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File: trump- baby stealer.png - (127.08 KB, 310x222) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
130126 No.3510934

Oh look rightwingers ARE the actual fascists:

Political cartoonist fired for doing his job. Retards on the right are the real censoring nazi pigs.

File: ocd-cycle-400.jpg - (21.40 KB, 400x455) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>right left right left right left

that picture looks like there's a fat ogre, trying to give a child back to its parents and the parents are running the fuck away because they'd rather the child go with the ogre than put up with another day of parenthood


You lost, so you use insults. You're finished. Go take up a hobby.

File: tumblr_p9e6up12wZ1whahvko1_540.gif - (2999.74 KB, 520x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> “When I had lunch with my new boss a few months ago,” he wrote, “he informed me that the paper’s publisher believed the editorial cartoonist was akin to an editorial writer, and that his views should reflect the philosophy of the newspaper. That was a new one to me. I was trained in a tradition in which editorial cartoonists are the live wires of a publication – as one former colleague put it, the ‘constant irritant’.”

So, going against the policy of employer.


“Things really changed for me in March,” Rogers said, “when management decided that my cartoons about the president were ‘too angry’ and said I was ‘obsessed with Trump’.”

Understandable. If you cease to see the world outside your obsession, if all you do is "criticize Trump" you're doing a lousy job. Not all revolves around Trump, and not all Trump does is bad. If you're so monothematic you're doing a lousy job as a journalist/cartoonist/whoever.

Steve Bell on the Trump-Kim summit – cartoon
Read more

>> After a series of cartoons satirizing Trump were canceled this month, he said, he was sent a list of new working conditions he called draconian, subjecting him to an unprecedented level of oversight and “clamping down” on his power of free expression. He refused to accept and was fired, he said.

The newspaper has no obligation to provide a platform to your "free expression," especially if your "free expression" consists in entirety of beating the same dead horse over and over day after day.

The article shouldn't read "fired after 25 years for making fun of Trump" but "fired after 4 months of refusing to do literally anything job-related except making fun of Trump."

File: burning-an-merican-flag-should-be-considered-a-felony.png - (154.21 KB, 500x639) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The right don't care about free speech, and never have. They just like to virtue signal about it when it's convenient.

For example, try burning the US flag (an act of free speech, as ruled in the landmark case Texas v. Johnson in the Supreme Court) and watch how many right-wing "free speech advocates" flip their shit start calling for you to be imprisoned or stripped of your citizenship. And before any of you retards claim that "nobody really thinks that aside from a small fringe", take a look at what the CURRENT US PRESIDENT thinks of the subject:


People burn the U.S. flag all the time. It's so old nobody gives a shit any more. It lost it's shock value decades ago.



The right are offended by it. Right to free speech works both ways, your offensive statements will be met with actions of free speech aimed at you. This is all within framework of free speech as defined by 1st amendment.

OTOH, calling someone a different gender than they wish (an act of freedom of speech) has been made into a crime by the Liberals in NYC. And liberal students, when asked to sign a petition to repeal 1st amendment did so with glee.


True. Look at the idiotic example image in >>3510958 - A crowd of TWO people? Obviously trying to cause some kind of reaction and no one caring at all. Everyone else is just driving by ignoring them.



>the right likes to virtue signal

ha ha ha hahaahaha


Bitch, we need you to express yourself freely so we know what kind of garbage you are and can treat you accordingly! Burn all the fucking flags you can, make a lot of fucking smoke, tattoo it on your face! Put retarded anti-right political stickers all over your car! Tell us how you really feel! So we know who not to befriend, hire, mate with. It's marvelous. You make our jobs easy as fuck!

File: 1u2ut4.jpg - (55.56 KB, 380x651) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3510958 Well... "The Right" is not a singular consciousness either. Different people have different views across the political spectrum. This whole right/left thing is fucking stupid and toxic. I miss the days when we were simply humans...we were actual people instead of teams divided into dualistic binary factions of left and right.

While I certainly don't think it should be illegal ...
It's disrespectful as fuck & speaks poorly of one's character.
We should be so lucky to live in a country where we can burn its flag.

>>3510969 [+]

File: 1490559451941.jpg - (62.51 KB, 1125x642) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What's funny is if these kids' parents hadn't taken them on a very dangerous smuggling route to America, they would be safe and sound eating tacos in their comfy homes.

Besides. If they're so good for America, keeping them here would mean all that good isn't kept in their own countries. That's just selfish.

File: Thor-has-seen-the-spoilers.-He-laughs-at-foes..png - (214.50 KB, 560x315) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Yeah. I've met really toxic people on both sides.

I've actually found a group on 4chan organizing themselves to provoke people at BLM march, so that they could shoot them "in self-defense". Literally looking for opportunity to kill some people with impunity. And it worked, checked the press later, a couple articles about "white supremacists opening fire at the protesters" quickly retracted when it became apparent some of BLM seeing the "all lives matter" banners went all chimp-out, chased them, attacked with fists and got a bunch of lead in return. Self-defense, clear-cut case, everything on video, so this going against Liberal narrative the articles quickly vanished. And nobody has any proof of the actual intent to kill, because the thread got lost among hundreds others. So - fucking murderous psychopaths, killing people for the thrill and gaming the law and the attitudes to get away with it.

But on the flip side, I found a plenty of equally toxic people on the left. More than I ever saw on the right. And hell, it's the prevalent attitude of the somewhat more extremist leftists that violence is the solution. You think these killed blacks ever stopped for a second to think "hey, maybe these people have a point? Maybe we should get along and invite them to join our protest?" - Nope, they followed the tribal thinking of the extreme leftists, and played themselves right into hands of a bunch of psychopaths, hook, rope and sinker, stupidly giving away their lives for a cheap thrill of some sick individuals with absolutely no benefit for their case whatsoever.


they would be safe and sound eating tacos in their comfy homes.

Read through this article -
The highlights are:
Constantino Morales, a former police officer in Guerrero, Mexico who fled north after trying to take on a drug cartel, who targeted him in response.
He escaped to the U.S. and worked at a Cheesecake Factory in Des Moines, Iowa, and then became a popular laborers’-rights advocate. As with Laura, a minor traffic stop led to his removal, which he initially fought. At a community meeting with Tom Latham, at that time a Republican congressman, Morales said, “If I am sent back, I will face more violence, and I could lose my life.” Morales had applied for asylum a month earlier. He was denied. At the time, the U.S. State Department called Guerrero “the most violent state in Mexico.” Seven months after Morales’s deportation, he was shot and killed.

Rosaleda, a Honduran police officer, fled her country after discovering that one of her fellow officers was on the take to the point that he'd helped murder her cousin at the behest of one of the cartels. She reported it to her superiors, but doing so painted a massive target on her back, starting with threatening calls and escalating to a failed drive-by shooting. Her request for getting transferred would only be granted if she fucked her supervisor - while on patrol after turning the asshole down, two fellow officers were killed in another attempt on her life. When she got the US, she was caught at the border and deported without ever seeing a judge. Her second attempt found her captured and held for ransom by a different cartel, and she declined to share her escape story with the reporter for fear of bringing harm to whoever may have helped her.

Another Honduran woman, Elena, lost two brothers and a sister to MS-13 - one brother was killed for being gay, the other for refusing to join the gang, and her sister was killed after being raped and impregnated by the gang's leader, but still had the nerve to reject his advances. She fled to the US after another member of MS-13 took an interest in her, firing shots at her home when she refused his advances. After getting a court hearing with a judge, the interaction was very brief - the judge asked if she'd tried moving elsewhere in Honduras, she said no, the judge denied her asylum status. And the fun doesn't stop there.
Back in her home town, Elena was assaulted at gunpoint by the man she’d fled. He tortured her, holding a lighter to her skin. Other gang members cracked her thirteen-year-old son’s skull. She fled, with her kids, to a tobacco-farming town in western Honduras, where the man who’d been pursuing her found her again. Once more, she escaped to the U.S. This time, authorities agreed that Elena’s fear—and the threat to her kids’ lives—was credible.
But, due to how asylum laws work, being deported at one point for any reason (even if it's simply because we don't believe the threat is real) means they're forever denied refugee status, which would help connect them to resources they otherwise don't have access to.

And finally, Laura S., a Mexican woman whose case ran throughout the article. She got deported to Mexico where her abusive ex-boyfriend lived as a low-level cartel thug, despite having an Order of Protection at her house (that authorities wouldn't allow her to retrieve). Within a week of her getting back home, this happened.
Sergio soon learned of Laura’s return. He began driving by the house, shouting obscenities. A few days after her arrival in Mexico, Laura went to the pharmacy with Elizabeth and her youngest child. As she pulled the car out of the driveway, another vehicle T-boned her, blocking her exit. Sergio leaped out of the car and dragged Laura from her seat through the window, shouting, “You bitch!” He bit off a chunk of her ear and tried to strangle her, as their child cried in the back seat. Elizabeth grabbed a fallen tree branch and hit Sergio on the head. He stumbled, muttering, “You better not get involved.”
“I’m calling the cops,” Elizabeth told him, flipping open her phone. The gesture was a ruse—her U.S. cell phone didn’t work in Mexico, and, anyway, the local police were known to collaborate with the cartels. But it worked. Sergio staggered back to his car and drove off.
The incident gave the cousins new urgency. Elizabeth emptied a coffee can and wrote “Help bring Laura back!” on it. She took it to friends and family members, asking for money to pay a coyote to smuggle Laura into the U.S. Laura’s trailer in Texas was only a twenty-minute drive from Reynosa, but it would take hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, and a risky crossing, to get her there.
The next day, Laura left the house in her mother’s Ford Contour to buy food for the kids. By evening, she had not returned. “We called the Red Cross, we called the hospitals, we called the police,” Elizabeth said. The following morning, Maria turned on the local news, and a grisly image flashed across the screen. It was an incinerated vehicle, with a charred human skeleton in the front seat. The car was a Ford Contour.
He was arrested roughly a week later, confessing to having strangled her before dumping her body in the car and torching it all - I can only hope she was dead by the time he did so.


cry me a river



So tell me why are they fleeing to USA? If they fear their life so much, why not move to, I dunno, French Guinea and ask France for asylum? Or Brasil, or any country where they could start anew? Or once they are in USA, try to cross over to Canada?

In USA they risk deportation, that's clear. What's the point going there if they want asylum?

Stop talking like a liberal please.


How come "Rosaleda, a Honduran police officer", and "Another Honduran woman, Elena" after "escaping" their country, marched clear across Guatemala and /or Belize then across a couple of thousands of miles of Mexico, just to get into the U.S. illegally?

They were safe!, For that matter, why not go into Costa Rica or Panama for about one-tenth the milage? These people are 100% scammers preying on the bleeding hearts of idiots.


Because each of those countries is rife with corruption and gang violence due to the cartels. And the corruption is damned-near understandable since they're given "The Godfather" treatment -
In the words of Pablo Escobar - "plata o plomo", "Silver, or lead."
Think back to Prohibition-era Chicago and the stranglehold that Capone had on everything there. But that also meant that once he was arrested, there was a power vacuum. In Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, etc., the gangs are fighting both each other and authorities, to the point that Brazil has 21 out of the top 50 deadliest cities in the world that aren't active warzones -
And you really think that Trump would be willing to facilitate that? They're already deliberately separating kids from their parents, leaving the centers that have been handling those cases severely overworked and unequipped to handle the new influx. Shit, El Paso currently has a tent city erected while a building is rushed by the Federal government to house 360 kids -


Oh, and as one more thought to mention - how much are these unnecessary facilities costing taxpayers? And how much long-term damage are these kids - some as young as 4 years old - suffering because they're suddenly taken from their parents?

To put it in perspective for all of you, there was an experiment performed in 1993 to study the effects of separating puppies from their mothers at 6 weeks old instead of the typical 12 -
The theory was that this might increase how much they bonded with their human owners - but nope. Not only did they not form stronger attachments to humans, they also suffered more behavioral issues and even stress-related health issues because of that separation.


So, once again, why USA?


Because we've always marketed ourselves as a land of immigrants, and we're extremely stable compared to the Latin American countries. Beyond that - proximity. It's why we get the South American refugees while Europe has to deal with the influx of refugees fleeing Middle Eastern wars.



> Because we've always marketed ourselves as a land of immigrants

I think this ended somewhere around WWII... I don't think this illusion is still so solid anywhere. And anyone who undertakes this sort of trek should do a barest minimum of research to check the reality vs old myths.

> and we're extremely stable compared to the Latin American countries.

But if you care about your life, shouldn't you rather go somewhere you don't risk being sent right back home from? In that perspective USA is not a safe destination, by a long shot.

File: Warlords suckFA.jpg - (279.66 KB, 870x1150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3510934 Here is the thing. You have one perspective and everyone else gets sick of it. How about you don't fucking go egging on a mob and you stick your hand up to the mob and tell them to fuck off. Go after Reps and Dems and also society. You say he got fired and show 2 cartoons that blatantly virtue signal to the far Left. Obama's tenure had race riots and Trump's has low unemployment. Left or Right politicians won't do what is right by the American public if said people act like manipulated sheep. The biased media isn't cleaning the system, its hurling shit. A mob of violent assholes won't stir anyone to action except to move the other way. A old retarded actor spewing "Fuck Trump" on stage isn't going to sway anyone to the Left come midterms. Especially with a great economy and a historic peace meeting with N-Korea.



>>"...Because we've always marketed ourselves as a land of immigrants..."

No we haven't. Immigration to the U.S. was more or less completely shut down for forty years between 1924 and 1964.

>>"...Beyond that - proximity. It's why we get the South American refugees..."

Geographic proximity means nothing in an age when you can hop on a plane for a few hundred dollars and be almost anywhere in the world in a few hours. These people seem to be able to bribe dozens of people and hire $3000 coyotes to get them into the U.S. Affording a plane ticket should be easy.

File: NINA_sign.gif - (34.11 KB, 561x193) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Key word there - marketed. Even when the Statue of Liberty was erected and "The New Colossus" (the "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" poem) engraved at her base, we had heavy anti-Irish sentiment (pic related) and anti-Italian sentiments going on.

This is a new refrain in a centuries old song, but it's also a new tactic - even when we pulled the Japanese internment shit, we still kept families together. The only analog I've got for this policy that Trump, Sessions, and apparently Stephen Miller cooked up is the Indian "re-education" schools, but that was actually even worse since we obliterated any traces of their cultural identity in the process -

File: crumbling-city-of-detroit-michigan.jpg - (108.58 KB, 600x440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You do understand that packing THE ENTIRE WORLD in a few areas just doesn't work. I am sorry that the poorer nations are corrupt. However that is what they are. So when these people don't fix the problem and they continue to have kids it will never get better. The Right wants these people for cheap labor and the Left wants them for socialism. NETHER will be a benefit to the middle class. If you want open borders you can't have a welfare state.


Do you realize how much land in the US goes largely unused?

Now not all of these places are comfortably habitable for humans, and a fair bit is used as farmland - but that's still a shitload of space still available in the US.

For comparison, here's the US - - at roughly 35.32 people per square kilometer. Now here's Japan - - at 348 people per square kilometer. And for funsies, have Germany at 237 people per square kilometer -

So trying to argue "Well the US is getting full!" doesn't exactly cut it. Hell, that's a major factor for why mass rail won't really work here - there's simply not enough people packed together to make it work outside of cities.

Now, we do match or beat Germany and Japan on population density in 10 States - but 11th is Delaware at 187 people per square km, and we drop into double-digits starting with California, of all places, at number 17 (97 people per square km) -

So again - that argument kind of falls flat. Hell, the two countries that >>3511016 mentioned? Costa Rica has a population density of 95 people per square km - - and Panama has 54 per square km, compared, again, to the US' 35 people per square km.


Those guys made the mistake of releasing videos sharing their intent. I believe one or more of them is currently incarcerated for that incident.


I am not arguing their isn't room! I am arguing that people need JOBS AND MONEY!! A system that works!!

I am not for allowing people in on the promise of a giant nanny state. A system that only spends money and doesn't make money! Capitalism is making money!! Socialism is Venezuelan!


...most of them do the manual labor that people born and raised in the US won't (namely - harvesting crops). Georgia notoriously tried cracking down on illegal immigration back in 2011, and a shitload of crops wound up going unharvested because people weren't willing to work such grueling manual labor for the pay offered by farmers -
Increasing the costs of labor will, naturally, increase how much the produce needs to sell for, driving inflation up from the bottom for a change, but on goods people kind of need in order to survive.


Think about what you have written and digest upon it further.


That land isn't unused, it's used by wildlife, to live and raise THEIR families on.
Don't be so fucking greedy and selfish.

File: tazlola.jpg - (94.01 KB, 833x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Are they tasty?


How's come the running Mexitrash in the OP pic have hunched-over backs, is their name Hernandez-Quasimodo or something?

File: liberals_hate_truth.jpg - (39.86 KB, 438x359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Political Correctness is the most egregious use of censrship the Left has ever employed. It's not even about racism. Because of liberal scum like OP, the language has become stilted and you can't even greet someone without someone taking offense, because you sed a "trigger word" or similar libtard fascist language control scheme. You disagree with a liberal? Well you're a racist, homophobic pig. Because of putrid trash like Obongo and the rest of his cronies on the left(And even some on the right) now disagreeing with a Liberal is tantamount to treason.

You can't call them "Illegal Aliens" anymore, because liberals felt that was too accurate, and now we must call them "Undocumented"... ILLEGAL. They are foreign invaders, plain and simple.

Trump TRIED to work with these cretins, TRIED to start the process if nothing else of opening the books to see how immigration policy could be modernized, and because FUCK TRUMP, democretins just force more and more stark ways of dealing with a problem that liberals seem to gleefully aggravate and encourage.

They start this bullfuck "Sanctuary City" lunacy, openly defy the federal government by harboring criminals and abetting the evasion of those criminals from the law, then you have pissant liberal judges slapping an injunction down preventing the solution to being implemented, so you get this. When liberals literally cry foul because LAWS THAT ARE ALREADY IN FORCE BUT NEVER IF LAZILY ENFORCED ARE NOW BEING PRIOROTIZED AND ENFORCED, you wonder why they are going to more and more draconic measures to reign in the liberal filth infesting the states?

Conservative viewpoints are actively shadow banned on social media, liberal bias in the media is in full effect, and something like 96% of ALL NEWS REPORTED is slanted left and spouting liberal leftist lunatic fringe, Conservative commentary is buried and outright censored, and OP has the unmitigated gall to even suggest that the firing of some cockholster cartoonist was because he dared to insult Immortan Trump and they are censoring HIM?

Go fuck a fruit basket, snowflake.

File: liberals vs youtube.png - (899.40 KB, 1498x974) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: liberals vs youtube2.png - (35.84 KB, 596x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: liberals vs youtube3.png - (33.60 KB, 602x294) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: liberals vs youtube4.png - (47.16 KB, 656x404) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

give liberals hell...



You wanna know why we started openly defying federal law?

Because you motherfuckers in charge are PEDOPHILES. And we're sick of it.


taking notes liberals hate rich pedophiles anything else?



what is going on with this soo called USA?



this cartoon represents Donald Trump loves immigrants so he's planning to kidnap them and use them as force laborers to cut down cost... Is this true?


Also a new disease X break out near Asia to detour trade in China; is it fear porn or health concern?


meawhile in Poland...

File: Maxine_Brain.jpg - (76.66 KB, 1100x497) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Misspelled ILLEGAL ALIEN. If this fucking piece of shit had not jumped the fence and wasn't leeching off America, this wouldn't be a problem, now would it?

That fucking scumbag cop should be castrated and forced to eat his own balls for raping a little kid like that, but the problem is still liberal trash like you.

Fundie right wingers who despise fags and don't want to make cakes because Jesus, and the fascist liberal media in this country has backed conservatives and anyone who isn't ultra left wing lunatics into a corner with this despicable need to legitimize even the most fringe insanity(Like a man winning woman of the year, promulgating the insanity that "women can have a penis", putting tranny freak shows in schools promoting their mental illness as non-aberrant, and the absolute cannonfire non-stop jackhammering of feminist and fringe fag insanity at every opportunity.

My best friend was a lesbian who died years ago, and I have numerous gay friends...even went to a lesbian wedding a few months back...but even your average fag is sickened by what the drive-by media is doing.

This is sarcastic, but not inconceivable...maybe the non lunatic alt-left(Otherwise known as normal people)are so sick of the Obama degradation of society by legitimizing mental illness and making a pariah out of those that dare to speak out against it...maybe they're so desperate to keep more liberal scum from forcing their agenda n the country they're actually willing to look the other way in regards to pedophilia to keep liberals out of power.

Maybe liberalism is so egregiously toxic and seditious that even the lowest form of life on earth, a pedophile, is preferable to a piece of shit liberal? Sure it's sarcasm, but maybe these fundies ACTUALLY prefer a pedoscum to a liberal. Honestly? If I had to choose between Maxine Waters and some pedo piece of shit...I dunno man...I know the pedo guy fucks kids, but Maxine Waters is nuclear grade insanity...does the pedo want to defend our border and defeat liberal ideology?



The paper has a market, and those cartoons were going against that market. The cartoonist can still publish his cartoons freely, he just isn't going to get paid by this particular company to do it on their platform.

Tell me again how this is different from twitter banning conservatives? Expect, y'know, being more honest about it?

Political cartoonists don't get tenure, sweetcheeks.



I'm not a liberal, but feel free to let your extremely weak mind keep thinking that I am.

Party of Common Sense: Population 1


Vastly different. Twitter wasn't paying the conservatives to provide content.

File: chess-pawn-king.jpg - (4264.87 KB, 3089x2114) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Watch out players, we have a bad ass over here!

File: ObamaChildren.jpeg - (79.82 KB, 569x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> but it's also a new tactic - even when we pulled the Japanese internment shit, we still kept families together. The only analog I've got for this policy that Trump, Sessions, and apparently Stephen Miller cooked up is...

And this is a photo from Obama's treatment of the children. A recent outrage at Trump, because some asshole forgot to check the date on the photo.

Adults pay the coyotes to get smuggled in, and send the kids alone to the border, after which this happens. And then the kids are given away 'for adoption' when the administration finds any family willing to take them in.

The recent shit Trump was getting for 'losing' 1500 immigrant children? 'unaccounted for'? That was Obama again. Peddling the kids to illegal aliens for adoption. And the kids, along with the "adoptive parents" vanished without a trace. Nobody knows where they are and what happened to them, they vanished shortly after Obama gave them away, but somehow Trump is to blame.

The only way to stop that shit from happening? Tighten the fucking border, so that the coyote business dies.

File: 4f8d21a87bde7f1cf553762975d1f6af.jpg - (32.93 KB, 506x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Simple question; Do you play chess? Yes.
Do you care about winning or losing? no.
Why do you play it? Because it's Fun.

A real human being would answer this question.



What do you do if you win or lose? Shake hands and say good game.
How do you feel if you win or lose? Determined.
Are you aware that chess is a game that determines behavior? yes.


The rightwingers legitimately shouldn't have any rights. Rights are for people, not animals. If you're not a leftist or at least unaffiliated you shouldn't expect to reap the rewards of living in the civilized society that leftists have created.



Funny, this news paper isn't paying this artist to provide content either! :D



Then Trump was right to call MS-13 animals. They're right wingers. They hate and they kill gay gang members. They will beat and kill their women for aborting their babies if they don't want them aborted. Sounds right wing to me. MS-13 is animals.


I wonder how many rivals MS-13 have declared.



What the fuck kind of drugs are you on?

File: c_1318980115981_race_bunny_by_14-bis.jpg - (144.13 KB, 600x566) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I remember when I was a little kid, my parents forced me to go to their cult ritual. The building was huge and had colored glass windows. It was filled with a bunch of benches, with little knee rests, the purpose of which I didn't know at first, but soon found out. The first sign I could recognize of the disgusting and perverted nature of this cult was a huge sculpture of a man, naked, tortured on a crucifix. It was, even as a child, very disturbing. Lots of people were there, and after sitting down for a while, the ritual began. The people took out ancient texts and began singing in a strange language. Then, a man, who I can only assume was the leader of the cult, came up to a stand and began reading out of the ancient text. The text was very strange, and condoned horrible things like murdering gays and raping women as a reward in battle. Then, things got weird. The cult leader asked the members to perform "communion". He told them that he had blessed blood and wine to become the flesh and blood of "Christ", who was tortured as a sacrifice to their sick god. He had them kneel down and insert the bread into their mouths, then sip from a goblet with the wine. I could only assume that this was some sick erotic cannibalistic ritual, since they were kneeling and "receiving the flesh of Christ". Of course, when I was a kid I didn't recognize this, but later in my years I see how truly sick it was. Then, the ritual ended, and luckily for me, I did not have to partake in the sexual cannibalism part. It has scarred me to this day. I don't talk to my parents about it, but that's because I rarely talk to them anyways. I can never forgive them for the traumatizing experience they put me through as a child. I just thought I would share my story on this and ask if anyone else has had encounters with this cult.

File: realjesus.jpg - (220.79 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I was force into a cult and had to eat and drink the flesh of a dead Palestinian Jew chanting weird ass words from an ancient book. There's your answer.


Lord have mercy, that sounds awful.



So he was fired from an unpaid "job"?



>another idiot who thinks that all latinamerican inmigrants are mexican or likes tacos.


Of course you bitch would say that. All while you snort the cocaine that pays these narcs's weapons and power.
All while you vote for republican who love using the CIA to desestabilize these countries and get rich via war on drugs weapon selling and smuggling.



They would need visas you fucking clown. Airlines can block them from even before leaving their homeland.



Then stop voting for the idiots who keep bombing all these "corrupt coutries" that end installing dictators, or stop selling/smuggling weapons that the narc end using.

All these the USA Have done cynically.


The blow-stuff-up-industry exerts influence on the civilian-elected leadership. Voting makes no difference regarding blowing stuff up.

File: Chicken-Tinga-Tacos-1-2.jpg - (231.22 KB, 1200x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I generally assume anyone that I meet likes tacos. If I meet a latino and assume they like tacos, its no more racist than assuming a black guy likes fried chicken... since I also assume that most people like fried chicken.


So the consulate of a bleeding-heart country like UK or Germany would just refuse asylum and visa to such a desperate person?


You're making a mistake if you think CIA serves Republicans. Or Democrats for that matter. CIA is its own kingdom and an independent power serving whoever CIA deems serves them best.

Last elections CIA covered Clinton's cheating ass regarding the deleted emails, and was busy fabricating Russian collusion bullshit on Trump.

Yes, it did serve some Republicans in the past... when it benefited CIA. At the moment they are on the fence and staying back, because their bet on liberals didn't pan out and they aren't sure whether to switch sides or not.

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Absolutist disgusting; even therapy won't save you!
good luck being a freak for the rest of your life!
Don't let the bible hit you on the way out!



>Last elections CIA covered Clinton's cheating ass regarding the deleted emails, and was busy fabricating Russian collusion bullshit on Trump.
>>Trump just literally accepted that his family has meet with Russians but it was ok to lie because the lie was told to the Washington post.. therefore no collusion.
>more and more "friends" of Trump end being declared guilty or accepting to help Mueller as their dirt became very apparent.

I bet you also think that Venezuela's Maduro and Putin were really voted by the majority.

As far I remember, every country requires you to get THERE to initiate the refugee status.


>implying they did have security, peace, or even food or a house back "home".

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