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383961 No.3508160

I genuinely didn't even hear about the cancer diagnosis, so his death caught me seriously off-guard -

File: QPhxQ1R.jpg - (17.02 KB, 628x248) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: Peter-griffin-who-the-hell-cares.jpg - (72.43 KB, 617x434) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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Now this thread got interesting.


I'm a little surprised someone is familiar enough with TB to care, but didn't know he had cancer. It had gotten much worse only recently, but he's had it for quite a while (since near the beginning of gamergate, I think?). It's one of the very few things I know about him.

I remember some video where he mentioned he wasn't going to keep doing some segment or something, because the cancer was getting worse. It felt a little surreal to have him say pretty calmly/plainly something like "I don't really have the energy to do X, Y, and Z, so there won't be any more X", and it's clear that it's not like a temporary hiatus or whatever. There won't be any more ever because... he expects to be dead.

File: 1527203868566.jpg - (52.60 KB, 450x569) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He's in heaven right now getting handjobs from straight traps


Having listened to him for 8-9 years it's quite a sting. Damn.


Not even a full month after they posted this.


Remember him from way back.

I mourn his death because it means consumer rights are going to be shit on even harder from now on.



>so I expect 95% of Lulz to hate him unconditionally

are you fucking kidding 95% of lulz hates women




I mean TB was kind of a dick, but he called out a lot of the bullshit the current gaming industry tries to incorporate into it's marketing, development, general business practices. He would call out DLC practices and loot boxes, linear level design etc and do it thoroughly and somewhat entertainingly

I don't follow games anymore because I'm an old, jaded fuckhead, but they are sort of a sanctuary for escapism. TB defended them against the neverending wave of politics that is often times unavoidable today. Granted, a majority of videogame reviewers, vocal gamers, gamer journalists, gurl gamers, etc are some of the most entitled people on earth, videogames should not be edited to accommodate politically correct agendas, or at least, that should never be its primary purpose.



>I don't play games

Then shut the fuck up and go back to your crappy doodles


better yell at a woman on the internet about it, game trash

File: 30siuw.gif - (162.83 KB, 650x1512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Granted, a majority of videogame reviewers, vocal gamers, gamer journalists, gurl gamers, etc are some of the most entitled people on earth

What did you expect out of a group of people making a life and a living out of two meta-levels beyond the tertiary sector of economic?

Not raw materials, not manufacturing, not services, but bitching about consuming services. One can only imagine what sort of value distortions a person must have to think "I am pulling my weight in this society, I am actually worth it." to be able to live on.



in a service economy, complaining about bad service/products is a service in itself. stop pining for some early 1900's factory worker bullshit, that's all machines now and it's never coming back.


now consider the furry sector of the economy
god what a nightmare we live in.


That comic is actually a great example of the higher level (services and above) sector of the economics.

Pinterest has collected all the Pictures for Sad Children comics by hoovering up the blog before the author decided to pull the plug, but you have to create an account at Pinterest to view them, so they can track you through Google/Facebook social media tracking services, to sell your information to advertisers, who target ads towards you to sell you things you don't really need, the cost of which they make you pay through the price of the products you or anyone else might buy.

The amount of time and money, fundmentally the resources generated by the ever-diminishing primary sector of the economy, spent in this effort are subtracted from everyone's living standards, including the people who engage in this bullshittery to make a living. People just don't get that they're burning down their own house to keep warm.

I'm not making a joke here. You are terrible.



>in a service economy, complaining about bad service/products is a service in itself.

No, that's actually called the quinary (5th) sector of the economics: information and planning. These people are trying to steer other peoples' opinions towards their own (governing) by being critics.

1st is basic productive output (extraction)
2nd is manufacturing and refining (production)
3rd is services (commerce/trade)
4th is knowledge, education and design (training/inventing)
5th is information and planning (governing/influencing)

All these modes exist in every society in various proportions. Each level is properly needed to support the one below, and enables the one above. The problem is that the higher you go in the hierarchy, the more bullshit you encounter as it becomes more difficult to estimate whether what you're doing at that level is actually generating any value - for the lack of anything concrete to show.

About half way through the services sector, you're already getting dog-hair-stylists and baristas and burger flippers, who serve absolutely no purpose for the well-being of the society, whose only purpose in existence is to be parasites on the society by fooling others into thinking they're making a contribution. The proportion only increases the higher you go up in economic abstraction.

At the top level, information and planning, the "social movers and shakers" are mostly based on just convincing other people to throw money at you for any excuse. For the good cause, you know. Expose those bad video game companies! Keep the social justice fight going! Death to fascists! etc.



>early 1900's factory worker bullshit, that's all machines now and it's never coming back.

Imagine a future, where, if you don't fill your 5000 word daily propaganda blog post quota in service of the Ministry of Truth, to serve the fifth sector agenda, you don't get that day's food rations from the publicly (government) owned automated farms.

As society "advances" and gets filled up with people with no purpose but to consume, the mode and main emphasis of economy shifts through the scale from basic extraction through 1900's level manufacturing economies, through modern services economies, to tomorrow's "content and educatoin" economies, all the way to the final form: the political economy, where the only thing left for people to do is to decide what to do.

And boy will that be a fight. Nazis vs. communists? Pfft that ain't even the beginning of it when people start fighting who on this overpopulated earth gets to decide what's up and what's down.


Of course that all depends on the idea that we can keep supporting forever increasing populations and consumption of goods and resources.

If we for some reason can't - maybe because everyone's trying to consume rather than extract or produce - then we eventually drop back to the 0th level which is: survival.


hopefully our species will just die out tbh
our narrative arc ended like 20-30 years ago but we've just kept going even though there's no point.




Didn't read any of this and don't know the context, but we can all be sure it's bullshit that nobody need bother with.


I'd recommend either Jim Sterling or, for those that hate the boisterous persona he puts on for The Jimquisition, Yongyea tends to cover a lot of topics in a more subdued manner.

Jim Sterling -
Yongyea -


And speaking of, Yong covered how a former BioWare dev made fun of TB's passing -

For those that don't want to watch the vid, it was David Crooks who tweeted the following.
Weird, the world just felt a little bit better some time around an hour, hour and a half ago. Maybe it was just those new running shoes I got for my run home.

OH, wait, I know! It's because Totalbiscuit died!

This is the kind of shit you'd expect to find... well, here (see >>3508161), not from an actual developer.


Nix that - the second one had more.

Hey everyone, watch this! I know it's rude to piss on someone's grave but these axes aren't going to grind themselves!

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