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File: filthy_dumb_pedo_scum.jpg - (157.71 KB, 1442x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
161494 No.3509933
>my attraction to children is an inalienable human right and anyone who says it's bad needs to be purged because my cummies are in danger

This is what low-IQ retarded people believe


Thoughtcrime huh?

I wonder what thoughtcrimes you've committed.


Yes, you have to wait until they commit a crime or have proof of intent to commit a crime.

Fictional creatures have no rights. It's okay to fuck underage creatures in fiction in the same way it is okay to murder them you fucking moron.


What's a bayced meelow? Do you need an adult?

File: Charem_playwithmerl.png - (780.88 KB, 778x583) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I fucking thought I knew the name....

File: jn-FiskLiz.jpg - (299.16 KB, 893x743) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


This person is 100% correct.


This person is 100% wrong.

Captcha: fisk



bayced Meelow
I'm gonna guess this is "Based Milo".

Try not to pay attention to Leukemia, no matter how badly they try. Because they're trying REALLY badly. Key emphasis on "Badly".


You're ALL kiddie fuckers! Eventually.

And this is why no one takes you seriously, Leukemia.
Well, besides being possibly the biggest double nigger /furi/ has ever had.



Anyone taking bets on whether OP has ever jerked it to anatomically correct furry porn before?

They must be a zoophile.

(This is the actual path furry drama brigading is heading folks, you heard it here first. 10 years from now simply liking fur on your furry will mean you're a zoo too.)



>> 10 years from now simply liking fur on your furry will mean you're a zoo too.

The simple solution to that is, just don't call yourself a furry. The fandom is pretty much redundant at this point, what with there being plenty of other fandoms producing rule34 anthro/feral art without considering - or emphatically denying - they're furry, and none of the drama.

I mean, look at mlp. A show for 5-year old kids, around 90% of the r34 is anatomically accurate, and nobody ever complained, right?

vc: reole

>jerking off to kids to own the sjws

I have yet to see real evidence that cp harms children. It's all liberal bias articles that aim to claim white people are a danger to all children with no facts to back it up, but of course it's whites only that are the "evil pedophiles". Liberals want to destroy the white race, these are the same idiots that claim homosexuality, which is a sin according to God, is normal, yet being attracted to the opposite gender, which is not a sin, is bad because of some arbitrary limit they impose. These are the same idiots that believe you can only vote the second you turn 18 or handle alcohol the second you turn 21. They're upset at Roy Moore over a literal non-issue yet elected a faggot that ended civil rights to try ad keep power. Even if he did what they claim, so what? Literal non-issue. Showing children love is not nor should it be a crime.





>I have yet to see real evidence that cp harms children

Too fucking stupid to think a fully-developed penis going into, ripping up, and damaging a small and undeveloped vagina is not harm.

Welp, ladies and genetlemen, I think we've reached peak retardation. They're too stupid to think of even the most basic things. Sarin gas is obviously not enough, either.



>charlie brooker

Calling bullshit

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