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File: cf6411be4d171c00940be28132a9bc1a97bd8427.jpg - (434.86 KB, 773x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
445292 No.3510970

Every father's day I look forward to some herraardy incest. Turns out he vanished, disabled his FA, closed down his Patreon, and DNP'd himself on every major site.

Wtf happened?

Also father"s day thread.



File: fatherday_small.jpg - (132.29 KB, 765x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

noticed the patreon has "long hiatus" in it. who knows. his patreon noted in the past that he was taking a hiatus earlier in the year because of a high workload, but maybe it also sounds like he had a commission backlog?

fa mirror on tor: http://vj5pbopejlhcbz4n.onion/fa/herraardy

patreon dump is on the usual sources.


HerrAardy is a girl my dudes


I remember downloading that comic a couple years ago onto a now broken hard drive; I would like to view and jack off to it again thanks



E-hentai has it with all the bonuses my dude.

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