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File: SummoningTehCho0b.jpg - (24.47 KB, 200x251) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
25057 No.3511563

Cho0b Summoning thread

cho0b... I know very little about you... but from what little I've seen it has shown me that you are an individual of pure heart and good intent. You are a fair-minded person who aims to do the right thing.

Like me... You are person driven by purpose. You are perhaps not "perfect" or without your fair share of flaws... but you are valuable to me and this community. You made this domain happen and you keep it running. For I am thankful.

I understand you are in the process of overcoming a deep depressive state right now... as are many of us... but ... we are all in this together.

Bare in mind without what you have provided for us, there would likely be no place at all where we could share our feelings without fear of final reprimand in a place of total strangers, a familiar place of which we could say what needs to be said in the company of people we might not ever know or meet. But the Freedom to do is so very very important.

Being furry is a wonderful wonderful thing... but if we were all furry who would save us from ourselves?

You have touched my life in a deep, meaningful & beneficial way. It is my hope to also touch yours as well in such a way as shine light into your life.

The internet is OUR home... it should never EVER be subject to the censorship of small-minded bureaucracies with too much power. You are strong and stronger than realize.


cho0b is a dirty commie

File: Alex_Grey_-_Tears_of_Joy_22.jpg - (231.01 KB, 731x915) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Perhaps... but I still admire him.


Well... he's white. That makes him okay in my book.

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