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Title: october.swf - (2278 KB) Click image or filename to view.
2333549 No.8106


first flash in 3 years

Title: derp_derp.swf - (1857 KB) Click image or filename to view.
1902480 No.8104

Title: thisismypeepee.swf - (1852 KB) Click image or filename to view.
1896948 No.8103

Title: kunstbar.swf - (3074 KB) Click image or filename to view.
3148632 No.8102

Title: whitneyCarol.swf - (503 KB) Click image or filename to view.
515489 No.8100

finally a good version

Title: Kitty Katbulge.swf - (803 KB) Click image or filename to view.
823094 No.8095

Welp, I came.

Done by RockCandy.


WOW...Wish sounds and options were made!



Well, according to RC's website, this was supposed to be a commission, but the guy who asked to create this flash disappeared for some reason, so RC posted what he had already finished to not let it go to waste.

Title: dramaticzoom.swf - (1808 KB) Click image or filename to view.
1852325 No.8010
Title: derpy.swf - (1781 KB) Click image or filename to view.


Upload more random shit dammit, /f/ is so dead...


I must know what this is from.



Which one?
The first one is from the comedy movie "Kung Pow" by Steve Oedekerk.
Second one, some fan made thing on Youtube, don't remember the guy's name...

Title: Breeding season.swf - (4380 KB) Click image or filename to view.
4485347 No.8082

This was more addicting than i thought



needs a hack for money


No need, just complete gold/silver client demands and "harvest" what monsters you have and sell it in city.



That's the problem, mostly I get monsters for sale that can not meet the demands (stats not high enough). I can do bronze demands at most and only got 1 silver once.
But I'm probably too stupid too, I'll admit.


can someone explain to oor stupid me why the growth stop at one point?
the states are not going up no matter how many times I breed them.


Either you breeded them till new ones lost stat modifires like dex+,str+ etc or you just reached a stat cap. New monsters from breeding can have the caps higher than parents and the higher they are the better monsters are available in shop.

Title: absurd_whim.swf - (2672 KB) Click image or filename to view.
2736462 No.7641

>>7641 someone needs to send that to Adult Swim's bump list.


When it gets to the Hermaphrodite section, the picture was drawn by TehSean, the character is Lisica, which is an alt of DrJones / Jonesybunny.


Was true in 08 when this came out and it's still true now...how sad xD


Well then. That is just amazingly astute.


This was in the first .rar of furry porn I torrented, back in 2008. Good times..

Title: 562325_Hammytoy__scene1preview3hd.swf - (3979 KB) Click image or filename to view.
4075216 No.8080

aw yis


Boy that's...doesn't get much gayer than that.

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