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Procyon Lotor
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She actually says that in this new youtube video, where a raccoon is lovin' up this lady and enjoying it Kind of hot, and only takes a little imagination.


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Now Teeko the very naughty raccoon has to be told to leave his dick alone.

And…. those….

those FEET!!



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Male and female raccoons do look very similar. Their only visible difference is their size. Females are usually 10-15% smaller than males. What types of food do raccoons eat?

Adult males are solitary animals, and their territories cover about a square mile – bigger than a female's. Neither gender is normally aggressive unless it feels threatened. Females who are protecting their young tend to become aggressive with less provocation.

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Gee, I wonder who left that comment

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File: 1615770784192.jpg (111.8 KB, 640x360, TeekoFeather.jpg)

Wasn't me, I'm more interested in their SHAPE and SOFTNESS than anything else. And TICKLING! Where did I say anything about smell in my posts here?
To each his own, I guess!

Teeko the Raccoon loves a feather.

Raccoons have TEN TIMES the sensory touch nerves in their hands and feet than humans do, they can even "see" objects with them without looking at them. watch his expression when she is massaging his feet.

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File: 1616555990268.webm (7.52 MB, 1280x720, raton laveur decontracté ….webm)

Who says raccoons don't get fat erections?
His facial expressions seem to indicate he really likes it.
Clip was longer and higher res but I had to cut it down to fit on here.

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File: 1616710039041.jpg (213.07 KB, 800x991, 61FBUF7 tvL._AC_UX385_.jpg)

This is real swimwear that you can find online, they have all kinds of other animals on them too.

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File: 1617196929230.webm (6.53 MB, 540x940, 20200423191604.webm)

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That's one of the coolest video clips I've ever seen.

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File: 1618047165485.jpg (410.18 KB, 960x1280, fe3411c6ca96469b9d4d78c4ba….jpg)

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speaking of avengers have agent K

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Is that an edit? I don't remember seth drawing reverse 34 vaginas

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Raccoon FurSkin is best FurSkin.

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File: 1642155297907.jpg (53.37 KB, 400x400, 4036.jpg)

Does anyone here have access to the ZOOX18 private accounts or know a hack for them? I've tried requesting access like it says but they never answer. And they don't just have movies there, they have tons of photo sets too, about half of which are private.
This one in particular:


is supposed to be a 10-photo set of a dog knotting a raccoon, but all you can see without access to private albums is a small sized cover photo to the album (attached). They also have a lot of private stuff with humans and foxes, and other rarities. So if anyone knows how to access these private albums I would certainly appreciate it, and I'm sure others would too, thanks!

ccf419ab No.3642257

Dogs and raccoons usually don't get along, a lot of dogs will try to kill raccoons, and sometimes the raccoon will kill the dog, or hurt them so badly they have to be put down. Yet here are those two, making love like there's no tomorrow. Raccoons are mighty fighters, so the dog didn't just rape one, the raccoon had to consent to it. Amazing how completely different species can have so much in common when it comes to sex.

ee07125c No.3642263

This is from kuros leaks im pretty sure? i have a few more shots from this session. but the raccoon is def dead in these.

ee07125c No.3642267

File: 1642192395170.png (1.27 MB, 804x604, 4564645.png)

820b6445 No.3642287

Protip: Find a public gallery in numerical sequence (higher or lower) that you can view images in. Open image in new tab.
Change address closer to the target image(s) by 5-7 at a time until you find one of the "hidden" images. (There are sometimes several "dead" links between images/folders. If you get a bad link, keep trying.) Go up or down until you find the end of the image chain you want to view, then figure out how many higher/lower than your original find you should go.

You're welcome..

ccf419ab No.3642292


Thank you very much, I will give that a try tonight. Do you know if that method works with the private videos also?

c72b2667 No.3642296

820b6445 No.3642303

It used to but they changed the way their videos were hosted 8 months to a year ago. Someone has posted a script in the past that supposedly worked to view private content.

742b40a6 No.3642368

File: 1642298610151.jpg (619.68 KB, 791x1024, 1641236978.sixthleafclover….jpg)

Look at this pretty raccoon lady.

98ac83e3 No.3642375

File: 1642304772852.jpg (120.76 KB, 704x480, Rachel_Raccoon.jpg)

4ca71c9d No.3642412

I’m looking for a particular drawing.

It was a drawing of a cute Raccoon Girl. She wore a green crop top and short green skirt. She had Blonde hair with Pink highlights. She had some face makeup too and little stars around her eyes. She was bending forward a little bit looking slightly over her shoulder and it gave the viewer a glimpse up her skirt, she was wearing pink panties; with a little bit of cameltoe.
I think the picture was even titled,
“Raunchy Roxie”, if I remember correctly.

I’ve searched for ages and can’t seem to find it.
If anyone can help, you have my thanks!

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