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Post some furry games that has… furries…
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f2d093c1 No.3657011

You guys know that game is actually free, right? You are pirating a free game.

You change a line in the config file to enable the porn and then you can run the exe from the install folder so it doesn't show up on your steam account for all your friends to see.

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File: 1652934276490.gif (542.2 KB, 375x218, dfg.gif)

i dislike how this first boss looks and fells
the pattern and animations are kinda meh

15f81f4a No.3659446

where can i download the game?

5e5bd5e1 No.3659719

as far as i know its nod done idk if it ever will be done

5bc88ca1 No.3659877

yeah, as much as i know the game was published on itch.io in 2021 but then it got hold by the developer.

5e5bd5e1 No.3659917

no no it never was published the developer is just lazy and buysy with everyday work plus he don't really like how the game is turning out especially combat not to mention story of the game is in shambles and mess all over the place with no clear direction and basically lost faith in the project

that's what i think holding up the game development :)

5e5bd5e1 No.3659941

Not to mention there are far more better games out there like it

For example shantea

5e5bd5e1 No.3660135

File: 1655680738941.gif (5.62 MB, 1185x699, fsfbig.gif)

2b28e917 No.3660242

well at least, we know the game is still there

2b28e917 No.3660243

I guess i could give it a try

05d02eba No.3672245

File: 1667163293702.png (29.12 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Save for archive reason!

e05b912a No.3672553

Saw this game came out


Dunno anything about it though.

e05b912a No.3672554

File: 1667246291478.jpg (19.85 KB, 300x300, sunny_the_fox_by_zackwhite….jpg)


Quest 64 was my jam back in the day. One of the few few games I beat multi times. I didn't own it either, so playing it always cost money from blockbuster.

Your build made some parts of the game super easy or really hard. Like if you didn't go into healing you could struggle in long dungeons.

And that you actively trained defense, evade, etc was fun.

You couldn't max everything in a single run. And if you level every element evenly you'd miss out of the top tier spells of each element.

05d02eba No.3672556

File: 1667246997022-0.jpg (23.18 KB, 265x375, Nightcastercover.jpg)

File: 1667246997022-1.jpg (104.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1667246997023-2.jpg (17.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Fun fact; Nightcaster was inspired by Quest64!

e05b912a No.3672559

File: 1667247799902.jpg (239.32 KB, 1067x1280, femboi.zvezduk_комм116_1.jpg)


Also its turn based combat where you had a real time chance to dodge attacks was refreshing and new.

And I haven't seen a game since that copied it.

05d02eba No.3672562

File: 1667250122604.jpg (57.22 KB, 265x375, Final_Fantasy_Crystal_Chro….jpg)

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File: 1667465004999-0.png (696.8 KB, 1920x2375, soarin__moderne_by_chainch….png)

File: 1667465004999-1.webm (3.19 MB, Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away ….webm)

Banned from Equestria II

b817869c No.3672994

File: 1667495372776.jpg (171.26 KB, 1349x715, MaUvNt.jpg)

b817869c No.3672995

File: 1667495436473.jpg (192.64 KB, 1024x768, hiOi3a.jpg)

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File: 1667496884932.jpeg (20.27 KB, 300x300, 3219-2094812111.jpeg)

i stll have cd, ir emember playing on my pc
pentium 3 733 mhz
768 mb ram
radeon 9200 se 128mb

d74eded8 No.3675389

File: 1668300142260.png (1.58 MB, 3000x1932, 1394475_charredarousal_thi….png)

So does furry like the new pokemon in Scar/vio? People say all the pokemon and stats are leaked


cc00600b No.3675790


I've wanted a flamingo pokemon for a long time. Not that I wanted to use one, I just wanted to see pokeon's take on the animal.

So its nice that one finally happened.

05d02eba No.3677127

File: 1669015057498.jpg (39.18 KB, 375x266, s-l600.jpg)

5c338031 No.3677144

File: 1669018702669.jpg (90.07 KB, 850x850, 7b6d86d977088e791dfb545f68….jpg)

As shoddy as the mechanics were, it was worth it for the one liners.

speaking of Gex one liners, this is probably what would happen if I were somehow suddenly in the pokemon universe on an acid trip.


27f1fd0b No.3677224

File: 1669035775821-0.jpeg (224.89 KB, 1945x2160, FhM_Jl4VsAE4niE.jpeg)

f371de00 No.3677253

Pokemon is trash that only literal children and autistic manchildren enjoy

05d02eba No.3677296

File: 1669069126082.jpg (37.8 KB, 354x500, 51R9B6VSX6L._AC_SY1000_.jpg)

Check out this vegetable peeler…

129313e8 No.3677300

File: 1669069840697.png (714.92 KB, 729x410, Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 1….png)

27ecd358 No.3677326

File: 1669094757360.jpg (227.03 KB, 738x1023, Werewolf_the_apocalypse_pc….jpg)

I own the rights to this game. I'm working on remastering it since I have a 27" screen now.

Werewolf the Apocalypse - The Heart of Gaia

cf2158b9 No.3677424

File: 1669145926132.png (544.72 KB, 616x353, Warriors 3.png)

This game has chopper. It was a nice game. I have 4 which I think has carrot the bunny gal. But I didn't get into it.

I lost interest in one piece after the big mom arch ended

cf2158b9 No.3677425

File: 1669145978820.jpg (1.05 MB, 2480x3508, Rabbit_Rabbit.jpg)

cf2158b9 No.3677440

File: 1669152609844.png (359.96 KB, 354x720, Deer mink.png)

Maybe in a future one piece game it'll have more furry characters. The big mom arc was full of furries. It had locations that were only them.

b066114c No.3677484

File: 1669167378519.png (300.59 KB, 320x536, WhatNowWhiteBoi.png)

I pretty much don't need any other game right now.

e668c5ef No.3677495

File: 1669173085799.jpg (39.1 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

Who is this??

b5c20cf0 No.3677497

File: 1669174687101.jpg (131.88 KB, 960x638, Reading_Stuff.jpg)

You… own the rights to a video game? Remastering it?
What would that have to do with a 27" screen BTW. I've done Photoshooping and other serious work on netbooks.
So many questions.

7a10b9d2 No.3677521

> Who is this??
What, Astro Boy? He looks like he is having a tough day.

Why didn't the American version include his butt guns? I demand butt guns!

05d02eba No.3677525

File: 1669196053722-0.jpg (41.79 KB, 528x430, D979exhXoAIu4rZ.jpg)

File: 1669196053722-1.jpg (125.64 KB, 1024x713, 300f775901b2e509c26f685ac6….jpg)

Not megaman.

50fe19a8 No.3677654

File: 1669250790129.png (484.38 KB, 1000x1076, 2f5eb4c04a5f2aa4a8c98d74f7….png)


The bugs just keep coming in on the new pokemon games.


05d02eba No.3677679

File: 1669260975713.jpg (181.28 KB, 732x2270, r4pe-mo1ehiwdzsmuxk74llm5a….jpg)

8faae281 No.3677715


what game is that?

05d02eba No.3677716

File: 1669272905825-0.png (421.1 KB, 936x736, runescape furry (1).png)

File: 1669272905825-1.png (559.67 KB, 936x736, runescape furry (3).png)

File: 1669272905825-2.png (421.79 KB, 936x736, runescape furry (2).png)

File: 1669272905825-3.png (707.29 KB, 1270x873, runescape furry (4).png)

File: 1669272905825-4.png (1.11 MB, 1280x1187, runescape furry (5).png)

Looks a bit world of warcraft or runescape graphics

05d02eba No.3678219

File: 1669461127664-0.jpg (71.33 KB, 820x576, 356-3560427_kripplespac-co….jpg)

File: 1669461127664-1.jpg (63.44 KB, 666x1200, 3fdf6da17ab65685b284f6a416….jpg)

is it strange, that Professor Von Kriplespac and Professor Elvin Gadd are the same voice actor and person?

What year did conker's bfd come out?
March 5, 2001

Conkers bad fur day professor and king

What year did luigi's mansion come out
September 14, 2001

Luigi Meets Professor Elvin Gadd First Time (Luigi's Mansion)

82bae707 No.3678263

File: 1669485450542.jpg (324.38 KB, 1920x1080, inherit the earth.jpg)

Furry as it was before it was infested…

b066114c No.3678270

its warcraft my dood. pretty much the only hype is dracthyr imo.

The game has been turned into a furtopia.

7bb2cc9a No.3678644


Lets see…. you have Alliance Wolves, Horde foxes, boobless dragons, chubby panda and red panda gals and chubby boy male pandas, and tauren The seth'rak were never a player race. But then again, thats what makes horde and alliance, the horde is for those with imaginations and creativity and the alliance is for the mundanes that want to play real time D&D.

05d02eba No.3679523

File: 1669787526579.webm (4.76 MB, 1280x720, After FnaF 3 [FnaF Comic].webm)

05d02eba No.3679524

File: 1669787561729.webm (2.41 MB, 1280x720, Goodbye [FnaF Comic].webm)

05d02eba No.3679525

File: 1669787592790.webm (2.63 MB, 864x720, Five Nights at Freddys - ….webm)

05d02eba No.3679526

File: 1669787650977.webm (7.17 MB, 1280x720, The Sister Location A TG ….webm)

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