getting displaced by a species that has these adaptations. No great deep meaning behind that.

e31a8eb2 No.3567699

our ultimate goal should be to break the cycle, irradiate the planet to such a degree that no life can survive

i wonder if i get to witness nuclear extinction in my lifetime, probably not

633e337b No.3567712

life, um, always finds a way.

e7ef08d0 No.3567715

Unironically, all nihilists are this.

9f70e8e8 No.3567762

04d7bd0b No.3567775

that doesn't really answer my question.

my question (after some googling) is the Vertiginous question

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…everything has an end no matter who u are if u are famous,rich,poor, or whatever u are,u will die at the end
Just live your own life don’t try to make things or pretend to be happy just act the way u are….
Some people want a bf/gf to make them happy these people you want …u think they will make u happy but they will not..
They will ruin your life.u don’t need these in life I promise be happy always think at the bright side don’t think at the black side…

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File: 1580618082563.jpg (80.86 KB, 600x765, 138542684428.jpg)

What if God was a programmer scientist that likes to watch the whole universe like a petri dish? Earth is a petri dish God uses it as a cruel experiment and Prayers don't work. I have free well to create and destroy it. The universe is nothing but a binary code of particles and your are part of it. Universe is a sandbox a toy for my desires to play with.

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File: 1580618551705.png (367.3 KB, 800x1150, 1580350117045_u18chan.png)

Kobe's Daughter born in 2006; died in 2020.
Reality is a virtual world a video game.
You die a hero or live long as a villain to see though it all.

3712a919 No.3568519

There's an amusing line of reasoning concluding that we almost certainly exist inside a computer simulation. It goes something like this: Computer capability rapidly increases and probably will far into the future. Eventually it will be able to run simulations of a universe from the big bang on, complete with planets evolving life.

Now, the real universe is just plain big. No matter how unlikely advanced civilizations are, there will be a large number of them running simulations of their own.

A large number of simulated universes but only one real one, so it is far more likely that we are in one of the simulated ones.

9f70e8e8 No.3568528

File: 1580625665811.jpg (343.9 KB, 960x540, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

What if a time machine was just like a backup data if you lose a copy of someone's life for example Kobe and his daughter life are stored in another alt universe what if we have a chance to bring them back to life?

9f70e8e8 No.3568529

File: 1580626451692.png (384.02 KB, 1466x710, save kobe bryant with time….png)

words can never describe a picture.

efd3ac6d No.3568536


Behold! The perfect woman!

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File: 1580996991150.jpg (101.47 KB, 1017x552, 2b164e74fea89d3376ef6faf64….jpg)

if the Human race reach a trillion population chances of reincarnation is still small. #goodtobehumanagain

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File: 1584016964577.jpg (115.94 KB, 1820x1023, k3pmndjwo3stgyfzbwjtbq7t02….jpg)

As a human in this fleshy shell I wonder if we ever be recycled after death visioning a static of darkness you can't see, breath, hear, feel, or touch anything suddenly these molecules rearrange themselves into an organism if you are a being developed in a human embryo for months and reborn on earth into a different baby you won't remember anything.
This is how nature's rebirth works. It's a random chance.

145ab119 No.3571344

File: 1584017512045.jpg (11.57 KB, 275x183, afterdeath.jpg)

Being dead for a long time waiting for microbes to devour your insides so that they could re-purpose your DNA from your brain and then be eaten to another organism to be re-born at a random organism.
After death could be a possible strange theory.

145ab119 No.3571345

File: 1584017829013.jpg (15.66 KB, 365x138, lifeanddeath.jpg)

Our life will end up in the recycle bin. We get used up and sorted into earth and then back into the living in another organism. The cycle will never end until the Earth destroy's itself. The End.

145ab119 No.3571346

File: 1584018115028.jpg (35.03 KB, 778x1027, 0bd5e98df4f715086e198fdbd6….jpg)

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File: 1584022586059.jpg (72.72 KB, 733x768, Ychan - c - death - death.jpg)

Before you die, have a nice dead griffin with you in the afterlife.

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File: 1584023903911.jpg (15.86 KB, 236x241, c3da928c0b816ba6fcee6f8464….jpg)

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File: 1585657053360.jpg (27.9 KB, 250x368, Reincarnated_Snoop_Lion_do….jpg)

Close your eyes and repeat Birth and Death at a faster rate that biological chemistry controls your life if you die you will not remember anything hear, feel or breath, just darkness if some organism give birth to you and it's not human low tire animal your life is short will be eaten after many death some stem cell becomes a sperm and rebuilds you into human embryo this process takes long months past and you are born as a human but in a different year it's year 3067 and humanity has changed a that is why humans are valuable high tire animals the low tire animals are nothing but meat. What a time to be alive. Born as a female you will have a high mortality rate from other males. Born as male you will have to struggle with relatives treating you depending on your wealth an social structure environment.

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File: 1586100603096.png (604.25 KB, 972x1129, theroguez_skykiru.png)

The Source Of All Things has always existed. Your reality has not. From infancy through early childhood, you developed a consciousness, began to form memories, and your sense of self started to manifest and develop. Everything you have experienced from that point onward is your reality. All the experiences you have ever had, all your thoughts, all your actions, and how you interact with everything you experience, this is your reality.

So what happens when you die? Simple: your reality ceases to exist. There will never be another one like it. That dimension of the universe just poof, there one moment, and gone the next. But the Source from whence you came is timeless, and will always exist. Its creation expands outward ceaselessly. The universe, and creation, continues infinitely, even without your consciousness being around to experience it.

Your reality is a such a microscopic speck in time as we know it. Your planet has been around far longer than our species, but even your Earth is so fresh in the timeline of all existence, it is impossible to fully comprehend how incredibly brief the age of all organic life here on this planet will be in the ultimate scope of time itself. Its reign will be less than a flash fire in a frying pan, a nanosecond, a single cycle of a CPU.

And here you are. A human being, 2020 years after humanity's common era, reading an anonymous posting on a global communication network, the likes of which couldn't be fathomed a century ago. This is your time. This is your moment. How will you choose to exist in your reality? How will you shape your existence, knowing that this is your one opportunity to experience reality? Will you choose to fight for your happiness, or will you roll over idly and fritter your existence away until it ceases to be?

The choice is yours.

27d44251 No.3573306


This some Schitzophrenia-level failed-the-fuck-out-of-middle-school-biology shit right here.

28186b00 No.3573699

File: 1586586230829.gif (104.56 KB, 800x769, 1197514068.tirrel_almighty….gif)

a5a549aa No.3574173

File: 1587139267475.jpg (252.29 KB, 638x657, 2096393.jpg)

If reincarnation is real then where are we going to be reincarnated after the heat-death of the universe?

b5a586be No.3574177

File: 1587143300991.gif (615.61 KB, 500x500, 1564964490.veela1227_blush….gif)

538142f7 No.3574181

File: 1587146319505.jpg (215.27 KB, 700x505, 1586619416956.jpg)

You type like a pretentious midwit which is why no one is replying to you by the way. The very pattern of typing you have alerts people (people being humans with an IQ over 140) to your idiocy.

085b5b59 No.3579170

File: 1592372943752.png (1.39 MB, 2085x2160, 13b382fae58be261073bcaca73….png)

de5dbed5 No.3579471

File: 1592628448961.jpg (67.62 KB, 500x810, 107731036_122966.jpg)


I didn't expect any replies, but I feel good that I wasted a little of your life getting you to reply.

de5dbed5 No.3579473

File: 1592628765835.jpg (191.24 KB, 924x1280, 107735807_77414.jpg)

Every single "I'm more handsome than you" thread by Lightofheaven made me just shake my head.
It's not about conventional attraction at all.
You've just been conditioned by society.

I am 300 pounds. My recent EKG was clean, along with the MRI not indicating any tumors. My oxygen saturation averages at 96%.

Y'all might think I'm dumb, but I'm still winning.

And yes, my partners love me just the way I am.

085b5b59 No.3579477

File: 1592631897383.jpg (15.87 KB, 200x300, NormalVulva1.jpg)

Life is soo strange if your born as a female human and grow to a certain age at a chance of death your body will be eaten by microbes and those microbes will leave your body and then be eaten by some larger organism lets say a horse and that horse becomes pregnant and all your soul bits will grow into a foal and grows in it and all you see is a flash of light and breath your fresh air congrats your a female baby horse many short years later your horse body grows in a farm and you are greeted with a human that is a horse fucker the horse fucker pats your nice equine booty an suddenly he fists your insides and you yelp yeehehehe… reincarnation… sounds fun…

24345508 No.3579492

File: 1592654632820.jpg (1.03 MB, 4272x2848, 14358429509002.jpg)

At least put a pic of a female baby horse, for people to understand how they are superior to female human.


085b5b59 No.3579493

File: 1592656109606.jpg (442.52 KB, 1350x2000, 2370259.jpg)

Working mares are sexy… they work hard and save a man's time and economy they also provide free sex work if your women is out shopping or stuff… Best animal that god ever created…

085b5b59 No.3579494

File: 1592656360374.jpg (3.89 MB, 2160x3840, 2340779.jpg)

we will never find real women like horses that work for free.

24345508 No.3579495

File: 1592657563563.jpg (1 MB, 2576x1932, 14368947838111.jpg)

But why would a horse would have to work? The women serves the men that serves the mares, not food chain, sex chain.

e7ef08d0 No.3579496

File: 1592658656577.png (420.11 KB, 624x684, Carmelita what the frick.png)

Why is it every time Lulz tries to have a "deep" thread, it is very much a leftist meme? Lots of text and not a single good idea.

085b5b59 No.3579497

File: 1592659081292-0.jpg (105.89 KB, 750x1175, HTB17QbzJFXXXXabXVXXq6xXFX….jpg)

File: 1592659081292-1.jpg (193.48 KB, 600x600, HTB1GxujNpXXXXcHaXXXq6xXFX….jpg)

085b5b59 No.3579499

Americans believe that anyone can be successful if they work hard and smart enough.
Great diversity of nationalities, languages, races and religions. And cuisines too, yes.
A lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs and artistic types.
Great diversity of nature - every possible terrain exists here, be it forests, deserts, fields, mountains, beaches, prairies, etc.
People are usually polite and nice and like to make conversations.
Pretty high standard of living compared to most countries in the world.
Discrimination is not allowed (although it quietly exists).
Relatively easy to find a job to support yourself if times get too hard.
Prices of real estate are relatively low compared to earnings.
Most people here don’t smoke and have low tolerance of public consumption of alcohol and drugs (although a lot of people consume drugs and alcohol).

Almost all cities have terrible unreliable public transportation.
Healthcare will bankrupt you.
If healthcare doesn’t bankrupt you, surely education will.
American downtowns are full of homeless, drug addicts, etc and the police is doing nothing about it.
Employees are often treated as slaves, especially in service industry. I once had to work 7 days a week. Many stores and restaurants are always open and the staff slaves non-stop.
A lot of Americans (probably most) are barely literate and can’t even perform simple math. I’m not even going to mention knowledge of history, geography, sciences, etc.
While people seem friendly, they are unlikely to become real friends with you. If you are not viewed as “cool” (I.e. superficial air-head), you will be socially isolated.
If you are a man, it’s difficult to find love if you are not “cool”, extremely good-looking, same as everybody else, have many friends, etc. Women have it hard too, there are a lot of crazies.
Cities look soulless - shopping malls, ugly office buildings, most suburban homes and apartment buildings look like sheds and barns. Not a pretty sight for most part.
Political system - only two parties, president is not elected directly, you need permits for everything.
Justice system - very harsh, you can get locked up for many years for minor violations and your life will be destroyed when you get out of jail (you can’t get a job, can’t rent an apartment, etc). At the same time, cities are full of gang bangers and drug dealers.

de5dbed5 No.3579505

File: 1592665183433.jpg (68.44 KB, 644x960, IMG_20200602_070050_489.jpg)


Ruining chud imageboard experience since 2009
Just by existing and posting


a48930a8 No.3579541


poetically put "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

in plain language : Shithole

a48930a8 No.3579542


I have chosen to fritter time away-

Because life sucks,. our vote does not matter, all news is horrible and our politicians from ALL parties are cast in the vilest deepest pits in HELL.

de5dbed5 No.3579549


It's Jesus! Say hello, Jesus!


a361cb57 No.3579574

>carry your genes
But dna gets destroyed in stomaches…

085b5b59 No.3579575

File: 1592711659634.png (1 MB, 953x1342, 2256e083f7ceaa101b69a35831….png)


Indeed it does… but where does all those molecules go? in the mare's ovaries!

fe3028d5 No.3579724

File: 1592844132603.jpg (38.57 KB, 600x644, 29e.jpg)

This thread is this meme.

Soul is a misunderstanding of the last breath of hot air leaving a dying person's lungs, because while people of the ancient past knew nothing about anatomy, they knew that you die if you can't breathe.

Souls do not exist. Your consciousness is the process of your brain working as intended, one synapse at a time. That's where your memories, your personality, your instincts, your everything is stored.

What kills an animal or a human isn't really the heart or breathing or brain activity stopping. You can start a heart or breathing, sometimes even a brain again. It's the lack of oxygen causing brain damage. Brain damage starts killing brain cells at about one minute of no oxygen. People can still be brought back up to 5 minutes of no oxygen in. That's the blurry death border. That's when you die. More than that and you're a vegetable, basically not even sentient and there's no point trying. And more than 10 minutes and the wiring is so damaged it can't even maintain bodily functions.

While proteins seem to be the mechanism that encode data in brain cells, these molecules are meaningless outside the brain wiring structure. If something else eats you, it uses your atoms for its own purposes. There's no "you" in there.

You won't be reborn as anything. EVER. This is your one life, and that's it.

And no, you won't see any "darkness" after death. You won't see or know anything. There's not going to be a "you". Just like there wasn't a you before you were conceived.

If you want to live more, the only possible solution is to use technology to extend your lifespan. There's no other option. Modern medicine can be said to do that already, probably none of us here would live past 50 without it.

There's a natural lifespan limit due to the telomeres at the ends of the chromosomes. They are an area that protect the DNA from damage during the repeated replication process. DNA damage = cancer risk. Finding ways to decrease cellular aging by manipulating human DNA and better ways of treating cancers (ideally removing troublesome cells on basis of cell division speed and/or DNA damage) is important.

There may also be the option of cybernetic implants and bodies. The brain has fortunately very long-lived cells. It's a double-edged sword though, as very limited cell replication hinders the ability to heal damage.

de5dbed5 No.3579725

File: 1592844388664.jpeg (121.83 KB, 777x900, EY1Nss_XQAAyHHZ.jpeg)


It's about time someone said it this way.

fe3028d5 No.3579726

File: 1592844527858.jpg (346.44 KB, 966x1292, wishing well.jpg)


How is any of this in any sense political?

It's perfectly possible to be centrist or right wing and grounded in reality when it comes to understanding human consciousness and death.

Right-wingers don't have a monopoly on believing in superstitious nonsense. The left-wingers do it too, except they are going into hippie territory rather than western monotheist territory (both equally cancer).

fe3028d5 No.3579727

File: 1592844683201.jpg (27.76 KB, 416x482, polotocks.jpg)

You only agreed with me because you didn't realize who I was :V

de5dbed5 No.3579728

File: 1592845457190.jpeg (252.18 KB, 1059x1022, EY0XYKcWAAAHEAS.jpeg)


And you're being presumptuous.

fe3028d5 No.3579731

Ok, I was being flippant, sorry.

We have agreed on stuff before. But you're such a shitlib.

de5dbed5 No.3579732

File: 1592846148428.jpeg (186.43 KB, 2048x2048, EY1oroiVAAEPk8l.jpeg)


Opinions are like assholes, as they say

fe3028d5 No.3579734

File: 1592847044248.jpg (138.87 KB, 1200x675, Delete.jpg)

Indeed they are.

But at least I don't have a commitment to any political side. My opinions vary on a issue by issue basis. I use my common sense and I can admit when the left is on to something (social issues, secularity, science) but also when the right is on to something (guns, crime, borders).

You seem to be completely locked in to your political affiliation and I haven't seen you dare go against your side.

Momentarily I'm affiliated with the right wing, but I'll call them out for talking shit as often as I feel I need to. Why don't you do that also?

fe3028d5 No.3579736

File: 1592848475051.jpg (101.12 KB, 1280x720, The Riots Just Got An Offi….jpg)

By the way, what do you think of Atheism is Unstoppable aka Devon Tracey?


He's a funny and entertaining anti-gun (double disavow) Hillary voter (disavow) who dares to say things that the left doesn't want to hear.

de5dbed5 No.3579737

File: 1592849832937.jpeg (275.22 KB, 1224x1391, EY0CGuMU0AAiXGf.jpeg)

I'm just weary of political engagement in general. /furi/ is shit for politics and you all call people on the left on their bullshit anyway (including myself here). The last thing I want to do is lose irl friends over political disagreements, so I keep my yap shut most of the time about politics. I don't keep up on it because I don't -want- to do so.

Life is enough of a rollercoaster. Why burn bridges unnessicarily over petty, vindictive shit? My views change the more I learn. That's how things should be.

I dunno who that is, but I've seen Louder with Crowder.
To be frank, I'm closer to the center than you may think. I just like to spazz out (duh). Example: I am leaning more towards pro-life than otherwise. A left pro-lifer? What a weird concept. Thats me though.

78703126 No.3579739

File: 1592851208476.jpg (132.8 KB, 960x540, EJ6dqA-W4AAGG1j.jpg)

I died (medically) once, technically three times touch and go, but I count it as one. Honestly you dont really fear death, but the unknown. I'm horribly depressed, and dont really look forward to anything, but I forced myself to stay awake because I really just wanted… fallout 4.

It was a week before release and I waited so long…

fe3028d5 No.3579740

File: 1592851667877.jpg (117 KB, 1200x630, 2017_02_22_1d_a7e1ccf6a22f….jpg)

I know that feeling, both my parents are full Orange Man Bad mode. Now I only see them once a week or so, so we eventually agreed to not talk about politics. My other two IRL friends don't give all that much of a shit about politics.

I don't really remember burning a bridge with anyone on my end, I'm willing to talk with anyone about anything, and even if an argument gets heated to not mind at the end of the day.

But I think people who would burn a bridge with me over my opinions are not real friends and I don't need them in my life anyway.

AiU is at least entertaining if nothing else. His persona does have a MASSIVE ego, almost to a comical degree so brace for that.

Crowder is okayish, but I'm not a conservative so I have no particular fondness for him.

The most left wing people I could endorse would be Aron Ra (crypto-SJW, has full blown progressives as guests regularily but he's right about evolution) and Thunderf00t (full trump derangement syndrome and brexit derangement syndrome but he does a flawless job at debunking pseudoscience and product scams). And the most right-wing people I could endorse and stand by would be J. F. Gariepy (libertarian-ish neuroscientist) and Jared Taylor (white advocate). Anything more right that and I'd have to disavow. All of these (probably including Jared) would be atheists too.

And my favorite content creator of all time has consistently been Sargon of Akkad for over half a decade now.

>A left pro-lifer? What a weird concept.

I'm a full pro-choice right-winger lmao.

There's no "unknown". You die and then you're dead, that's it. A very "known" condition.

The problem is that humans have a psychological problem in accepting that their self will be erased.

78703126 No.3579754

I'm kind of the opposite, I support trump, not because I think hes a good man, but because I think he'd be the best sta doing president.

My parents are full on #blacklivesmatter, #defundpolice, #banprisons. We dont get along…

They just cant stop talking politics and will constantly bring it up. Since I'm the only republican no matter how mild I put things they just laugh at me, or mock me, in unison.

fe3028d5 No.3579755

File: 1592856763918.png (2.53 MB, 1280x2319, AiU_Regressive_Agenda.png)

Sounds the same tho.

I don't think Trump's a _bad_ man, but he's clueless, a professional bullshitter, bad public speaker and he looks ridiculous. He's a walking reaction image.

But his heart is in the right place and he gets the job done okay given the circumstances. Plus his competition is either absolutely atrocious (gangster Hillary, senile Biden, commie Bernie) or good on paper but thrown under the bus by the party in practice (Tulsi, Yang etc.). So Trump 2020! The only sane option, really.

Yeah, same with my parents, and debating with them is like trying to convince a schizo that his delusions are not real. They just get mad, change the topic, do personal attacks or dig deeper in rationalizations and excuses.

78703126 No.3579764

I personally think his look and speaking plays into his bullshitting. Which is why I think hes the best presidential option we have available.

I really do think he has the american at first in his heart, but I dont deny he's a dirty businessman. Let's be honest though, what better traits do you need to really raise a country. With all he's done with the media and almost half the country against him, it's actually pretty impressive.

That and Biden would be the worst thing possible in this climate, talk about throwing gasoline on a democrat fire…

de5dbed5 No.3579766


Biden is a puppet. Watching him talk without a prompter is terrifying.

fe3028d5 No.3579772

Yeah, you probably do need to be that to run shit properly.

Also while I don't like billionaires, him being filthy rich kinda makes him hard to bribe. I mean what are they gonna bribe him? His 11th private jet? His 15th luxury boat??

It's insane how much his opponents hate him. You'd think they know how to take the L, get their shit together and do better next time. Instead non stop temper tantrums and conspiracy theories.

If the democrats had any sense, they'd put Tulsi Gabbard forward. It would be a GUARANTEED VICTORY.

The partisan left would vote for her. They'd vote for anything with a blue sticker on it.
Some progressives would bite the bullet and vote anyway.
The swing voters would vote for her cause she's not fucking insane and actually talks common sense most of the time.
Even some republicans could vote for her cause she's a patriot and a veteran who got deployed.

But no, we can't have that. They'd rather lose than compromise on being super ultra far left.

fe3028d5 No.3579773

Oh and you'd think the progressives would love a wamen of color, but they hate her like the plague. Guess she's not woman and not colored enough.

085b5b59 No.3579779

File: 1592867849419.jpg (131.31 KB, 1025x684, 871dd45cbddfe5a02832fc5a51….jpg)

After a person's last breath billions of neurons start feeling sharp pain receptors, you start feeling confused during a paralysis blackout all your senses will start to shut down breathing, hearing, blindness of light neurons flashing violently as they disconnecting from each other the grey matter in your brain starts to lose memory, and numbness thought out your body; As our technology advances we could replicate the human afterlife in a computer.

fe3028d5 No.3579782

>>As our technology advances we could replicate the human afterlife in a computer.
That doesn't make sense.

Simulating a dead person in a computer does nothing at all for the real life human that actually died.

And as far as transitioning to an all-digital mind… I dunno, don't bet on it. Nothing makes it impossible on paper, but it's definitely a level of technology we'd be fucking LUCKY to reach. And it's further away in the future than just life extension or cyborg bodies.

In my opinion it should be possible to slowly replace parts of the brain with machine counterparts that do the same function, but consciousness and the feeling of a self is like a flame that needs to be kept on, even if the material that's feeding it changes. The first person who does it will probably have to essentially have a double brain, the real one, a machine one and a complex interface between those two that can act as a switch. And then have timed switching back and forth between parts of the brain and their machine equivalents and document how their behavior and perception of self changes during these switching cycles.

It's necessary to do, so you don't accidentally replace yourself with a copy. And different areas carry different risk levels. For example I imagine switching out your visual cortex carries a low risk. However the same thing can't be said about a frontal lobe. Also maybe there's a certain order to do it in. And maybe some parts are too finicky to touch and will have to remain on life support (at least until the technology advances).

But I don't think any of us here will get to see this during our lifetimes, so, focs on life extension and improving medicine for now.

78703126 No.3579789

There was an Asimov story way back when about a genius guy slowly replacing himself with machines. The whole idea was where does the man die and the machine live.

Golden era scifi is the best.

78703126 No.3579793

Back on topic though. The Dems kinda backed themselves into a corner… I dont think they could possibly find a runner that could be radically left enough to appease their…
Does the left even have a platform they appeal to other than outright rage and fear?

b8d4ed55 No.3579799

File: 1592877756206.jpg (210.43 KB, 1920x1080, See-you-Space-Cowboy.jpg)

de5dbed5 No.3579800

File: 1592878043129.jpg (59.31 KB, 578x433, 107731054_126645.jpg)

4b4fb676 No.3579876

>Tulsi Gabbard…would be a GUARANTEED VICTORY.
quit trying to make comrade gabbard a thing

501e2e5f No.3581914

File: 1594483832473.jpg (21.86 KB, 400x400, brain-in-jar.jpg_400x400.jpg)

If you die and some idiot wants to put your brain in a jar for scientific purpose your soul genes in your dead brain wont have a chance to break down to biologically reincarnate to another organism this is hell! All I could see and hear nothing for all eternity! unless the jar breaks on the floor and you will have to throw the brain in the drainage that's good!

501e2e5f No.3581915

*Revive bob's brain*
Bob's brain: Where am I?
Neuron engineer: You are in a jar!
Bob's brain: If I can see you and cant feel my body and hear you talk in this vat system…
*Bob starts screaming out a text*

c7974bcf No.3584280

c7974bcf No.3584281

File: 1596904127031.jpg (184.26 KB, 685x533, fig1.jpg)

What if you request scientists to cut your soul part of your brain and have it recycled back into stem-cells and transplanted back into a human womb to be reincarnated as a human again? sounds ridiculous, have any experiments worked?

88d8724a No.3584455

I don't know.

c7974bcf No.3584476

File: 1597114750580.jpg (284.99 KB, 1600x791, 1_qtJnjAB0o34bBOqx7Ay9kA.jpg)


perhaps you're too primitive to understand how your proteins and grey matter kept your conscious alive. Even if you die and all the microbes will eat you from the inside. As years pass depends you will be born in a random organism if in a low tier animal you will be eaten. However if you reborn as a human again, your lucky and don't remember your past avatar. Life is strange and random we have no control over death. But to keep this planet alive for next generations to live.

c7974bcf No.3584478

File: 1597115160030.jpg (553.77 KB, 1234x891, brain-damage-1_custom-65a6….jpg)

ce13ca71 No.3584490

We fear death so much we invented the concept of soul. Something that will exist after our demise.

Which is bullshit, we're just very complex bags of water.

c572c142 No.3584499

File: 1597143069951.png (945.02 KB, 750x819, qpp3mkmbpew31.png)

Ok thanks for the clarification now I know the secret of life

Can you prove it to me? I don't know how to prove this.

c7974bcf No.3584503

File: 1597146497122.jpg (65.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Those cats were breed through out 100 generations with longer paw thumbs.

similar to breeding super muscle cows.

c7974bcf No.3584504

File: 1597146680914.png (465.45 KB, 2665x1929, vs9l7jiexp551.png)


this guy explains how evolution works.
only he talks about aliens in another world like the game spore.

10b70a25 No.3584506

I died once of insanguination, bleeding out internally. It would have been easier to just die. It was a choice between hospital or going to sleep and hoping for the best. Honestly it wasnt worse than food poisoning. Death is scary but not all that horrible.

c7974bcf No.3584507

File: 1597147510004.jpg (1.16 MB, 1366x1067, gu-ford-fusion-spider-h-1-….jpg)


Spider horse, spider horse, does whatever spider horse does….

07c12bf6 No.3584609

>Can you prove it to me? I don't know how to prove this.

It requires a change in perspective to understand correctly.

1. Nobody is truly original. Everyone is born of the circumstances and causes leading up to that particular person as a necessary consequence of how the world is. This is a purely material fact of existence.

2. Who "you" really are is the flow of these causes and conditions from one living being to the next. All your actions propagate the pattern on towards your next emergence.

Technically, while it takes some time for these causes and conditions to converge into another you, the fragments and partials exist in insects, trees, rocks, clouds in the sky… etc. and this is the transmission of your "soul" between bodies. Specific memories of your past life are forgotten, but none of your history is lost, and if you see clearly into these causes and conditions then you can remember your past lives and identify yourself.

b1ae0a9d No.3584613

File: 1597264936186.png (163.44 KB, 640x400, Lone-Wolf-Cross-BW-Schind.png)

Then do we have some kind of quantum signature? Could you augment it with a mark? A mark you could find in your next life and scan with a device? Why is this not solved?

The technicalities don't matter to me so much as the question forever was do we come back to _this_ world or another universe. It would change humanity to prove this beyond doubt; any rational person would have to accept they need to take care of the world or they're creating their own hell.

5bf35b48 No.3584624

The whole point of quantum computing is this, that you are able to sustain a quantum signature without there being a direct source for that inflow you have essentially cut off any access or (active state) for any information or "data" to be retained.

Nothing is translated unless there is a feed directing the information from point a to point b. Even if it is there it is in a locked state.

07c12bf6 No.3584667

>Could you augment it with a mark?

No, because that would be interfering with the pattern and this would lead to different consequences.

Any time someone recognizes the full pattern, it ends. That in some religions is called "enlightenment". The chain stops there.

07c12bf6 No.3584668

> do we come back to _this_ world or another universe

Those two are the same thing. If there's a flow of interaction between the "two", they are a one whole and there is no other universe. It's just this universe. If there is no flow of interaction between them, then nothing can cross, and looking from either side the other won't even exist.

07c12bf6 No.3584671

This doesn't really have anything to do with quantum mechanics. The same point would apply regardless as long as we maintain that information and energy are conserved.

If nothing is ever lost, then by sheer probability alone you will re-constitute somehow, somewhere, exactly the same as you are today - and so would everything else.

60a1e873 No.3584713

Probably have to disagree here on the basis that quantum integration or connections do not retain same state due to any change from the bridging of quantum states.

The idea from quantum computing is that it shields this effect from absoluting destroying any information that is not retained, for instance in corrupted data, there is data loss.

An active connection of quantum states causes corruption due to the changing of states.

Energy can be conserved but technically the information is corrupted or lost due to the change of states. In case anyone would fantasize over this, quantum computing is required to conserve information through the direct translation of quantum fields etc.

The energy may or may not be conserved but the data is definitely changed from the imprinting of their observed states. Whether that is key is a different case. The quantum state is then supported by the computer because the computer can virtualize the "patterns or informations" using quantum teleporting it can even maintain the state entirely.

07c12bf6 No.3584776

You're overthinking it.

This really has nothing to do with quantum mechanics. It's irrelevant.

07c12bf6 No.3584778

Basically, whatever the mechanism by which the universe works, it goes through some permutation of states.

If the universe is "once through", then we're most likely to find ourselves at the end of it. It's already completed its course and stopped - but this is not where we are because we're finding the universe is very much alive and working. This is only likely if the universe is always doing something. If it is repeating, then whether it repeats by a specific pattern or by complete chance, or any variation in between, it will always return back to the same point over and over.

This higher principle is agnostic of the precise mechanism by which it happens. It must be true regardless, because even an infinite universe that repeats will return to the same point. As this is true for the whole universe, it's likewise true for any limited sub-section of the universe that can only contain a limited set of possibilities. Some such sets never repeat within the span of the universe, while others do multiple times, and you're more likely to find yourself to be one of the multitude of repeating patterns than the few that don't repeat. Regardless, your pattern will repeat - it's just a matter of how long it takes.

07c12bf6 No.3584781

This all is because existence is not a being, it's a a doing.

Consider, words in a book aren't doing anything. The characters do not experience things - only the reader who is actively processing the information is recreating the text as a happening in their imagination. Plain information stuck in time is not experience - it's the unfolding of information that we experience as the now. The contents of reality must be in eternal change from past to the present, or nothing can be experienced at all. Things must change.

If the universe is non-repeating, it must be all contained within the same instant compared to the infinity of time. It doesn't really happen at all, it just is, and without any time passing from one state to another, no experience is possible. This is why it's not a plausible reality - nobody and nothing can experience it.

60a1e873 No.3584782

I don't want to get into how it has something or not to do with quantum mechanics, the issue is there is a formula whether or not you want to design a machine to operate that formula is relevant.

When you put many particles together they form chemical connections with each other, particle decay and half lifes are paramount in making split second decisions with these measurements.

Usually there is an understand that a chemical will react given a certain amount of conditioning but when you have particles that are basically rewritten to react differently, you can have super unpredictable results.

Like when they finally put two higgs bosons together and blow up the universe sort of results. A quantum computer would be able to simulate that and technically keep that under control through simulations until is normalizes. The amount of read out would be first of all, phenomenal and so fast paced alot of information would be overlooked. Having the right machine to choreograph that is going to take a little more than a standard market based Pc.

They don't make Quantum Pc's for public use and for the most part it is still fantasy, unfortunately. But its obvious that technology will be able to replicate that scenario and people will be playing god.

07c12bf6 No.3584783

You're not making any point there, just spouting irrelevant trivia.

60a1e873 No.3584784

You're a mother fucker shut up.

07c12bf6 No.3584786

Meds. Take them.

18d73ad9 No.3584788

File: 1597361742859.jpg (35.24 KB, 735x1102, wolf-quotes-on-winning.jpg)

And we were having such a good time

c7974bcf No.3584806

File: 1597397393618.jpg (162.5 KB, 813x1024, 813px-Chimp_Brain_in_a_jar.jpg)


Having your brain preserved in some sort of formaldehyde would suck your soul will be trapped for eternity! It still screaming with in even in death.

2a0bc32e No.3585672

File: 1598159197210.jpg (155.33 KB, 1200x800, cloud-storage-primary-1007….jpg)

After you die does God take your memories into his cloud drive? What's even scarier is that what if in the far future in the year 5000 A.D. - 6000 A.D. scientist will freeze your dead body and upload your brain's memories to a computer cloud drive nothing personal.


27eeaefc No.3585697


Frederik Pohl, "Gateway".

He was WAY ahead of you. And me.

e31a8eb2 No.3585709

File: 1598212475617.jpg (329.5 KB, 1210x1726, nintchdbpict000358507929.jpg)

i don't understand why it's so difficult for people to understand or accept that once you die you simply stop existing.

uploading your "soul" to a computer will never happen either, it might be a reasonably good emulation of how your brain worked but it won't be you. You are stuck inside your brain until it dies and then you're gone forever.

i know it's depressing but it's the truth.

de5dbed5 No.3585718

File: 1598216271820.jpg (63.7 KB, 720x960, IMG_20200714_151901_203.jpg)


This one gets it. I don't think its depressing, though. It is just a fact of life. Some people invent things to make themselves feel better, I say let them, so long as they don't use their beliefs to justify violence.

9d197425 No.3587626

File: 1599421185347-0.jpg (70.37 KB, 450x338, 805_calverton.jpg)

File: 1599421185347-1.jpg (17.63 KB, 295x197, 295px-Feuerhalle_Simmering….jpg)

2f996541 No.3587628

File: 1599421805615.jpg (172.34 KB, 1280x898, ace2f62e1b9d4ce8254b8a6990….jpg)

When I die send me to a butcher and serve me to rich people at a charity dinner.

You know people would pay good money to have the opportunity to try human meat just to say they have.

4ebbcfe4 No.3587633

File: 1599422453348.png (392.08 KB, 856x548, Humans_Will_Beat_Death.png)

>What if when you die God takes you into his cloud drive..

If it happens, it won't be God it will be humanity.


9d197425 No.3587667

File: 1599448165458.jpg (229 KB, 1500x1714, download.jpg)


>Reincarnated in 30 seconds

Too fast. it would take countless random years for your dead brain to break down into bacteria food.

year 2000, person at 20 something dies, body starts to decompose for microbes to chow down, countless years your proteins in the bacteria lands randomly inside a female human as months pass you are born and dont remember anything. year 8000 you are born from scratch. 20 years later your just doing human stuff. but this timeline is a lot better or worse and you may live longer or short life. all cells tissue and proteins are made of dust and it breaks down and recycled anew.

a4181f0b No.3587674

File: 1599457905891.jpg (32.69 KB, 640x638, dogyoudontsay.jpg)

Are you serious? Proteins being recycled in the animal kingdom is in no way reincarnation.

I eat a lot of animal protein all the time. Doesn't mean those dead animals get to be conscious inside of me or take over my consciousness.

This is stupid. You don't get reincarnated. Ever. Period. Your consciousness is the web of synapses. Once that's decayed, you're done forever. Make an atom-by-atom copy and you're still done forever. It needs to also have continuity in place. That's why uploading yourself into a computer won't work either.

Although there's a small chance that replacing the brain piece by piece slowly may work. It is physically possible, there doesn't seem to be one specific cluster of neurons that's the "you", and continuity is borderline preserved (whether it is or isn't will decide if the procedure kills you and replaces you with a copy, but the solution to that is have the connection rewiring be reversible, which means bits of brain will be on life support machinery). But such tech is probably hundreds of years into the future, if it will ever be made.

10b70a25 No.3587677

File: 1599459355504.jpg (1.02 MB, 2288x3132, 0b458d954b519990ac6d445eda….jpg)

As a guy who's died, scary, but not that bad. It's scary, and you definitely dont want it. But end of the day the whole death thing isnt that bad, and you dont always see your life flash before your eyes.

My hell before I got dragged back out of it bymy shadow, was a pretty nice 65is degree f, cave just laying there in a cae. A blanket would have been nice, but meh.

But yeah, end game it's worse fighting it than just accepting it and going to sleep.

10b70a25 No.3587678

I know I'm being kinda contrary, but it's a mix of the extreme terror of the release of death, or just closing your eyes

9d197425 No.3587680

File: 1599464937267-0.jpg (25.94 KB, 440x220, cell.jpg)

File: 1599464937267-1.jpg (4.14 KB, 259x195, aaaa.jpg)

File: 1599464937267-2.jpg (40.56 KB, 900x599, baby-in-womb-900.jpg)

>Are you serious? Proteins being recycled in the animal kingdom is in no way reincarnation.
Neurons: We exist, together we create a conscious at birth.

>I eat a lot of animal protein all the time. Doesn't mean those dead animals get to be conscious inside of me or take over my consciousness.

True. nature is far complex confusing and random let me explain. pieces of proteins will be dead chunks it won't take over your body. The proteins just be digested and possessed
If you are a male, these proteins will travel into your sperm inside your balls. if you are a female, it will grow as a human baby cell.

>This is stupid. You don't get reincarnated. Ever. Period. There is some truth. after researching in biology and cells it's called cell reconstruction. after death You don't remember a thing because you don't feel anything hear anything, it's a blank state. Cell reconstruction will take months until you are born at some point in a random animal or a human this is a cycle.

>Your consciousness is the web of synapses. Once that's decayed, you're done forever.

Indeed, it's going to take an long time till your atoms reconstruct into cells and into another animal to grow and give birth to your existance.

>Make an atom-by-atom copy and you're still done forever.

Atoms are random and humanity has no control over it.

>It needs to also have continuity in place.


>That's why uploading yourself into a computer won't work either.

I have the same thought and I agree.

>Although there's a small chance that replacing the brain piece by piece slowly may work.

Sort of… but what about stem cell re fertilization?

It is physically possible, there doesn't seem to be one specific cluster of neurons that's the "you"
It's all in my and pain is just a sensory.

>and continuity is borderline preserved (whether it is or isn't will decide if the procedure kills you and replaces you with a copy, but the solution to that is have the connection rewiring be reversible, which means bits of brain will be on life support machinery). But such tech is probably hundreds of years into the future, if it will ever be made.

Great speculation. I still know little about the afterlife when we are recycled by these microbes.

It got me wondering that I cross some grim reaper's world.
I cut off the circulation of my arm as an experiment for a minute. To feel what death is like. it was cold and numb.

75ccab16 No.3587695


There is one problem, the brain in the jar has no ears, heart that pumps out blood to circulate blood, lungs that filters the carbon dioxide from the blood, and eyes that could see visual. That means all it could feel is flashing lights within itself.

a4181f0b No.3587722

File: 1599509335664.jpg (583.63 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_mywjg5dP8E1qa0by1o1….jpg)

>>pieces of proteins will be dead chunks it won't take over your body. The proteins just be digested and possessed
>>If you are a male, these proteins will travel into your sperm inside your balls. if you are a female, it will grow as a human baby cell.
This isn't reincarnation. There's no memory data transfer.
Other creatures being made out of proteins that were once in you isn't reincarnation.

>>Indeed, it's going to take an long time till your atoms reconstruct into cells and into another animal to grow and give birth to your existance.

That's not your existence. You are your brain. Whatever that is, it's not you.

>>what about stem cell re fertilization?

What do you mean? Cloning? Still not you.

>>I still know little about the afterlife

There's no afterlife. Other creatures' being fed by what was once you isn't you living on. It's not.

>>I cut off the circulation of my arm as an experiment for a minute. To feel what death is like. it was cold and numb.

Death isn't cold or numb. It's not like a sleep without dreams either. It's just not existing. Your mind is not there anymore to reflect on or perceive not existing.

aad0b615 No.3590334

File: 1601591112621.jpg (37.76 KB, 600x450, 8-bit-humping-dear-Ikea.jpg)

It would be strange if some cannibal eat someone's brain and their conscious will be digested in their stomach and out the back end as shit.

71724b02 No.3590348

File: 1601601183231.jpg (1.18 MB, 1200x732, Bill_Ted_Image-2.jpg)

>Should we fear death?

Yes, yes you should!

de5dbed5 No.3590354


Is that from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey?
I got that DVD free with a pizza years ago.

71724b02 No.3590357

Death returns in Bill & Ted : Face The Music


dc06c6b6 No.3592916

File: 1603868921619.jpg (261.7 KB, 1280x2342, 312bac82b06e53f8158470511c….jpg)

Life around you continues to exist even when you die the microbes and protein will eat your dead body and put you back together in a different organism, that pretty sums it all up. You body is just made of meat and flesh waiting to be eaten. ashes to ashes, water to water, protein to protein flesh to flesh. Earth is recycles the dead to living and repeat.

9817ad11 No.3592919

Soul, heaven, hell, all bullshit speculations with no factual basis. Do brain lobes have individual souls? What about neurons? When you lose a part of your brain due to lobotomy or dementia, does that part go to heaven? How many parts of your brain do you need to lose before "you" as an individual go to heaven?

But not all is lost. We don't even understand what consciousness is, but one thing we know about it as a fact - someway, somehow, your consciousness was already conceived at least once. There is precedence that consciousness can be created out of lifeless molecules, and you are living proof of that. Who says that within a couple trillions of years, the stars can't align in the exact same way again, and recreate the exact same consciousness that you possess today?

8dba10c5 No.3592927

File: 1603883296320.jpg (42.39 KB, 1280x720, Professor_Zoom_aka_Reverse….jpg)

Simple. Losing part of your brain is the same as brain damage. If you are still alive then you are not dead. Sounds like you've lost part of yours. See Phineas Gage.
No time to waste on fools and idiots.

8dba10c5 No.3592928

File: 1603883593067.jpg (34.25 KB, 640x480, suicide_squad.jpg)

Here, watch this. May explain some things to you.


ab0ee118 No.3598836

File: 1609917328179.png (538.79 KB, 870x1200, Ychan - r - happy tree fri….png)

Sure why not? your life starts out as a stem cell in another organism you cant see, hear, feel, taste, or smell anything at that stage. Lower lifeforms such as insects and sea crustaceans are cold blooded don't feel pain. Higher lifeforms that have warm blooded feel pain. Mammals feel pain. Life is short when you are born in the most vulnerable situation; beaten and tortured in suppressive countries. slaughtered by a human that raised you as meat product in a rich country. Life is longer in a situation stable parents, access to all of the knowledge of humanity's brutal history and documentaries about our planet earth and beyond the universe; till death. We will not remember anything at that point. It would dissolve to a white static to a black out. rebirth as another organism is a strange possible theory.

ab0ee118 No.3598837

File: 1609917900668.jpg (56.51 KB, 900x675, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Place a mouse in a jar and leave it in room temperature and it would break into some bacterial soup compounds of proteins. Leave it in for 100 of years under a time capsule once release these proteins will reassemble themselves into new cells and poof in another animal.

393f16b2 No.3598851

File: 1609942583945.jpg (48.12 KB, 435x599, DavidTennantWTF.jpg)

ab0ee118 No.3598852

File: 1609943909878.jpg (204.93 KB, 1280x720, lifeanddeathpartofasimulat….jpg)

Life and death is part of a mathematical code, our universe is similar to a computer simulation if you kill and npc it will respawn just like in RPG games real life accidents is part of a simulation. To think of about it life goes on right know I'm just a human typing on a keyboard looking around on how lucky to alive curious about on how other's live their lives to the fullest. It is good and bad to be human in this flesh as we age we will feel careless, sleepy, and… too late to see how far we got to see beyond a mystery. Who knows? the after life could become before death. It's a cycle that the universe randomly generates; not a god.

60a1e873 No.3599058

nah its not math. >.> science maybe but raw math is a human idea in the way of our understanding of whats in front of us is based off prime examples of what we beleive it is. To some you might say it is very concrete example of reality while in other times it is not so much. The reality is versed in an adaptive representation of a portion of what something is, and the ability to identify it through the data that is informed by observable frequency. The matter it is made of is broken into a meta state of frequency and atomic weight, giving it chemical property. But it is derived from a meta state of a programmable database on higher levels of energy. The energy is basically God.

311c14e9 No.3599064

File: 1610038596652.png (361.12 KB, 487x500, darth_schwab.png)

>Should we fear death?

Nein. Your end will be peaceful and ze men will be replaced by zyborgs. Your consciousness ist no longer required.

054d77b0 No.3602688

File: 1612302294772.png (834.59 KB, 1122x418, animallifespan.png)

Focus on healthspan it is the a key factor that plays a role on lifespan.

60a1e873 No.3602700

The world is for the material hemisphere of existence. There are more dimensions than percievable via primitive eyes. Vision itself is not limited via optical sensory and some people are even psychic among other gifts included having pragmatism and future-viewing capability. That is because existence operates on a frequency and some people are born into high concentration of 'energy'. When death occurs there is a release from the dimensional binds, so that sovereign energies are channeled via a 'once' only pathway.

Reincarnation may happen because of that where a dimensional path redirects the Soul to its proper frequency. That life is renewed or reconstructed to the personal ability of that soul so those with great energy may even reach a state of Godliness through reincarnation.

In the usage of that energy the remediation for that death occurs and changes the outcome of the soul, on higher levels cheating death could involve being imprisoned as a crystal or other geometric waveform so that is why people sometimes notice Oobe Experiences with strange objects or people. It is because they are resident to that level of energy. But being a immortal crystal person with free domain is what I would call the objective of reincarnation.

d0ce26dc No.3602708

>This is stupid. You don't get reincarnated. Ever. Period. Your consciousness is the web of synapses. Once that's decayed, you're done forever. Make an atom-by-atom copy and you're still done forever. It needs to also have continuity in place. That's why uploading yourself into a computer won't work either.
And where did this continuity come from in the first place?

10b70a25 No.3602726

File: 1612333905136.gif (442.09 KB, 245x184, 0d2f56a90a300710c7c711372c….gif)

One of the big problems when it comes to definitively disproving certain religious beliefs with causal high school science is that science as we know it slowly stops making sense the less you can directly look at it.

Gravity is the high functioning alcoholic of physical forces, it makes perfect sense generally, but unlike magnetic forces and things like that, its completely unobservable. Sure you can calculate gravitonic forces on massive bodies, but you just have to use faith that the calculations actually apply at smaller levels.

Electrons will act completely different when observed directly than they do when unobserved.

When you get into quantum physics, its just a giant fuckmess of stuff that seem to consistently want to break reality. I don't even know whats smaller than the chaotic evil of quarks, but is either nothing which means that everything is made of nothing, or stuff that makes even less sense.

You can't disprove all religious beliefs not because you can't prove a negative. Its just some things you either have to just accept we can't understand, or just really hold your ground in what you perceive as reality.

e31a8eb2 No.3602729

it grew from a couple cells donated from your mother including a bunch of dna instructing those cells what to do, and once the brain has grown large enough a consciousness starts to form inside the complex signalling between cells. Part of your personality comes from nature, the mix of cells inside your body that is determined by dna, the food available and the evironment you grew up in. Another larger part of your personality is determined by years of sensing the world and learning about things.

it's neat that you can see the same thing start to happen in artificial computer brains, i wonder how many more years it will be before you have to start questioning if shutting down or resetting a neural network counts as murder

d0ce26dc No.3602739

If it already grew once, why couldn't it grow again?

e31a8eb2 No.3602747

it wouldn't be you in any meaningful way, it would have a whole different set of memories and experiences

but if it was possible to make a perfect snapshot copy of you that retains every detail of every memory and has the exact same thought patterns, would they both be you? and would it be immoral to destroy a redundant copy of a person?

5bf35b48 No.3602753

You would essentially be replaced by a clone that would swap places with you and you would be its clone and your relationship with it is symbiotic. So killing yourself you would regress in your reincarnation and do a precarnation.

Basically you would become Voldemort with horcrux clones.

36b515f8 No.3607912

File: 1615245841736.png (460.44 KB, 1072x786, You are specialz.png)

Going to put this in the existential crisis thread later.

36b515f8 No.3607917


well holy shit, thankfully we have parent that don't raised us like this kid.

36b515f8 No.3607918


as for this. it is disturbing….

36b515f8 No.3608070

File: 1615372626901.png (15.38 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

We are too late sustain earth and too early to explore space.

Planet Earth is unforgiving.
Being born in a political stable, rich, and secured country. you will live longer.
Being born in a political authoritarian, poor, and outlawed country. you will live short.
Every animal we eat and fuck doesn't matter. Every cult we join and destroy doesn't matter.
Every wars from country destroyed or created doesn't matter. It is all part of the human experience until death. rinse and repeat cremate your dead body thousands of years past you rebirth as a human again but if it is advance or primitive, good or bad, It's like the sims in a video game.

Watching every nation with problems and solutions stealing all the wealth in parties. A solar wave or an asteroid would destroy humanity within 4 hours. Humanity's life will existing until it wipes itself to extinction. Social Media Youtube has changed my life in perspective.

36b515f8 No.3608072

File: 1615374391204.png (22.91 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

What's the generation born in 2020?
Generation Alpha (or Gen Alpha for short) is the demographic cohort succeeding Generation Z. Researchers and popular media use the early 2010s as the starting birth years.

What is the greatest threat that might ruin their scientific engineering and physics career?
Let us hope that they grow up well build new things for us aging folks and not ending up in a political ideology that would murder us for stupid reasons. But that's what I fear.

52f611c7 No.3608074

Pauli's exclusion principle implies that there can only be one real "you" at one time. So the others are just really well made clones.

0ea967c0 No.3610904

File: 1617723616317.png (260.19 KB, 664x592, seeinglightandlbur.png)

Being hit by a train is painful slow death you will feel every minutes of it. Your brain will lose oxygen due to the loss of blood, things are starting to get blurry loss of hearing your in a state of a coma you will experience seeing a white light that is the flashing of neurons that are dying because of no oxygen in the brain and violent flashing of seizers occurs it is fully painful. last part is darkness all your grey matter proteins are trapped inside your skull as the micro organisms eat inside you. You wont feel anything.

9c574053 No.3618053

File: 1624386329121-0.jpg (437.85 KB, 800x772, existential_crisis.jpg)

File: 1624386329121-1.jpg (1.08 MB, 1404x877, Existancial_crisisii.jpg)

I have read some of these books, and it gave me a perspective on the human blessed or cursed, slave or master, rich or poor, left or right, ethnicity, skin color, sex, gender etc. Every single speck of things that makes us tick and its either life or death. Speak out about your country how you are raised in.

128f426c No.3618400

Gautama Buddha is a wimp. Reincarnate until you win.

9e08e3ad No.3618420

That's how Buddhism works anyways.


You may accumulate merit until you are re-born in the deva realm, but then you'll be so happy and untroubled that you will have no spiritual progress, and you will become attached to the world of physical pleasures, which leads to regress and a re-birth to one of the hell realms, or to animal realms, and the wheel of samsara makes a full revolution back to the starting point. It doesn't matter which way you turn the wheel, it's possible to fight your way through hell to become a god, but you will do that forever and ever because each of the positions is a slippery slope to the next place.

It's like Nietzsche's eternal recurring: realize that whatever pains or pleasures you have right now, you've had and will have for all eternity because the world is eternally coming back to the same point. All you can do is love it.

f9b781fb No.3623018

File: 1629148419057-0.png (149.13 KB, 1024x847, Diagram_showing_where_the_….png)

In the third century Herophilos in Alexandria was one of the first anatomists to perform dissections of the human body for the brief time that it was legal.[9] Herophilos discovered many novel aspects of the human body, specifically in the brain and associated tissues.[10] The works of Herophilus were lost in the fire of Alexandria of 391 AD and therefore we only know of his existence in other surviving works. Most of the medical terminology and works are recorded in the books by Galen and therefore the reliability that Herophilus actually thought to the soul to be in the body is in question.[10]

According to the recordings of his work, Herophilus thought that the location of the soul is in the brain, specifically in the ventricles of the brain, the 4 open cavities in the innermost parts of the brain. Herophilos describes the distinction of the soul and natures as being intertwined within the body and while are separate things, cannot exist without the other. Herophilos in his dissections discovered the differences between nerves and blood vessels.[10] Nerves carried the pneuma or soul to animate the body and the vessels being related to nature. Following the lines tracks of the nerves through the body he saw that they all converge in the brain, and by Herophilus' reasoning the ventricles of the brain.[10] Of particular importance to the location of the soul was the 4th ventricle of the brain.

f9b781fb No.3623019

File: 1629148451292-0.jpg (19.62 KB, 890x534, 2944.jpg)

Herophilus observed that there existed two types of nerves, those that functioned in motor activity and those that take in sensory information. Because all nerves are a continuation of the spinal cord and the cerebellum, which are located most closely to the 4th ventricle, it stood to reason that the center of movement and perception, and thus the soul, must be located in the 4th ventricle.[2]

In his treatise, On Anatomy, pneuma was inhaled by the lungs and sent to the brain ventricles via the vessels of the body where the brain would convert it into what he called "psychic pneuma", or the soul, and produce thought, motion and all other animations of the body. Herophilus discovered the bumpy aspect of the walls of the ventricles of the brain that he called the choroid plexus and which was thought to be the interaction of the brain with the pneuma to create the psychic pneuma and then these were sent out via the nervous system.[9] He further identified 8 of the cerebral nerves and tracked them to the spinal cord and throughout the body. The choroid plexus is the term still used today and are the structures that produce cerebrospinal fluid.

f9b781fb No.3623021

File: 1629149037556-0.jpg (164.22 KB, 1280x853, grim-reaper-5535651_1280.jpg)

Concept of death fascinates some individuals that from drowning to blacking out. What's even scary life on earth existed for millions of years and the animals are killed brutally or peacefully by other animals humans and natural death. if reincarnation were to work it would have been random lucky or unlucky. Dying and rebirth don't matter if reborn in a rich stable advance country chances are you will live longer or being born in a poor war-torn religious country you will die get tortured. Life is rudderless and random.

239106b8 No.3632628

File: 1636763381867.jpg (31.12 KB, 450x300, crate-pups-171246359-resiz….jpg)

after death is even stranger life spins a wheel on what animal will give birth after the cells complete their construction. *drum rolls* a puppy dog in province of China! Your fucked… This is hell!

9a5af8c6 No.3632631

have fun pretending to control fate. retard.

239106b8 No.3632633

File: 1636774204072.jpg (44.62 KB, 660x527, Holy-Bible.jpg)

239106b8 No.3632635

File: 1636774622901.jpg (77.77 KB, 700x525, item1430249_600px.jpg)

What does Jesus say about the disabled?
When Jesus healed the physically impaired man who lay by the pool of Bethesda, He said to him: "See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse will happen to you" (John. 5:14). This clearly indicates that Jesus thought there was a connection between the man's disability and some sin.

239106b8 No.3632636

File: 1636774878444-0.jpg (2.55 MB, 4200x2733, IRTM2C3kxdMwEtbmOLYOgnsVR0….jpg)

File: 1636774878444-1.png (473.12 KB, 600x600, 91329068cddf845a013c30df94….png)

1. Pride. Definition: the quality or state of being proud: such as inordinate self-esteem, conceit

Counterpart: Humility, meekness, love God, love others, appropriate self-worth

2. Envy. Definition: painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage

Counterpart: love, joy, thankfulness, compassion, satisfaction

3. Wrath. Definition: strong vengeful anger or indignation

Counterpart: peace, gentleness, self-control

4. Gluttony. Definition: excessive indulgence (typically food or drink)

Counterpart: self-control, contentment, patience, discernment

5. Lust. Definition: intense or unbridled (sexual) desire, lasciviousness

Counterpart: love, unselfishness

6. Sloth. Definition: disinclination to action or labor, spiritual apathy, and inactivity

Counterpart: perseverance, diligence, servanthood

7. Greed. Definition: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed (material goods)

fa5f6bfc No.3632654

conservatives are guilty for every single one, a thousand times over.

43e92848 No.3632656


Same exact thing can be said for liberals.

fa5f6bfc No.3632657

No pretty sure its a purely conservative trait

16bd9ac1 No.3632658

So then why do liberals shrink at the concept of discipline?

fa5f6bfc No.3632659

It just looks like that because conservatives can't even grasp the idea of discipline

e75f37b8 No.3632660

We have determined that you missed out on something very important during your childhood while growing up.

fa5f6bfc No.3632661

wow another purely conservative trait, childhood trauma.

7f5ff095 No.3632668

If you truly believe that,
you are truly delusional.

81d2e253 No.3632673


This is a prime example of why drugs are bad for you, kids.

239106b8 No.3633276

File: 1637213881111.jpg (290.47 KB, 920x920, 2bb568fc9e0fbe911c327a76a4….jpg)

d7223ce3 No.3642565

File: 1642471868848.jpg (136.94 KB, 900x577, 6407718762b2b07ee02132d335….jpg)

Since life on Earth exist for 7 or 8 millions years ago.
chance of being reborn as a human are slim depending how numerous the population. Either you are poor or rich, and in a dysfunctional or functional families, race and education plays a role on lifespan. Google is trying to get all data of our life and death experiences and the scary part is trying to dehumanize human nature.

d7223ce3 No.3642567

File: 1642472281878-0.jpg (1.44 MB, 2800x1454, e91e8366971581.5b295219116….jpg)

File: 1642472281878-1.jpg (138.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This whole thread is speculation of human life experiences after death will life recycle your remains and replace you into another life form, human again or animal?

2642be7c No.3642582

It's fucking 3B trying to turn this thread into another /POL/ thread so it gets deleted, you can't tell? This turd is universally hated here by all yet like terminal cancer he won't just go away. Having Chris Chan posting here would be better than his shit.

d379f835 No.3649854

File: 1646543682726.png (1.39 MB, 700x4185, 4ZjwbZV.png)

here's what happens to the human body lol!

8575a97a No.3655675

File: 1651554371533.png (514.54 KB, 785x821, deathisreastinpeace.png)


Is it the man that makes the suit or the suit that makes a man?
This applies to second life avatars and fur suits too!
It's the man that make the suit!

Batman Beyond The Batsuit is taken over

8575a97a No.3655676

File: 1651555025065.jpg (106.01 KB, 660x398, 59140_article_full.jpg)


"Just let me rest in peace this is digital torture."

There could be another law against torturing Ai.
Bringing your dead "loves ones" back to life in a digital storage and torture them for all eternity? This is beyond sick and creepy.
The dead need to rest in peace.

8575a97a No.3655679

File: 1651555511923.jpg (187.41 KB, 666x500, zombie-terminator.jpg)


Let's say you have an abusive mother father parent that brings you back from the dead that you killed him on accident or he committed suicide. Torture him/her even in the grave. It's disgusting!


dd9c83f2 No.3667229

File: 1663918472322.jpg (20.17 KB, 480x360, Power Corrupts The End.jpg)

dd9c83f2 No.3668856

File: 1665024661796.png (29.57 KB, 160x160, axM341n_460s.png)

Creepy Facts: If you cut off a small piece of your own flesh and leave it in a bag in a room for 2 weeks you open it and you smell your own dead body.

fdc0ac54 No.3668888

You can do that with a vial of your blood without cutting anything off, and it wouldn't take 2 weeks to smell like that. You can also let maggots infest it for extra fun, that would be you.
How would your dead body smell different than anybody else's though? I've had to clean houses where somebody died in them and went undiscovered for a while and because of, some fucker bought the houses super cheap, and they all have the same disgusting smell, at least i can't tell any difference in them, and i can usually discriminate finely between most other types of smells. Even dead animals of any species smell that same way, although they smell nothing alike in life. So if you've ever smelled a dead animal, there you go.

1aa51f4d No.3668895

File: 1665053418987.jpg (148.86 KB, 406x480, d5by1c5-377b35fd-b6fa-42e0….jpg)

the aesthetics of that villain is just perfect.

dd9c83f2 No.3681668

File: 1670836644101.jpg (142.99 KB, 1200x801, The-Walking-Dead-scaled-e1….jpg)

You should fear death instead.

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